Ems - Emmanuelle - Queen of Potatoes


My true form.
Community Soul: May 2021


Hello. My name is Ems, and I’m from Canada! I enjoy learning about plants and being outdoors, and I’m very much an animal person – I even have a hobby farm! In the city, I have two cats named Spooky & Calcifer, and a sarplaninac named Luna! At the farm, our family has many dogs and cats, as well as horses and chickens. I really like to cook and meal prep and like talking about different recipes, as well as discussing mental health. If you need a shoulder, dm me! <3

Pronouns: She/Her
Status: Medium
Character Slots: 3/3
Joined 'Souls: 2012 \ then again in 2020
Location: Canada, one of the cold parts.


Discord: yogurtfamxx4907

I’m pretty much always available, though if it’s an important/big conversation I may request to wait until I’m done if I’m occupied!

Private Message: OOC Account

Discord is preferred for all communication! I don’t understand PM formatting lmao.

Email: dm me for my email. :3

For non-members, DM me on Discord.



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  • Reply Times: Varied, more regular now but if I’ve let something sit more then a week – give me a reminder!
  • Mature Content: I will write violence and some light gore, as well as drug/alcohol use, but I don’t like graphic gore and prefer to fade to black with sexual acts, though I don’t mind writing the build up to such things.
  • Gravedigging: I will resurrect threads, but my preference is to only revive plot-important threads.
  • OOC Ending: Always happy to OOC end. My preference is to end older threads that don't have a clear conclusion!
Please DM me for thread reminders/revival/mark DND/prioritization


  • Metagame: Only agreed upon information, or knowledge that would reasonably be available in the pack (e.g. character's rank). All of my character wikis provide assumptions as well!
  • Powerplay: Minor powerplay is accepted, especially if it's to move the thread forward. I will DM if anything is amiss, as well as you may ask me permission for things – though I’m generally very open to PPing character communication to make starters easier ( aka, our characters agree to meet up at a place to justify whatever activity is planned ).
  • Discuss beforehand: Deaths, major injuries, major conflicts – I don’t much care for writing conflict in general so please ask me before taking a thread in that direction, as I may start to avoid that thread if I don’t have any warning.

Other Games

  • Elder Scrolls Online, PC/NA. I play often, please dm me your @name if you are interested in playing together!
    • I also run a vampire roleplay themed guild for eso, we have a discord!



Jimena Escuella

La Brasas of Del Cenere Gang
Thread Status: Open
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Aelin Fireheart

First Officer of Casa di Cavalieri
Thread Status: OPEN
NPC: A horse.


Morrigan Archeron

El Corazón of Del Cenere Gang
Thread Status: OPEN
NPC: Just animals!



Thread Status: CLOSED
NPC: None



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