Katinka Holt

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Katinka "Tink" Holt is a wolfdog who was born and raised in the area around Portland. She comes from a large, traditional family which encouraged hard work, humility, and lived with strict moral values. Despite having tried dutifully to live up to her parents' expectations, Tink has never felt like she was quite good enough for them.

Following the red starfall, Portland saw an influx of traders and refugees -- including members of a place called Salsola, whose natures and wealth attracted Tink. She befriended a woman named Blair Eternity and her family, and was later invited by them to join Salsola. Tink climbed through the ranks, proving herself with hard work and integrity rather than playing the pack's political games.

A fateful encounter during the Boreas Conflict introduced one Khael Lykoi into her life. An odd romance blossomed between the pair, leading to marriage in early 2018. After their marriage and a change in pack leadership, the couple stagnated in the hierarchy, and later made the decision to have children (leading to the birth of Keturah and Kineret, sired by Tink's brother). Initially, motherhood was a blissful thing, but tensions during the 2020 Blizzard fully opened Tink's eyes to her spouse's abusive nature. Unwilling to remain a victim, Katinka decided to take charge of her own fate.





OOC Info

  • Date of Birth: 7 May 2015
    • Age: ~5 years
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Wolfdog

Pack Information

OOC Assumptions

Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • General conversations (i.e. unlikely to affect later roleplay) -- Katinka is polite, but unlikely to offer more than small talk.
  • Katinka works with the Marrgerd livestock every day, providing basic care and collecting raw materials (e.g. milk, wool, eggs) for the pack.
  • She often has raw milk and curds on hand, which she is happy to offer samples of to those who ask.
  • She seems more withdrawn and cold recently, a drastic change after the excitement and happiness of having newborns.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • General Description:
Tink is a low-content wolfdog and resembles such a hybrid. Her agouti coloration boasts more distinct division in markings than a more wild-type individual, and light feathering accentuates her fluffy tail. Her slender face showcases her domestic heritage most plainly; smaller and narrower than a wolf's, her head is crowned by distinctive cocked ears. She has soft features.
  • Optime Hair: Her milk-blonde hair is silky and very long, reaching below her waist. It's never seen down, instead worn in braids whose style changes frequently.
  • Build, Size, and Forms:
Due to her hybrid blood, Katinka is smaller than most wolves. Albeit delicate-featured, soft with some plumpness around the belly and thighs from her rich diet (giving her a pear-shaped build), Tink boasts surprisingly tough muscle beneath this. She is very hardy thanks to her wolf- and terrier heritage.
  • Lupus: 29 in (73 cm) ↔ 70 lb (32 kg)
  • Secui: 40 in (102 cm) ↔ 140 lb (63 kg)
  • Optime: 5ft 8in (68 in / 173 cm) ↔ 160 lbs (72.5 kg)
  • Other Features:
    • General calluses and scratches on her hands from hard work with livestock
    • Small abrasion scar on her left shoulder
    • Old bite marks on her inner thighs (always hidden by her garments)


Zambezi (#615655)
Empress (#7E797B)
Cloudy (#A49D9B)
Heathered Grey (#B7A893)
Bone (#E5D9C6)
Pearl Bush (#EFE7E3)

Optime Hair

Parchment (#F1E9D5)


Java (#1CB1D8)

Nose/Pawpads, Claws, Scars

Ship Grey (#3F3E43)

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Speech: Mature and soft-spoken, controlled tone, with faint traces of a Swedish accent.
  • Scent: Winterberry, silverweed, peat, cattle and sheep, buttermilk; Khael, Salsola (evergreen, salt and marsh, female-dominant hybrids)
    • Note: Tink disguises her Salsolan scent (masking it with sweetgrass and pennyroyal) when outside its borders.
  • Physical Expression and Quirks:
    • Katinka has proper, neutral expression and carriage, showing proper dominance or submission according to rank. She is closed-off but polite, offering small smiles to acknowledge others. Among the livestock, she is relaxed, warm, and gentle.
    • Once afflicted with a habit of toying with her hair or braids, she makes an effort to keep her hands still or folded in her lap. When nervous or bashful, she still sometimes tucks loose pieces of hair back from her face.
    • She smooths her dresses down over her thighs as a nervous tic.


Highly humanized and part of a wealthy kingdom, Tink never goes without clothing. Her day-to-day garments consist of plain, often-mended dresses that she doesn't mind getting dirty at the stables. For Suppers and other outings, Tink showcases her wealth -- favoring dresses with rich dyes (often shades of blue) but little other flair. She is more ornamental with her hair, accentuating it with bows, pins, and combs. All her garments modestly cover her thighs.


  • Two plain shifts (wool), undyed, mended, stained and washed
  • Dark blue sleeveless dress with gold accents and frayed tassels
  • Blue linen dress, weathered to blue-grey
  • Simple hemp shawl
  • Dark wool sash, often paired with dresses
  • Plain leather cloak with piebald rabbit fur trim and bog-wood fastening brooch


  • Blue hairbows -- most commonly worn
  • Ornamental bone haircomb
  • Gold-droplet necklace (dark leather cord)
  • Bog-wood pendant with abalone center (twine cord)

1.3  Images

2.  Personality

2.1  Summary

Dependable and down-to-earth, Tink is a hard worker with strong personal values. She takes her responsibilities seriously and measures her worth in the work that she does; she disdains people who are lazy or complacent. While politely modest, Tink has pride in her work, and desires the security that wealth and success bring. However, Tink refuses to let her ambitions compromise her moral values; she would never stoop to cruel or underhanded means of climbing the social ladder, and she harshly judges those that do.

She is introverted but sociable, a warm and kindhearted individual whose compassionate nature is apparent in the way she deals with lesser animals. Patient and proper, she never complains about helping others and enjoys doing so, though she expects them to return the favor.

Though in-tune with her emotions and judgments, Tink rarely expresses these feelings. Her desire to keep things running smoothly also makes her averse to confrontation, which leads to her tolerating bad situations long after they've turned bad. While self-assured in her work, in more personal matters, she has a tendency to place blame on herself.

2.2  Traits

  • Outlook: Realistic, sometimes cynical
  • Sociability: Introverted but socialible, kind
  • Expression: Contingent on rank, naturally submissive and polite
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    • "Respects the laws and authority figures of the community and nation."
    • "Seeks secure employment, believing hard work will pay off in the end."
    • "Believes people deserve the treatment they are willing to endure."
    • "Will not harm others for profit."
  • Motivations: Her family, security, wealth, success, improvement
  • Values: Work ethic, law and tradition, compassion, politeness, healthy pride and ambition
  • Fears: Destitution, disability, loneliness

2.3  Details


  • Likes: Cattle, singing, hard work, sweet foods and drinks, cheese, cats, baby animals, finery, shades of blue
  • Dislikes: Laziness, complacency, cruelty to animals, backstabbing, politics, zealots


Tink is strictly attracted to women and generally happy to take on a more submissive (but not subservient) role. Though disinclined to make the first move, she can be playful and flirty when comfortable with that person. She is a kindhearted, selfless mate who shows her love through service (e.g. housework, sex, thoughtful favors) and is unerringly loyal to her partner; she appreciates affection and affirmation in return.

Her need for harmony, disinclination to express feelings, and tendency to self-blame for relationship problems have made her especially vulnerable to emotional abuse -- a flaw that she has come to recognize and strives to improve upon.


  • Biases: Tink has largely adopted Salsola's cultural biases. As a result, she tends to regard other packs as inferior, loners as untrustworthy, and feral life as backwards. She carries a mild disdain for the more fanatical and political witches.
  • Substances: A fan of sweet-flavored meads and berry wines, Tink is a social drinker -- who more and more appreciates the pleasant numbness alcohol brings as much as its taste. She is disinclined to try other substances.


Tink is polytheistic but not pious or inclined to worship outside of the occasional private prayer. She believes in the existence of many unspecified gods and spirits, especially the ones her grandmother kept, and is generally accepting and tolerant of others' beliefs, too. However, Tink has a negative opinion of the zealous, "showy" witches of the Coven; she hates pointless, wasteful forms of animal sacrifice and distrusts the Coven's level of influence over the pack, seeing it as all to easy to pay lip-service to the gods for political gain.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

  • Mother: Greta Holt (née Bergström)
  • Father: Amalrick Holt
  • Siblings: Vincent, Iris (older); Anton, Torkel (same litter); Gerda, Helga (younger)
  • Children: (with Khael, sired by Vincent) Keturah Lykoi, Kineret Lykoi
  • Extended: Her grandmother, Birgitta Bergström, began living with the family when Tink's mother became pregnant with her third litter and needed extra help around their household.

3.2  Other Relations

Key Relations

  • Khael Lykoi is Tink's wife. She intrigued and attracted Tink from the start, initiating their courtship when Tink was uncertain about her feelings for the mysterious jackal. They make for an odd couple, but their roles complemented each other, and they shared values in regards to the pack and their ambitions. More recently, however, Tink has stopped overlooking the warning signs of Khael's abusive nature. While Tink thought she could handle herself (and handle Khael), enough lines were crossed that Tink realizes she needs to act on it.
  • Katinka loves her daughters more than anything; she dotes on them affectionately, but sets expectations and boundaries, too. However, complications in their home life have led to complications in their relationships.
    • Kineret is uncannily quiet and aloof, but she lends her support to Tink in unexpected times, proving her resemblance to Khael is merely superficial.
    • Keturah is a sweetheart, more bubbly than her sister, but seems to favor and hero-worship Khael -- which makes Tink increasingly nervous.

Notable Pack Relations

  • Elphaba Revlis may be the Boss, but Tink isn't a fan. Her opinions aren't traitorous, but Elphaba's senseless and theatrical sacrifice of a young animal left a bad taste in her mouth. Elphaba encourages the sort of theatrical political games that Tink despises.
  • Tink often works alongside Grievous Eternity with the pack's livestock. She finds him easy to get along with and appreciates his care for the animals. He once helped save her life, too.
  • --
  • --

Notable Outside Relations

  • Galilee Haskel saved Tink from a blizzard, demonstrating a kindness and guileless charm she didn't expect from an Outsider. However, she is also too nosy and concerned for her own good; Tink worries her good intentions will get them both hurt.
  • --

Past Relations

  • Vincent Holt is Tink's older brother and the family member she was closest to. Serious-minded and protective like their father, he always wanted what was best for her -- but also acted as her confidant and shoulder to cry on. He later agreed to sire her children by Khael, delighting Tink.
  • Tink befriended Blair Eternity and her wife Reykja Helsi in Portland, interested in and admiring of their lifestyle; Blair would later share stories about and invite her to join Salsola.
  • Salvia Eternity was the Boss when Tink first joined the pack. Tink admired and respected her as a strong leader; she had faith that Salvia would appreciate her for her work ethic.
  • Syringa D'Angelo seduced Katinka when she was new to the pack. Their dalliance didn't lead to anything more lasting, and they haven't kept in touch, but Tink is fond of the memory.
  • Serene Eternity and Tink quickly became friends due to their similar, kindhearted natures.

4.  Assets

4.1  Skills

Key: Dabbler --> Apprentice --> Journeyman --> Master

Main Focus: Livestock and Dairy

  • Livestock Care (Cattle) (Master):
Raised on a dairy farm, Tink has been around cattle her entire life and knows a great deal about them. Beyond basic care, like feeding and handling, she has strong knowledge of breeding, husbandry, and milk cycles. She can identify and prevent many maladies in cattle. In short, cattle are Tink's life! She knows how to keep them happy.
  • Livestock Care (Other) (Journeyman):
Tink works with all kind of other livestock on a daily basis, able to handle and care for sheep, goats, pigs, and chickens. She understands the basic needs of commonly kept animals; while they aren't her specialty like cattle are, she can keep them happy and healthy. Her knowledge falters when it comes to horses, however.
  • Dairy Production (Journeyman):
Tink has extensive knowledge about milking cows; she understands their lactation cycles and knows ways to keep production strong. While she usually trades raw milk to those who better know how to use it, she does have rudimentary knowledge of cheese-making. She can make curds and some soft cheeses, and is ever experimenting.
  • Shearing (Journeyman):
Tink knows how to shear sheep as well as collect fiber from long-haired cattle. She generally prefers that someone else does the shearing while she holds the sheep, but she's capable of doing everything herself on all but the most stubborn animals.

Auxiliary Skills and Hobbies

  • Singing (Journeyman):
Taught by her grandmother, Tink practices kulning to call livestock over long distances. She has a naturally beautiful voice, high and clear. She is proud of her ability to call her animals to her, and happy to demonstrate, but hasn't lent her voice to other song-forms before.
  • Trade (Journeyman):
Familiar with markets thanks to life in Portland, Tink is a skilled merchant insofar as she usually gets what she came for. She has a very keen eye for livestock (even those outside her immediate expertise); life in Salsola has made her shrewd about quality of fabrics and other finery, too. Driven but honest, she usually fares well in a deal -- but the most silver-tongued and slimy merchants could still dupe her.
  • Literacy (Apprentice):
Tink can read and write well enough to keep count on livestock and storage, often relying on a shorthand that is simple to understand. She is unfamiliar with longer texts and doesn't like to read wordy prose, though she can struggle slowly through journals pertinent to her interests. Her penmanship is small and neat.

4.2  Residence

A three-roomed cabin close Marrgerd. The main room has a couch (cushions made of stuffed hide), a low table, and a "cat tree" made from a scavenged branch. It leads to the kitchen, which boasts stone counters and a woodstove. The bedroom has a single master bed and a closet for storage. Overall, the cabin is in good shape, but the roof has a tendency to leak, and some floorboards need replacing.

4.3  Trade

Tink is an honest but shrewd trader with an eye for quality goods, especially those concerning livestock. She is straightforward in her offers, which she'll quickly take off the table if she senses anything underhanded. She is fair, and while she wants to make deals work, she refuses to compromise her values.

  • Offering: Dairy products (milk, cheese curds, whey), wool and fiber, eggs, Salsolan trade goods
  • Accepting: Vinegar, rennet, salt or preservatives, clothes (finely dyed or practical), jewelry

5.  History

See overview summary until I stop being lazy. :')

5.1  Significant Threads

The following threads are notable because they are related to significant events, demonstrative of relationships, or otherwise grant insight into plots and characters. Mostly, though, it's an abridged list so I don't die cataloging years and years of threads!




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