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Aika Family Statistics

Total Members30
Surviving Members15?
Active Members2

Aika Family Foundation

First Member LocationJaded Shadows
First Member Date~ 2001
First Member NameOmoi
First Birth LocationJaded Shadows
Founding ParentsMordulin & Alorran
Founding Birth ChildrenAdan, Fiacha, Bran, Sayna, Niamh
Founding Birth DateJanuary, 21, 2003

1.  About

The Aika family is one of the oldest yet smallest families on 'Souls. It was in an odd state of stasis for years in which only very sparse, very tiny litters were born, but despite the lack of growth the family name has still managed to crawl down through eight generations.

The Aika name has led or founded more packs than it has been a normal member of; its first member, Omoi founded Shadowed Stars. The family had a strong influence on Jaded Shadows as it was led for a very long time by Mordulin Aika, and temporarily led by Spade Aika. Being that the line is an old one, most of the family's older generations have presumably died or moved on.

In more recent years, the Aika name seems to have merged together with the small family of Thirteen; the surname has since become somewhat interchangeable in a variation of ways (Thirteen instead of Aika or vice versa, "XIII" instead of Thirteen, etc.).

1.1  Defining Features

The Aika family has a reputation for eerily small (1-2 pup) litters and very transitory, independent members: A recent majority have been loners. Aika members tend to have strength of intellect over strength of body, and are commonly darker shades in color; a prime example of this lies in Judas, although his brother Octavius is an antithesis of the norm. They tend to be close with one another (on the off-chance that more than one can be found), and are typically friendly, positive characters with strong, unique attributes and goals to pave their personal directions.

2.  Influences

2.1  Families

  • Thirteen — Matrix Thirteen and August had one son, Cyprus. The surname has been used a number of times interchangeably since.
  • de le Poer — Cyprus and Maserati de le Poer had one child together, Barrett.
  • D'Angelo — Although he was not present for their childhood, Barrett had three boys with Naniko D'Angelo: Octavius, Severus and Judas.

2.2  Packs

  • Shadowed Stars — Omoi founded Shadowed Stars, which was taken over by her daughter, Mordulin
  • Jaded Shadows — Mordulin moved Shadowed Stars to Ashened Mountain and renamed it Jaded Shadows. She was a longtime Alpha of the pack.
  • Anathema — As a result of casual sex with the loner Barrett, Anatheman leader at the time Naniko birthed three princes into her pack in 2011.
  • KrokarOctavius helped found this pack in 2014 after the murder of his brother.
  • Loners — A recent trend in newer Aika generations has members living on their own, often in a city setting. As with the cases of Barrett and Octavius, they are well-liked and tend to have a lot of company.

3.  Members

The parent that contributed the Aika genes is bolded.

3.1  First Generation

3.2  Second Generation

3.3  Third Generation

3.4  Fourth Generation

3.5  Fifth Generation

3.6  Sixth Generation

3.7  Seventh Generation

3.8  Eighth Generation