Tayn Silvaire

Tayn Silvaire is the son of Ashe Farwind and Tren Silvaire, born in central Vermont, USA. He is a Zepar in Anathema, working towards the rank of Furcas.

Tayn Silvaire

by Paige



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Date of Birth

08 Jul 2012




Birth place

central Vermont




75% Northeastern Coyote (Canis latrans thamnos)

25% White Shepherd Dog (Canis lupus familiaris)




Mate none
Pack Anathema
Rank Zepar

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1.  Appearance

Pale of fur and slight of build, Tayn Silvaire appears to be a ghostly apparition of a coyote more than a living one. His White Shepherd blood effectively washed out his traditional coyote coloration without giving him any additional mass or height. Secui form puts Tayn at about the same size as most other coyotes or coyote-hybrids in Lupus form. Consequently, he prefers Optime, where he stands at 5'8" with a slim build. If speed is required, he will shift into Secui as necessary. It is extremely rare that Tayn will assume Lupus form. As his thin build suggests, Tayn is not very strong. Dexterity, agility, and speed serve to make up for his lack of muscle bulk.

Tayn will nearly always be seen in Optime, and favors wearing clothing - a black shirt with sleeves rolled up to the elbow, modified black pants neatly cuffed at mid-calf, a belt with various pouches and compartments, and a heavy black cloak in colder months.

1.1  Coloration

Pale Cloud (#C9C7C5) fur gives way to Burning Sand (#DC9379) on his back, shoulders, forelegs, ears, and muzzle. Throat and belly are snowy white (#FFFFFF), as is the underfur of his back. Dorsal guard hairs and tail tip, normally black on coyotes, is instead a warm muted Dove Gray (#6A6868). His features overall are finer and sharper than most, especially for a male. Tayn's eyes are Saffron (#F5BF32), shining with curiosity. His Mule Fawn (#8D4D34) colored mane is kept neatly pulled back and in a loose braid or ponytail reaching almost waist length.

1.2  Forms





24 in (60.96 cm), 22 lbs. (9.97 kg) Tayn is unusually small and lightly built, especially in Lupus.

27 in (68.58 cm), 35 lbs (15.88 kg) In Secui, his size and build looks more like that of most male coyotes in Lupus. His mane is shaggy, but lacks the cinnamon color manifesting in Optime.

5 ft 8 in (172.72 cm), 140 lbs (63.50 kg) In Optime, his preferred form, Tayn is slender and a little below average in height. His mane is longest and most pronounced, and he wears it pulled back in a braid or ponytail.

1.3  Other


  • Piercings: None
  • Tattoos: None
  • Scars:
    • Missing the tip of his right ear; about the top 1/4 of his ear was cleanly sliced off, received this wound when a lone wolfdog attacked and robbed Tayn a few months ago.
    • Laceration scar diagonally across muzzle; noticeable, but clearly was not a serious wound. received in the same altercation as his right ear wound.
    • A few small scars can be found on his forelegs, hands, feet; mostly hidden by fur, these were simply received in the many months of travel across harsh terrain.


  • Sturdy and well cared for black leather belt, replete with pockets and hanging loops.


  • Tayn is almost always seen in Optime, and always fully dressed. His clothing is straightforward and utilitarian, kept neat and clean. He favors wearing all black, primarily in compensation for his washed-out fur color.

2.  Personality

Tayn is a natural observer, painfully shy and quiet. His reserved disposition was further pushed to introversion by the nonacceptance he faced with his family. A deep sadness lingers behind the inquisitive gleam in his eyes. He grew up a gentle soul, quick to aid those in need. As the seasons passed, he learned the harsh lessons of the real world: his kindness often ends in being taken advantage of... or worse.

Though still young, Tayn has only known loneliness. He has come to accept his failure at belonging to anyplace or anyone. He strives to better himself and cultivates skills which will help him help others. Insecurities, both physical and emotional, plague him. His preference to cover himself in dark clothing shows his dislike of his physical appearance.

Tayn's knowledge and ability as an herbalist and general medic are the core skills with which he defines himself. He also has a modest grasp of the French and Spanish languages in addition to English. In other words, he cultivates skills to make him feel needed by others.

Under all the layers of self-doubt, Tayn is intelligent, polite, level-headed, and reliable. When his near-crippling shyness isn't getting the better of him, he is articulate and thoughtful in his manner of speech. He has a soft yet deep voice most find calming and pleasant to the ear.

2.1  Ideals


  • Likes: reading, learning, plants/flowers, quiet mornings
  • Dislikes: his own pale coloration, loud chaotic situations, aggression
  • Outlook: Pessimistic
  • Expression: Introverted and submissive
  • Alignment: neutral good


  • being alone, failure, weakness


  • acceptance, self-improvement


  • Size: nervous around anyone larger than he (which is almost everyone)
  • Sexuality: Tayn is very prudish and finds it distasteful for anyone to speak or act openly about their sexuality. He has no experience with physical relationships, so witnessing those of others makes him uncomfortable.
  • Age: has a much easier time interacting with older canines, since he is so reserved and serious he does not easily integrate with those his age or younger.


The subject of sexuality in general makes Tayn seize up with anxiety. Due to his extreme introversion and submissive personality, he has never shown his interest in anyone nor noticed if interest in him was being shown. Thus, he has never had the opportunity for anything intimate, and he feels that there must be something wrong with him to warrant this. Many who meet Tayn would think he is asexual, this is not the case.


Tayn has experimented with a variety of psychoactive plants and refined combinations thereof. He doesn't use any on a regular basis, but tries them for science. He has tried alcohol but the effects make him uneasy, so he rarely imbibes.


none as of now. Tayn worships knowledge.

3.  Interaction

  • Voice: soft, and surprisingly deep for his small stature, with a lovely baritone singing voice that he rarely allows others to witness. (think Josh Groban)
  • Scent: willow, petrichor, blueberry

4.  Relationships

4.1  Key Relations

4.2  Family: Silvaire, Farwind

  • Mother: Ashe Farwind
  • Father: Tren Silvaire
  • Siblings: Garyt Silvaire
  • Children: none
  • Extended: unknown

4.3  Minor Relations

  • Zenith Wros - began as a tense random meeting, but ended with a friendly bond.

4.4  Former Relations

  • Tayn is estranged from his entire family, and knows nothing of their current whereabouts or if they even live.

4.5  Residence

4.6  NPCs

4.7  Abilities


  • Herbalism (Journeyman): can identify and prepare plants for medicinal use, poisons, and recreational substances.
  • Medic (Journeyman): can treat minor injury/illness
  • Language (Master): can speak/read/write English. limited ability to speak/understand Spanish and French. can understand bits of low speech, particularly from birds of prey.
  • Drawing (Novice): currently only able to create technical and naturalist renderings, no creativity. Wishes to improve.
  • Lockpick (Novice): decent at negotiating simple mechanical locks and traps.


  • fast, agile, kind-hearted, helpful, quick learner, highly literate


  • shy, self-conscious, pessimistic, physically small

4.8  Inventory


  • black linen long sleeved shirt
  • modified black cotton pants
  • black leather utility belt


  • makeshift first aid kit
  • bottle of ink and a dip pen
  • penknife
  • ball of twine
  • various jars, vials, bottles, pouches


  • children's ABC book
  • US Military field medic's guide
  • worn and tattered copy of Jack London's "Call of the Wild"
  • copy of Frank Herbert's "Dune", good condition.

5.  History

Tayn was born into a small family pack in central Vermont to a full coyote father and a coydog mother. His young childhood was a typical one, if a bit quiet. Tayn was less inclined to join in with his brother and the other pups while they play-fought and stalked small prey in the woodland of their territory. He enjoyed learning less physical skills, primarily language and herbalism.

Tayn's parents indulged their small, shy son's fancies at first, but as winter warmed into spring and spring surrendered to summer, his father's patience wore thin. Tayn's brother and the rest of the pups born close to the same time had all begun to master a weapon or skill suited to hunting or defense. Meanwhile, Tayn's fascination with "useless knowledge" tarnished his proud warrior ancestry. Ultimately, Tayn's defiance earned him a thrashing from his father and expulsion from the pack.

An inexperienced 11 months old, Tayn knew very little about survival as he retreated from his former family pack's territory. He nearly met his end wandering too close to other packs and was always practically starving. Still, Tayn tried his best to help those he met along his path. One such encounter with a loner wolf-dog ended in Tayn's ear injury and the theft of his meager supplies. This crushing lesson in the cruelty of the world hardened Tayn, planting a seed of mistrust in his young heart.

After months of travel, he found himself in Nova Scotia. The harsh land seemed to press him into seeking a new pack for his own survival.

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