Kenna Foxleigh

This character was a pNPC in Midnight Shores.

Kenna is the daughter of Claire Foxleigh and Firus Lupinalos. She is a Collie/Gray Wolf hybrid. She arrived in 'Souls with her horse and joined the pack Cercatori D'Arte in June of 2012. She became Subleader of the pack (April 5th, 2014), but shortly after, left on a diplomatic mission with a group of traveling loners and her youngest daughter and son (Oakley and Ty) along with her, and has been out of contact since. She and her children made their way home to Nova Scotia in early-mid November 2014. She remained in Midnight Shores, living out her life among close friends and family.

In mid-November 2016, she was part of a group that escorted a deceased Jazper Rhiannon-Knight's remains to his home-pack of Casa di Cavalieri. She, and the others of her group, mysteriously disappeared on their return trip to Midnight Shores. Lack of evidence of their whereabouts or what happened to them eventually led to the pack's disbandment in December of 2016. [1]

It is unknown if Kenna is alive or dead...

As of September 2023, news of Kenna's death? reached back to the lands of 'Souls.

Kenna Foxleigh

By Sunny



More Info

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Date of Birth

April 7th, 2010







Birth place

North Dakota, USA



50% Common Gray Wolf
25% Rough Collie Dog
25% Border Collie Dog




Mate Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii
Pack Midnight Shores
Rank Pollux / pNPC


Mates Adrian Kido
Vohrlyn (June 2010 - April 2012)
Whelp, Beast Whisperer

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1.  Appearance

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By Nat

By Westy (Most Recent Reference 11/2014)

Kenna primarily remains in Optime form, it is her preferred form. She appears like her heritage: a mix between a wolf and a dog. See below for more details.

1.1  Build and Species

Her build is decidedly curvy and feminine, but only under a well-toned layer of ropey muscle. Her tail is thick and bushy with the longest hairs fringed along the underside and it is able to curl upwards slightly. Her paws are broader than most and her legs are a little straighter than average but still definitely digitigrade. The shape of her ears reflects her mother as they are mostly folded but are capable of lifting or "perking" almost completely straight up. Every other aspect of her physique is wolf with the exception being her muzzle which is slightly narrower than the average wolf (a little more ore along the lines of a rough collie). Her claws and teeth are slightly longer and she has more angular face (also courtesy of her father). Since her return from overseas, Kenna now has a mild limp from fracturing her right foot after having a heavy crate dropped on it while working the farmlands in Ireland. She also now has a bit more overall body definition and tone. She is a lot stronger now.

1.2  Coloration

Having the genetics of a rough and border collie, she sports a rough patchwork pelt of multiple colors: Copper Canyon (#8B4513), Jambalaya (#603311), Tan (#CDAA7D), Maize (#F5DCA3), Black (#000000) and some Marigold Yellow (#F9EC77)-ish interspersed hairs here and there. Her defined markings are the Black (#000000) patch over her right eye and cheek, the Harvest Gold (#DFAE74) patch over her left eye and cheek, her Maize (#F5DCA3) colored muzzle and underside, the Maize (#F5DCA3) tip of her tail, paws and feet and the Black (#000000) on the backs of her ears and that runs in a stripe-like line down her spine starting at the base of her neck and ending just before her tail. She has longer, thick, slightly shaggier, soft fur. The fur of her chest is more fluffy and pronounced than the rest of her and some longer tufts stand out on her elbows and calves (particularly in Optime form).

  • Optime Hair: Her hair is long (mid-back length now after her travels), wavy and colored Bracken Brown (#4D2004) with Cafe Royale (#6F440C) highlights. She tends to wear it either down and draped over her shoulders and along her back or up in a ponytail. Her newest style after her return from Europe is to wear it along her back in a long french braid.
  • Eyes: Her eyes are a bright, shining Pacific Blue (#0099CC).

1.3  Forms




65 lbs (29 kg)
25 in (63 cm)

140 lbs (63 kg)
33 in (83 cm)

200 lbs (90 kg)
6ft 5in (77 in) (195 cm)

Kenna does not use this form very often except when hunting or traveling without Dust. She appears like a slightly shaggier wolf with folded ears and a long, shaggy, slightly curled tail. Her hat and necklace are normally removed when in this form but she will still sometimes wear her blue bandana about her neck.

She uses her Secui form even less frequently than her Lupus form. She looks the same as she does in Lupus but is bulkier and feels too "poofy" in this form. However she has been seen fighting or herding animals in Secui form in the past.

In Optime form, Kenna is virtually the same as her other forms, just standing upright.

1.4  Other


  • Piercings: None.
  • Tattoos: While overseas (June - November 2014), she obtained two new tattoos: One is of a small black horseshoe upon her right ankle, the other, found on the inner surface of her left wrist is that of a small sun rising over the horizon. Both tattoos are very simplistic so as not to cause too much scarring to the areas.
  • Scars:
    • (Pre-'Souls) Her oldest scar is that of three wide slashes on her right shoulder that extends diagonally down along her back a ways ending on her lower back near her left hip. This mark, although not fresh still causes her some pain. The deepest part of the wound at her mid to upper back is still sensitive to touch.
      • Inflicted upon her by Dexthius Ovalde from her home pack. He struck out at her for being disobedient and didn't realize the strength behind his strike.
    • (October 2012) Two thin slashes mark across the top of her muzzle/nose and she sports a bite mark on her right shoulder blade that has only deepened her old scar in that area.
    • (September 2013) Multiple small scars are hidden well under her fur on her chest, her cheek and her limbs.
    • (March 2014) A thin, hair-line scar runs along the right side of her face along her jawline. Her cheek fur mostly hides this wound however.
    • (March 2014) A small, upside down triangular shaped burn now marks her on her lower back (like a sort of 'tramp stamp')
      • Inflicted by a loner's knife tip after escaping her kidnappers.
    • (October 2014) A narrow but raised, outstanding and still pink-ish wide crescent scar runs the length of the left side of her face, following along from her temple, near her ear and down along her cheek, at her jawline, stopping at her chin.
      • Inflicted by a mutinous crew member aboard the merchant ship she was aboard on her way home to Nova Scotia from Europe. She was held hostage and used as leverage against the captain.
    • (October 2014) A triangular notch now marks her right ear.
      • Willingly inflicted as proof of loyalty to the merchant ship captain while overseas.


Her apparel will often reflect casual western style however, she now has a bit of European flare as well thanks to a newly acquired outfit from her travels. Her new outfit consists of a lightweight, blue-dyed cotton lace-up, longsleeve tunic, a pair of tan, cut-off breaches, and a brown leather vest. On her feet are a pair of custom tooled-leather cowboy boots. When traveling a long distance she will typically wear a pair of cut off jeans and a blue plaid quarter length-sleeve shirt. If closer to home, she may chose to wear no clothing at all. When at home sometimes she will wear an over-long, baggy, light and dark blue striped t-shirt and sometimes a pair of loose-fitting kahki capri pants. She will rarely ever go without her cowboy hat however, no matter where she is. She is generally lightly coated in dust or grime in some form or another due to the nature of her work with livestock (though she tries to be presentable).


  • A delicate gold chain necklace with a small gold horse shaped pendant. She keeps this hidden down her clothes and it has special significance to her as it was given to her by her father at birth. This is her most treasured possession. This item was left with her mate Honrin when she left CdA to go overseas!
  • A light colored cowboy hat. Given to her by her mother when she was 6 months old, this hat is also one of her most treasured possessions.
  • A blue bandanna.
  • A belt with two sheaths at each hip containing two antler-carved knives. These were special made for her by her pack mate Jace Wolfe
  • A simple braided leather cord bracelet is worn around her left wrist.

2.  Personality

General Overview Kenna is overall a good person but she is definitely a free spirit. On a good day she is friendly, outgoing, flirtatious, witty, curious, helpful, open, compassionate, loyal, and honest. She enjoys socializing, casual drinking, dancing, and a good laugh. She is typically well mannered, respectful, kind and will jump at the chance to assist someone. She loves everything nature and can almost always be found out exploring, horse back riding or meeting new people. She is usually pretty quick to trust and make friends. She is one to avoid conflict if she can but will act as a mediator or neutral party in disagreements. Kenna believes in doing the right thing and putting others before herself more often than not. She is an enthusiastic, hard worker and has been known to burn herself out putting her all into her work. She isn't afraid to get down and dirty and will willingly get into playful sparring bouts. She's intelligent, detail oriented, observant and loves to learn. She tends to be open minded about everything. She has a slight "sixth sense" of sorts where she can kind of pick up on the emotions of others, she reads people (and animals) well. She has a special way with animals, especially horses. She has a protective, motherly side and likes children but is often unsure how to handle them (though has now become better on this front having had a few children of her own).

On a bad day Kenna is easily annoyed, sarcastic, snappy, rude, indifferent, and blunt. She can come occasionally off a little aloof and "in her own little world", especially when around her horse. She doesn't like being cooped up or limited. She likes to have more freedoms to think and do as she pleases. She can have quite the temper and will curse and throw insults if someone can manage to push her buttons enough to rile her up that far. She is easily flustered but it's her stallion knows how to bring her to the end of her rope the fastest. Kenna does not appreciate those who are intolerant, egotistical, rude or cruel without justification. When faced with new situations she usually adapts smoothly but can sometimes be afflicted with, embarrassment, nervousness, self consciousness and awkwardness that makes her less social than normal. When sad or hurt she tries to play tough and hide her emotions. She will try to be stronger than she really is. Her biggest fear is losing her horse. If anyone were to harm Dust they would automatically become an enemy for life. She does not easily forgive and forget and can hold a mean grudge though she's not petty and doesn't often spread rumors. She is more for battling it out with words rather than physically confronting someone, but if driven to it she will attack and defend her and her own.

October 2014 After being gone overseas, Kenna has had to become more of a serious, strong and protective individual. She faced many challenges which helped to harden her farther. Sickness, endangerment of her family, fights and trickery were all very real threats. Loyalty, protecting her family, proving her worth, diplomacy and hard work are things that have come to define her. She's has been through a lot and may be more on the quick-to-react side of things, less likely to let things slide or be so casual. She may sometimes come off as distanced, isolated and cold, though typically a gentle hand upon her shoulder to remind her where she is will snap her out of it. For the most part, Kenna is still the same person she used to be, but has her feet more firmly on the ground and her head less in the clouds.

2.1  Demeanor

Approachable, helpful, friendly, optimistic and confident.

2.2  Ideals


  • Likes: Horses, animal husbandry, wood-carving, exploring, making friends, nature.
  • Dislikes: Spiders, violence, sea-sickness.


  • Outgoing
  • Adventurous
  • Stubborn
  • Passionate
  • Loyal
  • Hard-working
  • Outlook and Expression: Kenna is an optimist and tends to appreciate the simple things in life. She is predominantly a dominant personality but is respectful of authority.


  • Bees.
  • Losing her horse, Dust.
  • Not being able to protect her children/family/pack.


  • Assisting others.
  • Hard work.
  • Family.
  • Good impressions on behalf of her pack.


  • Criminal Behaviors: Heavily frowns upon the idea of slavery and inequality. If she meets someone who condones these things she will without hesitation be cold towards them. Anyone who has committed murder, rape, has been cruel to animals or has any particularly heinous record she will regard with distaste at first. Although possible, it is hard to change her mind about people like this. It takes a real effort to prove to her that someone is remorseful, regretful or has learned from their mistakes.
  • Packs: Anathema she dislikes for their continued use of slaves and for their record for causing trouble for Cercatori d'Arte and her personally. Salsola She does not trust and is very very cautious when dealing with anyone from there.
  • Sexuality: Believes in free love and, open relationships. Not against multiple partners.
  • Age: Thinks highly of and treats elders with the utmost respect.


Kenna is bisexual with a male bias. She is a huge flirt and enjoys the freedom of having friends with benefits. She thoroughly enjoys sex, is a good lover and can be a either dominant or submissive in bed depending on her mood or a partners preferences. She is mated to Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii and they have an open relationship, but she rarely takes other partners now days. She is accepting of all sexual preferences.


She has come to enjoy marijuana on occasion and social drinking. Whiskey is her favorite.


She does not have any 'set in stone' spiritual or religious beliefs. She does have a higher respect for nature, but doesn't actively worship anything. She is intrigued by the supernatural and mildly believes in karma "what goes around comes around" and the saying of "treat others how you would like to be treated".

3.  Family Tree

Foxleigh, Wolfe-Denahlii, Kido and Lupinalos?

Kenna is close with her parents. She frequently thinks of them and misses them. She came to find later in life that she has a brother and is very close to him now. As of April 2012 she bore her first litter of two pups. In November 2013, she gave birth to three more pups. By word of mouth she learned of some other relatives of hers.

Blood Family

  • Mother: Claire Foxleigh
  • Father: Firus Lupinalos
  • Younger Brother: Rowan Foxleigh


Extended Family

Other Family/Relations

4.  Cercatori d'Arte Relationships

4.1  Key Relations

  • Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii: Kenna's mate and best friend. Their relationship is EXCELLENT.
  • Skylee Foxleigh: Kenna's eldest daughter with Adrian. Kenna and her aren't as close and she and her father were, but their relationship over all is GOOD.
  • Faolan Kido: Kenna's eldest son with Adrian.
  • Kjintora Wolfe-Denahleigh: Kenna and Honrin's daughter.
  • Ty Kido: Kenna's son. Last born of Adrian.
  • Oakley Foxleigh: Kenna's youngest daughter. Last born of Adrian.
  • Myrddin Dir Rhiannon: Kenna's lover and close friend.
  • Jace Wolfe: Honrin's mother and the pack's most skilled warrior. Kenna looks up to the older woman and feels loyalty to her and respects her highly, even if Jace doesn't like her much. Their relationship is NEUTRAL.
  • Skye Collins: Leader of d'Arte. Kenna leads that pack beside her. Kenna thinks very highly of Skye and respects her. She would do anything for her if it meant the good of the pack. Their relationship is EXCELLENT.
  • Esmeralda Collins: Second Subleader of d'Arte. Also leads the pack with her. Kenna respects Esme and thinks of her as a very capable warrior and good friend. Their relationship is GOOD.
  • Esther Hennamin: The eldest member of d'Arte. Kenna is rather fond of the older woman and is often referred to by her as "Turnip". Their relationship is GOOD.

4.2  Former Key Relations

  • Adrian Kido: Kenna's former mate. He disappeared suddenly and hasn't been heard from since. (September 2013)
  • Faolan Kido: Kenna's second born son from her first litter. He and Kenna are rather close. In February 2014, Faolan left CdA and joined CdM. Their relationship is GOOD.
  • Rowan Foxleigh: Kenna's brother. He and his mate left the pack to travel abroad. (April 2013)
  • Kaiolohia Noelani: A sweet and talented young woman from Hawaii who is the mate of her brother. She is traveling abroad with Rowan.
  • Taliesin Dir Rhiannon: D'Arte's former healer and Kenna's good friend. He has left CdA. (January 2014)
  • Leviothan Moonbreaker: A fellow d'Artsan who Kenna opened a woodworking business with in Thornbury. Whereabouts unknown.
  • Safina Snowbird?: A friend in CdA that Kenna was highly attracted to. She has since left CdA.
  • Lowry Lykoi: A younger male who Kenna had a few awkward or hilarious encounters with. In February 2014, Lowry was killed.
  • Belial Massacre: A scrawny, psychopathic coyote who used blood as media for painting. Kenna caught him red-handed stuffing a corpse into a shed behind his house having just murdered the innocent loner and had him ejected from the pack. In March 2014, he attempted to exact revenge on her by kidnapping and drugging her, but Kenna managed to escape before it was too late. His current whereabouts are unknown. They are ENEMIES.

5.  Other Packs


  • Bran Stormbringer: A handsome, Irish male from Vinatta whom she met one day and had a fling with. Their relationship is GOOD.

Casa di Cavalieri

  • Wayne McCoy: A cowboy from Casa di Cavalieri whom she hopes to get to know better one day. Their relationship is NEUTRAL.


  • Panda Behr: An attractive woman from Anathema Kenna ended up having some fun with on one of her travels outside of the pack. Their relationship is GOOD.
  • Venom Trombetta: The mate of Panda, also a part of the above mentioned "fun". Their relationship is FAIR.
  • Itzal: A murderous psychopath from Anathema Kenna fought in Ethereal Eclipse and nearly killed. Kenna has many new scars from him, but they are mostly hidden beneath her thick fur. (September 2013) They are ENEMIES.
  • Axelle Napier: Mate to Itzal. She attacked Kenna on the borders of D'Arte after the fight with Itzal, giving Kenna more small scars. (September 2013) They are ENEMIES.

Cour de Miracles

  • Harvey Butler: A male from Cour de Miracles who rescued her in Halifax and has become a good friend to Kenna. Their relationship is GOOD.


  • Null Liulfr: A random stranger Kenna got into a fight with out in the Dampwoods. She is the culprit of the faint scars Kenna's now has across her nose and the deepening of the wound along her back. (October 2012) They are ENEMIES.


New Dawn





  • Conner Brine: A handsome and charming Irish wolf/german shepherd hybrid Kenna was close with on her trip overseas to Europe. Fellow crew member.
  • Breda Lothloren: A quiet but very skilled sheltie/collie hybrid also part of the crew on the merchant ship to and from Europe.
  • Captain Gorsha Malkovich: Captain of the merchant ship Kenna was aboard to and from Europe. Kenna pledged her loyalty to Gorsha when in a sticky situation during an attempted mutinty out at sea.
  • The O'Reilly's: The family of Irish sheepdogs Kenna stayed with in exchange for working their farm lands while overseas.

Vohrlyn (Birth Pack)

  • Dexthius Ovalde: The wolf who gave Kenna the original scar on her back. The relationship between them is POOR.

6.  Interaction

  • Speech: Kenna speaks with a defined western accent and may drop off the ends of words when talking. EX: "Somethin'" or "Ridin'"
  • Scent: Kenna's scent is a mix of fresh hay and horses, honey, pine and a hint of vanilla. There is no also a touch of ocean brine, tobacco and incense to her scent from her time overseas, but this scent will fade with time.

6.1  Residence

  • Kenna, her mate Honrin and her pups Ty and Oakley reside in the territory of Midnight Shores. Exact location TBD.

6.2  Business

Foxmoon Woodworks & Weaponry

Foxmoon Woodworks & Weaponry is a woodworking shop that Kenna owns and manages on her own. It was originally founded by Leviothan Moonbreaker and herself back in Cercatoru d'Arte, but since Leviothan's departure and the relocation of the pack, Kenna is in charge of it on her own and has had to rebuild her small business in the new lands. Kenna works in her spare time to make artistic and useful items for trade and for sale from within MS. The shop serves as a little hangout for her pack mates and also doubles as a wood repair shop.

6.3  NPCs

Kickin' Up Dust

Dust is a buckskin Quarter Horse stallion of nearly 5 years old. He is not only Kenna's mount and main form of transportation but her loyal companion and friend. The two are rarely ever apart from each other. Dust is very intelligent and has a weakness for carrots. He sometimes will misbehave and cop an attitude and likes to pester mares. He is Kenna's most treasured horse and if anything should happen to him she would be devastated.


Moo, AKA Moo-kitty, is a black and white, male, domestic shorthair with burnt-orange eyes. He is approximately 6 years old. He is a rather fat and happy cat, kept well fed by Kenna and her pack mates. He is very curious, affectionate and playful. His favorite toy is a feather on a string and his favorite perch is either on the windowsill, the bed or high on top of a shelving unit. He is a lap cat and will give kisses. He was a stray and taken in by Kenna after he came wandering up to her one day when she removed an infected thorn from his paw.

  • Name: Autumn
  • Species: Horse
  • Age: Adult
  • Gender: Mare
  • Abilities: Rider-trained.
  • Personality: Docile, but can be skittish around new people, especially males.
  • Description: Stands about 15 hands, quarter horse, flaxen chestnut colored, white sock on right foreleg.

6.4  Abilities


  • Kenna is a cow girl at heart and grew up around horses and various other animals. She is very skilled in all aspects of animal husbandry including training and handling. Her specialty lies in horses. She can teach anyone interested about proper animal care as well as give horseback riding lessons. (Master)
  • Another small skill she possesses is that of wood carving. She can wield a knife, chisel and hammer and create intricate designs, sculptures and images out of wood. She learned this from a pack mate in the pack she grew up in. (Journeyman)
  • She is fairly proficient in close combat with a knife. She is self taught. (Journeyman)
  • She knows general survival skills and has fair hunting and tracking skill. (Journeyman)
  • She has an eye for detail, is a good problem solver and a great advice giver or listening ear. (Journeyman)

Still Learning

  • Medicine: Kenna is working to hone her healing skills. She has mostly basic knowledge in this area right now but has picked up many useful tips on her journey overseas. (Apprentice)
  • Archery: Kenna has her own archery set and is slowly learning how to use it. She is perfecting her skill of use of her bow on horseback. (Apprenctice)
  • Cooking: Kenna had to learn many things very quickly while at sea, how to cook meals on the go was something that was key to her survival. (Apprentice)
  • Boating/Fishing: Spending time on a ship of any kind will help anyone to learn how to work a boat and how to fish in order to survive. Kenna has learned much in the ways of how to run a ship and how to catch fish with nets and fishing poles. (Apprentice)
  • Falconry: As a gift from the family she stayed with in Ireland, Kenna received her own falcon while she stayed with them to aid her in hunting. In order to control the raptor, she had to learn the basics of falconry. (Apprentice)
  • Leatherworking: While in Europe, Kenna picked up the skills of leather working from the Irish family she was staying with. She still has much to learn, but can tool and work rudimentary leatherworks that can be of use in trade and survival situations. (Dabbler)
  • Guitar: Thanks to her former mate Adrian, Kenna is fairly good at playing guitar, but she still has much to learn. (Dabbler)
  • Painting: Kenna isn't so great with any artistic mediums such as paint or dyes yet, but she has interest in learning. (Dabbler)

6.5  Inventory


Kenna is always open for a good trade! Since her return from Europe, she may have a few 'special' or 'rare' items for trade. But most things she is giving over to her pack's inventory.

  • Offering: Horse-related anything, wood-carvings, raw materials, some jewelry and weapons, sometimes a cloak or two.
  • Accepting: Raw materials (wood esp.), precious stones, horse tack, weapons, and books.



  • Horse Tack (complete set).
  • Knife.
  • Slingshot.
  • Outfits.
  • Stetson.
  • Gold Necklace.
  • Fur Cloaks.
  • Cowboy boots.

Other Things

  • Large rucksack.
  • Rope.
  • Chisel and Hammer.
  • Matches.
  • Gold Coins (about 10).
  • Art Supplies.
  • Candles.
  • Pelts.
  • Dinnerware.
  • Medical Supplies.
  • Wood Statue and Carving Wood.

7.  Back History

As part of a large pack of Luperci made of primarily herding dog breeds (collies, shepherds, sheep dogs etc.) the Foxleigh’s originated in the western United States and made their living through the ranch life. They specialized in raising livestock, growing crops, trading produce, herbal medicine and providing for their loved ones and neighbors. Life in nature’s wild, wide open spaces suited the canines there for many years after the fall of the human race. But slowly over many many years, as more and more wild canines began to take on the effects of the virus that had eradicated the humans, the more feral natures of their wilder cousins changed the inhabitants simple way of life. Wolves, Coyotes and other hybrids of the two began to converge on the little ranch town of Colt, Wyoming (previously called Cowley by the humans but had since been occupied and semi-restored to fit the needs of the Luperci who originated there). At first the newcomers were feared and cast away, however it wasn’t long before the first wolf was accepted officially into the pack (and therefore the town). Shortly afterwards more outsiders were allowed in and naturally mingling of bloodlines happened and many dog-wolf and dog-coyote hybrids were born. But as more strangers flooded into the civilization they brought not only more business and a slight advancement in tools of the trade for the simple ranchers who lived in the run down little town, but also more trouble. Once a peaceful tight-knit community, Colt became a place divided by intolerance. Differences in beliefs between the original pure herding dog Luperci and the mixed hybrid Luperci divided the pack and the town down the middle creating two separate packs Purus Sanguinum and Mixta Animus. The rivalries (which lasted decades) caused much strife. Theft, vandalism and murder all occurred over these differences. The herding dogs believed their pure blood made them better than the hybrids where the hybrids believed they were superior for their more integrated bloodlines. During this time, the “purebreds” shunned any and all hybridization on their half of the town. But a secret affair happening between a collie woman (Claire Foxleigh) and a gray wolf (Firus Lupinalos) across the split pack lines produced the one last hybrid child that would set in motion a chain of events that would destroy Colt and the two packs that occupied it.

A shepherd dog spotted Firus and Claire meeting one night in secret and reported it to the pack’s alpha. Not but a day later, a fire (set by members of the Purus Sanguinum pack) blazed to life in the middle of the Mixta Animas side of town and quickly consumed everything in its path as it raged out of control originating from the pack’s barn jumping rooftop to rooftop. Colt became a raging inferno, the flames reaching high into the sky forcing the packs to flee for their lives. Old human artifacts helped keep the conflagration alive for two nights and soon the entire town was reduced to a charred, black skeleton. Accusations were cast and soon both packs, homeless and enraged attacked one another. The pregnant Claire and father of the unborn hybrid child, Firus fled on horseback with everything they owned that had survived the fire. Over the next many months the couple traveled across the United States and into Canada, skirting other packs and only showing their faces when absolutely necessary. They lived in their Lupus form primarily until it was time for Claire to give birth two months in. Without the care, comfort and protection of a pack the birthing nearly killed both mother and child, but using the knowledge and experience he had, Firus managed to save both his mate and daughter’s life. With the hybrid child (which they named Kenna Rae Foxleigh) as their sanctuary, mother and father were accepted into a small pack (Vohrlyn), no questions asked, in Quebec, Canada. They remained as part of this pack and soon Kenna was old enough to travel and take care of herself on her own. As she grew up the girl honed her skills in animal medicine, animal husbandry, and trade. Where she thrived in Vohrlyn pack, wanderlust did weigh heavily upon the young Luperci. When Kenna was a year of age she was ready to leave her pack behind in search of new adventures. Claire and Firus chose to stay as a part of the pack while Kenna went off to find a life of her own. With her horse “Dust” as her mode of transportation and a large pack of her belongings and tools she needed to survive, she set out into the world. She remained a loner in the wilds, indulging her Lupus and Optime forms more often than her Secui one. With Dust always nearby she went along as a nomad learning various new creative skills (wood carving, knife weilding) and getting in a few scraps with other loners. When at last she came across the richly Luperci inhabited lands of Nova Scotia, she was driven to find a pack that she’d fit into. She lurked about as a loner for two weeks before at last approaching the borders of Cercatori, D’Arte pack and requesting permission to join their ranks. Kenna does not know her role in the history of her parent’s home town of Colt and the two packs that once lived there. Her own history only goes back as far as her parents joining Vohrlyn pack. She doesn’t know that her existence brought down two packs back in the Western United States (there were no survivors after the battle). She lives in sweet oblivion of that tragic part of her past and is just trying to make a name and a living for herself among the canines of the Cercatori D’Arte pack.

8.  Recent History

Since arriving in CdA, Kenna has made many friends and had multiple flings within (and outside) her pack. She was originally mated to Adrian Kido with whom she shared an open relationship with. The two spent most of their time raising their first litter (Skylee and Faolan) together. Kenna came to discover she has a younger brother (Rowan Foxleigh) when he arrived one day at the pack's borders. At one point she shared her home (and heart) with him and Adrian until he and his new found mate (Kaiolohia Noelani) decided to leave the pack to explore the world. Kenna has gradually moved up in the ranks of CdA (currently Subleader) as well as gained herself a pet cat she called "Moo". One day in the Fall of 2013 Adrian disappeared leaving her and their unborn pups and he hasn't been seen or heard from since. She gave birth to her second litter (fathered by Adrian and Honrin) in November 2013. Although still sad about Adrian's sudden leaving, she has since moved on with her life and is now mated to Honrin. Together they lived in her home raising their children. As of June 2014, Kenna, along with her two youngest children (Oakley and Ty) left on a diplomatic mission with a group of travelling loners. She has been out of contact with her home pack since then.

After three months in Europe where she lived with an Irish sheepdog family tending to their farmlands in payment for allowing her stay with them while she conducted her business in trading (the other 3 months were spent at sea on a merchant ship, she acted as crew and a trade smith on board), Kenna and her children have returned to 'Souls in hopes of reuniting with her old pack as of November 2014. But she has come to find CdA disbanded, the border tree burned, and now seeks to meet up with the remains of her old home on Prince Edward Island and rejoin her fellows as part of Midnight Shores pack. She intends to help the pack start anew and aims to prove herself to her pack mates and once again pledge her loyalties to the pack. She is also glad to once again be reunited with her mate, Honrin, and their daughter Kjintora after so long.

As of June 2015, Kenna still resides in Midnight Shores. She is a pNPC to the pack.

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