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August 30, 2012






?% Eastern Timber Wolf




Rigby stands at about 6"3 and weighs in at about 180 pounds. Most of his weight is muscle but his build is still skinny. He is rarely out of luperci form due to him just hating it. He is always seen wearing a white shirt covered by a black hoodie and blue jeans. He has a small scar running through his left eye and ends right above his left cheek. He has two large scars on his left forearm and across his chest. He also has a large blotted scar on his right leg from falling on his own hunting knife.

He has dark brown eyes and medium length grey fur. It's kept neat and is free of tangles due to his concern for personal appearance. Also, his clothes are kept spotless and he will much rather go nude than wear dirty or ripped clothes.

He is almost seen carrying his small backpack around with his knife and bow hanging on his back. He has a tool belt around his waist that holds various basic tools like nails and a carving knife. He can also be seen catting a small satchel that contains bits and pieces of artifacts he finds like yo-yo's and toys.


Rigby is a very cheesy and corny comedian. He will often crack jokes or just take most situations lightly. Even during intense situations like a fight, we will crack a few jokes. This may be because he isn't a very good fighter and would rather throw his opponent off balance by confusing him than take them on.

He is also very distant and cautious of strangers. Rather avoiding them than making contact. For some reason though, he is prone to approach anyone if they are in dire need of help, possibly stemming from his need of help as a pup.

Rigby can also be a little annoying. If he manages to make a bond with someone he will cling to them very easily and will devote most of his time with them. He is used to being alone so the prospect of company will always enlighten him and he will often be in a more comedic mood than usual if around others.

Last, he has a very high sense of pride and will refuse help a lot. He is willing to help others but due to his past life, he has a strong sense to prove that he can survive on his own, more often than not though, he will need help as he is very clumsy. Even once falling on his own knife and almost bleeding out.


As a pup he was left by his mother and father, or that's what he thought. In reality his mother and father were killed, but by who, no one knows. Due to his speculation of his abandonment, he has a issue with making connections and he most likely always will.

After his parents disappearance, Rigby was forced to find for himself at a young age. It didn't turn out well and after about a month, he was forced to search for help. He ran across a small band of wolves and was taken in. Little did he know that the pack was actually a group of bandits. After witnessing them trying to rob a loner he tried to escape and it didn't turn out well. One of the bandits was able to give him a cut across the face before Rigby was able to hide.

Using the things he learned from his short time with the bandit, hew as able to scrape by as a loner. He even discovered that he is handy with a bow, which using his talent for woodwork, he was able to fashion one for himself. Using the bow, he was able to hunt, although he could only manage to catch small prey, which is a cause of his smaller size.