Namira Lykoi

Namira Lykoi

Art by Kitty
BirthdateNov 11, 2015
SubspeciesHybrid (41% Dog; 37% Coyote; 22% Wolf)
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeMortimer
Current packNone

Namira Lykoi is the daughter of Azucena Lykoi and Locke Salvato, born on November 11 2015. She is the sister of Rue, Hemlock, and Meridia. Namira currently resides with her mother and siblings in Portland, Maine. Namira hunts for her family, while also working in the Cooks' Den when she's needed. Though out of all the odd tasks she does in Portland, trading is her favorite. She seems to have a knack for it!

In August 2019, Namira was killed by her previous attacker, Catharsis Massacre, and her pups were kidnapped.


  • Sleepwalker
  • Stubborn
    • Likes to play with fire
  • Loves to roughhouse
  • Authority Issues


Family: Salvato, Lykoi, Kimaris, Sadira, Damaichu


Namira was born in Mortimer, but transported to Portland at a very young age. She doesn't remember much - if anything - about Mortimer. Any attempts at asking about it would have been shunned or ignored. Her whole life up until this point would have revolved around cooking, preparing, trading, and odd jobs here and there for some kind of profit. She knows that she has a brother in Nova Scotia as she has met him before while he was visiting Portland.


  • November: Namira was born alongside her siblings in Mortimer.


  • March: Her mother took her and her siblings from Mortimer and they traveled a long distance before stopping at a port in Maine. Portland became her permanent home shortly after. While her and her siblings were too young to travel long distances (other than for emergency: they were lucky that time), the small family settled down in Portland and started falling into the groove.
  • June: Namira officially took up her own 'job' in Portland. She started hunting for her family's meals - gathering the meat that her sister and mother processed in the Cooks' Den.
  • November: Namira meets Till van Ulrich-Lykoi during his visit to Portland.

2017 - 2018

Namira continues to live with her mother and siblings in Portland, working and trading to make a living.


  • January: Namira meets a strange Hybrid named Catharsis Massacre. He seems to be socially-awkward. She hopes that's all it is.
    • Throughout January and February, Namira continues to see this strange Hybrid a bit too much. He seems to have the hots for her (which she finds repelling). He tries to make advances toward her that seemingly get more and more desperate as the months go on.
  • March: Catharsis corners Namira one night after she's leaving the bar for home. He drags her into a back alley and rapes her, promising that they will be a happy couple together.
    • Namira runs home and tells Meridia, and the two of them tell others, and Catharsis is run out of the town. He isn't seen for months.
  • April: Namira discovers that she's pregnant from the encounter, and falls into a deep, deep depression. She just wants to forget about it.
  • May: On May 16, she has her pups: 3 boys, two girls. On that day, she sits alone in her house and stares at them for hours on end, contemplating all sorts of crazy resolutions for these adorable, unwanted balls of fluff. Meridia finds her and promises to help take care of them if she couldn't find it in her to do so.
    • Meridia and Namira decide to move out of Portland for the time being, to ensure their safety should Catharsis try to return. They move to a small area outside of the port town; perhaps not far enough away.
  • July: Namira hears word that Catharsis is back in town and looking for them. She stays home as much as possible, asking Meridia to work instead.
  • August: Namira is discovered in her home outside of Portland. Catharsis assaults her with a rolling pin left on the table in her small house, and Namira is killed in the struggle. Catharsis leaves with their five pups.


Despite her mixed heritage, Namira takes most after her wolf and dog species as she is built large with rounded ears and a fluffy coat.


Tide (#BEB8AE)
Bronco (#B0A59B)
Stonewall (#928476)
Armadillo (#433B33)
Dune (#221E1C)
Saddle (#552E27)
Lotus (#85393B)