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Janos Russo

Janos Russo, by Kitty
Name MeaningHungarian variant of John
Date of Birth1 January 2008
Subspecies25% tundra wolf
25% timber wolf
48% russian wolf
2% dog
Birth placeRussia/Eastern Europe
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Joining dateMay 07, 2011
Joining RankThe Arbiter
Most Recent RankThe Arbiter
SignificanceFounding Member

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Joining dateN/A

1.  History: Before Souls (March 2011)

Janos was born to Zaets Russo and Kezia Havok in the extremes of Eastern Europe in early 2008. The family travelled together, as Kezia was something of a gypsy, and for a brief time, things were tranquil and good. However, Kezia became increasingly paranoid and destructive, this behaviour culminating her attacking Zaets and driving him off. After this, one by one, Janos and his siblings departed from their mother, setting out to make their own way. They did not stick together for the most part, and Janos soon found himself alone, travelling the trade routes.

He drifted south and ended up boarding a Mediterranean vessel. He served on this vessel, fishing and trading from one port to another. It was a hard-working existence, though it afforded him just as many opportunities to party hard, as well -- each port held a new adventure for Janos, and he enjoyed each and every one of them. Uninterested in settling down, Janos was often offering his services to a new ship captain before his old one departed, forming few lasting friendships and loyalties.

After nearly a year of this work, Janos became bored, and decided to take a much longer boat ride to North America, having become heavily enamoured with the tales spun by sailors who had been there. He arrived in Barbados and found it disgustingly hot, heading immediately northward toward Freetown. He passed through 'Souls and, despite running into a man who claimed to be his grandfather, he showed little interest in settling down. Restlessness had seized him, and he planned to head west (with little to no actual idea of his destination). Boarding a boat once more, everything seemed to be going as planned until a blunt object connected with his head and sent him crumbling down onto the wooden deck.

When he awoke, he found himself captured by slavers; their faces cruel and uncaring, seeing what they had done nothing more then their jobs and treated Janos as nothing more than merchandise. During this time, each day that passed seemed to drag on as if it were a year, each passing moment his captures would beat and whip the slave mentality into him. For he was a slave and should not think for himself, he is to serve and follow orders, nothing more.

Constantly bound, he was helpless to defend himself, but he was stubborn and refused to give up hope; again and again he refused to bow to his captors, each time he retaliated against their rule, they assaulted him adding more scars to his building collection. The ropes that bound him rubbed away the surrounding fur and eventually begun to dig into his flesh, any open wound inflicted upon him was left untreated.

Sadly, even his stubborn nature could not save him from the inevitable fall into helpless depression and eventually he found himself caving in and picking up a slave’s mentality.During his time as a slave, he watched those around him repeatedly beaten and raped over the most trivial things; having an accent, looking/behaving like a ‘slut’, etc. The slave masters would use any reason to abuse their charges and Janos did not escape their beady eyes for long. Unlike most slaves, he had not been sold on within the first 3 days of capture and so that made him fair game for any treatment the slave masters could think of.

Every night, one of his capturers would come into the small cage which held him; the cage was never cleaned out and so the floor was layered with facieses and remains of whatever scrap food the threw at him. He would be lead into a building with thick walls where he would be beaten, tortured or raped, and that was if he was lucky. If they felt more creative, they’d force him to rape a fellow slave whilst they watched, enjoying the free show of him screwing whomever they designated. Other times, he would be forced to torture a pup to death and eat its remains while they watched and laughed.

After a month of slavery, which seemed like an endless amount of time to the Russo male, it seemed as if there would be hope once more in his life; in the form of his angelic saviour. Removed from his captors, he instantly bonded to the one whom saved him; the small wolf called himself Bastion. To repay the kindness the young wolf had shown him, he offered Bastion his eternal servitude. The angelic one smiled upon him and branded him as his. From then on, he followed the child like canine, devoting himself to his savoir.

2.  Appearance

Janos is a large canine, taking after his Russian paternal heritage. He is broad-shouldered and tall, though lacking in excessive bulk, but his tail is somewhat short/stubby and has been like it from birth. Another noticeable feature is his tattered right ear, which was bitten into and torn during a fight upon the deck of a ship. His fur pattern is primarily made up of black, white, and gray, taking a rather husky-like appearance. His eyes are even the brilliant blue-white of the husky, inherited from his father's side of the family.

Due to taking a hit across the face; whipped by one of the slave masters, his sight in his left eye is blurry, which causes him to often close the eye when he is focusing so that the poor vision doesn’t get in the way.As for piercings, his left eyebrow is pierced in the usual manner of the Russo family, and he generally wears a hoop in his left ear, preferring gold to silver. Scattered across his body; in particular his face and neck are scars. During his time away from souls, his life took a turn for the worse and he found himself being beaten and attacked on a regular basis.

Although he seldom takes his lupus form, in it only a few of the scars are visible; those upon his legs, a few on his neck and those on his face that show through his thick pelt. The fur around his neck is long and forms a thick mane, despite it having been worn away in the past. Aswell as his Lupus form, he also rarely takes to his Secui form, but when he does he is nothing more than a mass of muscle and scars; his fur thins revealing 90% of the scars that cover him. As for his optime form, his hair fades out into straight white spikes, with a long fringe which covers the right side of his face. Because of his sheer quantity of scars, he always wears jeans and a large, tattered duster coat, along with a blue scarf which cover the majority of his marks. Upon the back of his neck is a brand which was given to him by Bastion.

3.  Personality

Coming Soon ~

4.  Relationships

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4.2  Friends

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4.5  Threads


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