Zakiel Sarkis

By Alaine
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Date of BirthJune 4th, 2012


Meaning“purity of god” “departs” “protector”
OriginHebræo-Arabic, Egyptian, Armenian
TitlePrince of Mercy


Birth placeEgypt
SpeciesJackal Hybrid
Subspecies50% Golden Jackal
25% Egyptian Jackal
19% Mexican Coyote, Northeastern Coyote
3% Red Wolf
3% Dog
LuperciYes (Ortus)


Current PackCurrent Rank
14 Dec 2013-present

Zakiel Kasiya Sarkis (سركيس‎ كَسِيَ زكييل) is the illegitimate offspring of Mkhai Lykoi and a slave, Zahra Sarkis.


Still young, he is thin and sinewy, with elegant, tapered features. Growing into a tall frame, his fur is a pale, desert gold and his eyes are blood-red. He has black ticking throughout his coat, seemingly darkening it. His body is scarred due to his past as a slave, and he paints around his eyes with kohl. Essentially, he resembles an ordinary golden jackal and isn't particularly remarkable in any manner. His voice is deep and masculine and punctuated with a heavy accent.

  • Scent: Exotic, warm, woody: sandalwood, frankincense, clove.
  • Human Model: Avan Jogia



  • Grandparents:
    • Paternal: Djeserit Nephthys and Samael Lykoi
    • Maternal: Mahnoor Sarkis and Siraj Al-Masri
  • Parents: Zahra Sarkis and Mkhai Lykoi-Nephthys
  • Littermates: Raja Sarkis, Fareed Sarkis



Aghavni Sarkis, a jackal born in Armenia, was raised in a close-knit society that favored males. As a result she lashed out, growing up to be tough and volatile. She left home and joined a group of traders, eventually reaching the sea and taking to the path of a pirate. Her life was violent and rough, raiding settlements and stealing whatever they could throughout the Middle East. An unexpected pregnancy rattled her existence, but change didn't come easily. One little girl survived and Aghavni was incredibly protective of her. She attempted to settle down and live a peaceful life, but it wasn't to be. In Lebanon she was attacked and killed, and her young daughter, Mahnoor, was sold as a slave and eventually made her way to Alexandria, Egypt.

Mahnoor had her mother's fiery spirit, though it was quelled. Her body was broken and disfigured to keep her tame. When she changed hands and became the property of Siraj Al-Masri, a jackal of upper class and the religious embodiment of the god Khonsu, she saw a creature that didn't quite believe in their society. She began to manipulate him, working to achieve her own freedom. This became more dire when she realized that she was pregnant with his children. She tried to convince him to allow her to go, or to run away with her, and he almost relented.

But a sudden change of heart, inspired by his close family, caused him to believe that she never truly cared about him anyway, and he was being used. He lashed out, hurt, and distanced himself from her. She died during childbirth and Siraj found himself loyal to the offspring that he had helped sire, despite his better judgement. They were still slaves, but he wasn't cruel toward them. He even began to educate them, and teach them to read and write. When he was killed by his brother, Zahra and her siblings changed hands, spreading out, and Zahra became the property of Mkhai Lykoi.


As an adult, Zahra was inadvertently impregnated by her owner and gave birth to a little of three. As class was carried through the mother's line, despite Mkhai being a prince, her offspring were born to be slaves just as she was. Her blood was impure and worthless, as would be her children's. Once they were capable of surviving without her, they were each sold away to individual owners as Mkhai had enough slaves already. He never saw his siblings again after this, and his mother died of sickness not long afterward. Along with others, his new owner had also obtained a young, side-striped jackal named Mwenye from a country further south along the coast. Mwenye was only slightly older than him and they quickly bonded, becoming like brothers. They planned to escape and travel the world, but when Zaki was six months old, Mwenye was beaten so brutally for something petty that he fell ill and perished.

Heartbroken and enraged, he murdered his owner in return, running away alone to the northeast and finding himself in Jerusalem. Here he found himself among his kind, and briefly found a home with a small, disjointed tribe of stragglers. Here also he became Zakiel, working to further reclaim his identity from his past. But constant strife disbanded the group and after a vicious attack from a larger, neighboring clan, he set out again toward Turkey with a small group of companions from the Jerusalem tribe. They arrived in Istanbul and here he found a far more peaceful existence. He began to grow close to one of his female companions—a golden jackal named Jariyah. But this was short-lived, for he caught her intimately with another before anything solid could truly develop between them.

He was jealous, and this only caused him to grow distant from her. He met a sailor from London around this time and was swayed to join his crew. He couldn't stand to stay in Turkey any longer, and so chose to depart. Liam Strand—a coydog from England—was a trader aboard a merchant ship crewed by an eclectic mix of canines. He began to learn English from his new friend, trading stories and finding himself intrigued by the foreigner's culture. He worked hard, enjoying a life at sea and exploring new countries with insatiable curiosity. The world was far more vast than he had ever imagined, and whim took him to Barbados, then Freetown, where he parted ways with his companions. The word of traders took him north, and he made his way to 'Souls, alone.


Ka-ari-ka is an owl (Bubo ascalaphus) and companion to Zakiel. He found the bird wounded while in Egypt and took care of him until he healed. This created a bond, and the bird has willingly followed him since, though he drifts off at times, maintaining his own independence. He is not a pet in the slightest. They enjoy each other's company and Zakiel would never attempt to own or control him.


Theistic. He was raised in a cult-like, polytheistic religion modeled after Ancient Egyptian beliefs, instilling some sense of faith early on. After reaching Jerusalem he has become intrigued by the Abrahamic religions through exposure, and has a muddled, developing sense of spirituality that changes and shifts as he grows.


Born simply Zaki Sarkis alongside Raja Sarkis and Fareed Sarkis, his first name means “pure” in Arabic, while his family name is Armenian for “protector”. During his travels in Israel he discovered the Hebrew suffix -el, meaning “of god”, and he lengthened his name with this. He also occasionally used an Egyptian name, Kasiya, meaning “departs”, while leaving Alexandria, and became attached to the title.


Though he doesn't know it, Raja became the pet of a priestess, and eventually earned a position as the favored lady's maid. Her life became rather content, even if she remained a slave. Fareed eventually escaped and ran away to Pakistan, where he met his wife and began a family. They branched into a small group of traveling nomads, never quite settling down anywhere for too long.