Laurel del Bosque

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Laurel del Bosque is a trader from Ceniza Valley.

Optimistic about trade opportunities in lands beyond their simple community, Laurel set off with his companions to find someplace new. They settled in Inferni in March 2016, drawn to the clan's heritage and great history. Laurel settled in quickly, becoming Inferni's main connection with trading outposts like Portland; he procured goods for the clan, as well as kept his ears open for rumors and advised the leadership. Though he made friends with a few like individuals, Laurel mostly kept to himself, and rose in the hierarchy mostly by virtue of his age, experience, and sense.

However, it was his sense that led Laurel to doubt Inferni's leadership and stability in the summer of 2018, when terrible storms led to flooding, illness, and famine. He urged his friend Canary to depart before the situation worsened, and remained only to study the louder dissenters. Eventually, a group formed, and Laurel injected himself into it. When Inferni finally fell in August, the motley gang of coyotes departed the lands to find better opportunity.






  • Date of Birth: 22 September 2009
    • Human Maturity: 59 years
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Pack: Loner
  • Group: The Cartel
    • La Tortuga (The Tortoise)

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1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics

Laurel is a dark, medium-sized hybrid. His coat pattern and overall shape suggest that he's mostly coyote, but his build is somewhat sturdier than the usual coyote, and his fur is thicker than that of his fellow southerners. His facial features are the most strongly and obviously coyote -- his muzzle is tapered and short, his ears appropriately sized, though he seems a little plump in the cheeks. His pudge carries over into his belly, but under that softness is tough muscle; Laurel is no fighter, but he's traveled considerable distances and can handle himself in a fistfight.

1.2  Colors

  • Barley Corn (#A18462) -- primary body color
  • Leather (#94734D) -- accents
  • Heathered Grey (#B4A492) -- belly, legs, eye markings, saddle patch
  • Soya Bean (#5E5447) -- covers from top of head to small of back, tail tip
  • Dune (#2A2825) -- nose, skin, paw pads
  • Metallic Bronze (#50391E) -- eyes

1.3  Miscellaneous

  • Though he has few scars, Laurel has a missing fang and a once-broken wrist that didn't set quite right; it aches and has restricted range of motion.
  • Laurel flaunts many accessories -- from necklaces with carved or burned pendants of stone, wood, and antler to leather straps and belts and bands. He has a permanent bone plug in his lower ear and seems fond of furs and feathers.
  • As per the customs of his home, Laurel applies ash markings almost daily. He never leaves home without someone giving him a pawprint on his chest, and he definitely never forgets his mouth markings that give his muzzle a blackened appearance. Sometimes he dots his face with small streaks and stripes to be pretty.
  • Laurel prefer his Optime form, but he shifts onto all fours to sleep and avoid his companion's scorn.
  • He smells strongly of leather, horse, antler, and dead fish (he rolls on them).

1.4  References

2.  Skills

  • Trading: Laurel has an eye for goods and is a well-practiced haggler -- mostly thanks to his level-headedness and charisma. He's the go-to coyote for obtaining things (legally).
  • Deception: Thanks to his charisma and unassuming nature, Laurel deceives others into underestimating him -- which can be dangerous when he's backed by a warrior friend.
  • Horse Care: He knows the basics of caring for equines and can be depended on to muck stables, clean hooves, and otherwise make sure animals are fit to travel.

3.  Personality

  • Laurel has a phlegmatic disposition and is calm and content in life. It takes a lot to anger or upset him; he takes everything in stride and thinks "big picture." Unfortunately, this also means that he set his own pace and has little urgency about him -- he is somewhat detached from his clanmates, close friends excepted.
  • In spite (or perhaps because) of his slow-talking, steadfast mannerisms, Laurel is very charismatic and good at controlling others. As a trader, he fetches some of the best prices -- but sometimes he uses this power for "evil." Laurel has manipulative tendencies and, while he isn't usually malicious, he will control others to make his own life easier.
  • He's fat and he's fabulous.
  • Laurel has a terrible gambling vice and often gets in over his head. While he argues the "big picture" to his short-fused friends, he doesn't quite adhere to his own advice when it comes to games or purchases. While he's good at getting what he wants, he sometimes falls into debt -- and brings others with him.

3.1  Details

  • Sociability: Introverted, presents-submissive, laidback, very charismatic
  • Values: Intelligence, malleability (for his purposes), wealth in practical items, community, strong leadership, control
  • Vices: Gambling, self-indulgence, idleness, dishonesty
  • Motivations: Hedonism, control over livelihood
  • Fears: Individuals more intelligent than him
  • Biases: Friendly to dogs and coyotes alike; won't help a wolf, but will trade with them. Will reflect values and biases of community based on tradition.
  • Sexuality: Asexual (no libido), but likes the company of pretty young ladies.
  • Spirituality: Practices superstition-based beliefs of Ceniza Valley such as ash-marking, but not devout.

4.  Relationships

  • Diego del Bosque: Though they don't have a drop of blood in common, Diego refers to Laurel as his "brother" -- though he sees him more like an uncle or father. The older man gave him the gift of the Luperci virus and invited him into Ceniza Valley's community when Diego was a loner, eventually adopting him into the "del Bosque" family.
  • Fang Espinoza: Laurel talked Fang through a crisis long ago. He sees her as in his circle of close companions, though they do not speak personally any more; Fang just obeys everything Laurel asks.
  • Ignacio Rivera: Laurel is fond of "little" Ignacio.
  • Canary Cash: Laurel's new BFF in the pack; he appreciates and encourages Canary's shrewd nature, and the two often "team up" for mischief and diplomacy.
  • Clover: Laurel taught Clover (and previously also Jehan de l'Or) about his culture's superstitions and beliefs, which both took to well. He was trading partners with Jehan until the man's departure, and sympathized with Clover (if obviously taking a pragmatic approach).

5.  Assets

5.1  Residence

  • Hellfire Hollow: M3
  • A good den for roommates thanks to its natural division, with a deeper alcove on one side that allows for storage space. Laurel has taken the eastern half of the room, laying down a thick "bed" of pelts and hanging baubles from rope tied to stalactites on the ceiling. With the alcove on "his" side of the room, it is full to the brim with various goods procured or stashed away for Inferni -- and himself.

5.2  NPCs


  • Female American Quarter Horse, born 2005
  • The plump, disinterested bay mare serves as Laurel's pack animal. Steadfast and hale despite being rather paunchy around the middle, she is a dependable animal if not an affectionate or quick one. Laurel is fond of claiming that she used to be a "fast race horse."

6.  History

A group of Cenizans, led by Diego (the dreamer) and Laurel (the brains), decided to leave the community for lands and opportunities beyond. Laurel supported his brother's dream and acted as his advisor, but the tradesman was also motivated by ambition, knowing greater opportunities for trade might lay far beyond.

Some of their companions struck off on their own or were temporarily separated, but the three coyotes reached Inferni -- which they'd heard tell of from passersby -- in March 2016.

6.1  Threads

  1. one will spread our ashes ’round the yard (March)
    Laurel and his companions join Inferni.
  2. Now the only thing a gambler needs is a suitcase and his trunk (March)
    Laurel gets acquainted with Jehan and Clover, who are very interested in the ash superstitions.
  3. catch me if you can! (March)
    Laurel plays chase with Gypsy, Vesper, and Diego.
  4. I wish upon a star that it might fill our dreams with dust (March)
    The Ceniza Valley coyotes celebrate the appearance of the red star, a good omen.
  5. [M] In these times of doing what you're told (April)
    Laurel shares a lazy chat with Jehan, but leaves before Jehan has an altercation with another coyote.
  6. who shot that arrow in your throat- (May)
    Laurel and Jehan trade with a stranger.
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