Note: Sky is the founding member of the Katruk family, despite not being the oldest member. While her father, Vaughan Katruk, is the oldest played character bearing the Katruk name, Sky was the first of the family brought into 'Souls. Therefore, she is considered the founding member. Sorry for any confusion.

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Katruk Family Statistics

Total Members —13
Surviving Members —6
Active Members —Jackal Katruk
Location —Scattered around 'Souls

Katruk Family Foundation

First Member Location —Cercatori d'Arte
First Member Date —~
First Member Name —Sky
First Birth Location —Cercatori d'Arte
Founding Parents —Sky & Taliesin
Founding Birth Children —Cody, Lena, Myrddin
Founding Birth Date —January 25th, 2012

Katruk Family Tree Coming Soon

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1.  About

1.1  History

The Katruk line actually comes from the Ukraine, the name originally belonging to a human family known for breeding good hunting dogs. The dogs born to this family carried the name Katruk with pride, and so, when the Luperci infection claimed all of the humans and then changed the dogs born to this family, the Luperci version of the Katruk heritage was born. Katruks can be picked out by their breed; Belgian Shepherd dogs. Most, if not all, of the children born to a true Katruk have dark points on a brown coat. A well-known family trait is blue eyes, though this generally only shows up in females.

The first Katruk to come overseas to America was Quinn Katruk and his wife, Orphias Wind. Orphias was also a Belgian Shepherd, though she was born to a different family line, thus introducing darker eye colors and more variation to fur color and pattern into the mix. They bore a son, Vaughan Katruk, who still lives to this day. Vaughan later betrayed his family line by bedding with a wolf, a woman named Miaranna West. This resulted in their first daughter, Dusk Katruk. Later, a second daughter was born to the pair; Sky Katruk (later, Sky Rhiannon). Sky's birth stole away Miaranna's strength and to avoid becoming the sole guardian of both girls, Vaughan fled. Dusk raised Sky into an adult and the girls split ways.

Vaughan later sired two more children to another woman- Jackal Katruk and Fox Katruk?. He again did not stick around to raise the two, and has not be heard of since their conception. All of his children remain in Canada's Central and Eastern provinces, close to the Southern borders where the winters aren't as harsh.

Currently, Jackal is the only active character on 'Souls in the Katruk Family.

1.2  Influence and Influences

2.  Members

The parent that contributes the Katruk genes is bolded.

2.1  First Generation

2.2  Second Generation

2.3  Third Generation