Halo Lykoi

Halo Lykoi

Halo, by Kiri
Name OriginGuess!
Date of Birth2008-09-22
Age> 1 year
SpeciesWolf-coyote hybrid

50% Arctic Wolf
25% Mexican Coyote
12.5% Northeastern Coyote
6.25% Dog
6.25% Red wolf

Birth placeFar north of Bleeding Souls
'Souls Profile Archive Profile

Current Pack


Joining dateMay 16, 2009[1]
Current RankEvocati
Previous RankTirones, Praeses, Hastati, Hydra, Triiari, Centurion, Triarii

Halo Lykoi is the daughter of Colibri Soul and Samael Lykoi; however, for the beginning of her life, she believed Vitium Lykoi was her father. With bloodties to both Sadira, Lykoi and de le Poer, Halo is a child born in the conflict zone between coyotes and wolves. She has, however, chosen to live and breathe as a coyote of the Lykoi and de le Poer families. She is just as twisted as some of her infamous family members.

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1.  Pre-'Souls history

1.1  Early Life

Her mother was raped by their father, and so Halo and her siblings were a product of something unpure from the moment life started in Colibri Soul's womb. Halo was born the youngest of three in the litter. Her littermates were Enigma and Jael. Despite the way they had been created, their mother loved them endlessly. She provided for them best as she could as a loner without a pack. All the three children were granted the surname Soul by their mother, as the white woman's intention was to seperate them from the evil which had helped create them. When the puppies were about four months of age, Vitium Lykoi, who had been lurking and following the family's progress, assaulted Colibri a second time and took the children from her. He raised them with tales of Inferni and their "true" family lines, the Lykoi and the de le Poer, and everything else twisted and wrong. The children abandoned their dame's surname and adopted either de le Poer or Lykoi. After months of being corrupted and attempted brainwashed by their father, Halo set off as the first of the three siblings in order to find the place where she belonged: Inferni.

2.  'Souls History

At eight months of age, Halo arrived at the borders of Inferni and was accepted into the clan by the Aquila: Gabriel de le Poer, her uncle. Gabriel shattered the girl's knowledge of life by revealing that Vitium Lykoi, her father, was a traitor both of the blood and the clan. It was a punch in the face to realize that her father had been full of lies, and there was no longer possible to seperate the truth from the magnificent stories. Because of this, Halo quickly grew bitter and reluctant of her father. It also opened her eyes to why her dark sire had stayed behind instead of accompanying his children to the lands of glory.

2.1  Inferni

Although the thoughts and dreams of Inferni had been very different from the truth the young Lykoi now faced, she settled in relatively well. Halo had exprected more of a reunion of the large family, and felt confused and slightly hurt because Gabriel had not instantly recognized her as a worthy member of his family. Not many weeks later, Halo was reuinted with her two brothers shortly after, as both siblings had decided to join the infamous clan and the coyotes, despite the hard and fresh facts about their traiterous father.

Not long after Halo had gained her membership in the clan, the infamous Kaena Lykoi returned back from the dead. Although the two had never met, the young Lykoi spawn had always worshipped the tales and the idea of the woman that had started all, the clan and and the line of the Lykois. When the two females first met, Halo was unable to recognize the obvious appearance that could easily be recognized as that of Kaena. However, seeing the chaos star and hearing the name of the woman, Halo finally understood that there was only one truth and one path in life for her. Kaena treated the girl with warmth and respect, and only strengthened the bond that tied Halo down to Inferni. Tales of wolves and the Lykoi matron's life helped only to strengthen the growing resentment of hatred for all that was not Lykoi and clan. Towards the end of their meeting, the two females agreed to trade: A necklace made by Halo using the tooth of one Kaena's demons in exchange for a branded chaos star tattoo on Halo's chest.

Only a few month after his arrival, Enigma revealed to Halo that he was leaving the lands and Inferni, and disappeared shortly after. Halo took this very badly, accusing him for being a traitor to leave the clan. Not long after Jael too left the lands and Halo was now the only remaining child of Vitium remaining in Inferni.

Year Two

In June of 2010, Jael returned to Inferni and explained to Halo that her father was Samael, not his half-brother Vitium as she had previously believed.[2] Later that day, she gives birth to a son, Itachi Lykoi.[3]

3.  Personality

Halo's personality is in constant change, and basically vary according to her current mood. She can give off the impression of being a typical girl lost in her beauty, playing along on her looks and looking down on everything and everyone that does not match her unique, youthful beauty. She is quite arrogant, acting as if her inheritage is royal above anything else. She can be found to be a quite charming and kind around those individuals she likes and those who are a part of the Inferni clan. It is when faced with wolves and whatever else she sees as filth that the girl's true personality comes through. More than anything, Halo is viscious and calculating, and she can either attempt to play a wolf to her gain, do her best to insult, or simply seek their death. Halo does not simply aim and shoot down those she wants to see dead; she prefers certain methods in order to get some entertainment out of it. She is deeply fascinated by torturing methods, and can sit and plot different ways for wolves to die endlessly.

4.  Relationships

4.1  Family

Please see the de le Poer, Lykoi, or Soul family page for more information.

4.2  All Friends

4.3  Enemies

It is important to note that all previous Inferni members gets on Halo's bad side, the only reason needed is that they have abandoned the clan and in Halo's eyes betrayed what she sees as sacred.

4.4  Love Interests

Current Crush


Past Mates


Past Crushes


5.  Appearance

Halo, by Alaine

Halo is a mix of coyote, dog and wolf. She has inherited much of a coyote's features, although her size is rather large compared to what one should expect, though only in her two four legged forms. Her coat is mostly copper in various shades, except for lighter muzzle, ears and underside, which leans more to a caramel hue. Her eyes hold a brilliant scarlet, a colour sometimes referred to as the 'flawed eyes' in the de le Poer family. Unless otherwise stated, Halo is always found in her optime form, wearing a teeth and bone necklace along with a few other accessories. She wears dark hotpants with a splendid piece of cloth tied around her waist, the image being a royal eastern dragon jolting through a ruby lit sky. She is also usually seen around carrying a small bag for various items on her hip as well. She is rarely seen without one of her twin swords/katanas.

5.1  Eyes

Halo carries the 'tainted' eyes of the de le Poer; a deep, vibrating red fire.

5.2  Scars


6.  Graphics

6.1  Avatars