Frodo Silvertongue

Frodo Silvertongue

Frodo, by Raze


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Date of BirthFebruary 2, 2010
Age> 2 years


MeaningWise by experience
OriginLord of the Rings


Subspecies25% Tundra Wolf
25% Mexican wolf
25% Arctic Wolf
25% Grey Wolf
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeThe Gypsey's
Current packAniWaya

Current Pack


DatesFeb 20, 2011-Jan 28, 2016
RankEnagayahe Kanati
Meaninglit: Game hunter
Skilled-level hunter

Frodo Silvertongue is a former member of AniWaya ranked as a skilled hunter, Enagayahe Kanati.


He is basically very kind, good natured, and an interesting person. He loves to sing and though he is a skilled hunter he will go out of his way to make sure his kill suffers as little as possible. He is open hearted and minded- will share everything and will never lie.



Extended Family

  • Half-Siblings: Leo Silvertongue (m) Naomi Silvertongue (f)
  • Stepfather: Aragorn Silvertongue


Frodo was born into a pack of traveler luperci, also known as Gypsy's. They got about on heavy shire horse-drawn old wooden caravans, hand made of course. A couple of Gypsy's had horses of their own, and they would follow behind the group on their steeds.

Frodo's parents were simple Gypsy's, not purebred wolf types but both from a long line of mismatched canis lupus types. His father Aragorn taught him how to hunt, and his mother Arwen how to ride horses, and to love. But, when he was just a boy, his mother told him a secret that changed his life- his beloved father was not actually his father. His mother had been having an 'affair' with another for years, and she thought that Frodo needed to know the truth. Frodo loved Aragorn, and so he told him of what his mother had been up to. However, his Father got so angry with his son, for his loyalty to Arwen, that he came to a conclusion that Frodo was lying.

Frodo was banished from the gypsy pack for going against the truth, and he set out on his own at ten months of age, with nothing but his horse, ring, and memories. From there he learned to look after himself and to live alone..

Frodo travelled on his horse, Strider, for months. Earlier on, in the days he lived with his kin, a girl named Ralla was taken in by his family. He was just a pup then, but made quite good friends with the older female. Anyway, she had left the gypsies a while back, speaking of joining a pack called AniWaya, and this is where Frodo set off to. At twelve months of age, his horse, Strider, and he came upon AniWaya. Frodo planned to find Ralla, his friend from so long ago, the only what that wouldn't hold what he had said against him. But he found he didn't just stick around AniWaya for a friend, he really began to love the pack.

When Frodo first entered AniWaya, he was greeted by Liliana, a member of the pack. He spent the night in the stables, with Strider, and after that, his story really began. Want to know more? Read his posts and post log.


He's quite a smaller male wolf, a grey, tundra, and red wolf cross. He's generally slim, streamlined, and quite thick furred neck-down. Very, very skinny, quite underweight at the moment, and has an over all lanky and gangly appearance, with limbs seeming to be too big for his body. He un-usually has quite curly black fur, ticked with gold, along with a golden-ginger "mane" (this would be his "hair" in luperci form.) He has green eyes and an all round friendly expression. He should probably have a smile on his face as he is good natured and kind.

Luperci forms

  • Lupus: 45 lb, 24 in
  • Secui: 120 lb, 30 in
  • Optime: 125 lb, 5'8"
  • Prefers Optime form.

NPC Companions


  • Arabian horse, male, 3 years
  • Strider is a shagya Arabian horse. He is a stallion, and has yet to be bred.
  • His coat is a very light shade of gray, often refered to as white.

Strider has been Frodo's companion ever since he was a pup. Frodo and Strider raised each other; Strider was an older colt when Frodo was born but still Frod taught Strider how to hunt with him, and be excellent for riding. Strider is a white shagya arabian stallion, very ornery and not quick to make friends. He avoids others when he can, and is fiercely protective over Frodo.


  • Common rat, male, 4.5 months
  • Pantalaimon is often refered to as Pan.
  • Pan is a common brown rat with no markings whatsoever.

Pan was a rat on a pirate ship. When Frodo was forced to work as a cabin boy, Pan started following him around because he knew he could take advantage of him, because of his kind nature. When Frodo escaped, Pan snuck into Frodo‘s cloak pocket, and ate most of his food supply. He hitchhiked the pocket down to AniWaya without Frodo noticing, and has been his pet ever since.