Verenna Wyrre

Verenna Wyrre

by Sie



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Date of Birth

6 April 2008

Date of Death

August 2013











"Enclosed Area"


Old English


Birth place




50% Northeastern Coyote
25% Hudson Bay Wolf
12.5% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
12.5% Tundra Wolf




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Verenna Wyrre was an NPC of Machidael Lykoi.

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1.  Personality

  • Sheltered, innocent, malleable, eager to please.
  • Loves/misses Vetra, her mother -- did basically everything for mom, even though mom ignored Verenna in favor of her mate and other children. :(
  • "Fairytale" type notion of love -- strong (almost extreme) desire to find a mate and raise her own children.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

  • Mother: Vetra Wyrre
  • Father: Del West
    • Siblings: Unknown

3.  History

  • Vetra Wyrre got knocked up by a wandering coyote, who promptly disappeared upon Vetra's revelation of her pregnancy. Whoops. :(
  • Vetra and Verenna were kicked out of her wolf-dominant home when Verenna was about three months old, or, as their home pack put it, "old enough to survive -- maybe."
  • Vetra traveled south and ended up joining another pack, a tiny one with only three or four members. Vetra finds a new mate, and the pair proceed to have a massive amount of children in quite a few litters.
  • Verenna helps raise all these kids, primarily because her parents are the alphas of the pack (which consists entirely of Vetra and her mate's offspring at this point).
  • Vetra dies in childbirth in late 2011, having given birth to five litters of children in two years. Her mate attempts to set up shack with Verenna, turning her into his next brood-mare, but Verenna runs away, leaving her stepfather and her half-siblings behind.
  • Verenna joins a pack and even goes so far as to find a boyfriend, but at some point her coyote heritage comes out and he gets grossed out. Thereafter, no one will court her, and she gets mad and leaves.
  • Verenna comes to 'Souls in late July of 2012 and meets Machidael. Whoooops. :(
  • Verenna has some other guy's kids while with Machidael after kinda-sorta-unintentionally stringing him along. She never actually meant to be deceitful, she just kind of went wild once she realized she was no longer under her mother or stepfather's control. Nevertheless, it ends badly for her -- Machi kills the children and gravely injuries Verenna.
  • Verenna is saved by a pair of kindly Loners who take her in and nurse her back to health. She remains with them some months, repaying her debt. She rarely speaks, not only because it is painful (her throat was injured by Machidael) but because she has little to say.
  • When she leaves the Loners, she is pretty much promptly found again by Machidael. He kidnaps her this time and holds her, bound and caged, until she has babies for him. She breaks free shortly after their birth and kills one of the puppies -- and is killed in turn by Machidael.

4.  Spirituality

Verenna's family worships stars, and Verenna does, too!

5.  Personality

  • Extremely sheltered -- had lived with family and never met anyone outside of it until early 2012 (almost four years old). As a result, kind of goes completely wild once she leaves family.
  • Her family life, including little personal freedom and primarily occupied in the care of her half-siblings, gave Verenna over to acting out and seeking whatever fun and happiness could be had -- during her time with family, this was primarily in spending time alone stargazing. Since then, she's picked up other occupations of her time.

6.  Appearance

Verenna is a coywolf hybrid. Her body shape and structure is an even mix of coyote and wolf both: she possesses the small size and streamlined appearance of a coyote while retaining the shaggier fur and more muscular appearance of a wolf. Her face is primarily wolfish, with a larger, shorter snout -- her ears are just slightly larger and more rounded than a wolf's, as well.

6.1  Coloration

  • Zeus (#221B15) colors the end of her muzzle, her jawline, the outsides of her ears, all four toes, the tip of her tail, and along her back in a dorsal stripe. Her Optime hair is also this color.
  • English Walnut (#4B3829) colors most of her face, her shoulders and upper back, her front legs, the lower parts of her rear leg, and most of her tail.
  • Tobacco Brown (#705642) surrounds both eyes, her lower jaw, her throat and much of her chest, and much of the rest of her body.
  • Nomad (#B7B4A8) shades the insides of her ears, her throat, chest, and stomach.
  • Swamp Green (#A8BE90) is her eye color.
  • Jon (#38221D) colors her nose, paw pads, and any other exposed skin.

6.2  Forms




6.3  Other


  • Scars (Scar Reference) -- NOT YET OBTAINED.
    • Chest scar, several interlacing slashes across her upper torso. Easily the largest and most evident of her scars -- takes over about a third of her torso.
    • Bite scar, rear lower left arm. Thick, ugly raised bumps, evidence of someone chewing on her arm pretty heartily.
    • Two parallel slash scars, front upper right thigh.
    • Large back scar, running from upper right shoulderblade straight down to lower left hip.
    • Broken back scar, starting above the small of her back down in the same direction as the large back scar. A small break separates this scar.
    • A small scar in the same direction as both previous scars, situated down low on her back.
    • Two vertical slashes, the right larger than the left, on her shoulderblade.


  • Jewelry:
    • blah

6.4  Threads


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