Bangle Guffawri

Bangle Guffawri was a member of Cercatori D'Arte. Previously mated to Skye Collins, the pair had three children together; Nathaniel Guffawlins, Erzulie Guffawri, Robert Frost Collins.

Bangle Guffawri

By Kiri



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Date of Birth

October 26, 2007




Birth place

Halcyon Mountain



55% Canis latrans (Coyote)
45% Canis rufus (Red Wolf)


55% Northern Coyote
45% Red wolf




Rank Fabbricante (Maker)
Joined November 7, 2010[1]


Size Chart



? lbs (? kg)
? in (? cm)



? lbs (? kg)
? in (? cm)



165 lbs (75 kg)
5 ft, 8 in (173 cm)

Art by Alaine

Pronouncing his name: Bang-gull Guh-faw-ree

Despite the many little knick knacks and doo-dads that accentuates the coywolf, his fur in contrast is quite simple. There is a blend of several reds, complimented with splashes of white and stripes of gray. Bangle's short fur is unmistakeably that of a coyote's, and the myriad of reds also due in part to the other half of his mix. The male received his name partly because of the three natural gray rings that surround his front and back left legs.

With a long muzzle and large, bat-like ears that are characteristic of the coyote breed, the structure of his face simply adds to his funky demeanor. His muzzle is almost always contorted into a smile or parted in a laugh, displaying teeth that hardly show signs of age. The male's eyes are primarily a bright yellow, his irises circled by tinges of orange. They almost always sparkle, which adds to his charisma that he uses (and abuses) to maintain his lifestyle. In Lupus form, his mane has several bits of bones and beads tied into strands, mostly near the back where his hair would grow out in Optime form. In his two-legged form, his hair is composed of dreadlocks, several gray and red strands often mingled together in their coloration. His hair only reaches to about his shoulders, and though it looks messy and or busy, it's well kept, and more often than not tied back with a cord of vine or leather thong.

In Luperci form, he stands at about 5'8", which is rather short for a male, and weighs around 165 pounds. Bangle has been a traveler for most his life, and so his body has learned to adapt to such a gypsy lifestyle. His feet are well worn from all the walking he does, but it has also toned his thighs from the long journeys. The male's hands are long and skilled works of art.. at least in his eyes. Being a craftsman, he's had to learn to work with several different tools and different mediums. Located on his left thigh, closer to the rump, are three long scars, still pink but showing signs of age. The scars are from a cougar attack he experienced at a year of age, and Bangle has highlighted these marks with a light blue dye he makes, as a reminder of what started his traveling lifestyle in the first place.


Bangle, or "Slickmaw" as many have come to call him for his smooth way of talking, is somewhat of a typical traveling salesman. Being especially kind to potential customers, he is very charismatic, for he has learned how to convince and manipulate people easily into buying things. The coywolf gives himself the title: Trader of Oddities and Commodities, and it seems only fitting for him. Apart from the strange things he does craft and sell to others, it's no wonder, then, that Bangle seems a little odd himself.

The mannerisms of this gypsy are surely one he is remembered by, especially by his trademark laugh.. which has constantly gotten him into trouble in the past. And if it isn't the laugh people remember him by, it is his odd accent, or him constantly saying "You liiiiike?" Some might find him charming, and others mind find him annoying, but either way Bangle is extremely talkative. Known to be one for talking too fast, and badgering with a great big smile on his face, the coywolf often finds himself on the bad side of others.

Bangle is a traveler through and through, and therefore he is rather adventurous.. never really able to stay in one place for too long. He is always looking to meet and greet strangers, for he sees everyone as potential customers, if he swindled them long enough. It isn't to say, though, that Bangle can't make friends, either, just for the sake of building relationships. What he does fear, however, is growing too attached to someone and feeling tied down because of it.

Though he isn't so much the cruel trickster he was back up north, he still likes to play little tricks and games with others. Bangle can be quite nosy, and invade people's personal space, trying to see just how far he can go without being snapped at. He also tends to be obnoxious, as he loves showing his work off to others. In that sense, he doesn't respond well to criticism or critique on his crafts. He thinks his crafts are the shiznit, man. And that they all serve a purpose one way or another.. at least, he'll try to convince someone that.

Overall, the merchant is pretty straightforward with his duties and his hobbies. If he isn't crafting something, he's talking to someone about buying some odd commodity or another. If he isn't doing that, he's either playing his lute, out on an adventure, or trying to make someone laugh.



Bangle turned out to be like any coywolf pup, born a natural Luperci on the Halcyon mountains to a (loving?) alpha wolf mother and two other brothers. He was the youngest, and given his name because of the natural rings along his left foreleg and left back leg. Like any other pup, too, Bangle was adventurous.. maybe a little too much for his own good. However, a lot of responsibility fell on the brothers' shoulders, for one of them would take place as alpha of the pack someday. Their father died in a tragic hunting accident about the same time that the pups were born, and ever since then, their mother had become relentless, protecting and nurturing her children day in and day out. Needless to say, Bangle's brothers mostly played it safe, because they knew their mother would give them a good nip or two. Bangle, however, never understood why there were restrictions and regulations placed on his life. His creativity knew no bounds, and neither did his bold spirit. Eventually, his mother would give up on teaching and correcting Bangle and his wild ways, figuring it best to teach her other two pups the right way at life and leadership. The pack that the coywolf and his family belonged to were a mix of regular wolves and Luperci. They lived peacefully and did well for themselves.. which is probably something Bangle got sick of quickly. Though he never harbored any hatred for anyone (except maybe his mother, later), he would pull ears and tails just to get someone to play-wrestle with him. But no wolf ever seemed to want to play with him, figuring that hard work was the better way to get ahead in life. For this reason, Bangle would play with himself and learn to entertain only himself. Other days he'd combine two things and make a little trinket or two, like a bone bracelet or wooden carving. Naturally, these little trinkets would soon be his whole world, but he enjoyed the amusement. One of the things that developed from this self-play and little toys was a laugh.. and not an ordinary laugh, either. It could be called a trademark laugh, a high-pitched squeal of sorts, similar to that of a hyena's, and Bangle began laughing so often, the sound soon let everyone know it was him.

Anything and everything seemed to be or become a game for Bangle, which caused him to lose sight of any hunting or scouting training by his mother or other members of the pack. Bangle would be off in his own world and imagining insane propaganda, claiming he'd one day travel all over and sell his creations. His tribe didn't condone the making of such oddities, however, and so Bangle often ran off to carve or put together things in his free time. His most cherished possession, however, would be the lute he carved and painted on his own, creating his own music. Over the years, something in his brain failed to click.. and not all of the lights were on upstairs, if you know what I mean. That later proved disastrous, for keeping watch for intruders was anything but a game. It was Bangle's first time to scout at 10 months of age, the tribe had given him a chance as a young adult wolf to really mature and learn some responsibility as the son of the alpha female. Though Bangle didn't want to screw it up, he simply could not help but look at his duty differently. He imitated what the elders did, to show he understood, and once he was left on his own, it looked to the pack as if things were about to change. It turned out that scouting the territory was boring, even while playing his lute, and so Bangle did what he did best: He made a game out of it.

One day, he came running back to the pack screaming that there was a cougar on the hillside, doing his best to keep a straight face on. When the warriors and a few other members of the pack went to survey, however, Bangle broke down and laughed his trademark laugh. Though he got a few looks of disappointment, Bangle's smile remained, though he picked himself up, apologized, and went back to his duty. But then.. he did it a second time. He even made it convincing by chewing out bits of fur on his tail to make things look more real, as he came screaming down with a “cougar intrusion”. The same thing happened: Families panicked and hid, warriors armed themselves to take a look for the creature, and when they saw nothing.. Bangle laughed even harder. The coywolf apologized to the pack, and went out to scout, properly this time, for a couple more days. Because, guess what? He was going to do it again!

The third time.. was a little different. Bangle was sitting and rocking back and forth, pawing at a bug of some sort and not truly paying attention. He thought maybe he could make the bug's wings out of something. It flew onto a big rock, and Bangle, in his Secui form that very day, made to stalk and pounce it. As he did, he stood there frozen upon hearing a growl come from the bushes. And then..


He was pounced on by a large cougar. Bangle had stumbled close to a den of cougar cubs, and the mother was not all happy about that. Fear quickly rushed through him as most of the cougar's weight was upon him in no time. She roared loudly, and Bangle clawed at her face to wriggle free and run, but as he got up the cougar returned a claw mark or three on the left side of his rump. Bangle ran despite the pain, and without really thinking, he led the chasing cougar back to the pack, to his family. Running for his safety, he cried out for a third time to the pack that a cougar was coming – this time for real. Only this time.. the pack ignored him. They thought he was up to his tricks again, until the angry cougar mother did appear, chasing after the coywolf. As much fear that ran through him, though, truly Bangle never had so much fun.. and he laughed a high-pitch laugh, which carried on until he hid amidst a few huts, only thinking to hide himself and forgetting that he brought the creature to his home. The pack was horrified, and many scrambled to hide while the warriors trailed after the cougar. In his hiding place, all Bangle heard and saw were screams and shouts over the invading creature, but traces of his laughter still remained despite that. After a few more moments, the warriors killed the cougar... but not before it had a chance to take a couple lives of some unguarded pups.

A gray cloud seemed to loom over the pack that day.. especially over Bangle. The rest of that day was spent cleaning up the mess the cougar made, and of the crying mothers that lost their pups. Most of the pack mourned, it was not only a loss for the mothers.. but of the entirety of the pack. Bangle was only treated for his claw wounds on his rump, though they would eventually scar, but after that he was shunned, and given the most angry looks Bangle had ever seen. The following day, it was decided upon the elders that Bangle was to be banished, never to return to the family. Even his own mother had disowned him, for it was her final decision as alpha to banish her own son. Bangle knew he screwed up big time, but nothing he said or did could help his situation now. So he left, and ever since Bangle has traveled on his own, away from the Halcyon mountains, never again would he play dangerous tricks on anyone. He packed up what he had, and began to head south. This was somehow a sign for Bangle, a sign to start traveling the world and doing what he loved best. But to this day, he thinks like a pup-at-heart, perhaps to make up for the lives that were lost; the day his life forever changed.

Presently, Bangle has settled on the pack known as Cercatori d'Arte, thinking it was a good "pit stop" when the wintertime blew in. Since then, he's met a few friendly faces, and has even found a house once inhabited by humans, in the small town of Thornbury. Though he was more used to carrying his home wherever he went, Bangle decided to lay claim on the house with the big oak tree adjacent to it, with a bit of convincing from his new friend, Skye. One step after another, the temporary home that the wandering merchant found himself in was slowly becoming a permanent one.