Dartmouth Moineau

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Dartmouth Moineau

by Raze


Alexis, Aso, NPC (DEAD)

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Date of Birth

13 September 2010







Old English




Birth place



62.5% Eastern Timber Wolf
37.5% Northeastern Coyote




Pack Loners


Packs Inferni
Ranks Tiro Miscellus

Pixel by Despi, colored by Raze

Dartmouth Moineau was a member of Inferni. He is the son of Marcel Moineau, which makes him the half-sibling of Vesper, Sparrow, and Brumaire. He was killed by Brumaire after an attempt on Vesper's life.

1.  Appearance

As a hybrid, Dartmouth stands a bit taller than the average coyote but a bit shorter than the average wolf. His long, slender legs and lean build add to an illusion of height, which he offsets by his gait in his four-legged forms—slinking along with his head low and his posture hunching. His lean but toned build carries over into Optime, where he also tends to slump unless he means to intimidate someone with his height.

His rumpled fur is a mixture of Dune (#32312B), Birch (#3B3027), and Heavy Metal #1D1D1B. Not uncommon in black timber wolves, his fur is starting to lighten around his muzzle, chest, and paws—though this is only a Soya Bean (#676255) fringe along his underbelly and toes now. His eyes are startling bright by contrast, like many other Moineau eyes the color of firelight—vivid Golden Fizz (#FFFF3B) accented by Pumpkin (#FF7510).

Dartmouth does not usually deign to wear clothes in Optime, but he does style his hair and wear the occasional accessory. His Cod Grey (#0E0E0D) bangs often sweep over his eyes, necessitating that he often pause to push them out of the way. His hair comes down and messily frames his jaw as well. Each of his ears is pierced twice, glinting with small silver rings, and his left shoulder is tattooed with a stylized black rattlesnake by his brother. He has some scars, but most are hidden by fur or otherwise very minor.

1.1  Forms




55 lbs (25 kg)
26 in (66 cm)

175 lbs (80 kg)
38 in (96 cm)

180 lbs (73 kg)
5ft 11in (71 in) (182 cm)

Timberwolf build with narrow features and spidery legs.

Long canine teeth, hunching and hulking.

Lean but toned build, with black hair falling across eyes and messily framing his jaw.

2.  Personality

Dartmouth has perfected the art of the silver tongue. He is capable of being charming and sweet, especially if he wants to get something out of someone—and very dogged about it, too, stubbornly refusing to stop his game without regard for the consequences. As is rather common in the Moineau family, he also carries a streak of slow, easygoing arrogance with him.

His father is a heavy influence in his life; he was raised with the desire to meet his expectations. He learned many of his bad habits from his father as well, but when directly compared to Marcel one can see that the darkness has not totally stuck with Dartmouth. He has compassion buried under his manipulative persona, and in the end is just a son wanting to do well in the eyes of his father.

3.  Family

4.  History

Dartmouth was the result of one of Marcel Moineau’s meaningless flings, and his mother more or less dumped him with his father after he was weaned. He had a rough early childhood adjusting to this, with Marcel not entirely sure what to think of the boy, but after his half-brother Brumaire was orphaned their father found a good foster family for them. Brumaire and Dartmouth were raised as true brothers and grew a close bond as a result.

Marcel was not in the least absent from their lives, however. He worked to raise them how he wanted. He taught them how to lie, how to fight, how to get what they wanted by any means. He was not generally cruel, but his affection always came at a price, and his temper was terrible if one of the sons really messed up. Dartmouth quickly surpassed his brother as the older, stronger, and sharper of the two, becoming Marcel’s favorite.

Once he felt he was capable, Marcel sent him on a mission—to find a pair of female coywolves, Vesper and Sparrow. He never told Dartmouth why' he needed these females found, but sent him off toward the east.

Following rumors, Dartmouth made his way to Nova Scotia, and finally to Inferni. Hearing that Vesper and Sparrow lived there, he joined the clan under the pretense of wanting to reunite with his “friends.” He stayed even after the September hurricane struck the pack, but he failed to get close to his targets like he wanted, instead caught up in feeding himself and scoping out the region.

In late December, Dartmouth decided that he needed to report to his father. He’d failed in his mission of charming these mysterious hybrids, but he knew where they were—and so he struck out to find his old pack and Marcel to tell them where the coyotes lived.