Syringa D'Angelo

Syringa D'Angelo, born Claire de Valence, is the daughter of Wisteria D'Angelo and Aedan de Valence. She was born in Salsola alongside her littermate Delphine. She has three half-siblings, two on her father's side: Alistair Callow and Dagr Soul, and one on her mother's side: Odessa D'Angelo.

Syringa grew into a life of wealth and privilege in Salsola's remote outpost near Freetown. Under the tutelage of her father she learned the arts of both archery and trade. She returned to Salsola proper as a young woman, ready and eager to make her mark on the place of her birth. There she climbed the ranks and went on to sponsor siblings Bayani Grimm and Primrose Grimm.

In 2017, Syringa changed her name to honor her mother who was a victim of the Red Star. In doing so she effectively cut ties with her ruthless father who did not approve of her gypsy lover and attacked her when she spoke against him.

Devastated both by the loss of her mother and angered by her father's abuse Syringa and Weaver traveled to Casa di Cavalieri to seek the help of her bastard brother who had his own vendetta against Aedan. They made a deal: in exchange for Aedan's location and common travel routes, Alistair would never speak to or seek out Syringa again. No contact, not even closure. Some time later, Syringa learned of her father's mysterious death on the road and knew that her father's controlling influence was finally ended. She took Weaver as her mate to ensure his secrecy.

In the summer of 2018 she bore him three children: a daughter Wisteria Valentine, and two sons Aurelion and Sanguine . She currently resides in Salsola's Portland outpost with her husband.






  • Building social alliances and amiable relationships within Salsola
  • Are you a craftsman with goods to trade but no know-how? Syringa would love to help you help herself!
  • Flings/flirtation/trysts within Salsola - both sexes




  • Species: Unmistakable as anything but a wolf. She is long, lean, and trim with feminine curves.
  • Fur: Thick dual-layered coat that is kept absolutely pristine at all times.
    • Optime Hair: About the length of her mid-back. Loose waves. Often tied up in a ponytail or swept to the side.
  • Facial Features: Broad Wolfish features.
  • Build and Size: Average in height, lean and muscular.
  • Humanization: High: Often wears Accessories.


Black Marlin (#332818)
Tobacco Brown (#6C5B43)
Hampton (#E2E0A2)
Ecru White (#F7F7E8)
Jagged Ice (#C4ECDD)


  • Fur: Primarily Hampton with a secondary coat color of Ecru white
  • Markings: Tobacco Brown peppered saddle. Black Marlin ears, tail tip, "parenthesis" markings on muzzle. Dots of Ecru white on the back of each ear. Ecru white bottom jaw, brow dots.
  • Eyes: Jagged ice.
  • Optime Hair: Black Marlin. Thick streak of Ecru white an inch into her left side.
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Dark gray



  • Piercings:
  • Two thick gold hoops in each ear
  • Scars:
  • Rah'khir's Arrow () is scarred vertically along her spine. The arrow point rests between her shoulder blades and the butt of the arrow reaches to the bottom of her ribcage.
  • Ankhs Sun rests below the arrow, in memory of her mother


Jewelry and Accessories

Syringa wears a variety of jewelry, either gold or jewelry made from animal parts: teeth, bone, claws, antlers which she makes herself

 Gold bracelet gift from Leonardo 


  • Various Luperci-made garments and pelts sewn into feminine silhouettes, sometimes dyed though she is rarely fully covered. She prefers to show off her build and curves. Any dresses are sewn short, and many outfits bear her waist and midriff.
  • Silver fox fur poncho, made by Shiloh .
  • Various plush pelts of colors and patterns she finds fashionable stylishly sewn into capes, cloaks and other such over clothing.


  • Speech: Feminine, mezzo, melodic rather than airy.
  • Syringa can sing and often hums to herself while she is working.
  • Scent: Salsola. Pine. Salty, marshy. Horses. Strongly female. Wolfish, with weaker hints of coyote and dog
    • When outside of Salsola she disguises herself with the scents of lilac.

Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Syringa is prone to sideways and backwards glances and hyperaware of her surroundings, often to the point of appearing restless. Her ears are expressive and indicative of her moods. She flavors her speech with French phrases and words.

  • General Posture and Body Language: Generally confident, graceful, and flirtatious accentuating her feminine figure. She is very alert and misses few if any body language cues.



Archer ArchetypeSilk Hiding SteelGood Bad Girl

Independent, Perceptive, Wary

  • Not one to be tied down, or held to any obligations Syringa does and goes where she pleases, when she pleases, and with whom she pleases. She is loyal to Salsola, it's culture and values, but beyond that she is very much her own person.

Curious, Cunning


Open-minded, Pleasant, Flirtatious

  • Syringa is generally kind, but not necessarily thoughtful. She cares for a select few people and likes to see them happy. Strangers and lesser acquaintences are greeted warmly but the sincerity is often lacking. However, Syringa is generally open-minded and accepts individuals from all walks of life (so long as they aren't a threat to Salsola.)



  • Outlook: Optimistic.
  • Sociability: Extroverted. Dominant.
  • Expression: Alert, generally pleasant but often wary. Sometimes anxious.
  • Alignment: True Neutral-Chaotic Neutral


  • Rising in social status
  • Her own pleasure
  • The Goddess Rah'khir


  • Ostracism: A common fear among many Salsolans. Syringa strives not only fit in but to stand out. Public humiliation and/or exile is a very real concern and to be avoided at all cost.
  • Rape: A sensual woman Syringa has no issue pursuing her desires. She loves the chase, she loves the act of sex itself and were it to become forced or twisted into something perverse it would deeply scar her.
  • Aedan de Valence: She knew who he was for some time but had no reason to fear him until he attacked her, nearly strangling her for speaking out. As a ghost Aedan has made her life a waking nightmare.


  • Likes: Finely sewn clothing, jewelry, fresh fallen snow, socializing, horse riding, foreign language and cultures, trade
  • Dislikes: Rapists and thieves, thunderstorms, spirits and the supernatural


Syringa's mother is a former priestess of the Khalif. Her father, however, is a life-long atheist with no regard whatsoever for religion. Death is his god. While Syringa is closer to her father, she does not share his belief. Instead, she believes as her mother does in the Khalif god trio.

  • As neither white nor black, Syringa belongs to the Huntress, Rah'khir. Rah'khir is the freest of the Khalif gods. She is neither bound by the light nor condemned to the darkness- a fact which delights Syringa who, herself, is not pulled to either side. Rah'khir is also a huntress of great skill, Syringa aspires to be the same. She worships with her bow and bears the mark of Rah'khir between her shoulder blades, scarred into her flesh.


  • Packs: Considers Salsola to be the elite of luperci society.
  • Casa di Cavalieri is full of foolhardy meddlers who don't know when to leave well enough alone. Also, her brother used to be king.
  • Species: With little to no basis for a personal bias Syringa is perhaps too accepting of other species.
  • Non-Luperci: Syringa is disdainful and disproving of feral lifestyles.


Kinsey Scale 2

  • Predominantly heterosexual, but more than incidentally homosexual

Syringa is flirtatious and accepting of both casual and romantic relationships. She has only been with a woman once, but would again in the right circumstances.

  • While loving and devoted to her mate, Syringa and Weaver's relationship is an open one. Neither one is particularly possessive and when the opportunity for a new partner or experience presents itself they are free to seize it at their whim, no jealousy and no restraint. They always return to each other, however, finding a home in one another's arms.


  • Syringa is a social drinker but not to the point of intoxication.
  • She has never tried any drugs besides alcohol. But would be open to the experience in a controlled setting.



  • Species: Mixed breed Arabian mare
  • Age and DOB: 2011 (~3 yr)
  • Description: Smoky grullo with a dark face.
  • Personality: Shy around strangers she is the daughter of Aedan de Valence's mare, Soleil. She was gifted to Syringa by her father as a means to teach Syringa responsibility. Though skittish at times Pluie has taken to Syringa especially well.


Family: D'Angelo, de Valence

  • Cousins:
  • Extended: Syringa has several ties to the D'Angelo bloodline


Family Relations

  • Delphinium D'Angelo To this day Syringa's sister remains as a bit of an enigma to her. The two were separated at a young age when her family moved to the outpost and Delphinium was forced to remain behind as collateral.
  • Alistair Callow-Knight They first met quite by chance, but it didn't take long for things to turn sour. Alistair demanded to know the location of their father. When Syringa (then Claire) refused him, he threatened violence. She led him into a trap.

Positive Relations

  • Weaver Valentine: Initially drawn in by his music, their first meeting took an unexpected (or perhaps entirely expected) turn, quickly becoming her first sexual encounter. He is a smooth talker, flirtacious, but genuinely caring (surprisingly). Syringa enjoys his company and feels most comfortable at his side. She shares his home with him part of the time and trusts him more than anyone else.

Neutral / Negative

  • --

Minor Relations

  • Enemies: --
  • Murders: --






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