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Xochime Kimaris is a coy-wolf hybrid, littermate to Tlantli Kimaris, Imacai Kimaris and Miqui Kimaris. She was born in 2009 in her homeland Eterne, a mecca for coyotes in southern Mexico. However, Xochime was quickly taken from her family and shipped northward as a slave. She lived for some time in servitude before being rescued and freed by her sister, Tlantli Kimaris.

Xochime previously resided in Salsola -- until the pack's slavery practices got to her, that is. She departed after witnessing Eris Eternity abusing Molcaxitl Yocatl, wandering for some time and gaining skill in combat and wielding knives. Xochime returned to 'Souls and has been a member of Inferni since 2012.







  • Nickname: Xo
  • Pronunciation: zo-CHEEM
  • Meaning: "flowers"; "66th demon"
  • Origin: Nahuatl, demonology
  • Title: The Flower Demon
  • cNPC: —
  • yNPC: —



  • darp

Inferni members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Xochime hanging around the D'Neville Mansion
  • Seeing Xochime practicing fighting, sparring, etc.
  • Read Only sparring and practice threads are okay -- please add them to her thread archive log.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Xochime's father was a purebred Mexican Coyote; her mother was a California Valley Coyote and Great Plains Wolf hybrid. She has a heavily coyote appearance, and does not bear much (if any) resemblance to a wolf.
  • Fur: Xochime's fur is thin and coyote-like -- she is not especially well-suited for cold climates, and will usually cloak herself or clothe herself.
    • Optime Hair: Xo does not style her hair beyond trimming it so it falls in a more human manner. It is often seen with split ends, and the cut is often jagged, as if she sliced a razor across the end of her hair -- which she did.
  • Facial Features: Xochime has a slim and very pretty coyote's face. Her muzzle tapers delicately, and her large, wide eyes are almond-shaped. Her ears are large, though not exceptionally so.
  • Build and Size: Xochime is slim and petite. She is not especially curvy, but neither does she altogether lack a feminine figure. Her musculature is well-defined, though not excessive.
  • Humanization: Yes, minor; Xochime sometimes wears Clothing and has a permanent modification


  • Fur:
    • Xochime's coloration is primarily Desert.
    • A darker shade of Rope colors Xo's upper body.
    • Her coat darkens still to Cafe Royale along her back and shoulders.
  • Markings:
    • Her spine and the tip of her tail are dusted with Kilamanjaro. In Optime form, these dark hints along her spine and tail become more apparent.
  • Eyes: Trinidad
  • Optime Hair: Xochime's hair is a coppery orange Cafe Royal.
  • Nose and Paw Pads: Jacko Bean


Desert (#A26E1F)
Rope (#93561a)
Cafe Royal (#76370C)
Kilamanjaro (#250A01)
Trinidad (#E33908)
Jacko Bean (#2A1904)

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Scars:
    • A few whipping scars crossing her upper back.
    • A few smaller random scars along her arms, primarily from laboring.
    • A few larger random scars along her arms, torso, thighs, and shoulders, primarily from her abuses at the hands of various owners.
  • Piercings:
    • Her septum is pierced as per the Eternian slave culture; Xochime has not removed it since escaping slavery.
  • Tattoos: No.


Xo is not especially humanized -- only her septum piercing, her occasional flowered garlands, and her winter cloak are her true human accoutrements. Though she mends and makes human clothing, she wears and keeps little of it for herself.


  • Winter: Xochime is likely to don a cloak -- tattered, gray, and unadorned, it features a thick lining and a hood to cover her head. It is more "poncho" like -- it doesn't have armholes, and slips over Xo's head.

Jewelry and Accessories

Slave Ring Flower Necklace Flower Garland
  • Xochime still wears the silver slave ring in her nose, considering it a reminder of her slavery and where she will never go again. It's also sort of a symbol of solidarity with other slaves.
  • Sometimes wears a flowered garland around her head or neck, strung together and woven of flowers, sticks, vines, etc. She makes them herself, and may sometimes try to foist them off on others.


64 lbs (29 kg)
26 in (66 cm)


Dainty, petite, small. She is only just a tad larger than the average coyote, but her thinness of frame makes her appear generally smaller.

No Pixel!
120 lbs (54 kg)
30 in (76 cm)


Slightly larger and long-legged, still petite and sleek. Xo lacks the usual bulk and muscular appearance of a Secui. She is gangly and uncoordinated in this form, and awkward from lack of use.

160 lbs (73 kg)
5ft 8in (68 in) (173 cm)

Optime (Preferred)

In her Optime form, Xochime's hair is coppery orange, and her black hints along the spine and tail become more apparent. This is by far her favored form.


  • Speech: Xochime speaks fluent Spanish, and English. She is most comfortable in Spanish. Her voice is typically soft and monotonous. It possesses behind it a certain undertone of strength and firmness, however; Xochime's voice is no longer small and "frightened" as it once was. She rarely raises her voice and has difficulties expressing anger or other negative emotions.
  • Scent: Xochime scents herself, and uses flowers. Honeysuckle is a favorite, as it reminds her of Inferni. She avoids scents that remind her of Salsola.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Xochime is not extremely attentive to her appearance -- she does not groom herself frequently, rarely brushes her hair, etc. This lends her a faint air of dirtiness, though she is never foul-smelling or uncomfortably dirty. This is primarily to keep others away; she thinks if she keeps herself in such a manner, no one will want her as a slave, flirt with her, make advances, etc.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Xochime seems extremely self-assured. She holds herself straight and taut, standing up as tall as her small stature will allow. This is especially around canines she does not know well -- when she gets to know another canine, she becomes more relaxed and comfortable.


2.  Personality

"Reserved and quiet" are the best words to describe the present incarnation of Xochime. She listens more than she speaks, although she is not uncommunicative by any means. She speaks at length, and is often almost forceful of speech -- especially concerning things she believes strongly (e.g., anti-slavery).

  • Xo is, however, constantly calculating the danger inherent in her present situation, regardless of where she is or who she is with. Even in the depths of Inferni, where she feels safest, Xochime is always alert.
  • Xo will adapt herself to the situation. Slavery taught her fluidity and the ability to read and preempt others' desires. She often acts to please another canine; her ability to appease is supreme.
  • She will never fight first if personally attacked or threatened: talking her way out of the situation or running is preferable. Conversely, if she is acting in protection of a slave, Xochime is downright vicious.
  • Xochime's own safety and freedom are paramount: she is very nearly paranoid about slavery and again becoming a slave. She will no longer entertain friendships with those who keep slaves.

2.1  Previously

  • Childhood: Xochime was an outgoing and social child. Playfulness characterized her childhood: Xochime has forgotten how to play, and thinks of this child as a different entity from herself altogether.
  • Adolescence: During her slavery, she essentially hid her personality away. Monotone, quiet, and completely apathetic, she "forgot" herself as a sort of coping mechanism. Xochime can still call upon this "flatline" if need be: separating herself rather seamlessly from the emotion of the situation, she protects herself at any cost.
  • Early Adulthood: Upon her reemergence into freedom, she was generally outright fearful of strange men, and she gravitated toward kindly female types. Submissive and sweet, she generally shirked crowds, loud noises, and bustling activity, preferring silence and quiet or the company of a few. Upon joining Salsola with her sister and brother, she gained a sense of stability for the first time since she was seven months old, and began to develop somewhat more normally.
  • Post-Slavery: Though once characterized by severe anxiety, since surviving on her own and receiving some rehabilitation, Xochime has become more confident and less nervous. There is a certain "firmness" to her being that she previously lacked: audible in her voice and visible in her posture, Xochime seems less a wraith now.

2.2  Ideals


Quiet, patient, adaptable, empathetic, cautious, anxious, self-interested, distant

  • Outlook: Pessimistic or optimistic?
  • Sociability: Extroverted or introverted?
  • Expression: Submissive or dominant?
  • Alignment: Chaotic neutral


  • Avoiding slavery, finding her place in the world, happiness and stability


Xochime has a decent understanding of Eterne's religious beliefs and inclinations, but she is not completely indoctrinated.


  • Slavery, sex, unpredictable canines


  • Species: Xo holds coyote supremacy beliefs. She believes coyotes are the better species, and that wolves are terrible brutes (most of her owners were wolves). This causes her some dissonance where wolf-slaves are concerned: while she dislikes wolves, she also hates' slavery.
  • Non-Luperci: She thinks they're kind of silly and tends to treat them as one would a small child, like Luperci pups that never learned how to shift. Though she thinks she's being fair to them, she can be pretty condescending.


  • Asexual, but not naturally so. As a slave she experienced the horrors of rape and sexual abuse, and learned to associate sex with fear and loss of control. She quickly repressed her own sexual desires as sex is associated with fear and pain for Xochime. She has some homoromantic tendencies though, as she finds females to be less threatening.

Substances & Vices

  • darp!


  • Likes: Helping slaves or former slaves
  • Dislikes: Slavery, servitude, orders

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family: Kimaris

3.2  Relations

* Does not know this person by name.

Key Relations

Positive Relations

  • Cartier Inferni is her nephew by Miqui Kimaris and Willam la Chemin. Xo learned of Miqui's interaction with Willam and surmised Cartier must be his son. She has begun crafting a deeper relationship with the boy since learning of their relationship.
  • Molcaxitl Yocatl was a slave in Salsola during Xochime's membership there. Xo was happy to find Molca living free in Inferni upon joining. She is especially protective over the former slave, and has been encouraging Molca to think of herself as a free woman.
  • Imacai was not known as well as her other siblings. Ima may have never met Xochime after her kidnapping when they were both 7 months old -- not certain on this point!

Neutral / Negative

  • Madin Subarria was her "father figure" during her time away from 'Souls. He taught her, kept after her, and made some attempts to nurse her to a more healthful state. His abandonment worsened Xochime's condition and is the likely motivator for her return to an area where other canines frequent. She doesn't harbor murderous revenge fantasies for Madin, but if they met again it's likely she would try to hurt him in some way. The player may create an open character of their own for Madin, if so desired. o:
  • Tlantli has always been protective of Xochime, and freed Xochime from slavery and abusive torment under Samael. Xochime admired and loved Tlantli -- but felt particularly betrayed by her sister's relation with their brother and (more than anything) her departure in early 2012. She knows her sister Tlantli in Eterne keeps slaves, and has decided to cut her out of her life, as well. This is not a decision she made with any light-heartedness, and it causes her a considerable amount of discomfort.
  • Miqui has always seemed standoffish to Xochime. Though he does love Xo, Xo never really felt he did and misinterpreted his general grumpiness as distaste for her. Though she is very weirded out by Miqui and Tlantli's trysts (he told Xo about it), she likes Miqui's other son, Cartier. She knows her brother Miqui still resides within Salsola. Xo is unlikely to treat him kindly due to that association (thanks to Salsola's slave-keeping practices).
  • Salsola is her former pack. Xochime has an extreme mistrust of the Thistle canines for their practices of slavery, and avoids them at all cost -- figuring she, too, is subject to the pack's law regarding deserters. She sharpens her knives with Salsola in mind.

Minor Relations

  • Sex: None voluntary
  • Friendly: Inferni
  • Enemies: Salsola
  • Murders: Slave-owning NPC

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: She learned primarily from Madin Subarria. Her primary motivation for learning is so she may avoid slavery -- avoiding other dangers is just a bonus, essentially.
  • Knife Fighting (Journeyman): While Xo is far from a master fighter, she has kept after a blade for some time. She isn't too awful if she even has to use the knife for hunting.
  • Knife Maintenance (Master): She knows sharpening, general care and keeping of knives.
  • While she is capable of defending herself, most of her possession of weaponry is simply for show. She uses them to intimidate and make herself feel safe, essentially.

Domestic Pursuits

  • Education and Learning: Slavery taught Xochime a number of things. While she would prefer to forget many of them, there were some useful skills imparted on her. She uses these skills to cement her place within her pack, as well as make herself useful.
  • Sewing and Mending (Journeyman): Xochime learned how to mend clothes as well as create simple Luperci clothes as a slave. She is not an exceptional seamstress, but her implements are at least passable.
  • Food Preparation (Master): Xochime learned how to make various foods -- she knows how to prepare various things with spices, cook food over fire, etc.
  • Xo doesn't outright reject these behaviors, but she'll often put them off as they remind her of slavery. She especially will not do these things if she feels obligated or beholden; being ordered to prepare food or sew something would really get her, no matter where the order came from (i.e., she'd probably disobey even the Aquila if they were all, "do this now!!!" rather than giving her a choice about it).

4.2  Inventory

4.3  Residence

by Sie

  • D'Neville Mansion, Inferni
    Xo lives on the first floor of the mansion in an almost barren room, populated by a metal fireplace and a sturdy wooden table. Her bed is a large mattress, its center hollowed out. It is packed with furs where she sleeps, keeping the sharp springs from poking her.

4.4  NPCs


by Sie

  • Silver Dapple Black horse, the remaining mare from the wagon team. The horse is docile, although very shy and especially so around new Luperci. She is cart and riding trained. A stout creature, on the smaller side and with a thickly muscled body, she heavily resembles a Rocky Mountain horse. Xochime names her Necahual-- "survivor."


Xochime will trade, given the opportunity. She is likely to just give things to those within Inferni, but otherwise demands a fair trade price from outsiders.

  • Offering: Luperci-made leather clothing (cloaks, skirts, dresses)
  • Accepting: Inferni Trades?, items for sewing, etc.


Halter Bit Reins Rope Saddle Scent
Pelts Pelts Fishbone needles Dress Dress Cloak Scissors Thread Yarn Needles Twine Razor


  • (Image) Her knife from Madin. Simple, sturdy, and extremely well-kept.
  • Horse gear, including halter, reins, saddle, and rope
  • Scented stuff -- Xo keeps a decent supply


  • Pelts and leathers, generally of several varieties. She prefers thinner pelts to thicker ones.
  • Fishbone needles she makes herself
  • Thin Luperci-made leather thread, human-made polyester thread, twine
  • Dresses, cloaks, skirts, etc. -- she does not wear these herself, but trades them off or gives them away to Inferni canines
  • Scissors, razor for cutting, etc.

5.  History

5.1  Achievements


haha you thought!

5.2  History



Pack Ranks
Dec 2013 - Present
Tiro Bellum
Pack Ranks
May 2011 - ~May 2012
The Associate

neener overview here



  • 02 November 2009: Born to Mantus Kimaris and Nahualli Pahti-Kimaris in Eterne. Mantus about shits a brick of happy since there are two even-born males; he insists that they are educated solely in Ehecatl journeys and avoids instilling them too deeply with religion. This causes a rift between Baphomet and Mantus.


  • February 2010: Mantus dies. Metetzli suspects Baphomet had something to do with it but Mantus was kind of an old fart; no clear evidence either way. Metetzli is basically their father, although the children do know he is actually their half-brother, their relationship is more like father/children. Baphomet is uninvolved with their lives and resided in the Eternian caves, while Dieriel, is more involved; she lives in the Kimaris household with them and helps to raise them, though she is far more reserved than Metetzli and is never seen in a motherly light by the children, more of an aunt figure.
  • June 2010: When Xochime is seven months old, Baphomet kidnaps and sells her into slavery. Xochime is taken to Barbados, where she is purchased by a trader named Nomiki Panos. The trader, a Syrian Jackal from Greece, takes Xochime north with him. Though the man is not abusive, Xochime must, of course, do his bidding; she is educated in how to prepare fish and take care of various other menial servant tasks. When they arrive in Freetown, she continues these duties, though she suffers physical abuse at the hands of Nomiki's various friends and business contacts.
  • December 2010: Nomiki finds himself in gambling debt, and Xochime finds herself traded off to a woman. The woman, gruff and speaking little, takes Xochime back to her home just north of Freetown. However, her mate promptly freaks out on her, abhoring the idea of slavery, and forces the woman to release Xochime, who continues wandering north, uncertain and completely lost. Xo never even learned the woman's name or her mate's name, though she is vaguely grateful to be freed.


  • February 2011: When she nears to 'Souls, she runs into her nephew, Samael Lykoi. Having recently returned from Eterne himself, he recognizes her slavery ring and makes her follow him around, alternatively engaging in typical Samael-style abusive behaviors. He is not entirely without affection for her, however, as he leaves her in Drifter Bay to wander when he tires of her. Xochime, still shocked by her experiences since the kidnapping and in sort of semi-permanent stupor, characterizes this period of her life as semi-slavery.
  • May 2011: She is found by her sister, Tlantli Kimaris, then of the Salsola pack, and promptly taken in. She spends most of her time in the pack quiet and in her own thoughts -- her interactions with Tlantli and Miqui, even, are minimal. She spends most of her time observing the slaves -- and begins attending to some closely, providing added food and other small supplies. Her quietness within Salsola is unnoticed, and she is content to linger as a low-ranking Salsolian.


  • ~May 2012: She witnesses Eris beating Molcaxitl in (MATURE) this thread (but did not witness Salvia stopping Eris). No longer able to deal with the slavery aspect of the pack, she departs without a word. Her sister Tlantli had departed the pack some time before, and her remaining brother Miqui has always been standoffish. Otherwise, Xo had never really felt she had a place within the pack -- it is a decision she felt was long overdue.
  • June 2012: Xochime meets a friend -- Madin Suberria. The older coyote and Xochime become companions rather quickly. Madin and Xochime live together in an abandoned barn on the outskirts of Nova Scotia. It takes Xochime some weeks, but she does begin to share her past with Madin: in bits and pieces at first, and then in one long, harrowing tale. A lifetime traveling loner, Madin at first sort-of seeks Xochime as his mate, but ceases all attempts once her fragility becomes apparent. Probably due to his age, he settles for a "daughter" rather than a mate. Endeavoring to educate and care for her, he begins by giving her his prized knife and teaching her how to use it for various purposes.
  • November 2012: Xochime is close to feeling as though she has a father figure -- for the first time since Metetzili -- when the pair travel to Freetown. Xochime is extremely flighty and nervous throughout the visit due to the presence of slaves. Upon departing the town, however, she recognizes a wagon and Luperci she'd seen purchase a slave. Slipping away from Madin, she freed the slave and killed the owner. The slave, frightened, runs away -- Xochime, engrossed in killing, does not notice. Madin's reaction is predictable: he abruptly abandons Xochime to her own devices. Xochime searches for Madin briefly, then returns and loots the wagon and takes its pair of horses. Having no prior experience with the animals, Xochime loses one of the pair lifted from the wagon to a broken leg.


  • December 2013: Xochime makes her way to Inferni, wary of their westerly neighbors, to make a name and a home for herself. She settles in quickly, but maintains a quiet demeanor.


  1. 05 August 2011: Lonely Flower: Magnolia Takekuro and Xochime meet.
  2. 09 August 2011: If You Really Want it More, Scream it Louder: Salvia Eternity and Xochime discuss her ring; Salvia urges Xo to remove it.
  3. 12 August 2011: New Possibilities: Eris Eternity and Xochime discuss knives.
  4. 23 August 2011: Graval in Wounds: Twilight Hallow the slave and Xochime interact -- presumably positively.
  5. 26 July 2011: Moving On: Xochime has a severe disagreement with Bastion Hallow regarding her status as a non-slave.
  6. 22 September 2011: Disrupt the World's Disorder: Xochime joins Denver Mathis and Magnolia Takekuro for Magnolia's birthday.
  7. 27 September 2011: Perambulatory Ways: Odessa D'Angelo and Xochime discuss their origins and family within Salsola briefly.
  8. 20 October 2011: Be the Good Big Sister: Tlantli Kimaris and Xochime -- outcome unknown. Want to say something in particular happened? Just ask Sie!
  9. 6 November 2011: Some Warmth for These Harsh Times: Liliya Russo questions Xochime regarding her ring -- Xochime tells her she wears it because "it reminds her slaves are also people."
  10. 14 November 2011: A Dog Among Kings: Xochime attends the sacrifice ritual of Salsola.
  11. 21 November 2011: Wood and Bone: Hrafn Erastus and Xochime have a misunderstanding; she finds his large size intimidating.
  12. 19 January 2012: Fading like a Flower: Isabella Heiwa rescues Xochime from the cold.

Nov 2013 - present (Kelsie)

  1. 2 Dec 2013: The Final Frontier: Xochime joins Inferni
  2. 6 Dec 2013: a single night without a ghost in the walls: Xochime meets Vesper, Asher Thompson, and Lou Frost
  3. Saw a Wheel Inside a Wheel, Heard a Call Within a Call
    Inferni members journey to the old lands.