Anita "Fang" Espinoza

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Anita "Fang" Espinoza is a warrior-medic from Ceniza Valley. Worrying for their safety (they are that stupid), she set off with her companions when they journeyed to find someplace new -- and found Inferni in March 2016. She put herself to work patrolling and guarding the borders as well as helping the clan's more elderly medic with first aid.



Pack Information



  • Date of Birth: 05 Jun 2010
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus



  • Help Fang get the Brute co-rank!
  • Fang is mean and gruff and sometimes can't see a prank coming. Prank her and get a hilarious reaction.
  • Fang is usually seen around Vesper. It's readily apparent that something's on the older woman's mind. Could it be her UST with Vesper or something else?~
  • Fang is willing to train others in her skills, as long as they're respectful and take it seriously!
  • Fang is one of Inferni's healers and has taken on tons of responsibilities since Harosheth died. She knows medicines, herbs and first aid now. :D Have a booboo? Let Fang fix you up.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • General
  • Fang is a medium-small hybrid who, while built mostly like a coyote, reflects her dog heritage in her coloration and loping gait. Her coat is bristly and short but thickens considerably in winter. Her face has the narrow, tapered look of the coyote, but it's a bit softer in the jowls; her ears are large and triangular, and one has the tendency to bend at an odd angle. Under her soft-looking pelt, however, she is all hard, lean muscle -- and she never looks "friendly."


Coloration and Palette

  • Old Rose (#BD8B73) to Muesli (#B17A63) -- primary body color
  • Cameo (#DAB79C) -- cheeks, inner ear
  • White (#FFFFFF) -- underside, legs, muzzle streak
  • Kabul (#645048) -- muzzle, tail tip, agouti saddling
  • Woody Brown (#3C2F2A) -- nose, skin, paw pads
  • Smalt Blue (#557987) -- eyes


50 lbs (22.5 kg)
26 in (66 cm)


Fang is a medium small hybrid who has a bristly short coat of fur that thickens in the winter. She is not very heavy but don't let it fool you. She is always seen in this form unless otherwise stated in threads.

145 lbs (66 kg)
42 in (107 cm)


Primarily used when fighting, Fang is rarely ever seen in such a form unless it is needed or if it is deadset winter. Her fur length grows and thickens, giving more rise to any onlookers to her dog blood. She becomes rather heavy set in her shoulders and back legs, showing she is more of a runner in the midst of a fight. She is agile and fierce.

162 lbs (73.482 kg)
5 ft, 10 in (177.8 cm)


Typically only used when there is a need for it such as going about her medic duties, Fang can rarely be seen in such a form. Her hair is rather short, cut so that it doesn't get in her line of sight and long enough that she holds some femininity.

1.2  Miscellaneous

  • Fang has several scars, mostly old bites and small nicks that are really only obvious where her fur is shortest. An old cut slants across her muzzle -- this one has been darkened with ash.
  • She wears no clothing, but sometimes bandages her chest in Optime and carries around a pouch with bone buckles for her medicines.
  • As per the customs of her home, Fang applies ash markings almost daily. Though she sometimes asks for the communal pawprint, most of the ash is dusted on the hands or smeared on her fur.
  • Fang prefers her Lupus form -- but she shifts to Secui to fight, and Optime for her medic duties. She is a fast, adept shifter.
  • She smells of herbs, ash, and aggression.


  • Colored Lineart: 1
  • Custom Lupus Art: 1, 2
  • Custom Avatar: 1, 2, 3
  • Optime Concept: 1
  • Chibi: 1

2.  Skills

  • Feral Combat: Fang is an adept fighter in her Secui form, preferring to use her speed to her advantage; she is a whirlwind of teeth and aims to overwhelm and bleed her opponent.
  • First Aid: She has a good understanding of first aid -- focused mostly on stopping bleeding, stitching up and bandaging wounds, and preventing infection.
  • Healing: Fang learned all she knows about healing infections, sickness and about which herbs to use. She can help heal your character if they catch an infection from a wound.
  • Herbology: Fang has a more than basic knowledge of herbs and how they must be used after working with Harosheth. She knows how to turn them into teas, tonics, salves and pastes.
  • Scouting: Her suspicious, alert tendencies make her a good scout -- she's one of the first to notice something is amiss. Disciplined, she never misses a patrol and often takes initiative to investigate new areas.

3.  Personality

  • Fang is a standoffish coyote -- making friends is not her goal, and she often pushes others away, usually intentionally. She tries to maintain a professional relationship with her clanmates in stark contrast with her companions' and culture's values of friendliness. She distances herself to make her tasks easier -- it hurts, getting attached -- but also because she's somewhat unsociable and self-conscious.
  • While she isn't friendly, she is loyal and will go to the ends of the earth to defend and heal her comrades. She has a powerful sense of duty, as well as a strong respect for history common in her culture; she often feels indebted to others if they've helped her, and so helps them out of obligation.
  • She hates stupidity -- she's obligated to heal her clanmates, but she will go off on a coyote who's about to tear her stitches; she pulls no verbal punches.
  • There is a powerful sense of loathing in Fang that bubbles up as hard, dangerous anger in her worst moments. Whether this hatred is directed inwardly or outwardly makes little difference. She does not stop at cruelty to loved ones to keep them away, and she does horrible things to her enemies.

3.1  Details

  • Sociability: Introverted, standoffish, awkward, mean
  • Values: Strength of body and mind, tradition, repaying favors, intelligence, duty, community
  • Vices: Aggression, callousness, irritability, secrecy
  • Motivations: Service to her clan, protection and healing, maintaining order
  • Fears: Weakness, worthlessness, incompetence
  • Biases: Friendly to dogs and coyotes alike; distrusts wolves. Will reflect values and biases of community based on tradition.
  • Sexuality: Attracted to strong individuals, saw herself as non-sexual due to her distrust of men -- until the inverse occurred and she got swept off her feet by a high ranking member of IF.
  • Spirituality: Practices few Ceniza Valley superstitions, but believes wholeheartedly.

4.  Relationships


  • Vesper: Fang used to exchange a lot of weird looks with Vesper and still does on occasion. She also frowns at the woman a lot. What started that way sort of grew till the both of them let loose one hot, bonfire night in Inferni when Vesper tugged her along into the woods and the two.. well, you get the picture. It's a little known fact that Fang feels something for the Aquila and those feelings are displayed only when they're alone. They haven't yet defined the relationship but there has been several instances when the two's affection for one another has branched into public. Feldspar also tattletales on the two when Fang is in the company of people she doesn't want to know.

Family Relations

  • Diego del Bosque: Diego loves to push Fang's buttons, but he doesn't really need to work at it; his idiocy annoys her enough.
  • Laurel del Bosque: Fang feels indebted to Laurel, who talked her through a crisis long ago. She resents him somewhat for his serene disposition but will follow him to hell and back because of what he did.
  • Ignacio Rivera: She loves her bro and calls him Nacho.

Minor Relations

Former Relations

5.  Assets

5.1  Residence

Grimwell Caverns: CV28

This cave is right beside the river, but manages to remain dry through its unique feature: it is very low-ceilinged, with the rearmost corner of the den, closest to the river, being only a few inches high. There is living space in this cave, but it is most suited to a coyote who prefers their four-legged form.

5.2  NPCs


6.  History

A group of Cenizans, led by Diego (the dreamer) and Laurel (the brains), decided to leave the community for lands and opportunities beyond. Fang would have preferred to remain behind in a place that she knew, but knowing that the others (including her brother Nacho) would need a guard and healer for the journey, she followed them.

Some of their companions struck off on their own or were temporarily separated, but the three coyotes reached Inferni -- which they'd heard tell of from passersby -- in March 2016.

6.1  Threads

  1. one will spread our ashes ’round the yard (March)
    Fang and her companions join Inferni.
  2. there's a jet black crow droning on and on and on (March)
    Diego del Bosque's coati harasses the Inferni ravens, much to Vesper's chagrin.
  3. Dear shadow, alive and well (March)
    Fang accompanies Vesper to scout out around Anathema territory, where they meet Edraia.
  4. But when my left eye jump, somebody got to go (March)
    Fang helps Vesper tutor Clover in combat.
  5. I wish upon a star that it might fill our dreams with dust (March)
    The Ceniza Valley coyotes celebrate the appearance of the red star, a good omen.
  6. And the air's withholding the sound of its wellspring (April)
    The meteor falls, and Saut and Vesper try to drag an entranced Fang to safety.
  7. Get out of the road if you want to grow old (May)
    Fang helps Vicira transport a sheep to Salsola to trade.
  8. don't fake it baby, lay the real thing on me
    Fang's brother Nacho joins Inferni; Fang is delighted, but still lectures him.
  9. They said there’s tricks that get you through (May)
    Fang helps tend to Vesper's rabbit-inflicted wound (and gives her all sorts of crap about it).