Silas Kasper

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Silas Kasper is a wolf from Zion and a former member of the Boreas faction.

Raised in war, he became a soldier and was never allowed to forget that his kin were killed before he was born. He briefly "retired" from combat when a sister from a younger litter had puppies; when she died, he became their father figure.

When Amund Fannar tapped him for a revenge mission, Silas was compelled to go -- but, much to his displeasure, his nephew Zacchaeus was also of age to go to war. Both fought in the Second Boreas Conflict, and Silas notably helped kill Artemisia Eternity in defense of Zacchaeus. However, he could not protect the boy forever; in the final battle, Zacchaeus was killed along with the majority of the Boreas contingent.

After the battle, Silas was enslaved in Salsola by Loki Helsi. Biding his time, he acted the part of a slave for a few seasons until the start of the Inferni-Salsola War -- at which point a fluke allowed him to kidnap Loki's son, Ask Fylgja. With Ask as a briefly-held hostage, Silas escaped Salsola.

Barely holding himself together due to his lengthy captivity and his guilt over his adoptive son's death, he roamed as a loner for about half a year -- until he met a few strangers with some odd beliefs. He was inducted into the Eyes of Omni and listened to their sermons about the apocalypse, finding connections between their fiery visions and the revelations of his own faith. Largely remaining on the fringes of the fanatics' group, Silas did not participate in their heinous acts, though their passion and apparent success bolstered his own ambitions for revenge.

By some twist of fate, Silas ran across an older Ask. Taking advantage of the boy's directionless anger and uncertain memories, he convinced Ask that the pack he'd been stolen from was a cruel one, and offered to escort him back to Salsola to see this for himself. Though neither trusted each other, this was enough motivation for them to travel north together, where Silas managed to track Loki down. Using his enemy's son as a distraction -- the second-to-last face Loki would see before he died -- Silas killed his former slaver and fled before he could be caught.





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  • Date of Birth: 20 November 2012
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Pack: Loner
  • Rank: --
  • Name Meaning:
    • Silas: god of forests
    • Kasper: treasurer
  • Pronunciation: SIGH·lus KAHS·per

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics

  • Species: Wolf, representative of the average.
  • Fur: Coarse, thick. Medium grey in coloration, with a darker head and white grizzling.
    • Optime Hair: Slightly wavy, medium length.
  • Facial Features: Long muzzle, "hard" eyes. Scar on his left temple.
  • Build and Size: Average height, but a bit "leggy," narrow, lithe. Stands at 6ft 4in in Optime.

1.2  Miscellaneous

  • Speech: Smooth, deep voice with a drawl.
  • Scent: Woodland, smoke, leather.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Taps his fingers impatiently.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Shifty and alert, with some remnants of his old grace.
  • Adornments: Simple tunic and breeches; ill-fitting leather armor worn over this.


2.  Personality

In the end, all Silas really wanted was to be able to take his kid back home.

  • Even-tempered, vigilant, patient, calm; in sharp contrast with his hot-headed nephew.
  • Honest, fatherly, gentle, compassionate; took on his role as parent to his sister's kids very well.
  • Cynical, vigilant, taciturn, resigned; weary of the world and avoids close bonds to also avoid the pain of losing loved ones.
  • Protective, aggressive, ruthless; will not shy from killing others as is his role.

2.1  Details

  • Sociability: Introverted, avoids close bonds with others.
  • Values: Family, service, religion
  • Vices: Lack of faith, lack of empathy for outsiders.
  • Motivations: Protecting Zacchi. Revenge.
  • Fears: Losing Zacchi. Nothing.
  • Biases: Hates Salsolans and coyotes.
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual, not interested in relationships, low libido.
  • Spirituality: Pentecostalism.

3.  History

Born in Zion. Raised in war, becoming a soldier, and was never allowed to forget that his kin were killed before he was born. He briefly "retired" when a sister from a younger litter had puppies; when she died, he became their father figure. When Amund Fannar tapped him for a mission of vengeance, Silas was compelled to go -- but, much to his displeasure, his nephew Zacchaeus was also of age to go to war.

3.1  Threads

The Boreas War

  1. it was better to know the worst than to wonder
    Silas and Zacchaeus rough up Hubert Benedetti and Hermenegild on their way to Salsola.
  2. [M] So great a sum of sums yet canst not live?
    Silas accompanies Zacchaeus when the boy breaks some of Salsola's traps. A fight breaks out with some Salsolans, and Silas kills Artemisia Eternity in defense of his nephew before the Boreas retreat.
  3. I can see you shiver and shake
    Zacchaeus tussles with a young Infernian hybrid until Silas puts an end to the fight.
  4. I made a fire and I'm watching it burn
    Zacchaeus defends the Boreas camp when Everett Ames and his companion venture too close; Silas steps in to drive them away.
  5. [M] Alone into the valley of the shadow of death
    Scouts from Inferni and Salsola are ambushed when they come across the Boreas camp. Silas delivers a fatal blow to Bronx.
  6. [M] reprisal
    The final battle of the Second Boreas Conflict takes place. Zacchaeus is killed by Rafael Salcedo, and Silas is forced to flee for his life.
  7. In the street the sword will make them childless
    Silas comes back for Zacchaeus' body, remembering the burial of the boy's mother. Loki Helsi incapacitates Silas, bringing him back to Salsola to make him a slave. Silas silently promises vengeance.

Slavery and Freedom

  1. Sparing my neck from their chain
    Silas is brought to the Overseer, Weaver Valentine, as a new slave.
  2. we do not suffer by accident
    Young Grievous orders Silas to perform menial tasks.
  3. Warfare, pain, and murder
    Idrieus tests Silas.
  4. While you sleep
    Gentle Violeta visits Silas and asks him about himself.
  5. If you don't know my name, you'll know it now
    Dazed by fever, Silas mistakes Quicksilver for her father.
  6. [M] to drift or drown upon the seas
    Suffering fever dreams, Silas contemplates diving off a cliff into the sea. Idrieus stops him.
  7. strange days moving on
    Silas serves at the Last Supper, as per his duties as a slave. He is pleased to see his nephew's killer was left crippled.
  8. And the water was different but my head went quiet again
    Stjarna joins Silas' hunt.
  9. in due time their foot will slip
    During the Inferni-Salsola War, Silas seizes his chance: he kidnaps Ask Fylgja, killing a fellow slave in the process, and escapes Salsola.

The Eyes

  1. [M] I'm everything you know, you wonder friend of foe
    Silas reunites with fellow ex-Boreas soldier Ragna Eklund, who has joined Mistfell Vale. They catch up, and she invites him to join her in the Vale, but Silas puts off making a decision.
  2. Flying out of broken soil
    Walking through the rain, Silas reminisces over a flash flood in Zion.
  3. a swarming cloud of wings
    Silas meets a curious pair of strangers in the night. They talk about strange beliefs.
  4. Lakeside Respite
    Silas catches a few hours of sleep in the old sawmill near Grand Lake.
  5. veer or vanish
    When a Salsolan comes across his tracks, Silas runs for his life.
  6. like strangers sheltering from a storm
    Silas stops running. He meets Stella Flint and joins the Eyes of Omni.
  7. We have the answer to all your fears
    Weeks after his companions burn Krokar, Silas reunites with an adult Ask Fylgja.
  8. exchanges existing so long ago
    Silas and Ask talk.
  9. I set the woods to blaze and choked the river up with stones
    Silas completes his revenge against Loki.
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