Izual Massacre

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Izual Massacre is the son of Toxic Destruction and Myralda, the brother to Belial Massacre and has blood relations in the Massacre, Addiction, and Holocaust families through the paternal line. Izual joined Inferni in November of 2013 in search of his brother, and remained within the pack until his fantasy relationship with one member reached violent levels. After forcing himself himself upon Crucifix de le Poer, he was attacked by Antioch and driven from the pack lands.

He then became Anathema's problem, taking up residence with Charletter-Ebony Leishman and their four pups until Anathema's eventual disbandment. Following the disbandment, he and his family lived out of an abandoned shack in The Dampwoods for the next four months. During which, many of his full-grown children went their separate ways, except for Dystopia and Serana.

In May 2018, Izual stalked and killed Crucifix de le Poer in the woods just outside of Inferni. A month later, five Infernians tracked him to the edge of Seabreeze Brink where they quickly dispatched the devil that brought harm to their pack and family. It was his daughter, Dahlia de le Poer, who ultimately killed him.








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1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Izual looks like a purebred Coyote. The small amounts of dog and Wolf heritage are unnoticeable to the eye, given that his features and colors are typical.
  • Fur: His fur is medium-length and thin. It does not provide him much warmth and he is often cold in the winter.
    • Optime Hair: His hair is usually worn in a long, messy braid down his back, with some of the loose hairs streaking over his face.
  • Facial Features: Narrow face, piercing eyes, and a curved malicious grin
  • Build and Size: Izual is quite tall for a Coyote, standing at the high 6-foot range when in Optime form. He is lean and slightly muscular, but his form often seems hulking because he is so tall and often ignores personal space.
    • Secui: Because Izual never uses his Lupus form, he tends to just shift from Optime to Secui and back. In Secui form, Izual is still able to stand at a larger height (even if slightly stunted). In this form, his long legs are apparent, making him slightly awkward. However, he is still able to be pretty intimidating and that's all that matters to him.
    • Optime: Izual is often found in this form, and rarely ever shifts down unless he's hunting. Izual prefers the use of his hands for tedious tasks such as his "hobbies".
  • Humanization: Low — Not many human objects, techniques, or skills faze Izual. The only 'humanized' thing about him would be his use of weapons. Other than that, he does not care much for knowledge, technology, clothing, accessories, or personal items as his life is simple and he dislikes anything that ties him down.

Art (c) Kiri


  • Optime Hair: Walnut (#74371A), highlighted with Kabul (#564940), Saddle (#4C3524), and scarce traces of Spicy Mix (#936349)
  • Eyes: Copper (#C0763A).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Cement (#856F5F).
    • Lighter Zorba (#A4968D) colors his underside, neck and chin.
    • Yellow Metal (#75553E) colors much of his back underneath the Jambalaya (#582914) that colors a strip down his back, starting from the top of his skull and working its way down to the tip of his tail.
    • Soya Bean(#64564A) colors the tip of his nose, is found in traces on his head, and in strands of his long, braided hair.


Jambalaya (#582914)
Walnut (#74371A)
Spicy Mix (#936349)
Kabul (#564940)
Soya Bean (#64564A)
Cement (#856F5F)
Zorba (#A4968D)
Yellow Metal (#75553E)
Saddle (#4C3524)
Copper (#C0763A)


66 lbs (29.9 kg)
31 in (78.7 cm)

Lupus (unused)

Izual never uses this form.

152 lbs (68.9 kg)
49 in (124.5 cm)


This form is used when hunting for food, fighting feral-style, or traveling long distances.

217 lbs (98.4 kg)
6ft 10in (82 in)

Optime (preferred)

Izual is often found in this form. He prefers the flexibility he has with hands, and this further aids him in his tasks.


(c) Nishipu, commissioned by Salena

1.2  Miscellaneous


Izual has varying scars all over his body from violent encounters with others and some from his mother.


  • Speech: Izual has a deep, barotone voice. His speech and dialect, however, lean more toward New Jersey dialect because he grew up there.
  • Scent: salt, honeysuckle, marshes, horses, coyote

2.  Personality

Influences: Trevor Phillips · Negan

  • Callous. He has a diminished capacity for empathy or remorse for just about anything he does.
  • Possessive. What's his is his and he defends it with ferocity. He also likes the feeling of power over someone else.
  • Temperamental. Izual is prone to fits of anger when frustrated, usually resulting in violent, abusive acts.
  • Blunt/Bold. He often acts without thinking, resulting in boisterous or bold behavior.
  • Violent. When he doesn't get his way, he usually gets it by force. It does not bother him if one of these fits results in the death of another. However, these bouts of violence do not happen often. In addition, Izual often kills other canines for amusement.
    • Quoted Belial: "Initially, Belial thought Izual had been the somewhat normal brother – however, he was quick to realize that Izual loved killing almost as much as he did. Though, Izual’s reasons for it were far from valid. In fact, he had no reasons and therefore no cares when it came to potential targets."
  • Charismatic. Izual usually can talk his way into something by utilizing what little charm he seems to have.
    • Izual has a skewed vision of friendship, but seems to minimally care for a few close friends - such as Belial. Even though he harasses Belial a lot, if his brother was in trouble, he'd be there for him.
  • Shallow. When Izual acts kindly towards another, its usually under the vice of conning them into doing something he wants.

2.1  Ideals


Anxious, hot-headed, controlling, sociopathic

  • Outlook: Selfish, Narcissistic
  • Sociability:
    • Extroverted: Izual's very emotionally expressive, despite his lack of empathy. He wears his emotions on his sleeve and openly expresses his feelings through similar actions.
    • Dominant: Izual doesn't bow down for anyone. He attempts proper respect when it needs to be applied (such as in a pack), but would happily beat someone else down over a display of dominance.
    • Manipulative: Izual attempts to use those around him to get what he wants, whatever he wants by use of kind words/actions.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    • You shall kill for pleasure.
    • You shall not honor any other before yourself.
    • You shall betray friends, family, community, and nation whenever convenient.


  • Promotion
  • Blood
  • Personal Gain
  • Control


  • Demons and the Unknown
  • Being Caught and Prosecuted
  • Physical Abuse (this automatically puts Izual in a dark place, usually resulting in uncontrollable violence)
    • Myralda, his mother (deceased)


Izual is strictly heterosexual (Kinsey 0). However, he is known to boldly use sexual harassment to dominate and humiliate other males in certain situations.

Izual is quite charming when he wants to be. Though due to his blatant disregard for personal space, he often comes off as creepy to other females. Izual doesn't care about reproduction or continuing his family line. He dislikes anything that ties him down, so a serious relationship is not in the cards for him. However, this doesn't mean that he wouldn't attempt a relationship. Unfortunately, it is likely that the relationship will turn out to be more of a slave and captor situation because of Izual's dominance issues. Izual uses sex to pleasure himself with, but he is incapable of love.


  • Likes: getting his way, horses (from afar), weapons, women, birds, coyotes, sheep (he thinks they're cute)
  • Dislikes: religion, demons, ghosts, rat meat, fish, witches


Izual has tried many substances in the past, but does not partake in them recreationally. If offered, however, he'd gracefully oblige.


Izual has no spiritual life. He lives a life free of deities and practices, and does not answer to any morals when partaking in murders. He never considered the possibility of going somewhere nice when he finally dies. In fact, he has never considered his death a factor.

3.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name.

3.1  Family: Addiction, Holocaust, Massacre, Mogotsi

3.2  Relations

Positive Relations

  • Cotl Van Ulrich was Izual's friend in Inferni before he went and died. Izual was very fond of Cotl; he and Izual found a guillotine and decapitated a wolf they found in Halifax together.
  • Crucifix de le Poer is a timid, yet difficult piece of ass. He thinks her timidness is adorable and he loves to disregard her personal space.


  • Belial Massacre is Izual's brother. Izual thinks Belial's kills are sloppy and that he's weak. Izual loves making fun of Belial like an older brother, but would wind up doing anything for him if he was in trouble.


  • Myralda was Izual's mother. She was very mean to him and his brother when they were children. She often physically abused them even before they were old enough to shift. She scarred both Izual and his brother physically and mentally, and was most likely the cause of Izual's violent behavior. When Izual caught wind that she was killed, he was ecstatic. However, he does not know it was Belial that killed her.
  • Basilio Lykoi never did like Izual because he couldn't stay away from his mate, Crucifix. Like many others, he thought Izual to be creepy and overbearing, and at one point, the two of them duked it out to show one another who's boss. Despite losing, Izual never did leave Basilio alone after that and the two kept feuding all the way up until Basilio's death.

Minor Relations

  • Enemies: Basilio Lykoi
  • Murders: Meness, various unknown wolves and coyotes

4.  Abilities


  • Tracking (Master): describe skill
  • Skinning (Journeyman): describe skill
  • Armed Combat (Journeyman): Izual learned how to use a sword after leaving his family in 2011.


  • Due to his desire to only kill, many of Izual's hunts end in carcasses strewn along the forest floor. He doesn't take the time to skin his kills anymore.

5.  History

Izual was born and raised in Leeds Point, New Jersey. While he was both a pack member and a loner, he adapted well to both ways of life. His mother was highly abusive to him and his brother, Belial, and when he was old enough at a year old, he left them behind. Not wanting to have his brother tagging along, he left in the middle of the day while both his family members were busy. He dipped into the forest and ran towards a place he knew he'd be able to escape to.

Izual visited many places while he was away - he learned how to use a sword and generally live a normal life. Though, due to his upbringing, he often found himself craving power or having the urge to hurt someone. He had encountered many potential packs, but did not join one. Instead, he roamed and traveled as a loner - not to say that he hadn't visited other packs and stayed there as a guest for a while - but he never stayed permanently. He had found a few woman that were of his liking, and had thought of potentially mating a few of them; but after they found out about his tendencies to kill and torture others and his overall abusive nature, they tried to leave him - and it usually ended with their deaths. It was kind of like a "if I can't have you, no one can" outlook.

It was only the year of 2013 that he decided to make his way back up towards Jersey. Finding his old family pack and inquiring about his mother, Izual soon learned that her smoldering corpse was found in the woods. She was found laying in a fire pit and his brother had not been found. Taking this information, he traveled north and asked each pack that he came across if they had seen Belial (with an obvious different description). Eventually, he came across an angry Alpha who told him that if he were to come back again, Izual would be sent to his death as well - but he was told that Belial's lips were stitched together and he was seen wandering North.

Figuring Izual would find his brother's body somewhere along the way, Izual continued north until he picked up on his scent and followed it to Nova Scotia. At first, he found the wiring that bound Belial's lips shut, and then eventually through some research, he found him in Halifax one night. Afterwards, Izual decided to stay in the country, knowing that he at least had his brother in the area, and joined Inferni mostly to find more information about his father and the family he was related to. He cared not for his mother.



  • DD Mon: your character was born hooray!

5.1  Threads


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  1. [M] Hurting the ones who love you (03 Jan)
    Eastern Realms. Izual forces Aidan to lure his prey and lower their guard, and when he kills the two Luperci, Aidan is mortified. The boy becomes so angry that he bites his father, and Izual leaves him out in the forest as punishment, forcing the young boy to find his own way back.
  2. [M] Hi ho. (06 Jan)
    Seabreeze Brink. Izual's mining crystals for Maelyx. As the woman leaves to get them their lunch at the bottom of the mountain, Izual finds Moon Moon wandering by and the two quickly engage in a fight that results in Moon having to run for her life, leaving her previous bat, Kiss Me, behind.
  3. [M] Now she sleeps with one eye open (21 Jan)
    Eastern Realms. Izual's lurking about in the Eastern Cobequid when he senses the presence of another. He immediately thinks they're following him, and doesn't suspect its the other way around. He finds its Faith and things go south.
  4. the two of us are just young gods (01 Feb)
    Northern Tides. While out hunting, Izual and Charlie are confronted by a cloaked man who threatens them. It turns out to be Belial, Izual's long lost brother. Izual forces him to come back with them, despite Charlie's protests, and from then on keeps a close eye on his brother.
  5. [M] Jaws was never my scene (22 May)
    Eastern Realms. Two unsuspecting coyotes encounter a cannibal.
  6. [M] One More Night (27 May)
    Eastern Realms. Izual stalks Crucifix and attempts one more time to get her to be his mate. When she refuses and accidentally scratches him, Izual flies into a rage. He beats her to death not far from the Inferni borders, eventually leaving her body a bloody pulp. When he's finished, he eats some of her corpse and leaves her for Inferni to find.
  7. [M] take your place inside the fire (26 Jun)
    Seabreeze Brink. Inferni members Jethro, Clover, Faith, Dahlia, and Antioch finally hunt Izual down for the crimes he committed against Inferni, against Antioch's family, against Crucifix. The Infernians encroach the camp where Izual and Charlie are eating. Several of them attack Izual, and Clover chases off Charlie. While he's holding off Antioch, it is his daughter, Dahlia de le Poer who kills him.

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