Lucia Marino

Lucia Marino is the daughter of Naniko D'Angelo and Ehno Marino. She was conceived in Crimson Dreams where her father remained, was born and raised in Phoenix Valley, and eventually helped found Cercatori d'Arte. After feeling unattached and distant, she traveled to her father's homeland of Italy for a fresh start. She did return to Nova Scotia much later, but her whereabouts are currently unknown.

Lucia Marino

Lucia, by Jenny
PlayerJenny Open Character
Date of Birth22 Sept 2009
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth packPhoenix Valley
Current packN/A
'Souls Profile

Previous Pack

Cercatori D'Arte

Joining dateOctober 27, 2010
RankNotare il Giocatore
SignificanceFounding member

Phoenix Valley

RankGenus, Loas

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1.  History

Lucia and her siblings were born in Phoenix Valley where their mother resided, frequently visited by their father in their early days. Those visits became less and less frequent as they aged, and soon he hardly visited at all. And then one day Naniko decided to abandon them as well, simply leaving in search of family she hadn’t contacted in ages. It wasn’t long after that that Caprica disappeared as well, her siblings coming to the conclusion that she had gone off in search of their mother. Only Harlowe and Rio remained with her, but one day they too simply disappeared on her.

During her last few months in Phoenix Valley, her apathetic feelings towards her family turned into distrust. When she met a man named Shawchert Menue out in the city and learned that he was starting up a pack of his own, Lucia saw it as an opportunity for a fresh start, away from the Valley and the bitter memories of her family that resided there. She left her old home without a word and helped the man form Cercatori d'Arte. Things were pleasant at first within the pack of artists, and Lucia spent most of her time quietly practicing on her guitar. As the days drew on, the girl began to feel more and more out of place among the incredibly friendly and outgoing pack, leading her to yet another silent retreat from the lands.

With her few belongings, the girl departed from the ‘Souls territory at the end of December 2010, hoping that some distance from familiar lands would chase away that awful feeling. While resting at the Freetown port, the girl changed her land-traveling plans on a whim to a journey across the sea. Her final destination was Rome, where she remained for the majority of the year. She led a rather carefree lifestyle during the first half of her stay, until a fight and the miscarriage of an unexpected pregnancy threw her for a loop. It is after this that she meets a young fisherman named Renato Vitale, who is an incredible help to her while she recovered both mentally and physically. The two become fast friends, and Lucia stays with him during the remainder of her stay in Rome.

The fisherman convinced her, despite many, many protestations, that she should make a return visit to her homeland, if not to reunite with her family, than at the very least to lay to rest her hateful feelings of her past. The two depart in early January 2012 for the long journey, and arrive in early March. Her current whereabouts and the status of her relationship are unknown.

2.  Personality

What Lucia lacks in stature, she makes up for in attitude. She often acts entitled and self-important, never usually impressed by others, especially upon first meeting them. She has a subtly manipulative streak at times, usually resulting in her playing nice to ultimately make a fool of another person or for self-gain. She won't hesitate to push people's buttons, especially if someone displays any sign of weakness in front of her.

The girl has her mellow moments as well, where she's altogether more calm and pleasant. This is typically when she's in a happy mindset or if she's with people that she knows well and cares for. It's at these times that Lucia appears more as a goofy troublemaker rather than just snarky and unpleasant. She usually has a blunt way of speaking and is an adept wielder of sarcasm, even around those she knows well and feels comfortable around. Though when she's around those she knows and trusts, her blunt and sarcastic manner of speaking takes on a more playful and less facetious twist.

Typically apathetic towards others upon first meeting them, Lucia isn’t interested in making dozens of friends. An adept wielder of sarcasm, the woman can range from being outright brash and rude to others to wickedly flirtatious. She isn’t afraid of playing to others' expectations if she thinks it will benefit her. Few people earn enough of her fondness to experience her rare moments of sincere affection. Expect her to default to a sour mood most of the time, now that Rip’s dragged her back to ‘Souls.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

See D'Angelo and Marino for more.

4.  Appearance

Even fully grown into her adult size, Lucia is still very much on the small side. Coming in at an even 6’ height in optime, she isn’t going to be looking down at many canines. The slight build of her youth has remained, her thinner frame built much more for speed than strength.

When it comes to coloration, her pelt seems to be a blend of her mother and father’s. Her fur is predominantly a light sandy brown in hue, covering most of her body. Flecks of grey mix in with the browns along her back. Beginning from her chin and moving down her neck and to her belly is a softer cream shade of fur. This softer shade also covers her paws, creeping up just slightly along her limbs. Her eyes, however, are fully D’Angelo, borrowing the jade green hue of her mother.

Lucia is nearly always in her two-legged form, shifting to lupus solely when hunting. Her mane, colored with that same sandy hue as the majority of her pelt, comes down just past her shoulders in unruly waves. Typically she wears a red skirt that falls just past her knees, open on one side where it ties together at her waist. This same fabric is put to use for her make-shift tube top, tied off at the side in a similar manner as her skirt for easy removal when shifting. Each of her ears are adorned with two gold hoops. Very often she is accompanied by her old guitar.