Harlowe D'Angelo

Harlowe D'Angelo

Harlowe D'Angelo, by Sie
Name Origin:English, Italian
Name Meaning:"from the hare's hill" ; "son of Angelo"
Date of Birth:September 22, 2009
Date of DeathFebruary 17, 2011[1]
Subspecies:~50% canis lupus occidentalis
~50% canis lupus italicus
Birth place:Phoenix Valley
Current pack:Anathema
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Current Pack


Joining date:November 27, 2010[2]
Joining Rank:Zepar
'Most Recent Rank:Zepar

Previous Packs

Phoenix Valley

Joining date:09.22 born (03.26 played)
Joining Rank:Tyro [09.22-Present]
Most Recent Rank:Tyro [09.22-Present]

Harlowe D'Angelo was the son of Naniko D'Angelo and Ehno Marino. He was castrated by Haven Aatte and shortly after murdered by Larkspur D'Angelo.

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  1.   1.  History
    1.   1.1  September 2009 - April 2009
    2.   1.2  April 2009 - Present
  2.   2.  Personality
    1.   2.1  Traits
    2.   2.2  Fears
  3.   3.  Speech
    1.   3.1  Accent, Dialect
    2.   3.2  Expressions
  4.   4.  Relationships
    1.   4.1  Family
    2.   4.2  Naniko D'Angelo
    3.   4.3  Larkspur D'Angelo
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1.  History

1.1  September 2009 - April 2009

Lives in Phoenix Valley with his mommy and siblings. Extremely slow to develop, Harlowe actually suffers from selective mutism during his youth; he refuses to speak to anyone but his immediate family—mother, father and whole-blooded siblings. Even then, he refuses to speak when anyone else is present and around them. He is still in sort of a statsis at the moment.

1.2  April 2009 - Present

Harlowe meets his distant relative, Larkspur D'Angelo. This, along with a thirst for knowledge, sparks him to start talking to other canines—he meets Cerridwyn and Delwyn, two of his packmates, as well as neighbor King Chance from Dahlia de Mai. He returns to Dahlia de Mai's perimeter and surrounding several times throughout the month of April in search of Larkspur, but it takes him almost a full month before he is able to find the man again.

2.  Personality

Harlowe is generally a basket case. He's particularly bratty and entitled, and he holds a rather high opinion of himself. He is cold and rather unfeeling toward most others, viewing them as a means to obtain what he wants, with very few exceptions. Completely self-centered. He rarely understands other canine's emotions but he is invariably unsympathetic, and he will manipulate others to get what he wants. He is not reckless; he believes in self-preservation above all else, and he will stop at nothing to achieve that end. Generally distrusting toward males, with few exceptions at first.

Very cunning, and generally never happy unless in the presence of one of his favored people. There are very few people with which Harlowe has a significant relationship—his mother, Naniko, and his distant relative, Larkspur, are his two favorite people in the world. He idolizes Larkspur and he loves his mother. Harlowe is a thinker. He is physically weak and he does not like to engage in physical confrontation and has no qualms about running from one at the first opportunity. To him, survival is victory; there is no glory in besting another canine to Harlowe. He is intelligent and perceptive, and he enjoys philosophical discussions on occasion. He reads like an absolute madman, and he particularly enjoys quoting from some heady asshole.

He is not villanous; he does not scheme for alphaship and he is basically unambitious when it comes to the pack lifestyle. He understands his greatest chances for survival lay with being a member of a pack, but he contributes the bare minimum and does not care anything for rank. He occasionally contemplates the value of rank position versus the increased ability to manipulate and use others, but he considers leadership too full of pressure and responsibility to be of much worth. He figures if he ever were to achieve alphaship, he'd very likely end up quickly ousted, as he is well-aware of his own lack of leadership skill. Should he encounter an opportunity to exert rank, he may attempt to use it to his full advantage—sometimes pulling rank to get others to work for his ends rather than the whole of the pack. He does this as surreptitiously and sparsely as possible, as he realizes it is behavior likely to get him booted from the pack. He may grow less careful and more comfortable as time goes on.

2.1  Traits

Temperamental, infantile, narcissistic, self-indulgent, sadistic, abusive, manipulative, spiteful, entitled, intelligent, perceptive

2.2  Fears

Damage to the self, losing his pretty face or getting scarred up, homosexuals, purple (no, seriously, he's completely and utterly revolted by it)

3.  Speech

Harlowe has a massive vocabulary. Occasionally he sounds like a walking thesaurus (and I will fully implement the thesaurus to my full advantage to spice up his speech). He loves words, and he loves acquiring new ones and reading books and libraries basically give him a boner.

3.1  Accent, Dialect

Lacks a particular accent to his speech. He refrains from colloquialisms and slang, and often uses large words.

3.2  Expressions

Love to quote Ernest Hemingway!

  1. “Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.”
  2. “I know only that what is moral is what you feel good after and what is immoral is what you feel bad after.”
  3. “I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen.”
  4. “The only thing that could spoil a day was people. People were always the limiters of happiness except for the very few that were as good as spring itself.”
  5. “There is no friend as loyal as a book. ”

4.  Relationships

4.1  Family

  1. Mother: Naniko D'Angelo
  2. Father: Ehno Marino

See the D'Angelo and Marino families for more information

4.2  Naniko D'Angelo

Loves his mommy! He always listens to her and believes she has the absolute best intentions for him. He does not disobey her, but he struggles with wanting independence and wanting to make her happy. Sometimes he chooses to keep information from her if he believes it will harm her or get him in trouble (mostly the latter). E.g., during the month of April 2010, he began exploring around Dahlia de Mai in search of his uncle—though he mentions Larkspur in passing, he certainly does not fill Naniko in on what an impression the Dahlian made.

4.3  Larkspur D'Angelo

Larkspur simultaneously scares the living daylights out of Harlowe and fascinates him at the same time. Harlowe believes Larkspur holds all of the knowledge to the maternal side of his family, which is something Harlowe finds extremely intriguing.

5.  Appearance

  1. Form Preference: Generally appears as an Optime.
  2. Coloration: Creamy off-white fur, extremely pale all over his body. His muzzle, ears, shoulder patches, arms, legs, and tail are tipped with a light, gray-blue "seal point" style color, giving him an appearance something like a siamese kitty. :3 His entire tail, his arms below the elbows, and legs below the knees are also tipped with this color.
  3. Physique (Optime): Harlowe is tall, very slender and lean. His body is sharp, gangly angles during his teenage years, and eventually at some point he grows into it and ends up looking okay and balanced. He's not at all muscular, and he has narrow shoulders and hips in his Optime form.
  4. Physique (Secui): Unlike most halfling forms, Harlowe's Secui form isn't particularly bulky, and he could almost pass for a regular wolf, were it not for the shaggy mane he does not cut in this rarely-used form.
  5. Physique (Lupus): Harlowe is very tall and willowy in this form as well, possessing similar similar sharp angles and features as his Optime form.
  6. Face: His face is much like his body—sharp angles and slim structure. He has a little bit of a long muzzle, and his ears are quite pointed. His face is pretty expressive and it is difficult for Harlowe to hide and control his emotions, which are quite variable.
  7. Hair: Harlowe's hair is cropped very short, and usually left to dangle around his head. It's not styled other than the fact that it is cut, and often the cut is jagged, rugged, or otherwise apparently done by an unskilled hand. The color is the same gray-blue seal pointing, although it is several shades darker.
  8. Eyes: Vibrant greenish yellow. Extremely expressive, often showing his emotion.
  9. Tattoos: Tribal-ish human handprint in black on his right shoulder, acquired at a really young and inappropriate age at some point in the future.
  10. Accessories: Pierced ears, usually wears stainless steel studs. Always, always has a bag with at least two books, possibly a few different notebooks, and a few pens.
  11. Scars: None!

6.  More Information

  1. Harlowe's Detailed Profile
  2. Forum Profile
  3. Thread Archive

7.  Threads

  1. Pity Like a Flash in a Pan (26 Mar)
    Harlowe “joins” Phoenix Valley. In actuality this is just an OOC joining post that is a formality and all that. :P
  2. Fever Dreams That Scare You Sober (27 Mar)
    Harlowe meets his relative, Larkspur D'Angelo. Harlowe is not afraid to talk to Larkspur, and speech comes easy to the young man, which surprises him a fair amount. Harlowe does not understand how they are related, but he accepts it and decides that Larkspur is like an uncle. Harlowe shows interest in his family, especially when Larkspur tells Harlowe he has “D'Angelo eyes.” Unfortunately, Harlowe asks a redundant question in his excitement to learn, and this makes Larkspur mad. Larkspur sends Harlowe off.
  3. And a Season to Sleep (27 Mar)
    Harlowe meets his fellow packmember Cerridwyn, and he is actually able to speak to anyone other than family—prior to this, Harlowe had suffered from selective mutism; while it was alright for him to talk around his mother, father, and siblings, speaking around anyone else was impossible for Harlowe. This marks a pretty big turning point in his life.
  4. It's Adventure Time (14 Apr)
    Harlowe meets his similarly aged packmate, Delwyn Zazkex. Delwyn and Harlowe explore a waterfall, and Harlowe almost falls like a clumsy oaf. Delwyn saves him, only to be swept off by a surge of water from the falls. They end up in a cave behind the waterfalls.
  5. Like a Poison on the Street (18 Apr)
    Harlowe heads to Dahlia de Mai to be a creeper and scour the area for Lakrpsur. Rather than find his uncle, he happens upon King Chance, who he takes a liking to. After some initial speech difficulty, Harlowe finds he really enjoys King's company; the young canine is far smarter than his years.
  6. It is Best to Avoid the Beginnings of Evil (23 Apr)
    Harlowe finally finds Larkspur again in Arachnea's Revenge. Larkspur begins revealing some of the tradition of their family, including the cleansing that was once almost administered to Larkspur himself—being burned alive.
  7. No One's Gloomy or Complaining (30 Apr)
    Harlowe meets Princess Chance, who happens to be his half-brother Haven's mate, in the Halifax library. Harlowe is irritable, as he really, really wants to read a book.
  8. The First Flower After the Flood (5 May)
    Harlowe's sister, Rio, happens upon him while he is reading in a secluded cabin of the Valley pack's territory.
  9. In the End we Still Pretend (25 May)
    Harlowe goes to find his father in Crimson Dreams. He gets a little lost on the two-day journey, and ends up just above Crimson Dreams territory in Ethereal Eclipse.
  10. Trust in Me and You Will Fall as Well (15 July)
    Harlowe goes a little nuts after a while of being a complete shut-in.
  11. Chasing a Trail of Smoke and Reason (15 July)
    Harlowe heads to Dahlia de Mai, intent on finding Larkspur and proving to him he is ready. He is accepted by the pack's alpha, Conor Soul, who leads him to St. Pepin's Vineyard in Dahlia de Mai; this is where his Uncle Larkspur lives.
  12. Dress Up In You (21 July)
    Harlowe meets Nayru, also of Dahlia de Mai.
  13. Branches of Barbed Wire (27 July)
    Harlowe-King? D:
  14. Fill This Space With Idle Words (19 August)
  15. Merely Degenerates (19 August)
    Harlowe-Ezra argument, books, LERNZ
  16. An Impulsive Exchange (11 Sep)
    Harlowe meets Glaiven, a Dahlian packmate. He alternates between comparing her to his mother and finding her attractive; he ends up helping her to become a Luperci.
  17. The Old Gods Have All Failed (23 Sep)
    Harlowe finds an abandoned cabin and attempts to get some thinking done; he is found by Larkspur and a stranger.
  18. Watch the Bedsheets Turn Blood Red (15 Oct)
    Harlowe meets Clover Love Lykoi of Inferni.
  19. You Can't Hide (21 Oct) MATURE
  20. I Believe in Nothing (27 Nov)
  21. No Prayer I Could Say (03 Dec)
  22. You Can't Make Dirt Clean (01 Jan)
  23. We Fall Down on the Inside (02 Jan)
  24. Like Trying to Save an Ice Cube from the Cold (04 Jan)
  25. If You Walk Away, I'll Walk Away (20 Feb) MATURE
  26. I Want to Believe (17 Feb) MATURE