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Cassandra, by Alaine



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Date of Birth

May 21, 2009

Date of Death

October 13, 2020

Birth place

Thornloe, Ontario

Death place

??, Ohio



Asylum, Lykoi


50% Northeastern Coyote
25% Common Gray Wolf
12.5% Red Wolf
12.5% Dog




Since her childhood, Cassandra has drifted through life with few anchors. Having had no one to depend on but herself, she was forced to hone her own skills in order to survive. Now proud of this self-reliance, she has a quiet arrogance she does well to mask, and takes a special joy in proving wrong those that underestimate her. All the same, she has a good idea of what she's capable of, and will not hesitate to flee from a fight she knows she cannot win.

An actress of reasonable talent, she often appears meek or docile in new company, rarely showing her aloof and indifferent nature to strangers unless she believes it beneficial in some way. She generally has no qualms about accepting favors or hand-outs come out of others' trust or pity.

While calculating and self-serving, Cassandra is prone to impulsiveness, with an strong inclination towards violence to free her from uncomfortable situations.


Cassandra is an albino hybrid, though her physical features are definitively coyote with her tapered muzzle, very large ears, and bottle-brush tail. The size of a large coyote, she is still quite a bit smaller than most wolves and many dogs. She has a small nick in her left ear and a scar across the left side of her muzzle. There are numerous light scars over the rest of her body, including quite a few on her arms, but none are particularly pronounced or distinct.

Due to mild (and worsening) photosensitivity, she often wears a grey cloak and prefers to venture out at night or around dawn or dusk. In addition to her silver flower pendant, Cassandra often wears a few branches of fresh mint, the smell of which mingles with her own scent and obscures it.

By 2016, Cassandra's photosensitivity is extreme and being out in daylight is physically painful to her eyes. Even in darkness however, her vision is nearsighted and poor. By mid-2018, she is fully blind and even full moon light is unpleasant unless her eyes are entirely covered.


As a child, Cassandra was extremely close to her father and sister and loved both deeply. Her father's general teachings, cautions, and beliefs stay with her even after years of separation. However, Kharma's constant warning against Inferni isolates her from her family when both her father and sister eventually join and rejoin the clan. Cassandra does not begrudge them the decision, but never joins herself, instead opting to spend most of her life as a loner. With the exception of Myrika's litter, Cassandra doesn't recognise any of her extended family as family.

In 2017, Cassandra adopts two orphaned pups after she kills their parents for an unrelated transgression. She raises them as her own, but never lies about their origins.




A dappled grey mare obtained somewhere in Michigan in 2015. Generally mild-mannered and tolerant of strangers. Trained for riding, but able to carry light loads.


Species Grade horse
Date of Birth Unknown (approx. 2002)
Gender Mare





Machidael's house. NOT NO MORE


Seraht Soir is a Palomino mare, trained for riding and as a pack horse. Underfed and overworked, she spent several long years carrying tradesmen, and it shows: she has saddle-scars along her back.

She is dedicated and obedient, though she tends toward flightiness and can be intolerant of any approach if frightened sufficiently.

  • ~June 2012: Obtained in Freetown by Machidael via Sebante. She is in poor condition at this point.
  • August 2012: Stolen from Machidael by Cassandra :P
  • Fall 2012: Regains some health and strength under Cassandra's care
  • Spring 2015: Stolen from Cassandra by Maeriia Asylum


Cassandra's childhood horse, a dappled grey mare, traded to the family by members of Thornloe.



Cassandra and Myrika are born to Kharma and Rachias near Thornloe, Ontario. As soon as the pups are weaned, Rachias leaves the family to return to Nova Scotia.


Shortly after their first birthday, the small family sets out to Nova Scotia in search of Rachias, who had never returned. Two weeks into the journey, they are caught in a severe thunderstorm, and their horses scare in different directions.

Cassandra and her horse, Lady, are uninjured by the incident, but become lost and aren't able to locate Myrika or Kharma. They spend a few weeks searching, unknowningly traveling north, before coming upon a pack in Quebec called Matagami. For her unusual appearance, the pack immediately declares Cassandra a goddess of purity who would bring good fortune to them, their hunts, and their meager crops. Though uncomfortable with this, Cassandra stays with the pack for several months, hoping that her family would be able to find her there.


Cassandra develops a crush on a Matagami member named Jerome, whose brother Jean walks in on them one day. For the crime of defiling their goddess, Jean brutalizes Jerome and assaults Cassandra; many other members join in on this assault. Jerome and Cassandra are eventually cast from the pack and abandoned on a mountainside along with Lady. Jerome, blaming Cassandra for everything, assaults her. She kills him.

Cassandra returns to Thornloe, but finds that the pack that had occupied the village has been destroyed and the surrounding area looted and ransacked. She then sets off towards Nova Scotia once more.


Lady is killed in an attack by thieves, though Cassandra makes a narrow escape and finds her way to Nova Scotia. She meets several Infernians, but does not approach the clan for some time.

In August, Cassandra is injured in an attack by a rogue wolf and, in need of a place to rest and heal, finally seeks out Myrika in Inferni. Reunion with her sister gives her tremendous comfort, but Cassandra still leaves the clan once she is able. Still, she remains in the area and visits on occasion.


Cassandra remains in Nova Scotia and visits Inferni regularly to see her sister, nieces, and nephew.


Cassandra finally takes her leave of the area and unexpectedly, her niece Maeriia asks to tag along on her journey.


After spending nearly a year together, Maeriia steals Cassandra's horse and leaves one day.


Cassandra has a brief, tentative relationship with another loner woman named Justine, but nearly kills her after she makes a physical advance and flees afterwards.


Cassandra kills two loners who try to rob her, then discover that they've left behind two pups. She decides to adopt the pups, who she names Fiction and Soliloquy, and journeys back to Nova Scotia, hoping to get help raising them. She finds her father and is able to spend a few weeks with him before his death near the end of December.


Cassandra journeys east again, though raising the pups alone while traveling takes its toll. The small family settles somewhere near Buffalo, New York, for a while, before moving further south to Ohio. By this time, Cassandra is fully blind and becomes largely dependent on her children to provide for her. In November, Fiction takes her leave, citing a need to explore the world for herself.


Cassandra remains in Ohio with Soliloquy and becomes a fortune teller for nearby packs, trading various predictions, along with medicines and herbs from her garden, in exchange for furniture, tools, blankets, and other supplies.

In mid-October 2020, she passes away peacefully.



  1. bury your head, i'll help you bury your plans (7 June)
    Cassandra and Myrika prepare to leave Thornloe with their father.


  1. He ain't seen me crazy yet (24 February)
  2. some girls wander by mistake (6 March)
    Cassandra meets Ezekiel de le Poer, who shares a meal with her.
  3. what we do is secret, (15 April)
    Sirius Revlis warns Cassandra of Boreas.
  4. make your final requests (20 April)
    Omni Cadeaux mistakens Cassandra for someone else.
  5. born on snake hill (22 April)
    Cassandra is escorted to Inferni by Ithiel de le Poer.
  6. [M] time for cake and sodomy (1 August)
    Cassandra beats up Machidael Lykoi and steals his horse.
  7. the sun came out last night (17 August)
    Cassandra trades for horse supplies at Cercatori D'Arte.
  8. [M] now she's a birdcage, and he's a skeleton key (20 August)
    A relic from a bad memory is killed in the night.
  9. don't look in the basement (21 August)
    Cassandra heads to Inferni to recover.
  10. we can't there from here (25 August)
    Myrika Tears and her sister meet for the first time in years under less than happy circumstances.
  11. [M] our guilt, our blame, our blood, our fault (26 August)
    In which secrets are shared.
  12. but everything still happens anyway (28 August)
    Vesper encounters another woman in her lover's bed.
  13. her ledger dripping red (30 August)
    Cassandra meets Willam la Chemin.
  14. something happening somewhere (1 September)
    In which Cassandra is not impressed with Helotes Lykoi and her horse is apparently a jerk also.
  15. washed under the blacktop, gone beneath my wheels (25 September)
    In which Vesper moves into the schoolhouse and Cassandra moves out and Myrika is flustered.


  1. ransom notes keep falling out your mouth (27 March)
    In which Myrika is kind of manic and Cassandra is kind of awkward.
  2. if you're going through hell, keep going (27 March)
    In which Cassandra is kind of a jerk to Willam.
  3. what matters most is how well you walk through the fire (10 April)
    Colibri Haki and Cassandra bond awkwardly over poisonous flowers??
  4. variations on a theme (13 April)
    Cassandra and Vesper talk about stuff.
  5. i am the rain, i'm gonna reign this way again (28 April)
    Myrika's horse gets caught in one of Cassandra's rabbit traps.
  6. in between the cushions of somebody's couch (5 May)
    Cassandra meets Rose de le Poer.
  7. and so it goes (this soldier knows) (22 May)
    Priam Nothing is bucked from and loses his horse near Cassandra's garden.
  8. there's a story here somewhere (18 June)
    Cassandra visits Inferni to finally meet her nieces and nephew.
  9. You're an angry blade and you're brave (21 June)
    A young black bear attacks Vesper on the borders of Inferni and Cassandra kills it.
  10. tonight's a long, long way from home (10 August)
    Cassandra meets another albino canine for the first time.
  11. And Forgive us our Trespasses (6 November)
    Cassandra runs into Priam again.


  1. the best place to be is somewhere else (11 February)
    Cassandra takes leave of 'Souls and Maeriia goes with her.


  1. [M] there's no hidden meaning; there's no secret message (Various)
    A series of vignettes covering Cassandra's adoption of orphaned pups, Kharma's death, and her eventual blindness.