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by Yzz

Saut Asylum (S-OH UHs-eye-luhm) is the unfortunate son of Svasra and Gehenna Asylum, born of a true-love-turned-nightmare tryst. Awkward teenager Gehenna fell head over heals for Svasra, and although the pair started off as the most saccharine sweet love-fest, it quickly soured when Svasra discovered her pregnancy. Left to deal with it on her own in Salsola, as soon as Saut was born she promptly took him to Inferni and dumped him on Gehenna. Gehenna, in turn, dumped him on his great grandmother Kaena Lykoi and half-sister Myrika Tears.

Saut slouched around Inferni for his first two years of life, without direction or many friends. After the 2016 meteor and Kaena's subsequent death, he drifted away from the coyote clan and eventually landed in Sonnerie. There he found companionship among people whose lack of direction could certainly not be equated with lifelessness, so he stayed. Years passed, during which Saut discovered a warmth within himself that he put to work in defending the camp against thieves and caring for anyone there who needed physical or emotional nourishment.

Upon returning to Nova Scotia in order to reconnect with his family in Inferni and discovering that the coyote clan was disbanded, Saut descended into a new depressive episode. Not long after, he met Yara Desmaraise, who helped lift him out of it and wormed her way into his heart. They live together in Beaucoup de Rivières. Saut serves as Yara's healing assistant and does much of the hunting for the family, which now includes two children, who are the most precious beings in the world to him: Sorrel Asylum and Mayfly Asylum.





Player Info

  • Date of Birth: 5 August 2014
  • Human Age: ~42 Years
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Residence
  • Mate: None

Pack Information

OOC Assumptions

  • Pack: None
  • Residence:
  • Rank:

Pack? members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

1.  Appearance

1.1  Essentials


Although Saut is primarily wolf and dog, he is heavily hybridized: both of his parents are mixed species. All elements of his breeding are apparent in his appearance. His wolfish blood shows in his size and bearing, his dog heritage gives him his lanky build and elongated features, and his coyote heritage gives him overlarge ears with a slender, delicate nose. Parts of Saut's fur are strangely long and silky. Some parts are curly, especially around his neck. His elbows and haunches are feathered, though not exceptionally long. His tail, however, is magnificently long and silky-furred. Otherwise, he has the thick, double coat of a wolf, and is well-equipped for cold weather. Saut's Optime hair is wavy and reaches just past his shoulders. He has a long nose, reminiscent of a sighthound, though it is not quite as defined as his father's. The coyote and wolf muddle it too much, making it shorter and deepening the stop between his eyes. His eyes are, however, almond-shaped and very sharp. He has excellent distance eyesight, and unlike his father this does not come with any cost to his olfactory system. Saut is very tall, though is build is more athletic than willowy or thick. He has narrow shoulders, well-toned arms, and runner's legs. Due to his height, he tends to stand out in a crowd despite his dusky and monochrome coloration. His Lupus form is the most doggish of them all. His chest is too deep and large for a wolf or a coyote, and his skinny, runner's build is more apparent in this form. While he lacks the breathtaking speed of a true sighthound, his deep chest and large lungs do incline him to be a better runner than most. He is moderately humanized in his bearing and movements, but he dislikes the constraint of most clothing.



  • Nose and Paw Pads: Black
  • Claws: Black
General Colors
Chicago (#5F5C57)
Tea (#C0BAAA)
Shark (#303032)
Tutara (#1E1E1C)
Millbrook (#614633)
Jambalaya (#5F3310)
Eye Color
Buttercup (#F5C116)


85 lbs (-- kg)
33 in (-- cm)


Saut's Lupus form is the most doggish of all of them. His chest is too deep and large for a wolf or a coyote, and his skinny, runner's build is more apparent in this form. While he lacks the breathtaking speed of a true sighthound, his deep chest and large lungs do incline him to be a better runner than most.

144 lbs (-- kg)
47 in (-- cm)


195 lbs (-- kg)
6 ft, 11 in (-- cm)

Optime (Preferred)

His Optime form is angular, sharp, and tall. With long legs and striking height, he tends to stand out in a crowd despite his dusky and monochrome coloration.

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Piercings: None
  • Tattoos: Chaos Star on the left side of his chest
  • Scars:
    • Several, mostly concealed by his long fur.
    • Two or three small vertical lines are occasionally visible beneath his Chaos Star.


  • Saut doesn't usually wear clothing, though he has a thick cloak to wear in inclement weather.


  • Old red scarf
  • Thick fur cloak
  • A worn oak tobacco pipe, whittled for him by a brief lover in Sonnerie

1.3  Interaction

  • Speech: Saut's voice is typically emotive and breathy to the point of being a bit rough/growly, sometimes. He speaks prefers short sentences to long ones with lots of details. (His voice resembles Luke Evans).
  • Scent: Campfire, herbs (usually sage or mint), horse and earth
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.:
    • Saut is infamously bad with names that are common nouns (such as Osprey Fleurine, who he thought was Eagle)
    • If he's immobile long enough he'll probably start smoking
  • General Posture and Body Language: Typically relaxed and unconcerned unless the situation calls for alertness. He leans forward when he's very engaged, and makes intense eye contact.

2.  Personality

by Raze


2.1  Demeanor

  • Direct - Saut doesn't sugarcoat, but he tries not to offend, either.
  • Fraternal - Saut tends to make friends easily, though this isn't without considerable effort on his part. He wants to get to know you, and then he wants to quickly attain the point that he can consider you family (and be considered family, in turn).
  • Hedonistic - Possibly arising directly from the aimlessness of his youth, Saut appreciates his idle time, and prefers to use that time in pursuit of something that will bring him instant gratification.
  • Lazy - Follows from the above. He requires some prodding to do anything that interferes with fun, pleasure, or relaxation.

2.2  Ideals


  • Obsessions: -
  • Likes: Physical contact (such as hugs, Saut likes hugs), herbal smells and smokes, fishing, rising and sleeping early, good company and games, music
  • Dislikes: If you don't like your kids, Saut probably doesn't like you.


  • Outlook: Optimist
  • Sociability: Saut actively seeks out conversation and companionship.
  • Expression: Extrovert. He's pretty obvious about what he's thinking or feeling and rarely feels the need to hide it.
  • Alignment: Neutral good


  • Abandonment/Loneliness


  • Freedom
  • Reconciliation
  • Family


  • Packs: Saut is hostile towards Salsola as an entity, and looks on Salsolans with pity and disgust.
  • Species: None
  • Non-Luperci: None
  • Gender: He was raised by a gaggle of women. He feels slightly more at ease around them, and forms female friendships more quickly than manly-male friendships.
  • Color: None
  • Sexuality: None
  • Age: Saut likes the elderly. He tends to be calmer around them and loves listening to stories or helping them out. He also adores children.
  • Wimps: Saut has a slight dislike/annoyance for those who complain and whine about their lot in life.
  • Parenthood: He instantly disapproves of neglectful, abusive, or absent parents; it is an irredeemable flaw in his eyes, unless the parents in question actually change their behavior.


  • Bisexual
  • Saut isn't opposed to "friends with benefits" situations
  • He doesn't assume a role of any kind, preferring equality/reciprocity in all romantic/sexual situations
  • He's most attracted attracted to steady, kindly females and non-domineering and non-intimidating males.


  • Smokes herbs when he can get them - most often sage mixtures and mint


  • ?

2.3  Skills


  • Storytelling (Journeyman): For children, mostly. He uses voices and puts his whole body into it, but he'd be a little embarrassed to act so goofy around other adults.
  • Hunting (Apprentice): Taught by Vesper when he was young. It's been a long time, and he's pretty rusty, especially when it comes to Lupus hunting.
  • Reading/Writing (Journeyman): Saut can read most things, thanks to Myrika Tears. His writing is weaker, and only a little legible, but he can do it.
  • Fishing (Journeyman): In both forms. Saut eats as much fish as terrestrial meat.
  • Travel (Master): And all that comes with it. Saut knows just the right pace so that he can attain great distance without exhausting himself or his companions. Making/breaking/maintaining an organized camp, he's got.
  • "Reading" his surroundings (Master): For lack of anything else to call it. Saut recognizes different land types and knows in general what sorts of animals and plants he can expect, there. He often uses these cues to navigate, and sometimes to hunt.
  • Canadian French (Journeyman): Picked up a good deal of French in Sonnerie, understands it a lot better than he can speak it.


  • Weakness: Brief description of a characteristic shortcoming (e.g. bad at scouting, language barrier, zealot, frail)

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

  • Kaena Lykoi aka Gramma: She pretty much raised Saut. She was the closest thing to an actual parent that he had, and he relied on her for advice and familial warmth. Her death motivated him to leave Inferni.
  • Yara Desmaraise is Saut's guiding light and the mother of his children.

3.2  Family: Lykoi, Eternity & Kimaris & Rhiannon

3.3  Other Relations

Pack Relations

  • Myrika Tears aka Aunt Myrika: His aunt. She helped raise him and spent the most amount of time with him (aside from Kaena) during his youngest months. Saut looks up to her and misses her sorely.
  • Vesper aka Aunt Ves: She was also around when Saut was young. He misses her and worries she judged him for leaving.
  • Sinech Dalisani: Friend! They hung out.
  • Vicira Tears: A cousin who Saut once envied and admired.

Family Relations

  • Svasra: Sought her out in Salsola, when he was barely old enough to make the trip. He barely thinks about his parents, anymore.
  • Gehenna Asylum: His father was around in the first day or so in Inferni, and that was it. Only saw him a few times during his childhood, but never approached because he was afraid of the man's reaction. He met a few people in Sonnerie who knew his father as a child, and has softened towards the thought of him.

Minor Relations

  • Friendly: Inferni
  • Unfriendly:
  • Sex: Character?
  • Fights: (won) NA
  • Fights: (tie) NA
  • Fights: (lost) NA
  • Murders: NA

Other Relations

  • Rimel Molle: His wet nurse. Saut barely remembers her.

4.  Residence

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Residence Inventory


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5.  NPCs

Character NPC

Youth NPC

Minor NPCs





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  • NPC Type: Minor NPC
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Eldritch Horror
  • Date of Birth: 6/16/04
  • Onboard?: Yes
  • Appearance: Yo, how it look
  • Personality:
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    • Likes, dislikes
    • How it interacts with strangers
    • What it does in its free time
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6.  Thread Archive

Alex's Threads


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2016 Threads


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