Stormy Blackwolf

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Stormy Blackwolf-Apollyon was one of the founding three wolves of Bleeding Souls. She formed the pack Storm, a homage to another failed attempt at alphaship a year prior to stumbling upon Bleeding Souls. Stormy was the Alpha Female of Storm from its foundation to her death in 2004, whereupon she was struck dead by lightning on her home territory. Near the end of her life, Stormy became a lesbian and fell for her longtime friend, Nirupama Rashmi.

Stormy Blackwolf-Apollyon

Stormy Blackwolf-Apollyon, by Sie
Surname Origin"Destroyer," Hebrew
Date of BirthDecember 29th 1999
Date of DeathJuly 14th 2004
SubspeciesEastern Timber Wolf
Birth placeNorthern Canada
'Souls Profile

1.  Surname

1.1  IC Reasoning

Stormy was born as Stormy Blackwolf. This was her surname for quite a while until she realized "goddamnit my parents are idiots; nobody's really named ___wolf anymore" so she adopted Apollyon as her surname. How she knew this word is ~*unknown*~. Maybe her brother Squall taught it to her. :| But yeah, she decided her parents were stupid for naming her what they named her and she tacked "Apollyon" onto the end of it and went as Stormy Blackwolf-Apollyon for a few years before her death. She generally just introduced herself as Stormy, though, so it never really factored in.

1.2  OOC Reasoning

Uh, well, when I first joined the chatrooms I was a part of, the naming conventions were silly—FiresideRubyWolf, StormyBlackWolf, BlackFemaleWereWolf, BlackWereWolfRune etc etc. Eventually I realized I was probably the only one still hanging around doing that so I was like "damnit" and chose Apollyon, which is Hebrew for "the destroyer." :D

2.  History

2.1  Early Life

Stormy was born somewhere far away to a pair of wolves. She had one brother and one half-sister from her mother's previous relationship. Her parents were killed by something and her older half-sister raised her and Squall or something until they were forced to move onto a pack called Toxin Pack.

They stayed there for a while, Stormy grew up, and she started her own pack, Storm, dragging her brother and half-sister with her. They stayed there for a while, and Stormy hooked up with someone named Blade Sugere. They had children, two daughters named Eskhara and Aisthe. However, just after the birth of their children, Blade and Stormy fought, and it escalated into violence. The pair fought, and Blade was victorious--seconds from ripping her throat out, Squall saved Stormy, and the pair bartered for the woman's life in exchange for control of the pack.

Her half-sister had become enamored with the man, and she opted to remain behind. This was the last Stormy ever heard of her half-sister; beyond that the woman does not know anything of her possible children or anything else, though it's always possible they exist. Stormy's brother Squall came along with her, of course, and together with Stormy's children, they headed away from the pack, pausing once they had sufficient distance between themselves and Storm for Stormy to recuperate.

They headed to the next pack she lived in, Specter Bluff. They were only there for a short time before she and Squall left again, wandering around for some time before a mated pair approached her and Squall. The four wolves began a new pack, Apparition Knoll. Stormy served as the Beta wolf, and she eventually became really interested in her co-rank, Inverse Thunder. They became mates and had one son, Loki Apollyon. Not long after the boy was born, there was a huge fire and lots of people died, and the family was forced to relocate.

Stormy lost contact with her mate following that, but she later learned he was alive during the family's brief stint in a small pack called Hushed Sun Mesa. They didn't hook back up, and Stormy, Squall, and the two kids left that place shortly thereafter. This was late in 2001, and they came across Ruby and Moondust and started Storm. Squall and the three children left just days after Stormy settled down in Storm, and that was the last Stormy ever heard of them.

2.2  Souls History

Stormy lived in Storm for the entire time she was around, hooray! Early on, she was very close with Nirupama Rashmi, but they were definitely just friends at that point. Stormy never got any closer with any mates; she screwed around a very little bit here and there but she was never that into any guys again. Uh, yeah. She did some stuff in Storm, got fed up with rotating leadership, fell in love with Shmee, and then got struck by lightning. :D

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Stormy's family was killed by some crazy event which I do not recall at this moment in time. She never really liked kids, and she only had two litters of puppies in her lifetime. She pretty much decided she was done with men and done with children, and became a closeted lesbian and spent most of her time at 'Souls lonely and pining for Rashmi, though she did test the heterosexual thing out one last time with Rhakshaw some time before Rashmi's grand return to Storm.

  • Parents – Amacui Blackwolf, Atzi Blackwolf
  • Siblings - Squall Blackwolf
  • Half Siblings - (Amacui x Viceus) Tlaco Blackwolf
  • Children with Blade – Aisthe Apollyon, Eskhara Apollyon
  • Children with Inverse Thunder – Loki Apollyon
  • Grandchildren - Sullivan Apollyon, Vitalia Apollyon, Cirillo Apollyon, Jacinto del Corvi, Desiridia Apollyon, Melchiorre Apollyon

4.  Appearance

Medium sized, average build. Jet black fur with a silky appearance; virtually no white in her youth, though as she aged (pictured) gray began to spread on her muzzle and her fur took on a dingier gray appearance. She had chartreuse yellow-green eyes, and three tattoos: a lightning bolt across her chest, a white number on her right shoulder, and a three-prong indigo mark beneath her left eye. She had three ear piercings, once in each lobe and once in the cartilage of her upper left ear. Stormy had just one visible scar on her body—the clear outline of teeth along her right collarbone, courtesy of her one-time mate, Blade. She generally kept to her Lupus form, though it was not entirely uncommon for Stormy to shift.

5.  More Information