Bane D'Angelo

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Bane D'Angelo is a daughter of the Khalif, and serves as a proud Arbiter, Curandera, and Boticario of Salsola. Born to Anguish D'Angelo and Prophet D'Angelo, she is the granddaughter of Misery D'Angelo twice over, who primarily reared her. Chosen at birth to serve as a body servant and nurse to the old crone, she worked faithfully until being caught in a compromising position with her littermate, Victory D'Angelo. Escorted from the Mountain by her uncle, War D'Angelo she arrived in Salsola on May 23rd, 2015. She became fast friends with her distant cousin, Bellatrix D'Angelo and gained acceptance to the pack through her.
The waif worked quickly to establish herself in Salsola and began work as a medic almost immediately, helping to heal the gravely injured Lokr Revlis. She faithfully serves the Queen Salvia Eternity above all others in the pack. She has brought many of her siblings into the fold of Salsola, helping to grow the pack's numbers. She owns the slave, Heine Kaiser.
In October of 2015, Bane began a courtship with the Queen's brother, Basilaris Eternity.
On January 1st, 2016, Bane's uncle War D'Angelo returned to the lands of 'souls and brought devastating news with him.






  • Date of Birth: Oct 1st 2012
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: The Ruins, Salsola
  • Mate: None
  • Pack: Salsola (May 2015)
  • Rank: Warden
  • cNPC:
  • Dama? (black and white stallion)
  • Samman? (black phase vixen)



  • Bane's a D'Angelo! She wants to meet her kin, far and wide.
  • Want nightmares? Let Bane tell you about Khalifism!

Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • General conversations (e.g., reporting all is well).
  • Getting Bane to heal minor wounds. She is very eager to help anyone, in any way. Learning about Khalifism from her. (Just toss me a PM so I know they talked!)

PM to discuss:

  • Specific conversations, especially conversations which may later affect RP (e.g., caught an identifiable trespasser).

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Bane looks quite like her grandmother, Misery D'Angelo in structure. She is quite tall and lean, and though a pureblood wolf, her face is quite angular and almost coyotesque.
  • Fur: Due to being a mountain wolf, she has a thick, slightly fluffy coat. Though Bane is not afraid to get dirty, she normally appears quite clean.
    • Optime Hair: Bane's hair is a clean, wild sheet of white that hangs almost to her waist. She keeps her pale hair quite clean but does not style it. She does enjoy braiding part of the front to one side or the other and putting beads or feathers in.
  • Facial Features: Angular, almost gaunt. She has a severe face, though she has large, bright eyes. Bane looks very innocent and does not hesitate to use that to her advantage.
  • Build and Size: Slight but fit, she has a swimmer's build. Bane has little fat on her body, and is mostly muscle, she's built for speed, not strength. Quite tall, she stands six feet, six inches tall. Long, shapely legs.
    • Lupus: Long legged and long of body, she is lean but strong.
    • Optime: Long, lean, willowy. She looks rather like the stereotypical waif - wide eyed, nervous.
  • Humanization: Bane usually wears clothes and various found accessories. Rarely shifts into her other forms, due to being trained from a young age to always be ready to administer aid.


  • Fur: Inky black
  • Markings:
    • White, birdlike splotch on chest.
    • White chin smudge
    • Ear insides are a silvery grey.
    • White ticking on her neck, hinting at her white hair
  • Eyes: Gold-green
  • Optime Hair: White
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Black


Black (#000000)
White (#FFFFFF)
Electric Lime (#c7ff05)
Gray (#919191)


Bane enjoys adornments.

Jewelry and Accessories

  • Has a collection of can tahs, the little gods of Khalif. Some are made of metal, gifts from Bellatrix. They are shaped like predators with the tongues of other animals. She favors coyote heads with serpent tongues, though one of her finest is of a lion with a snake tongue and silver coyote with serpent tongue. She wears them around her neck on a leather string. Some are very poorly carved wood while others are far more intricate.
  • Only worn at Last Suppers, Bane has a necklace on a fine silver chain. The necklace has a black crescent moon with a dark ruby set in the center.


  • Bane has several outfits she wears, though her favorite is a charcoal and red combination.
  • Bane rarely appears nude in public.
  • Bane has a large wooden staff, that is fairly knobbly and the center is wrapped with leather.


80 lbs (38 kg)
26 in (91 cm)


Lean, with an angular face in all forms.

135 lbs (64 kg)
37 in (109 cm)


Tall and lean, her muzzle is particularly and gaunt in secui.

155 lbs
6ft 6in (78 in)

Optime (Preferred)

Bane is almost always in this form. Tall, lean, she has the wide eyes of a waif. She looks innocent and nervous normally.


  • Speech: She speaks German and English fluently. Bane really likes to talk about her Gods, family, and healing. Bane is very agreeable, and will rarely argue outside of her faith. Always eager to please and compliment.
  • Scent: Bane smells primarily of Salsola. There is almost always a fiery, smoky smell about her though as Bane really likes burning stuff. If she's been messing with her herbs she'll carry trace scents of plants.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Bane sings and talks to herself Bane often reacts as if she's been caught doing something bad when first approached. She gives off a very nervous energy, as if she is constantly expecting to be hit. Now that she's been in Salsola, she's starting to become more confidant, though she still has twitchy fingers.
  • When doing her healing work, Bane's entire mannerisms appear. She is quite forceful and straightforward, all of her nervousness seemingly disappearing - the only sign she may not actually be as nervous as she acts.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Bane fidgets a lot, and her hands are almost always moving. She tends to look down (especially if speaking to pale or white canines). A steady diet and lots of work in Salsola have built her body up and she's started standing taller and stronger.


2.  Personality

Heal it with fireUndying LoyaltyIn The BloodBroken BirdNervous Wreck

Bane is helpful above all else, always seeking to aid pretty much anyone she meets that she considers part of her 'family'. This extends to all D'Angelo's, but now that she is in Salsola, they take precedent. She is ever eager to please those above her, especially those at the top. Bane tolerates no slights towards the Boss and Lord Commander and even hinting of dislike of them or intended treachery will lead to her hastily telling them.

Bane is fanatically religious, and devoted to Khalifism. She believes she was born to Tak because of her dark fur, and that one day she will be burned alive to feed him and his wrath. She is strangely cool about this — she believes every day she's had since they sentenced her to burn on a pyre is a blessing and does not fear death. She will happily share her faith with anyone, and considers it somewhat of a mission, to tell everyone of Tak, Ankh, and Rah'khir. She will listen about other religions and incorporate some of their teachings into Khalifism, but she firmly (and privately) believes that all other religions can be explained as others just not understanding about the Khalif trio.

Bane's very good at what she does, healing, and most things relating to it. A skilled scholar, she likes telling stories (mostly faith based) and enjoys reading and writing.

Bane loves her grandmother, Misery, above all else, and is utterly devoted to the woman.

2.1  Ideals


Intelligent, helpful, faithful, sensitive, intense, awkward, straight-faced

  • Outlook: Surprisingly optimistic considering her upbringing
  • Sociability: Minorly extroverted. She doesn't thrive around people, but she gets lonely quickly
  • Expression: Tends to default to being submissive, but is working hard to be more dominant, heavily encouraged by her cousin, Bellatrix.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good


  • Basilaris Eternity, initially they got involved because Bane thought it would be good business, she is very fond of him
  • Misery D'Angelo, her grandmother was her entire world for her first two years, and she loves the woman more than anything
  • Salsola -- despite its often ill reputation, there is no place finer or more worthwhile to her than Salsola. She considers it a sanctuary after the Mountain of her birth, and will defend it to the death
  • Tradition & Faith-- D'Angelo traditions and Khalifism are very important to her.


  • Isolation, Ostracism: Being alone, or outcast, Bane was rarely alone as a child, and dislikes it even now
  • Herself: Being born dark furred in the Khalif faith marks one as inherently evil, and Bane fears that possibility in herself
  • Abandonment: Though she does not express it, she is convinced all those around her will eventually realize her worthlessness and abandon her.


  • Atheism: Growing up in a cult, Bane cannot understand being godless and finds it arrogant


  • Bisexual, a clear fetish for white wolves


  • Likes: Healing, human artifacts, faith chat, singing, listening & telling stories, Salsola, D'Angelo family
  • Dislikes: The Priests of Ankh, fools, tyrants, laziness, her father, liars, Lokr
    • Bane can be sensitive about her bloodline (she is super inbred) and doesn't appreciate jokes or insults about it


  • Prior experience with alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana -- she found them enjoyable, but does not seek them out. She doesn't really know anything about other substances, but would probably try them on impulse.
  • Bane likes hallucinogens, and uses them for faith
  • She likes alcohol as well, but rarely to excess
  • Marijuana is for faith and the occasional stress relief

3.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name.

3.1  Family: D'Angelo

  • Extended: D'Angelo - Bane isloosely related to almost every major family in 'souls due to being a D'Angelo

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Bellatrix D'Angelo is Bane's closest confidant and friend in the pack, she admires the yellow woman's strength and conviction
  • Misery D'Angelo was the major influence of her childhood, Misery is the foundation of all that Bane is. Her time with the woman was both wonderful and terrifying due to Misery's mental illness. Bane loves the woman fiercely, though she cannot bring herself to admit that in some ways the woman manipulated and inadvertently harmed her.
  • War D'Angelo is more of a father to Bane than her blood father ever was. She's a bit of a puppy around him, and loves him deeply.
  • Eventide D'Angelo is Bane's little brother. She worries about him because he is a very grumpy little man, and she tends to (s)mother him. He does not approve.
  • Basilaris Eternity is Bane's intended. She initially proposed an arrangement of convenience to him, and he moved in with her. She has grown inexorably fond of him, though she tries to keep the extent of her devotion quiet.

Positive Relations

  • Salvia Eternity is Bane's Boss. She has a deep, unshakable respect and awe for Salvia. She views her as the source of all good in Salsola. Keen to please her, Bane would eagerly rat out anyone or anything scheming against Salvia. Privately, she thinks Salvia might be Rah'khir in the flesh.
  • Heine Kaiser is Bane's slave. She is very fond of the boy, and somewhat reluctant to free him as she thinks he might immediately attempt to flee Salsola. Secretly, she wants to find a way to make him a full member of the pack though she knows its futile.
  • Quicksilver Lykoi is Bane's apprentice of sorts. She tries to help guide the girl towards climbing the ranks and considers her an ally.
  • Rafael Salcedo saved Bane from a crazy man on the borders. She thinks he is super handsome and fancy with his sword.

Neutral / Negative

  • Lokr Revlis is the Lord Commander of Salsola. Initially fond of him, she now regards him with some suspicion.
  • Osrath Eternity is the Equinest of Salsola, and Bane regards her with simple respect. She has had few conversations with the girl but admires her steadfast strength.

Minor Relations

  • Sex: Victory D'Angelo, Basilaris Eternity
  • Friendly:
  • Enemies:
  • Murders: Unnamed male NPC

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: Misery and her War taught her to read, and she has been reading and writing ever since.
  • Reading (Master)
  • Writing (Master): Bane has very neat, though somewhat small writing. She does spell things phonetically for the most part due to the lack of spellcheck, obviously.
  • Writing Materials (Journeyman): She can create "ink" from bark, char, berries, and salt. She can create "pencils" (stick with sharpened charcoal).


  • Healing (Master): Bane has been learning to heal and practicing the art since she was a small child. She is very versatile.
  • Combat Healing
  • Elder Care
  • Sewing (Apprentice): She is capable of sewing very simple clothing, belts, pouches, etc. from cured animal pelts.

4.2  History


Previous Packs and Ranks

Salsola (Aug 2011 - Present)
Tirones, Praeses, Vigiles, Caelum, Consul, Praetorian, Consul





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