Alexander Collins

Alexander Collins

Alexander Collins, by Marina
Player((Inactive)) Bria
Name MeaningN/A
Name OriginN/A
Date of BirthJuly 15, 2007
Subspecies100% Canis Lupus
Birth placeHalcyon Mountains

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Dahlia de Mai

Joining dateApril 22, 2011
Joining RankSubordinate
Most Recent RankGraduierter
SignificanceMember (Normal)

Cercatori D'Arte

Joining dateFebruary 7, 2011
Joining RankMembro Normale
Most Recent RankMembro Normale
SignificanceMember (Normal)

Alexander Collins is the brother of Skye Collins. He was previously a member of Anathema, where he was mate to Alaki, but in the summer of 2012 they left together for parts unknown.

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1.  History: Before Souls

After a year of life Alex longed for adventure and the ability to live life freely; making choices for himself, be they good or bad ones, going where he wanted, how he wanted, when he wanted, doing whatever the heck he wanted to do. At home he felt restricted and so he left his parent’s small cabin, located in the Halcyon Mountains and headed out on his own.

Settling down outside of Nova Scotia he began his life as a loner; he found a small worn down cabin and done it up and claimed it as home, nearby there were a few other young loners such as himself who he soon befriended. Every now and then he would wonder around from place to place, always to return to his cabin.

Throughout his travels and from the local loners he learnt and gained much; fighting, gambling, drinking and drugs all became the norm for him, he excelled at them and adored each one.

For gambling he’d normally play cards, simply because he understood the rules for the many games that could be played with them and he possessed many ‘tricks’ up his sleeve; very seldom did he loose a game. Aside from cards he was also partial to fighting for money or ‘fist fighting’. Initially he lost most of the fights, but as time went by he gained experience and with experience his skills grew. But what did he gamble for? Normally the looser would have to complete a forfeit or hand over some item or another; this was how he acquired the majority of his jewellery and his piercings; having played cards multiple times with a naïve piercing apprentice, it was also the reason why he had had a large bell tied around his neck for a week…

It was from his love for gambling that stemmed his interest in alcohol and drugs; having been at a small gathering of loners; all of which enjoyed gambling, one of them offered him a small glass of vodka. A few drinks later, he was kicking their butts at cards, drunk out of his mind and consuming various substances.

Life was good; he could fight, argue, misbehave and be as reckless as he wanted to be without anyone telling him that he was wasting his life away. For a short time he believed that he was truly happy.

Then the snowstorm hit; destroying his home. Looking at the remains of the place he’s called home for two years he looked over everything he’d achieved during the two years since he’d left home; he’d gotten into a fight or an argument every other day, the majority of the time he was either drunk or high. When the loners gathered at the end of each week he’d go out and gamble; winning most of the time or having to complete some humiliating forfeit if he lost. Every now and then he’d go out with the local guys; daring each other to do stupid and often potentially life threatening stunts. So what had he achieved? Not a lot. He longed for his family; to meet his sister, to see his parents again and so he headed back to Nova Scotia; back to his family.

2.  Personality

Alexander, by Kitty

Basic personality traits:
Cocky; overly self-confident
Dare-devil; if it’s a dare, he’s game
Argumentative; he’s always right, you’re wrong. Deal with it.
Short Tempered; doesn’t take a lot to wind him up
Shameless Flirt; female or male. Hot is hot and should be appreciated and hit on.
Protective; he won’t let harm come to his friends and family
Stubborn; changing his mind is like moving a mountain
Chatty; it’s rather hard to shut him up
Patient; only when gambling though <.<
Lazy; little to no motivation outside of Gambling, Drinking, Drugs and Dares
Bully; prone to teasing and winding others up

Likes his drink, drugs and Gambling lots ~

3.  Appearance

Where his sister Skye looks like their mother, Alexander looks like their father. He has light blue eyes and a greyish yellow pelt with darker marks under his eyes and between them. The fur at the top of his head turns to a dark cream, where the darker fur lengthens there is a small plait, held in place with a blue bead, which hangs freely.

When in optime form he has long, shaggy, un-kept dark cream hair and wears a belt which has a small pouch attached; within the pouch is a pack of playing cards. From the pouch, a small blue string accessory hangs.

As for jewellery on his right wrist he has a long leather strap wrapped around it, below that he wears two identical bracelets; a black cord with a small, glittery bead thread onto it. Then, strapped onto his left ankle is a spiked collar. Moving to his ears he has 8 piercings in his left ear, consisting of; 2 hoops, 4 studs, stud shaped ‘A’ and a stud shaped ‘C’. On his right ear he has 3 studs and one hoop.

Just above his eye he has a tattoo; AC with an arrow going through it. The entire tattoo is greyscale. Finally, he has his left eyebrow pierced aswell.

4.  Skills

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5.  Relationships

5.1  Family

5.2  Friends

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5.3  Acquaintances

5.4  Enemies

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