Harosheth Kimaris

Harosheth Kimaris

by Sie




Date of Birth

23 Sept 2005















Birth place





100% Mexican Coyote




Current pack Inferni
Current rank Evocati


Pack Ranks
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Harosheth Kimaris was a member of Inferni, best known as the clan's medic. She was the illegitimate daughter of Baphomet Kimaris, born in Eterne, and joined Inferni in early 2013. During the 2017 sickness, Harosheth -- twelve years old, already succumbing to arthritis and the onset of dementia -- died.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Lupus

1.2  Secui

1.3  Optime

64 lbs (29 kg)
26 in (66 cm)

120 lbs (54 kg)
30 in (76 cm)

160 lbs (73 kg)
5ft 8in (68 in) (173 cm)

Rarely seen.

Rarely seen.

Very short-cropped hair, usually unkempt and messy.

1.4  Modifications

  • Scarification -- spiraling design tracing around her right wrist.
  • Her ears are pierced once each in the lower "lobes." Usually wears long, dangling earrings with feathers -- they click softly when she walks.

1.5  Accessories

  • Usually wears some kind of clothing: a wrap, skirt, etc.

Build & Species

She is a purebred coyote and small, of course. Her petiteness is more than her species, however -- Harosheth has never been a robust canine, and her years spent living in the caves of Eterne did her no kindnesses.


  • Harosheth is primarily Red Robin (#79381F).
  • Her chin and throat, the insides of her ears, and a sliver of each paw is Rodeo Dust (#C9AA9E).
  • Her ears, neck, shoulders, back, and upper half of her tail are Tamarind (#3A2217).
  • Her eyes are Tango (#EE8015).
  • Her nose and paw pads are an unusual Matrix (#B86254).

2.  Personality

  • Devoted to two things: healing and coyotes. Harosheth kind of feels like she's too old to accomplish anything else of value with her life, though she's really not that old.
  • Very motherly and caring, though she has developed an almost cold, aloof air when dealing with a sick or injured patient due to where she learned and practiced most of her life.
  • Neurotic and obsessive about her stores: everything must be in order and fully stocked.


2.1  Biases

  • Species: Strong coyote supremacy beliefs. Harosheth's hatred of wolves is not strong enough for her to refuse a wolf-blooded patient; she practiced on them while traveling northward. She hopes, however, to avoid such things now that she's in a "coyote friendly" place once again.
  • Non-Luperci: Unknown
  • Slaves: Harosheth doesn't see much of anything wrong with slavery. Her interactions with Molcaxitl Yocatl reinforce this.

2.2  Sexuality

  • Unknown

2.3  Spirituality

  • Harosheth observes traditional Eternian beliefs:
    • She worships the coyote creator god Momotzli and the traditional Eternian legends. As she has been separated from the "coyote homeland" she probably hopes to turn Inferni into a place pleasing enough for Momotzli.
    • As a healer, Harosheth does not participate in sacrificial offerings resulting in loss of life. She practices Zacatapayoli, a self-bloodletting ritual involving wrapping one's arms with thorny vines, and carries an obsidian dagger to perform Tecocol -- scarification rituals.

3.  Relationships

Key Relations

  • Baphomet is her daddy; he was not nice to Harosheth, and as a result, she got back at him by helping to elevate her "low" family.

Family: Kimaris

  • Parents: Baphomet Kimaris & Leire Ojeda
  • Siblings: Ticitl Ojeda, 2x Unnamed

4.  Interaction

  • Speech: Her voice is soft and very soothing, though it can become commanding in an instant with an unruly patient.
  • Language: Harosheth speaks fluent Spanish, and has a limited grasp of English. She is most comfortable in Spanish.

Residence: D'Neville Hospital House

Harosheth is rarely, if ever seen outside of the vicinity of the D'Neville mansion. She does not leave to hunt; her food is provided by Maddox. She will, of course, attend to the borders in the case of an emergency -- but she rarely leaves without reason.


4.1  Strengths

  • She's been practicing medicinal arts for a very long time, and has amassed obvious healing skill. She can treat injury, minor infections, and many other maladies. Her specialty is physical injury, though she is not altogether useless where illnesses are concerned.
  • She is well-informed regarding plants and herbs relevant to her arts. She knows how to identify many plants (from her homeland -- not so much Nova Scotian natives, though she is learning) and how to apply them in healing. She does not know how to cultivate plants.
  • Capable of reading, though only in Spanish.

4.2  Weaknesses

  • Her primary failing, medicinally, is her complete lack of training where childbirth is concerned: healers and medics of a different sect attended such things in Eterne, and Harosheth and her sort of healer were not permitted to participate in such.
  • A second medicinal failing is an occasional supplement -- not reliance -- of prayer and worship to "speed" and "help" the healing process. Again, she never replaces a treatment with such things, but some under her care may find this to be rather overbearing.
  • Small and petite of size.
  • Speaks English on a limited working proficiency level.


4.3  Trade

  • Wants: Medicinal items and plants, healing tools, pretty jewelry, Spanish-written books
  • Offers: Some very minor scarification abilities; knowledge and teaching
  • Outer-Pack Trade: No.

5.  History

  • Baphomet kept his unions with the Ojeda girl secret -- even she did not know his identity, as he came to her wearing a mask, cloak, and elaborate scent concealing items.
  • Born in 2005, Harosheth had two siblings who died shortly after birth, and a third sibling Ticitl -- the tiacapan (first born) of the litter.
  • Tictitl fell and struck her head on a rock when she and Harosheth were a few months old.
  • Following Ticitl's death, however, Baphomet claimed Harosheth -- not as his daughter, but as a follower of the Atotoztli. He does not take her as a priestess, but as a servant to the order -- one of the lowest ranks allowed within the caves, it is nonetheless a position of prestige in general within Eterne.
  • Inspired by witnessing her sister's death, Harosheth dedicates herself to healing arts. She spends her time within the caves, learning to be a healer and devotee of the religion. She spends most of her time attending to the lower ranks, having spent much of her youth within the Ojeda family. She maintains a relationship with her cousins and other relatives.
  • In 2008, Baphomet privately acknowledges his relationship with Harosheth following the emergence of a certain rumor. He tells her, however, that she will never be publicly claimed as his own: as a priest of the inner circle, he is separate from family to begin with, and as the second-born and of such low birth, she is worthless. Harosheth is upset, but devotes herself even more fervently to her arts.
  • Inspired by her father's coldness, Harosheth is instrumental in raising her family to greater heights within Eterne -- the choosing of the Mamexi niman from the Ojeda family was due, in part, to Harosheth's long-term meddling. Unfortunately for Harosheth, she is labeled as the perpetrator of this plot (there were numerous others involved) and is thrown out of Eterne in late 2012. She takes her daddy's name out of spite as a last "screw you" to Baphomet and his family.
  • She makes her way north, traveling through Barbados to the Norfolk. To her surprise, Harosheth finds passage easy to come by: there are always injuries and ailments needing attention. Once in Norfolk, she travels up the coast, stopping here and there to trade her abilities for food, shelter, and other goodies.
  • Eventually, she arrives in Freetown. Upon hearing of the packs to the north, Harosheth travels through New Brunswick and ends up in Nova Scotia. When she hears of a coyote-based pack, she decides that is where she'll make her home.


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