Basilaris Eternity

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By Mel!

Basilaris Eternity is a wolf-heavy hybrid and member of Salsola, where he was born. He holds the elite rank of Paladin, functioning as a warrior for his pack. With his mate Bane D'Angelo, he is father to four children; Misery, Grievous, Mandrake, and Scourge.

Born to former Salsola leader Eris Eternity and Larkspur D'Angelo, Basilaris was their last child. His father was killed during the Boreas Conflict, during an incident in which Basilaris was kidnapped. He was turned over to a trader who transported him overseas, where he was sold into slavery. He was raised and trained to act as a living weapon for a group of wolves in Dzhendema?. Eventually, Basilaris turned on his captors and escaped, traveling for weeks before finding his way back to Amsterdam. It was here he met Stannis de le Poer, who befriended him despite their language barrier. They later encountered Bastion Hallow and his mate Janos, who recognized Basilaris and urged him to return home. The four men arrived in Salsola in November of 2013.

A recovering addict, Basilaris was helped through this process by Stannis and his sister, Boss Salvia Eternity, who afforded him time and resources to begin the process of recovery. Basilaris adjusted to life in Salsola with relative ease and began to climb in the ranks. His duties included acting as a guardian for his sister's children, and in particular Osrath, to whom he is closest. He previously acted as Morgana Revlis' sponsor at the request of her uncle, and the two maintain a good relationship. He currently sponsors Nickodemus Sparhawk.

Living a sober, dutiful and dedicated life to his pack and his family, Basilaris continues to defend his homeland while still focusing on raising his children.







  • Pronunciation: bas-uh-ler-is
  • Nickname: Basi
  • Etymology:
    • Basilaris: the base
    • Eternity: infinite or unending time
  • Epithet: призрак (Prizrak / "Ghost")



  • Need a bodygaurd or some muscle? Basilaris takes contracts from fellow Salsola members.

Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Basilaris around Salsola.
  • General conversations (e.g., small talk). Specific conversations, especially conversations which may later affect RP, should be PMed before posting.
    • Remember, Basilaris speaks English with an accent!

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


It’s apparent on first glance that Basilaris isn’t simply large—he’s massive. One would never mistake Basilaris for anything but a wolf (though a keen eye would recognize hybridization in his ears and facial structure). He is long-legged and bulky, with a broad chest and shoulders. This size is reflected throughout the rest of his body. Basilaris has central heterochromia and is an extreme example of piebaldism, though his skin and tongue give this mutation away almost as clearly as his eyes.


  • Low - rarely found in Optime form.
    • Jewelry: Wooden + crystal sun necklace.
    • Gear: --
    • Weapons: --


  • Scars
    • Four on face, running diagonally across the right side of his muzzle.
    • Multiple whip marks scour his back, though are largely hidden by this longer fur.


  • Scent: Salsola, marsh, pine, mud, herbs, horses, his children. It is not uncommon to catch traces of Bane on him as well. When Basilaris disguises his scent he uses salt-water and woodsmoke.
  • Speech: Though Basilaris spoke English fluently when he was a boy, he did not use it for an equally long period of time. When he does speak English his voice has an notable accent.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Basilaris suffers from intention tremors in his left hand, and it often shakes.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Subdued, almost surprisingly passive. This becomes a little more defensive when with other Salsola members, especially. He would never look less than threatening when outside of Salsola's borders.

art by Alaine


Lupus (Preferred)

160 lbs (27 kg) 46 in (117 cm)

Heavy set and thickly furred, visibly muscular. Tall, with long legs and broad paws.


280 lbs (127 kg) 54 in (137 cm)

Everything simply gets larger in this form.


315 lbs (143 kg) 7ft 10in (94 in) (239 cm)

Stocky and broad-shouldered. Long, straight hair.



White (#FFFFFF)


Supernova (#FFC901)
Ecstasy (#FA7814)
Mantis (#74C365)

Nose, Skin, Paw Pads

Brandy Rose (#BB8983)
Mine Shaft (#323232)

2.  Personality

Tyke BombBroken BirdCombat PragmatistImplacable Man

2.1  Ideals


  • Outlook: Realist
  • Expression: Introverted, aggressive, neutral, obedient
  • Sociability: Basilaris is very anti-social, but will reluctantly engage with others (especially when under orders).
  • Alignment:
    • "Respects the laws and authority figures of the community and his family."
    • "Supports the legal procedures of the nation, without regard to their own discomfort."
    • "Obeys all personal contracts."
    • "Believes people deserve the treatment they are willing to endure."


  • Salsola
  • His family
  • Escapism
  • Both physical and mental recovery


  • Bad things happening to his family.
  • Slavery
  • Physical disability


  • Likes: Hunting, sleeping, horseback riding, swimming, building things, hearing stories, Salsola
  • Dislikes: Loud noises, wasting time, laziness, Outsiders


  • Non-Luperci: True to Salsola's teachings, considers non-Luperci worthless.
  • Women: are superior, though this is a fact in female-led Salsola.


  • 1 on the Kinsey scale: "Predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual."
  • Demisexual; sexually attracted to people only after a strong emotional bond has been formed.
  • Has no qualms with incest.


Basilaris lives a life of sobriety, rejecting any form of drug or alcohol that is not meant for healing.

In his youth as a captive, Basilaris was fed a mixture of barbiturates and stimulates in order to keep him under control. He struggles with an addiction to dissociative drugs; specifically, Fly Agaric, Jimson Weed, and Salvia Divinorum.


  • Polytheistic
    • Knowledge of various gods, belief in superstitions.
  • Practices Saslolan rituals.
  • Firm believer of fate and destiny.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

(italics indicate unknown connection)

4.  History

Previous Packs and Ranks

Salsola (29 December 2011 - 10 April 2012)
на планина (August 2012 - July 2013)
Salsola (18 November 2013 - 1 June 2016)
Family, Confidant, Tradesman, Warden, Henchman