Lilia Salcedo

Lilia Salcedo


Credit: San


  • Name: Lilia Salcedo
    • Pronunciation: lih-lee-uh | sahl-cey-doe
    • Etymology: Innocence, Purity (Latin) | Willow Tree (Latin)
    • Nickname: Lily
  • Date of Birth: 25 Dec 2015
  • Date of Death: 2 Apr 2022
  • Sex: Female
    • Pronouns: She/her
  • Family: Salcedo
  • Species: Dog (Luperci Ortus)


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  5.   5.  History
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Lilia Salcedo was a princess of Onuba, the daughter of the Mayordomía Salvador Salcedo and niece to Rafael Salcedo. She was named after her late aunt, whose tragic and untimely death resulted in the exile of her uncle.

A talented swordswoman, she was brought to Salsola to continue her training with her uncle. She participated in the Inferni and Salsola War as a member of the Milite. She was mated to Indra Winters and with her had four children: Clementine Salcedo, Lyra Salcedo, Baltasar Salcedo, and the late Magnus Salcedo. She resided in the Salsola Outpost in Portland, and spent her days conducting trade and keeping her cousins Rhaegar Salcedo and Nymeria Soul company since the departure of their parents to Onuba.

In the spring of 2022, she passed away from illness.

1.  Personality

1.1  Overview


Much like her father Salvador, Lilia has a natural charisma that allows her to get along with most types of people. She has a tactful way of delivering her opinions such that few ever get offended, even if her viewpoint challenges their own. Her calm and affable mien would seem at odds with the violence of swordplay, but she is anything but docile in a bout. Lilia harbors an untainted and deeply passionate love of the activity.

Lilia is a Princess of the Salcedo family in Onuba, and as such was raised with high expectations and the societal concerns of ranking, lineage, and rigid gender roles. As a bright and ambitious young woman, Lilia determined to create her own vision of the world and thus her own identity in it. She does not reject the femininity expected of her, nor does she accept the masculinity denied to her, and refuses to label herself in any way except by her actions.

Lilia receives great support from her family and overall had a pleasant upbringing. She approaches life with the same love, warmth, and respect she received growing up, and she is said to be very appreciative of even the smallest things.


  • Demeanor: Charming, Witty, Affable
  • Speech: Feminine with a Spanish accent.
  • Scent: Salcedo, willow, lilies
  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
Values both personal freedom and adherence to laws
Will never attack an unarmed foe

1.2  Detail


  • Likes: Flowers, families, warm weather, swords, trading, teaching, cooking
  • Dislikes: Rainy weather, thieves, icy lakes, threats, cruelty


Lilia spent most of her adulthood in Salsola, and as a result has inherited some of its biases, primarily a wariness of Outsiders. She tends to trust humanized and civil looking Luperci. She doesn't have any opinions one way or another about species or gender or sexuality. Having had to carve out an identity for herself in Onuba, Lilia tends to be very open-minded.

Motivations & Fears

Prior to her children, which are now her primary motivation and concern above all else, Lilia was motivated by her desire to be a swordswoman. While she still trains and enjoys sparring, she was disillusioned by the war and the injury her uncle suffered. She is relieved that none of her children decided to follow a combative path, since her worst fear is losing any of them. Again.


Lilia is homosexual. She knew this about herself from a young age, and upon sharing it with her father, learned that he too was homosexual. Due to its stigma in Onuban culture, she and her father bonded deeply over this secret. In the new world, she was allowed to shed fears of her romantic inclinations and fully embrace herself.

As a partner, she is very patient and careful, a leftover from a time when she couldn't be forthright with her feelings. She loves deeply and is of a monogamous nature, and a bit of a romantic. Loving children and everything that comes with motherhood, Lilia was eager to start a family once she found a steady mate.


Lilia doesn't drink or smoke, preferring to keep her wits about herself. She also just doesn't care for the taste, even if alcohol makes her giggly. She has not tried any drugs and doesn't have an interest in them beyond trading on behalf of Salsola.


Lilia keeps the Onuban faith called The Lantern. She has a little shrine set up in the house to which she prays every morning. She is very private about her beliefs, specifically electing not to indoctrinate her children beyond sharing the rituals, and only if they were curious. She does not expect any of them to keep the faith.

1.3  Skills

Note: Listed skills are those that the character has some significant talent or interest in to be noteworthy. Skills that have been mastered (and are best expressed as such) are marked.

Main Focus: Swordsman

  • Combat (High Level of Experience)
Related Skills: Swordsmanship, weapons care, weapons appraisal, mounted combat
Lilia was instructed by her uncle, Rafael Salcedo, and honed her skills by practicing with Indra Winters.

Auxiliary Skills & Hobbies

  • Language and Literacy
Lilia was raised in Onuba and is fluent in Common (English), Spanish, and Portuguese. She can read and write in these languages.

2.  Appearance

2.1  Basics


Credit: San


Lilia possesses all the poise of a Court-born woman and holds a gentle, delicate beauty that belies her capabilities as a swordswoman. Tall and willowy, she embodies the grace and fatal beauty of her chosen weapon, and moves with a calm, confident air. Frequent baths help to maintain the softness of her thin coat, which she perfumes herself with local flowers, sometimes worn in her hair. Coming from a culture that believes itself to be successors of the extinct humans, her humanization is most prominent in the way she wears her long hair, often in elaborate braids or updo's that keep it from falling into her face. She is rarely without clothing, and her attire mostly consists of flowing fabrics, typically a dress of some shade of light purple. She mostly forgoes jewelry due to its tendency to get in the way, though she collects necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other baubles anyway (they are too pretty to pass up).

Accessories and Forms


  • Lupus: 28 in (72 cm) ↔ 73 lbs (33 kg)
  • Secui: 38 in (96 cm) ↔ 130 lbs (58 kg)
  • Optime: 5 ft 9 in (175 cm) ↔ 145 lbs (65 kg)


  • Various dresses made of cotton or linen (cuts similar to the following: 1 2 3 4 5 6)
  • Fur dresses
  • Fur shawls and scarves
  • Cloak of white wool
  • An embroidered gown with Salcedo willow motifs


  • Leather belts (sword belt, ring belt), belt bags
  • Leather arm bracers
  • A box full of glittery trinkets from her father


  • Spanish Rapier

Color Palette

Please note that Lilia's color palette may be artistically exaggerated in her depictions.

Fur and Optime Hair

 Pale Brown (#977353)

 Martini (#7c6867)

 Akaroa (#bfaf9d)

 Gallery (#ddd7d5)

 White Lilac (#e0e0e2)


 Deep Lilac (#8b44b5)

2.2  Gallery

For the full gallery, click here. Hover for image credit!

by Despi By San by San

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Immediate Family (Salcedo)

Extended Family (Salcedo)

Lilia belongs the Salcedo family; as such, many of their members are directly and indirectly related to her.

3.2  Relationships

Family Relationships


  • Lilia absolutely adores her father and he absolutely loves her. They get along famously. She cherishes her mother and shares a deep understanding with her that seems more like a good friendship than that of a mother and daughter. Though Lilia knows her mother desires for Lilia to conform to the expectations of their family, she has only ever encouraged and supported Lilia's interests.


  • Lilia has always acted as the neutral party between her two sisters, Maribel and Rita, who don't always get along. She is very close to each of them and shares an affectionate, caring relationship with them both. They are her best friends. Lilia and Mateo have a slightly competitive repartee, but for the most part Lilia adores her brother and teases him with her love.

Uncle & Cousins

  • Lilia grew up hearing stories (and rumors) about her infamous uncle, but took them all with a grain of salt. When she finally met him, she was instead impressed by his skill with the sword, and decided right away that she would rather learn from him than stay in a stifling society that denied her many of the activities she preferred to do. Thirsty for adventure and a chance at becoming the great swordswoman she has always dreamed of being, Lilia pushed her father until he finally agreed to let her return with Rafael to Salsola.
  • Her cousins Rhaegar, Nymeria, and Casimir feel more like younger siblings than actual cousins. She had a part in raising them, and enjoys spending time with them. When their parents returned to Onuba, Lilia took up looking after them.


  • Unlike Clementine, Lyra's abilities were harder to place and didn't truly emerge until she was older. Lilia was content to let her children blossom into whatever they might be, and encouraged her the same way she had been encouraged when she was young. However, after the death of Magnus, Lyra became very difficult and taciturn. Lilia does not know how to deal with Lyra's behavior except to keep trying to connect with her, knowing that her child is hurting and unable to heal.
  • Lilia adores her son Baltasar. She feels a connection with him that reminds her of herself and her father. Whenever he lets her, she cooks him a big meal.
  • Lilia knew right away that Clementine was someone special. Seeing in her a cleverness and social intuition not unlike her father's, Lilia hoped to teach Clementine how to be a courtier as much as Salsolan. Unfortunately, this never came to pass. Following the loss of her son, a tragedy in which Clementine played a key role, Lilia could not hide her grief. For that, Lilia feels a deep abiding shame, knowing how it impacted her daughter. Lilia tries her best to show Clementine how much she cares for her, even if she can't help but see Magnus' eyes when she looks at her.
  • Magnus was her special boy. She thinks of him every day and prays to the Lantern that his spirit has found peace. She secretly feels that his death was karma for all the people who died in the war at her and Indra's hands.

Key Relationships

Indra Winters

  • Lilia and Indra were first sparring partners, then war buddies, and then finally lovers. It was a gradual process; Lilia often found herself unable to stop thinking about Indra, and she looked forward to their training together even though Indra was, at the time, wedded to another. They grew closer during the war, their partnership culminating thereafter into a romance that never stopped. Lilia does often feel guilty for roping Indra into a family life, which she knows was not a life that Indra had in mind for herself. It is this guilt that allows Lilia to turn a blind eye to Indra's mysterious comings and goings, with the hope that her wife will find the peace she needs in these expeditions.

Neith Heiwa

  • Neith and Lilia were fast friends. She isn't sure why she got along with the budding medic so well, but he became something of a confidant during her times of doubt. She began to teach him sword fighting before the outbreak of the war, and before his kidnapping. After this, he never was quite the same.

Former Relationships


  • N/A

4.  Former Residence


Salsola, The Ruins

House Number

18, Eastern Watchtower


Rafael, Violeta, Indra, Lilia


The Eastern Watchtower was among a handful of ruins to be refinished in the modern human era, leaving it slightly more in tact following the apocalypse. The interior is primarily wood, specifically cedar and teak, and uniquely the whole watchtower is constructed with a complex and intricate wood-only joinery system. The exterior consists of brick and stone, though the eastern side has grown a large wall of ivy. Due to the lack of occupancy and care, some areas of the tower have suffered the effects of aging and weathering, although the durability of the wood has lessened these effects. There are three stories: the ground floor, which has a hearth for fire and passage to the stables and storage shed; the second story, which was repaired and now a bedchamber, and the topmost floor which provides access to the roof. A straight and narrow staircase connects all the floors. Fresh flowers are kept throughout the home, and drying herbs are hung around the hearth. The bedchamber windows were fitted with wooden shutters, though they are frequently left open to allow light and the breeze off the bay into the room.

5.  History

5.1  Summary

Lilia was born with her siblings Mateo , Rita , and Maribel to proud parents Salvador Salcedo and Emiliana Olmos in December 2015. Her father was a great presence in her life, favoring his children above all else despite the demands of his role as the Mayordomía of Onuba. She had a happy childhood and grew into a well adjusted adult. She never once felt like anything was out of reach. Due to her position in the family, she was permitted to pursue sword-fighting lessons even though the Salcedo family did not traditionally allow women in combative fields.

When her brother Mateo left and joined a group of mercenary soldiers, whose devastating attack on the Arena family sent Onuba topsy-turvy for a while, Lilia decided that she wanted to further her training. This wish came true in the form of her uncle, Rafael Salcedo, whom she had only ever heard of in rumors but never met. In 2016, Rafael and a small delegation from Salsola, including the Boss's mate Stannis de le Poer arrived in Onuba to trade. Lilia insisted that she return with the Salsolan delegation to Salsola and there study swordsmanship under her uncle's tutelage. She bid farewell to her sisters and parents and journeyed west to meet her destiny.

Lilia's arrival at Salsola proper was anything but boring; their delegation was ambushed as they arrived. It was the first attack of what would turn into the Second Boreas War. A mere student at the time, she was forbidden by her uncle to participate in the fighting. She continued to train with Rafael up until he lost his right hand during the final battle protecting Elphaba Revlis. Following this, she transitioned to training with Indra Winters, who became a close friend of the Salcedo family, and Neith Heiwa.

Although she was forbidden from participating in most of the skirmishes in the Inferni and Salsola War, Lilia was forced to take matters into her own hands when she heard of Neith's capture. She and Indra successfully rescued Neith from Inferni and were later hand-picked to ride with the Boss into one of the final major battles, from which Salsola emerged victorious. It was during this battle that Lilia was rescued valiantly by Indra, although she was severely wounded as a result. Lilia often recounts this moment as the one she fell in love with Indra.

Shortly afterwards, her uncle and his mate retired to the Salsola Outpost, prompting Lilia to go along with them to assist with their budding family. She was later joined by her mate Indra Winters, with whom she began her own family in early August 2018. She had four children: Clementine Salcedo, Lyra Salcedo, Baltasar Salcedo, and Magnus Salcedo. Magnus perished early 2019 by rescuing his sister Clementine from falling through thin ice. The tragedy led Lilia and Indra to send Clementine to Salsola proper, where they hoped she would heal without reminders of the tragedy.

As of 2020, she lives at the Salsola Outpost and conducts trade, writing frequently to family in Onuba and keeping company with her uncle's children, her cousins Rhaegar Salcedo and Nymeria Soul.

5.2  Thread Log



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