Genova Mal

Genova Mal was born to Cayuse, a small Luperci pack near central Montana that was quiet and peaceful during her adolescence. She was raised in a tribe like culture by down to earth and hardworking wolves. She is currently a Tsula Agateno, or low level scout, of AniWaya.

Genova Mal

by Myst



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Date of Birth

8 May 2011




Birth place

Cayuse Hills, Montana


Gray Wolf




Mate None
Pack AniWaya
Rank Tsula Agateno


Mates None
Pack: Cayuse (May, 2011 – July, 2012)

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1.  Appearance

Survival is etched vividly into every bold stroke of the female’s appearance, both when studied at a distance and up close and personal. On first sight Genova appears as a specter in whichever form she chooses, her fur a base of tarnished white muddled with charcoal and vintage silver across her back. The Mal daughter gives the impression of a once white being that has walked the coals and fired passages, emerging in a gauze of ash and defiance. She is darkest across her muzzle where the short fur is nearly as black as her nose, streaking up to fan into grey across her brow. Her ears are rimmed in black, and in Optime form, her face is framed in wild, wavy locks of dark grey, nearly black. Nova’s form is average bordering on light, but it is certain that her lifestyle has not been soft nor full of luxury. She is lean and wiry, less feminine than capable. Her movements are calculated and careful, as though she has learned the hard way how to travel quietly.

As she nears, her eyes garner attention next. She watches the world with a critical gaze the color of day old bruises, a deep, twilight purple. Her dark lips tend to be in one of two states; an amused smile that suggests she always knows a bit more than she should and a thin, coal line of frustration. Nova’s expressions are built mostly of angles, sharp and defined with little softness, particularly for new acquaintances.

When in closer quarters, her tenacious will to survive is the most clear in her appearance. Only when within conversations distance can one see the network of scar tissue stretching from Genova’s right cheek down her neck and across her right shoulder. In most places it shows as only a ruffling of her fur, leaving her always appearing just a bit disheveled on her right. In some small patches where the scarring is more significant and crowds out the fur, and particularly on her cheek where her fur was thinner to start with, the pattern emerges. It is a soft pink scar tissue, etched in fanning, intricate lines like the fingers of dry lightning. That is, in fact, where the damage came from. An unfortunate act of god in her adolescence left the young Luperci with the lace like disfigurement, a diminished sense of taste, and months of recovery, but even lightning could not keep her down for good.

1.1  Coloration

Go go name that color!

  • Optime Hair: Cinder (#0E0E18), with a rare highlight of Silver (#C0C0C0)
  • Eyes: Bossanova (#552F65).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Ecru White (#F0EDDB).
    • Peppered with Bombay (#AFB1B8) and varying shades of grey.
    • Top of muzzle is Cinder (#0E0E18) lightening as it moves away from her nose, becoming light grey across her brow. Her ears also have Cinder (#0E0E18) edges.
    • Lightning scars are Pastel Pink (#FFD1DC) but can turn Pink Salmon (#FF91A4) when she blushes or gets her blood pumping.

1.2  Forms




90 lbs (41 kg)
30 in (76 cm)

175 lbs (79 kg)
40 in (102 cm)

195 lbs (88 kg)
6ft 4in (76 in) (193 cm)

Genova’s Lupus form, like her other forms, relies more on speed than strength. She uses this form for travel and scouting.

Though she is a runner in all of her forms, Nova uses her Secui body when she needs more strength, such as big game hunts and pulling sleds over long distances.

Genova prefers to work and socialize in Optime form. She does not style the shoulder length hair of her dark mane, but leaves it in wild curls and waves around her face. When work requires it, she may pull her hair into a high ponytail with a bit of rawhide, but it is almost always loose.

1.3  Other


  • Piercings: None
  • Tattoos: None
  • Scars:
    • Right cheek, neck and shoulder - Narrow, forked lines of pink scar tissue – Lightning strike - Example of scars
    • Multiple, fresh red scars interrupting the fur of her back that form the pattern of folded wings, carved by Judas Poer de Aika

1.4  Lasting Symptoms of Lightning Strike

  • Loss of taste – Genova can only taste very spicy or very sweet foods and then just barely. She has lost 90% of her taste.
  • Memory loss – Genova lost approximately a month of memories before and after the accident that she never recovered, but has no memory affect now.
  • Hot flashes – The network of scars across her right side occasionally flares up with a moderate burning sensation.
  • Sleep disturbances – When she’s not having nightmares, Nova still has difficulty sleeping soundly through the night since the lightning strike.


  • Athame style knife with black sheath, used for hunting and wood carving
  • Brown leather drawstring pouch used for small traveling supplies, usually tied on her belt opposite her hunting knife
  • Simple spear with onyx spearhead, occasionally strapped to her back with strips of deer hide


  • When in her most humanoid form, Nova generally chooses to wear plain, knee length dresses of simple design and natural colors. She feels they give her a better range of mobility than leathers and breeches without choking her densely furred tail. Most of the time, she can be found with a black leather belt fastened about her hips, drawing some figure to her otherwise narrow body.
    • Winter: Nova has found a long, dark grey wool trench coat to help her stay warm in her Optime form throughout winter.

2.  Personality

She is a divided individual, Miss Mal. At a constant struggle with the girl she once was and the person she is now, she hardly knows if she should laugh or scream or shudder into nothingness. The company of others is a torturously tempting prospect, but she protects her jealously guarded life with distance. This duality, the pull between pack animal and survivor, is the source of the intensity she projects. Marked by lightning, like a tumultuous little storm herself, she stirs up excitement and uncertainty, leaving those in her wake seeking shelter or dancing in the rain. Raised by good souls, she will never fully wall herself off from the world. As suspicious as she may be now, she is curious of others, invested and sympathetic even if silently so. She has a bit of a trickster’s sense of humor, a gypsy soul, and a unique take on lightening the mood. Her experiences as a loner, however, have buried some of the lighter aspects of her personality. She has known the best and the worst of the road, from the beauty of a continent west to east to the coarse appetites of vagabonds encountered in the woods. It is always those darker things that follow her into restless dreams. Nova is a guarded thing and for good reason, silently reminiscing of company and family and yet too suspicious to let her defenses down.

2.1  Demeanor

Wary, clever, curious. Described more than once as a ghost.

2.2  Ideals


  • Likes: Thunderstorms, woodworking, bitterroot flowers, loner hunting
  • Dislikes: Change, being confined, aggression


Active, keen, capable, determined, wild, curious but wary. Can be selfish when it comes to survival, but it is a trait she is trying to break.

  • Outlook: Realist
  • Expression: Introverted, rarely expresses herself as either dominant or submissive due to long periods of isolation.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good


  • Being trapped, the afterlife, being found by her family.


  • Survival, redemption, finding her family.

(Nova is both motivated by the thought of finding her family and terrified of it. She feels she will never know closure unless she discovers what happened to them and why they left her, but she is also afraid that they will be disappointed by who the road has made her. Or maybe she is hesitant to find how easy it was to abandon her.


  • Species: Nova was raped by a Luperci with German Shepherd heritage not long after she left her birth pack. She has found herself leery of Luperci with similar features since.
  • Gender: Genova does not think all men are bad, but she is certainly more cautious around males.
  • Homeless/Adventurers : Genova has a soft spot for those left without a home or pack who did not choose that lifestyle, such as the old and feeble or the mentally ill. For Genova, traveling has not been all fun and treasure, and she resents a world that has forgotten so many in their hour of need. On the flip side of that coin, she finds naïve, excitable “adventurers” insufferable.


Genova is heterosexual. She has given into lust on the road only a few times as she is usually too cautious to let any male that close to her. Romance is something she has never really experienced, but a young Genova wasted her fair share of summer afternoons daydreaming about it. Time on the road has buried the romantic in her, but it is not all together gone.


Genova has enjoyed the few times she’s had alcohol. She’s a happy, outgoing drunk, but has had few occasions where she felt comfortable enough to let her guard down and drink. She will occasionally smoke tobacco, but has avoided forming a habit due to her uncertain life on the road. She has never tried any other drugs.


As a girl, Nova put little thought into religion or the afterlife. Her family was not overly religious, put paid respects to the earth and its life force. After she was struck by lightning and consequently set adrift on the road, she began developing her ideas of religion around karma and an overreaching sky deity she thinks of only as “the Storm.” Her thoughts on the afterlife are not fully formed, but it frightens her nonetheless. She finds heaven and hell both equally terrible, mirror cages of cloud and fire. Simply ceasing to be is less bothersome, but still an unhappy thought, and reincarnation is just another way for the Storm to rip away everything familiar to her again. These anxious thoughts on life after death are one of the biggest driving forces behind her fierce will to survive.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

  • Delmont and Clyde: Nova was very close to her littermates, Delmont and Clyde. Though distant in nature, Delmont always seemed nearby to pick her up from falls and quietly guard her. Clyde was not as overprotective, but he was just as dependable in lifting her spirits with his bright personality and big laugh. As much as she has missed her parents and her pack, Genova feels her brothers' absence most deeply.

3.2  Family: Mal

  • Mother: Mavis Mal
  • Father: Faraman Mal
  • Siblings: Clyde Mal, Delmont Mal

3.3  Minor Relations

  • Coming…

3.4  Former Relations

  • None

4.  Interaction

  • Speech: Genova has a husky, alto voice. She often speaks softly, not because she is shy or lacks confidence, but because she has no need to be the loudest person in the room. Loud individuals often disturb her, and Nova is usually quite comfortable in silent company. Her voice is similar to a young Anne Bancroft. Example
  • Scent: Nova usually smells of rich earth and dry grasses with hints of brook moss. Some have even remembered smelling the slightest trace of electricity in her passing, though that may be an afterthought following a look at her scars. Either way she carries the scents of summer.

4.1  Residence

  • Genova’s first priority and main reason for joining AniWaya was to find shelter for her aged companion, Mahjoto. After scouting the area of the lakes, she found a small log hunting cabin from the human era on the north side of the smallest lake. It is simple, but built to withstand the weather and periods of no occupancy. There is one heavy door leading in from a small front porch. The cabin is comprised of three rooms; a large sitting room with a fireplace, a rudimentary kitchen, and a single small bedroom. The windows are glassless with latch lock shutters to keep critters out at night and chilling winds out in the winter. The place is in disrepair, but Nova is slowly working on patching holes and cleaning up. Perhaps someday, she and Jo will move into the AniWaya village proper, but for now, this long time loner still needs a little space.

4.2  NPCs


  • Species: Grey Wolf
  • Age and DOB: 10.5 years, born on July 17th, 2003
  • Description: Mahjoto cuts an imposing form to those who do not know him. He is very large despite his age and stooped posture. His pelt is all black save for those spots where age has worn him white on his chin and chest. Jo’s sight is dimming in his twilight years, but his eyes are still a glittering, clear green.
  • Personality: Little is known about the quiet old male, but it is certain his past has not been entirely happy. Mahjoto speaks very little, and what he does say is usually presented in two or three jumbled words that may or may not make sense. He is timid of new people and not above outright running away. Since Genova has taken him in, he will often hunker in her shadow in the presence of strangers. Given his size, this can make for quite a comical surprise. Around people he knows and trusts, Jo can be quite affectionate, the doting, if somewhat strange and peculiar, grandfather type. He is perceptive in a way one would not expect from a mad man, honing in on traits and emotions that many would overlook.

4.3  Abilities


  • Woodworking (Journeyman): Genova began whittling out of necessity. It was a way for her to make weapons and also a little money while traveling. Over time, however, it has also become a means of centering herself, a hobby that she can both enjoy and profit from. She has learned to make well balanced staffs and spear shafts, but finds the most joy in carving silly toys and ornaments for trade. Nova has learned not to simply carve what she likes from a piece of wood, but to uncover a shape that was buried in it all along. Despite her knack for shaping the wood, she has had no formal training and would benefit from time with a master.
  • Scouting (Apprentice): It did not take Nova long to realize the easiest way to stay safe in her travels was to remain unseen. She knows how to travel quietly and quickly, but it is her uncanny ability to fall into the landscape, to become completely still and hidden, that has saved her from more than one jam. She has much promise as a scout, but Genova has a lot to learn about how to get and relay information that is pertinent.
  • Traveler's Signs (Master): Nova is proficient in a language of the road similar to what the human's referred to as hobo code. The symbols left by other vagrants have helped her find safe passage and campgrounds while avoiding more dangerous areas. Now that she has a home in AniWaya, she is hoping to find a way to put the odd knowledge to work as a scout.


  • Pack Life: After so long on the road and so many life altering experiences as a loner, Genova is still uncomfortable with pack life. She can barely remember hunting with a pack. Forging working relations with packmates seems daunting. She hasn’t had to answer to an authority since her adolescence. To top it off, Gen doesn’t know much about life except for travel. It will be a struggle to find her place in AniWaya, but she is doing her best.
  • Damaged sense of taste: Due to the lightning strike that scarred her as a young woman, Genova has very little sense of taste left. This means she has difficulty knowing if a meat is tainted or if perhaps her drink has been drugged. For that reason, she will not scavenge meat and she is very cautious in who she shares meals with.

4.4  Inventory


Genova tends to carry small baubles she's found in her travels as well as small practical items that travel light in case of impromptu trades. She tries to find a fair trade for both parties, but if someone is a dick to her, she'll take them for whatever she can.

  • Offering: Almost any wood product from knife handles to wooden figurines.
  • Accepting: Most home furnishings. Nova hasn’t had a place to call her own for most of her life. She’s interested in herbs, furs, clothes, and curiosities among other things needed to make a home.

Items of Interest

  • Coming...

5.  Achievements

Pack Game

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6.  History

Born into an average and mostly uneventful pack in what was once northern Montana, Genova was raised with good parents and two perfectly annoying and beloved brothers. Although she was a bit rebellious in her youth, she was set for a life as unassuming and average as the rest of her family. Like any young girl, she was thirsty for adventure and mystery. As it were she got as much of the later as she could stand. One instance she was drifting off to sleep at home and the next she was waking into a different season with nearly healed scars branching across her shoulder and throat.

From what she gathered in the next few days, she had gone for a walk when a bolt from the blue struck her down at the edge of her pack’s territory, stretching its burning wrath from a thunderhead miles away. The healers had set to work on her immediately, but they could do nothing about the months of lost memories. More concerning than her new scars or residual effects was the state of the pack. The aged leader she had known her whole life was gone, replaced by a new male that Genova did not care to know. Her parents and brothers were missing along with a few other familiar figures of the pack. Those who remained were surprisingly tight lipped on the subject, insisting that Nova’s family had regretted leaving her but decided to move on before her long recovery was complete. The tension in the community was palpable, and as soon as she was strong enough, Nova slipped away. She traveled for more than a year, growing stronger, enduring heartache and harrowing journeys, looking for her family and growing more world-weary as she went until the winding road brought her to what was left of Nova Scotia and an entirely new adventure.

6.1  Timeline


  • November:
    • Nova met Palaydrian Soul on her first night in the area and learned a little about surrounding packs. – Salt Blockade, Fundy National Park
    • Moving east and then south, Nova continued traveling through Souls to see how far she could get before being trapped by the sea. Along the way she met and injured Chardonnay Chartreuse and broke camp with him at an abandoned cabin. – Sugar Lure, The Sugarwoods
    • At the end of her journey, blocked in by the sea, Genova met an fascinating character by the name Ciellen Loreath and built a beach fire with him. – End of the Road, Barrington
  • December:
    • With winter moving in, Genova sought shelter in an old human church only to find a frightened and insane old Luperci. With the help of Atilla Aston and Svasra, they help the elder wolf. – She Cries Sanctuary, St Mary’s Basilica of Halifax
    • Genova fell into an uncovered manhole while out in the snow looking for a way out of winter Halifax for her and her new Companion Mahjoto. She was helped by the jovial Luperci Octavius Poer de Angelo. – Down on Luck Tonight, Spring Heights of Halifax.
    • After escaping Halifax with a sick Jo on a tin sled, Nova moved on to AniWaya territory in hopes of finding a safe place for the weak elder. There she met Everly Skyfall. – Winter Tear me Down, AniWaya Territory