Itzal lived in Anathema as a Marbas with his mate, Axelle Napier, for about two years. During this time, he was able to make a name for himself in Anathema, and see the pack grow, see it fall, and see it pick itself back up again. He witnessed the transition between many leaders as well as watched many members come and go over the years. It was in Anathema that he took Axelle to be his mate and it was here that they had their first litter together. Axelle and Itzal are the parents of two daughters: Lithia Napier and Tzila Napier, who both took Axelle's surname because Itzal had no desire to relive the past. His family was dead and there was no legacy to carry on.

However, in September of 2015, Itzal vanished from Anathema and, as it seemed, Nova Scotia as a whole. He left for one of his "hunting expeditions" and never came back. There was no trace of him, no scent trail to be found, no blood to determine whether he was injured or killed: nothing. Due to the uncertainty of his leave, it is unknown whether he lives or has died.


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Date of Birth

3 December 2009






75% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
25% Mountain Coyote




Mate Axelle Napier
Pack Loners
Rank None


Mates Pontiac D'Angelo
Warrior Ranks
Anathema (Jun 2012 - Sep 2015)
Dasa, Marbas


In his lupus form, Itzal is large due to his wolf blood but agile and light on his feet because of the little bit of coyote genes he has. He has jet black fur with bright yellow eyes, and he sports a few visible scars in this form. In Secui, Itzal is heavier set. His already obvious muscles amplify as does his speed. This is his faster and stronger form of all three, and he prefers to use this for running and fighting. As far as appearance goes, he gets a patch of white fur on his chest in this form. Optime is a form that Itzal commonly uses. He stands at about 7’5” and normally just wears a pair of worn dark gray colored jeans, going shirtless to show off his body – muscles and battle scars. Itzal is more of a lean kind of muscled in this form as his body balances out from his smaller and faster, bulkier forms. Itzal has black hair, the length reaching about his shoulders. His fur fades to a dark gray in this form, so his hair stands out a bit more. He has many scars – a couple obvious ones that stand out no matter what form he’s in. He has a scar right below his left eye, one that stretches in a diagonal line across his abdomen and another that’s etched into his left shoulder and the base of his neck – among others. He has a very bad one situated on his inner right thigh, but for anyone to find that one would have to be very close to him. Itzal’s eyes can range from being yellow to a golden color, depending on how the light hits them and what time of day it is. He has a piercing in his left ear, which is a stud split in half by black and white with a silver dot in the middle.

Build and Species

Itzal looks mainly like a wolf, but is agile and light-footed like a coyote. He has slightly bigger ears than a wolf, but not by much.


  • Optime Hair: Black (#000000)
  • Eyes: Ripe Lemon (#F1DF1D).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Black (#000000), but when in Optime, his fur lightens to Mine Shaft (#272727).





110 lbs (xx kg)
37 in (xx cm)

225 lbs (xx kg)
45 in (xx cm)

280 lbs (xx kg)
7ft 5in (xx in) (xx cm)

In his lupus form, Itzal is large due to his wolf blood but agile and light on his feet because of the little bit of coyote genes he has. He has jet black fur with bright yellow eyes, and he sports a few visible scars in this form.

In Secui, Itzal is heavier set. His already obvious muscles amplify as does his speed. This is his faster and stronger form of all three, and he prefers to use this for running and fighting. As far as appearance goes, he gets a patch of white fur on his chest in this form.

Optime is a form that Itzal commonly uses. He stands at about 7’5” and normally just wears a pair of worn dark gray colored jeans, going shirtless to show off his body – muscles and battle scars.



  • Piercings: A single stud in his left ear - the earring is split in half with black and white, with a silver dot in the middle.
  • Tattoos: None.
  • Scars:
    • Neck/Shoulder, large slice, obtained while fighting and killing his uncle.
    • Stomach, large slice, ???.
    • Inner Right Thigh, slice, obtained in a fight before coming to NS.
    • Underneath Left Eye, claw mark, obtained in a fight before coming to NS.


  • He normally just wears a pair of worn dark gray colored jeans, going shirtless to show off his body – muscles and battle scars. He usually has a few throwing knives strapped to his belt for immediate use.


  • Controlled
    • Due to having a murderous "other half", Itzal is always carefully controlled. Itzal will not drink or engage in any drugs when he knows Eztli is in rare form. He can almost be viewed as stiff or restrained sometimes due to this nature.
  • Adventurous
  • Calm
  • Observant
  • Aloof
  • Protective
  • Loyal
  • Multiple Personality Disorder
    • Eztli is the name of his other personality, his "other half". Eztli goes against everything Itzal carefully protects when he has control of his mind. Eztli is murderous, selfish, and reckless. He loves the thrill of the kill, like a hunter, and often kills without much regard. This has caused quite the stir a few times, including a run-in with Kenna Foxleigh that brought on more trouble than needed, eventually involving an overprotective Axelle Napier in the mix. Eztli is your average sadistic pig on top of everything else, and is the actual father to Lithia and Tzila Napier.



  • Likes: Fighting, hunting, throwing knives, sex, flirting, killing, blood.
  • Dislikes: Eztli, heartbreakers, Malakai


Heterosexual. Itzal has a casual approach on sex and doesn't mind a temporary encounter here and there - but all that has changed now that he has his mate. Though sometimes temptations are too overwhelming for him, he tries to stay faithful to his mate.


The most Itzal will do is drink - he is afraid that getting high would make him lose control and let his demon out.


Itzal doesn't believe in gods or deities, but he does believe in good and evil. He acknowledges the fact that they both influence the world. He also believes in spirits.


  • Speech:

Itzal is from North America, so he speaks like those from there. His voice is strong and clear, and he speaks at a moderate pace, never tripping over his words or rushing through his thoughts – he speaks deliberately. Sometimes, he even stops to think about what he’s going to say and how before he says it. He never speaks in a hurried manner and his speech often matches his personality: controlled.

Itzal’s tone is a good way to tell how he is feeling or what he is thinking. If he’s talking to someone he had just met, he usually speaks in an emotionless, unwavering tone, always careful and guarded. However, if Itzal is with a friend or a loved one, his tone is usually more relaxed and sometimes cocky. He is confident and it shows when he talks – usually with a smug smile or a grin. If he’s with someone who could be a potential threat, his tone can be rather cruel.

  • Scent: Forestation mostly as he goes on frequent walks through the pack lands.


Even though Itzal has encountered many of his travels, he doesn’t have many ‘friends’. He has learned to trust very little and very few, if any at all. It takes a lot to gain his trust and his friendship because he is constantly cautious and worried. He used to keep others completely away for his and their protection because Eztli would target them, but now he mostly keeps others away for his own protections since he doesn’t care for anyone he doesn’t know and feels that Eztli is free to kill them.

However, he does treat the few he does count as friends with respect. He is usually a smug jokester around them. Very few have ever seen him laugh or joke around. Itzal has very rarely ever had any male friends, not because he’s prejudice against his own sex, but because he finds it easier to socialize with women. He finds them less likely to turn on him.

Key Relations

  • Malakai: Itzal hates Malakai because he attacked Axelle and left her pretty injured. He hates him because he wasn't able to kill him when he had the chance - and also feels somewhat hostile towards the fact that he is Axelle's ex.
  • Axelle Napier: Axelle and Itzal have a great relationship with each other. They met on shaky terms, right after Axelle was raped by Harlowe D'Angelo and unsure about men. However, Itzal proved to be somewhat like her and they hit it off well - despite the few near death experiences they both encountered with each other ~ what with Axelle almost shooting him in the head with an arrow and Eztli almost killing her.
  • Pontiac D'Angelo: Itzal and Pontiac were once lovers and they had planned on being mated. However, Pontiac had mental problems and believed Itzal had abandoned her. It hurt Itzal too much to see her like that and he left. This relationship is key because it started a change in Itzal's personality and his way of seeing things.
  • Eztli: Eztli is Itzal’s alter ego. He exists only to kill and cause suffering for Itzal. Eztli can talk to Itzal through his mind and also gain control of Itzal’s body if he allows him to or he overpowers his mind. Itzal usually lets him take the wheels every so often so that he could go out and hunt, which makes Eztli easier to control. If Itzal lets Eztli out, it’s easier to gain access to his body again rather than if Eztli forces his way into Itzal’s control center. There are times when his two personalities are more ‘in sync’ like when Itzal is attacking or killing someone, he can feel Eztli’s rage and traits within himself; though it only happens when Itzal is taking extreme pleasure in the act – rarely.


Itzal had two siblings, Edana and Zilar, and lived with his mother and father in a pack when he was young. His mother and siblings were killed because they looked too much like coyotes and he was not because he resembled much more of a wolf. His father was later banished from the pack, and Itzal left to find him. His father was gravely injured when he finally found him – but taught Itzal what he could before he passed on.

The only other family Itzal knew of was his uncle, who was responsible for his family’s death. He later tracked his uncle down and killed him and his entire pack for the way that he slaughtered his mother and siblings, as well as his father. Itzal doesn’t really remember his siblings, but he does miss them greatly. He learned to move on from the pain he once experienced from the loss. He never knew his mother or father’s last name, so he was left without a last name.

Minor Relations

  • Placeholder.

Former Relations

  • Placeholder.


  • The Universe
  • Since Itzal's disappearance in September 2015, his whereabouts are unknown and thus, his living space is unknown. It is likely that Itzal is either enjoying himself in another foreign forest or dead and floating above the universe.

Alternate Personality


  • Eztli is cold and conniving blood-thirsty killer. He always has something negative to say about someone up there in Itzal's head and is always urging Itzal to hurt someone. He is Itzal's alter ego and he is vicious.



  • Fighting (Journeyman): Itzal taught himself how to fight. When he was younger, he would playfight with his siblings and then when his mother and siblings were killed, his father taught him how to hunt and fight as a Luperci before he eventually died too. From there, Itzal was forced to learn from experience and luckily for him, he had a talent for it. He is a warrior and a fighter before everything else – it is what he’s meant for.
  • Throwing Knives (Master): Itzal is best with his throwing knives. He practiced all his life throwing a dagger, but once he acquired ‘’actual’’ throwing knives was when he was able to really improve his skill. At first, he trained with them for days just to get used to the feel, and now he’s basically a master at the skill. He is able to throw his knives anywhere he wants – obviously larger stretches between his targets are harder, but he rarely misses at what he aims for.
  • Knives (Journeyman): Itzal is good with his dagger, as he used one since he was a young boy. He also knows how to fight with two knives at once, two sultan’s knives. He is not a master at this yet, and continuously trains to get better at it.
  • Stealth (Apprentice): Itzal loves to be sneaky, and has a knack for moving unseen and unheard. Knowing that it is impossible to completely disappear, Itzal is quite good and blending in. It isn’t unusual for him to walk without making a sound just because it’s an unconscious action for him to move carefully. He is also good at detecting when he is being followed because of his natural habit of listening for signs of what could give himself away to others. He isn’t perfect at these trades though, and just as he sometimes fails at sneaking around perfectly, he also sometimes doesn’t pick up on when he’s being followed.


Other than Itzal's fighting skills, he is not very skilled in anything else.

  • Crafting: The closest Itzal has come to crafting is learning the basics of how to make tattoos, though he has never actually done so.
  • Reading/Writing: Itzal can't read, write or speak any other languages beside English.
  • Medical: He know very little other than the basics (cleaning and wrapping a bleeding wound). He has tried learning, but found no one to teach him.
  • Split Personality: Itzal suffers from a split personality disorder where his alter ego is a blood-thirsty killer. Even though Itzal was not born with this disease, it developed over time through a self-defense mechanism his mind used to protect him from all the killing he did. Itzal killed a lot of wolves to survive when he was growing up alone. No one could kill as much as he did and come out sane, which he did not entirely. His brain took his joy, pain, anger from these kills and formed Eztli. Eztli’s only reason of existence is to kill and cause suffering. He and Itzal co-exist in the same body and share the same brain. Itzal is constantly at work trying to control Eztli, and Eztli is constantly trying to gain control his Itzal’s body. This can weaken and tire Itzal.



  • Month: Some stuff.

Pre-Souls History

Gorgeous Itzal by Shade!

Itzal was born to Xan, a wolf, and Luvina, and coyote in North America. He was hidden away much of his young life due to his father's pack being basically wolf supremacists. They were highly anti-coyote, and any coyotes they came across were killed. However, his father fell deeply in love with his mother, the source of all his worries, a coyote. His parents wound up having a litter, which was kept a secret from his father's pack for their own safety. Itzal was one of three pups in his litter, but the only one that looked the most wolf. His little family lived in secret for much of their young lives, and all was well until Itzal was about six months old.

His uncle, the Alpha of the pack, found out about his father's little rendezvous. His mother knew they would be coming, and she hid Itzal first. With his father's help, they got him to join the very pack that was after his family; but it was good. No one would suspect him there, especially since he looked so much like a wolf. Before his mother was able to hide his two siblings, they came for them and attacked. His mother and two siblings were killed and his father was banished. Because his father was the one to get him into the pack, his standing within the wolf clan was low, and they abused and beat him. However, Itzal refused to submit and after about a week of their crap, he left to find his father.

When Itzal finally found him, Xan was gravely injured and only survived long enough to teach him how to hunt and survive on his own, but Itzal learned quickly. He found that he was good at being sneaky, and he could sneak up on his prey. He was strong enough, and he learned to fight efficiently. His family had been his rock, but then he was all alone. There was no one to guide him or teach him what to do anymore; so he just followed his instincts. Itzal traveled North where it was colder, and eventually he came upon Canada. However, during his travels to Canada, he killed a lot - and it wasn't just hunting, it was other lone coyotes or wolves that he came upon. Killing them seemed to keep him sane in a way, and even though he earned a few scars in the process, it was well worth it.

Nevertheless, there was a brief time that he almost lost his mind due to his killing binge, but he snapped out of it. He doesn't really remember all of it, and certainly doesn't like talking about it. He never mentions it, ever. His love for killing is still present, but he didn't give into it so much then. On his travels, he met a female loner who he slowly fell in love with, but due to his violent nature, the two of them decided to part ways eventually - and that was when Itzal's killing sprees became the worst that they ever were. His mind sank into insanity and he killed everything in his path, his possession, and in the vicinity of him; he killed endlessly.

It turned out his lover couldn't live without him, and she came back to try to work it out, to stay with him - but she was met with a half-crazed hybrid who didn't see her as his love, he saw her as a figment of his imagination and it just made him angry. He attacked her without remorse and wounded her badly, and he only found out it was really her when it was too late. She died later on that day, and his sadness consumed much of his insanity. He was able to get control of himself again, and stay that way for a while after.

Even though he was able to put his insanity into a bottle and shut it tight - it was still there. Only it wasn't a form of him, but a completely different entity. It's voice remained inside of his head to forever remind him of the darkness he was almost completely consumed by. This entity, named Eztli, is always there trying to cause his mind havoc, trying to control him, and trying to kill those around him. It is unknown to him whether this voice is an excuse for him to give in to his dark nature, or if it really is someone else inside of his head.

[He continued traveling, making sure to avoid everyone he came across later on. He found that with every mile, he just became sadder and more depressed. He decidedto find a pack, to settle down and put his gloomy past behind him. He found Inferni and eventually settled down there, finding a woman who he took a liking to and found others that took his mind off things. He was generally happy, but something was eating him inside.]

Despite his attempts to move on, his past wouldn't leave him alone. He was haunted by memories and he didn't feel at place in Nova Scotia. There was something deep down inside that nagged at his very being. He left the country and went back to his home, tracking down his Uncle's pack and killing all of them. He picked them off individually by tracking them down and torturing the ones that he specifically remembered getting beaten by when he was younger. Because it was a strict pack, there weren't very many members to begin with. He purposely left his Uncle for last when he was sure that he'd realize there was no one to protect him. He and his Uncle fought - but Itzal won the fight and killed his Uncle for every everlasting thing he had ever done to him in this life.

Afterwards, Itzal began to wander again feeling accomplished this time. He was happy he was able to satiate his blood lust, while also getting revenge for his family that was killed at the hands of that bastard. After a while, he realized he was going back to Nova Scotia and decided to give it another try.


These are threads recorded from Izual's previous player or while being on NPC status given as a reference to his personality and conduct to help future adopters see what he's like!


  1. Colder than my heart (?? Oct)
    Anathema, with Ottilie Mortimer. Ottilie teaches him how to use a Sling-Shot, in return for him to teach her about daggers.
  2. Let's lick my wounds (11 Oct)
    Anathema, with Axelle Napier. Axelle runs to Itzal telling him that she was attacked by Malakai.
  3. To the Victor, The Spoils (11 Oct)
    Anathema, with Malakai, Aeron Ganesa, Gideon, Axelle Napier. After Axelle's run in with Malakai, Itzal tracks him down and tries to kill him - but is interrupted by Aeron and Gideon. Malakai is shamed to Sut, and he and Axelle are sent to visit Panda.
  4. [M] Your Black Knight (14 Oct)
    Anathema, with Axelle Napier. Itzal checks up on Axelle after the whole fight, and they wind up doing the dirty.
  5. Tis the season for demons (31 Oct)
    Anathema, with Aeron Ganesa, Mido, Charm Sawtooth, Leilah de Agnis?, Pride Tormenta, Einarr, Panda Behr, Malakai, Ayasha, Axelle Napier, Deuce Rhiannon, Elody Lykoi, Ottilie Mortimer. Pack Meeting/Halloween Party. There's some tension among the pack, due to Itzal and Malakai being in the same room.
  6. [M] You've woken up the demon in me (05 Nov)
    Anathema, with Axelle Napier. Axelle smells her father within the territory and attempts to track him down, but Itzal stops her and forbids her to leave the caves. She fights him, but eventually gives in.
  7. Trainer (08 Nov)
    Anathema, with Pride Tormenta. Itzal discusses daggers with Pride in the middle of the night, and then eventually they train together.
  8. Amongst the Shadows (25 Nov)
    Anathema, with Mido, Elody Lykoi, Malakai, Ayasha, Axelle Napier, & Pride Tormenta. Anathema Pack Hunt.
  9. Feel it on me, love (14 Dec)
    Anathema, with Axelle Napier. Itzal sees Axelle off after Aeron requests her to do Diplomatic work and visit a couple packs in the area.


  1. When two predators meet... (05 Jan)
    ???, with Adari Blaise. Itzal encounters Adari after he kills a wolf. She questions why he did it, but otherwise gives him no other trouble about it.


  1. [1]? (DD Mon)
    AREA?, with CHARACTER?

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