Marcel Moineau

Marcel Moineau

by Raze



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17 March 2007





young warrior






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Mer Bleue


100% Eastern Timber Wolf




Pack Loners
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Pack Ranks
Volés Ailes Subalterne, Fidèle, Chef

Marcel Moineau is the dark wolf father of many illegitimate children, including Vesper, Sparrow, and Dartmouth.

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  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Family
    1.   3.1  Immediate Family
    2.   3.2  Relationship
  4.   4.  History
    1.   4.1  In Brief
    2.   4.2  Detailed

1.  Appearance

Marcel was once a specimen with a pelt as black as night. However, as is the case with most dark timber wolves, his coat has lightened with stress and age. His fur is still dark but with grizzled grey streaks running throughout it, and he has a few brilliant white patches as well, such around his muzzle, chest, and paws. In stark contrast with his dark coat, his eyes are very bright: a vivid orange bordering on red, a color that can be likened to flame.

He is a rather tall individual, and skinny due to malnourishment and general stress on the body. He used to be muscular, and it shows though his muscles are somewhat withered now. His facial features can be described as ruggedly handsome, at least until he smiles: his Cheshire grin stretches across his entire muzzle and quickly casts a devious shade to his looks.

Marring his face more than his smile is a gruesome, jagged star; this starts above his right eyebrow, cutting down between his eyes to the other side of his face. Despite its age, it is still a vivid pink where fur refuses to grow.

1.1  Forms

  • Lupus: Described above.
  • Secui: A complete powerhouse, gruesome-looking due to the mass added on an otherwise skinny frame. Massive paws and sharp claws. Muzzle looks short, but jaws are very strong.
  • Optime: Tall and skinny. Mane is unkempt but cut fairly short around face. Extremely bad posture, usually slouching or leaning on things; rather feral movement.
  • Preference: Lupus for general travel and movement; secui for fighting; optime for indulgences.

2.  Personality

In Brief: A deluded individual who hides dark motives behind a sloppy, friendly demeanor and believes he is entitled to the world.

Marcel is a dark creature who obsesses over power and dominance. He is not truly evil so much as suffering delusions of grandeur; he feels like he has a right to everything in the world, the ability to do whatever and whomever he wishes. He can be charismatic, in a way, and enjoys thrills and games and simple pleasures such as indulging in various substances (drugs, alcohol). His affection toward others usual stems from pride—for example, he thinks of a person as “his” and if they live up to his standards, he is warm toward them.

His general demeanor is actually quite pleasant, albeit in a sinister way. He genuinely acts happy most of the time, especially if his mind is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and he can be seen joking often with others and grinning and even dancing. However, there is generally an ulterior motive behind these actions (for example, picking at the emotional scar of another by innocently bringing something up or getting close to them—and, most commonly, simply being present and friendly so naive minds look up to him as a friend). When he is serious and shows his anger, then you know that you're in real trouble.

3.  Family

3.1  Immediate Family

3.2  Relationship

Marcel has never had a healthy relationship, and most of his illegitimate children are the product of rape and flings. He cares little for their mothers (other than, in the best cases, the affection one might give a prize show-dog), but how he feels for his children depends on the individual. For instance, both Brumaire and Dartmouth, his sons, were half-raised by him and given a hint of warmth and a lot of training. He doesn’t see Vesper as his daughter at all—and Sparrow is much more of a plaything than a daughter, to the point of Marcel pushing toward outright incest.

4.  History

4.1  In Brief

  • Born to Renard Moineau and Wisp alongside brother Absolon.
  • Driven off when coming of age; refuses to help Absolon in rescuing mother.
  • Relationship with lone she-wolf; emotionally abuses; accidentally kills and receives injury.
  • Joins Volés Ailes.
  • Rapes Winter.
  • Turned Luperci.
  • Finds Winter with Vesper and Sparrow; kidnaps Sparrow.
  • Rises to "Trusted" rank.
  • Fathers Dartmouth.
  • Fathers Brumaire.
  • Back-stabs former leader; becomes leader.
  • Tries to rape Sparrow; fended off; Sparrow runs away.
  • Sends Dartmouth to Nova Scotia to find Vesper and Sparrow.

4.2  Detailed

Marcel Moineau was born a non-Luperci in the middle of Canada, where he roamed with his parents and brother in the feral wilderness for many months. He learned from an early age that his mother, Wisp, was little more than an animal, mute and simpleminded; his father Renard, while not a shifter, was more sophisticated and intelligent and used Wisp for base whims. This was how Marcel learned the concept of ownership, and he coveted it, although there was pathetically little to own where they lived.

While Marcel viewed the world through greedy eyes, his brother Absolon was a wise soul in a young body and wanted to learn all he could. He also made a point to take care of their disabled mother, a fact that seemed to amuse Renard Moineau, although he did nothing to discourage the behavior. The small family simply continued to roam as they pleased, with the father making sure they didn’t come into contact with other wolves for very long.

When the boys were of age, Renard decided that they’d coddled them enough and drove them away. It would have been just another section of the circle of life if not for Absolon, who was still very much attached to their mother and didn’t want her to become little more than a pet for Renard to lead around. Absolon begged Marcel to aid him in driving their father away, but Marcel—who very much looked up to their neglectful father—refused to help. He went as far as to fight Absolon, but fled the battle before it could be finished, spitting over his shoulder. To this day he still does not know whether or not Absolon succeeded in his goal, but he likes to think Absolon is dead.

A bachelor out on his own, Marcel quickly developed his father’s tastes for dominance over others. His courtship with another young lone wolf ended badly when he started to use mind tricks to “own” the girl. She wizened up and ran away from him, and he pursued until they both fell from a cliff; the she-wolf landed and broke her neck while Marcel injured a leg.

In order to cope with hunting, Marcel knew that he needed to join a pack—a fact which he despised. Displaying an odd talent for lying and schmoozing, Marcel befriended the leader of a Quebecois pack called Volés Ailes with the intent to run with the pack only until his leg was healed. The Chef (or boss) of the pack at the time granted his request to join; the loosely-knit group was non-Luperci at its core, and they fought against the growing Luperci population with prejudice. Marcel joined the group of raiders, displaying a clear talent for sneaking and stealing, although he was more or less invisible as a mere Subalterne (or subordinate) in the group.

In the autumn of 2009, Marcel came across a lone coyote named Winter. He believed that she was beautiful and that he needed to have her. When she refused him, he raped her.

The battle between Volés Ailes and the Luperci became more serious; as the Luperci retaliated, more and more of the pack’s population was changed into Luperci Verto, and the ideals slowly changed from raiding the Luperci to raiding anyone they came across, fighting and stealing and living the life of carefree bandits. Alcohol and drugs were among the targeted goods, and whenever the raiders weren’t raiding, they were partying in whatever ways they could. During a victory celebration, Marcel got the Luperci virus through sexual intercourse.

In August 2010, Marcel hears from one of his fellows that a loner has been spotted in the area: one lovely coyote with a pair of puppies. He follows the family briefly and decides that he must have fathered the two hybrid pups; therefore, he reasons, they belong to him. He corners Winter, who is killed after refusing to give up her offspring, and then catches sight of Sparrow. He calls softly to the girl, telling her that he is her father, that he is very sorry but her mother is dead, that she needs to come with her. Just as he’s coaxing her out of hiding, Vesper (who realizes what has happened) fights him but is beaten senseless. Knowing he could never win Vesper over, Marcel abandons her and takes Sparrow with him back to the pack.

The rest of his days are spent in Volés Ailes, where he rises to the position of Fidèle (the Trusted rank) after proving himself a capable warrior. He first has a fling with a coywolf, fathering Dartmouth Moineau; the child is left with him, and so he half-raises him (though he isn’t a very doting father). Not much later, Marcel catches the eye of a lovely dog woman named Lydia, a younger female who absolutely adores and worships him, and their mating results in a son, Brumaire Moineau. Lydia died of an illness, and he more or less left Brumaire and Dartmouth to their foster parents while he focused his attention on rising in the ranks and abusing Sparrow on the side. Backstabbing the former Chef (or "Boss"), he rises to a position of power and commands the pack to worship him.

Marcel eventually attempts to rape Sparrow, after trying to groom her for trust and such purposes the past few months, but she fends him off. He beats her severely, and their fight results in her turning Luperci after she escapes him. He sulks after this, leading Volés Ailes with an iron fist, and attempting to train his two sons to follow in his footsteps (although they turn out much kinder than him).

Bitter about his daughters, Marcel eventually coaxes Dartmouth, his favorite child, into a mission: to go to Nova Scotia and find a pair of coywolves, and spy on them at all costs.

Eventually, Marcel died to liver failure. Or something.