Hugleikr Silfr

Hugleikr Silfr is a current member of Salsola, born in Hearg Njorth.

Hugleikr Silfr

by Raze



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Date of Birth

17 April 2011




Birth place

Hearg Njorth







Pack Salsola
Rank The Associate


Pack Loner, Hearg Njorth
Caste Skylda

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    2.   1.2  Forms
  2.   2.  Personality
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1.  Appearance

The male is easily all wolf and is on the average size for his breeding. The thickness of his pelt makes him seem even larger than he is, seeming to almost double his size and make him broader than he really is. While his coat is fluffy it has a rough texture to it.

1.1  Coloration

  • Nose and Paw Pads: Coffee Bean(#22100B)
  • Eyes: Slate Gray (#66778D).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Silver Chalice (#ACACAC).
    • Whisper (#F7F5FA) Cheeks, underside of body and tail.
    • Woodsmoke (#0C0D0F) Rings around eyes that travel up from the outside edge to outline the rim of the ears, thin stripe down the sides of the body to separate the two colors of the body, stripe between the eyes starting at the bridge of the nose on back into a dorsal stripe, tail tip color

1.2  Forms




120 lbs (54 kg)
36 in (91 cm)

235 lbs (107 kg)
44 in (112 cm)

260 lbs (118 kg)
6ft 10in (82 in) (208 cm)

2.  Personality

The male is a loner, though not by choice even if he had put himself into exile. He truly enjoys being around others for he has always felt the stirrings for social gatherings. But sadly such events are also a curse for him. He is too in tune with the moods of others and they end up infecting his own. Such as if he is around someone sad they bring down his mood as well. He has never known any other way to be.

It was actually this personality quirk that forced him into leaving home, granted he had done that to himself as well. It is a struggle for him since he hates being affected so greatly but he enjoys socializing. He is even somewhat of a bleeding heart and doesn't like for others to be upset yet he can do nothing about it as he feels emotionally crippled by pain of others.

3.  History

Hug was born to a Volva mother, though none of this is known. The Fylgja mother had been unsuccessful in her previous attempts to birth a child a child until she finally had Hug. Of course everyone knows that Volvas never have male children so because of this she placed Hug in with a new litter that Hug's father's mother had and was switched out for a girl instead. His mother couldn't stand the thought of culling her only living child and so she made him a changling instead.

Of course Hug knew none of this, nor did anyone else in the Hearg other than his Silfr mother. Actually the one he knew as mother was meant to be Volva but an injury had prevented it. Still she used the nothing that she had gained from training to teach her children in secret. She didn't disperse any grand secrets but only wished her children to have the knowledge of how to protect themselves. She was an old woman so who was really going to discourage her whims?

Hug was happy with his place in life, at least after he had settled into the Skylda caste. He had tried out the other castes but found himself uncomfortable with the flux of emotions from others in that caste. Being a scout gave him time alone to just be himself and feel what he wished to feel. But it was this natural ability to be empathetic towards others that would lead to his downfall.

He was able to empathize with the women of the Hearg and this earned him their favor, to the ire of his brethren. Or well, to one male in particular. Hug had earned himself the fancy of a Volva woman, the same that one of the Valr caste had wanted for himself. Hug was accused of witchcraft and forced into Skjoldr. He was forced to fight for his life and fight he did. The aggression the other felt consumed him and he took the life of his Valr brother. But he did more than that. Pumped with adrenaline he performed the blood eagle on his fall comrade. Of course as soon as it was over he felt immense guilt and regret.

It was for this act that he exiled himself. He fled from the ring and headed to outside of the Hearg. He didn't leave the area completely but waited until nightfall to sneak back to say his goodbyes. He couldn't leave without talking to his mother first, unable to just abandon the woman who had raised and cared for him without saying goodbye. He also spoke with his Volva lover, telling her to honor the dead and name the child that she was carrying to belong to the fallen rather than making it known that it was his own. Before he left she gave him the raven pendant that she possessed for being a Volva, charging it with the task of keeping Hugelikr safe from harm.

After saying his goodbyes Hug left without looking back. He simply took to wandering with no real destination in mind.