Cirael June Lykoi

Cirael June Lykoi

by Sie




Date of Birth

10 November 2010

Date of Death

27 January 2013











Birth place



Hybrid (coyote, wolf, red wolf, dog)

50.5% coyote (various c. latrans)
37.5% wolf (c. lupus lycaon)
9% c. rufus
3% c. familaris


37.5% Eastern Timber Wolf
31.5% Northeastern Coyote
12.5% Mexican Coyote
9% Red Wolf
6.5% Plains Coyote
3% Dog




Current pack --
Current rank --


Pack Ranks

CJ was a pNPC of Inferni, killed by Vesper and Myrika Tears after fathering a litter on Myrika. His skull was savagely decorated and mounted at their borders, but Priam Nothing skillfully replaced it with the skull of a traveling coyote he murdered.

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1.  Appearance

CJ is a well-blended mix of coyote and wolf. While not exceptionally large in stature, he is nonetheless larger than most coyotes. His facial features are primarily wolfish: aside from overlarge ears, his muzzle and skull structure is that of the wolf.

1.1  Coloration

  • CJ's eyes are a pale Gull Gray (#94A0B0) in coloration.
  • Pale Oyster (#9A8F7A) makes up most of his coat coloration.
  • Paler Soft Amber (#D0C5AF) decorates his throat, chest, underside, and forepaws.
  • Armadillo (#4A4539) is his darkest color, appearing along his shoulders and spine.
  • Cape Palliser (#A57140) colors his ears and forelegs. Some vague hints of this color can be found along the darkest parts of his coat.
  • Oil (#1E1610) colors his nose and other exposed skin.

1.2  Forms




75 lbs (34 kg)
24 in (60 cm)

169 lbs (76 kg)
28 in (71 cm)

181 lbs (82 kg)
6ft 2in (74 in) (187 cm)

Wolfish in stature and appearance, though the size of a small coyote.

Not particularly impressive as far as Secui forms go.

Shaggy, shorn hair worn short.

1.3  Other


  • Scars
    • Some kind of many scar. Bitewound on arm or something.
    • A unique scar encircling his left ankle, received when he was very young.


  • Jewelry:
    • Some kind of awesome dangly bauble.

2.  Personality

Charismatic, clever, enthusiastic, dramatic, outgoing, sensitive

  • Risk-taking antisocial personality
    • deception, as indicated by repeatedly lying, use of aliases, or conning others for personal profit or pleasure
    • lack of remorse; rationalizes having hurt, mistreated, or stolen
  • Includes histrionic features
    • craves novelty and excitement, places self in risky situations
    • constant seeking of reassurance or approval / excessive sensitivity to criticism or disapproval
    • inappropriately seductive behavior

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

4.  History

  • Born to mom. Separated at ~4 months of age -- he wanders off or is directly kidnapped; not truly clear on what happened. CJ doesn't remember.
  • Spends 2-3 months in a sort of concentration camp called Oizys.
  • Picked up by some other lady. Lady told CJ and everyone else he was her son. They basically ran around from one pack to the next. Lady took really, really good care of CJ and gave him essentially anything he ever wanted, but lied about pretty much all the things before his life in Oizys.
  • When CJ is 1.5 or so, the lady-mom dies. CJ is alone and goes "wah" for a while. Eventually remembers he used to have a third name -- Lykoi. Causes minor disturbance to CJ; he had begun to earnestly believe the lady was his mom and had forgotten about Merrick and everything else.
  • He finds out about 'Souls/Inferni/Lykoi/etc. from travelers.
  • Goes there aw shit.

4.1  After Death

Due to his abrupt and (in his opinion) unfair death, a vengeful spirit rent itself from the dead body of Cirael June and grew stronger with hate during each passing day. The spirit scoured the lands until it found Priam Nothing, it's body's younger brother, who had coincidentally started a journey of his own to find his sister a month earlier and was helpfully close by. His was a mind that had always been susceptible to suggestion, and even as an adult he seemed particularly lonely on his own. The spirit was not yet strong enough to do much but hint to Priam in which direction he should go; but to the spirit's surprised delight, he went.

It led him to discover CJ's decapitated body, rotted, but it still bore a distinctive ankle scar where nothing had yet picked. The spirit urged Priam to spy on the clan who had done this, and he did, even earning a clever and deadly friend, Ryver Bangett, as he would study the clan periodically and then make short trips away, not yet wanting to make a lasting presence around the pack. The spirit instilled a lot of hatred into the thoughts of poor Priam. Being made of pure hatred itself, there was little else to be expected. Because of this, the smart and calm Priam was suddenly a diabolical planner, and he killed a newcomer to Inferni, Pestilence as well as Ryver, claiming to Myrika that it had been the girl who'd been the aggressor and that he had just been a defending passerby. Priam wound up with massive scarring on his chest that took many weeks healing, but it was all the better for the spirit had time to manifest and work in the puppet's thoughts and wind them how it wanted...

Priam excelled in pack life, as he does, but this was a front (even in Priam's mind, he thought it was a front). But he was such a docile guy; the ghost of Cirael was warping him. Or at least trying to. Priam began to fight back. He liked Inferni and he even thought he was falling in love, but the spirit had gotten stronger and once it'd even possessed Priam for a time without his knowledge. But realizing that it'd never get Priam to do what gruesome things needed to be done on influence alone, it perused to ancient voodoo. It made him kill again, and replace the nondescript's skull on the borders with CJ's. It made Priam ink the skull in black and tuck it away in his room. (Priam personally had no memory of doing this, but later had a dream about the incident.)

The skull gave the spirit domain over Priam's dreams, and at this point Priam was getting scared. He shied away from his evil thoughts, but could not control them, could not evict the hatred. He hid in his room many days and nights (which was a mistake, but also a compulsion made by the spirit) as the black skull ruminated and invaded and empowered the possession of Priam completely. Priam's body had weakened considerably in his "locked up" stint of trying and failing to escape his own head, so CJ's ghost made him run away for a time.

Here he primed the hybrid's body again. He learned proper and complete control over his brother's body and started considering himself a "he" again. As CJ. The spirit manifested back into a personality set, one it kinda remembered having but whatever. CJ brought Priam's body (and pussy-whipped mind) back to Inferni and sought to join where he intends to wreck as much havoc and ruin as much as Priam's life as possible.

Because although Priam is technically irrelevant to his whole purpose, he hates that his brother might get a happy ending while he got decapitated.

4.2  Threads


  1. (NPC) Concealed Ambitions (10 Oct)
    Borders, with Willam la Chemin.
  2. (NPC) Did You Find What You're Searching For (Or Did You Bury the Dream) (4 Dec)
    Hades Beach, with Myrika Tears.
  3. (NPC) (M) A Highway Back to the Heart (27 Jan)
    Great Village, with Myrika Tears and Vesper.