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Etoile is a wild warrior woman. Brought up in a family of rough housing brothers (Arber, Marceau, Sorel, and Telfor), she took it upon herself to prove to others that she was unbreakable. She is a formidable opponent in most things - but has a tendency to be hard headed and stubborn. Etoile could be a leader, but can sometimes lack empathy or care for those around her. She tends to see things from her own perspective and this can make it difficult for her to make friends outside of her small group.

Etoile's name sake is a smattering of pale freckles across her cheeks that stand out like the stars. Her eyes mimic this color and are a cool shade of unfeeling silver. Due to her upbringing in Toronto, Etoile has been fighting for most of her life. She has a myriad of scars along her arms and shoulders and she is missing the pinky on her left hand. Etoile wears a star pendant almost constantly, and a glove to cover the hand which is missing a finger.

Etoile mostly fights up close with daggers and throwing knives. She is useless at a distance.

In February of 2018 Etoile and Jacquard Lefevre joined Salsola proper in pursuit of Brocade Valentine. She was ranked as a Confidant until her lies caught up to her.

She was murdered by Elphaba Revlis on July 8th, 2018.

In Toronto Etoile was on a mercenary squad made up of Brocade Valentine, Jacquard Lefevre, and her lover Ferdinand 'Feu' Le Petit. They were very close until Ferdinands death, with Brocade abandoning them soon after to travel with his family. At some point prior to this Brocade confessed his love to her - which she declined in her own brash way. She blames Brocade entirely for Feu's death, and in doing so has grown deep rooted hatred for the man. Etoile and Jacquard have managed to remain close despite this loss, and the October of 2017 has brought them to Nova Scotia in an effort to begin a new life.

1.  Timeline


  1. [[Thread:37482|i never dreamed that i'd miss somebody like you]: Etoile and Jacquard arrive in the Thistle Kingdom and are welcomed by an old friend. Etoile meets Elphaba for the fist time. The plan is set in motion.
  2. [[Thread:38225|in a moment you've won]: Brocade and Etoile have their first altercation as memories of Ferdinand poison their relationship. Etoile berates Brocade and the man gives into his guilt - admitting for the first time that killing the man had been an accident. Etoile 'forgives' him and the two become a couple.
  3. [[Thread:37790|blood & wine, forever mine]: Etoile attends her first Last Supper and sits at the bottom of the table. She surveys the pack and learns of Kamari and Krios' engagement at the hand of their Heirophant.
  4. [[Thread:37992|little do you know]: Etoile poisons Brocade for the first time - pouring powder into the ale he drinks at The Last Supper. She has begun to suspect that he and Elphaba share a relationship that is closer than it should be so flaunts this readily. The two share a dance as Brocade slumps lamely in his chair.
  5. [[Thread:38152|these hands could hold the world but it'll never be enough]: Etoile and Brocade meet Itachi Lykoi - a seasoned Veteran of Salsola that Etoile takes a strange liking to.
  6. [[Thread:37870|little waves with their soft white hands]: Etoile and Brocade stumble across a large beached whale - one that Julius Valentine has already found and claimed for himself.
  7. [[Thread:38563|the law of the jungle]: Brocade and Etoile attend a meeting where the powers of Salsola are reversed and toyed with before their very eyes. Elphaba and O'Riley take over the pack, and Etoile decides to expedite her plan to murder Brocade Valentine.
  8. [[Thread:37946|never sure how far we could fall]: The couple go scouting out beyond Salsolas borders and find a camp that has been razed by bandits. They meet Rowtag and a wounded girl and attempt to piece together what happened.
  9. [[Thread:38380|oh, the habits of my heart]: Etoile and Brocade make their first mission to Mistfell Veil, a new pack that appeared in the North over the spring. They meet Saga d'Angelo and agree to trade at a later date.
  10. [[Thread:38305|too bad, nomadic is who we are]: Etoile, Jacquard and Brocade visit Krokar and meet Oscar Morelli and offer to trade.
  11. [[Thread:38306|but its killing me, its killing you]: Etoile decides that the way to Brocades heart is to have him fall in love with her all over again - a fact which she hopes to throw in his face when she finally takes his life. Instead of having the quiet evening in the woods that she had planned they are found by a feisty young woman that seems to know of Salsola. A battle ensues and both parties leave gravely wounded but with their lives.
  12. [[Thread:38494|I thought I saw the devil, this morning]: Brocade and Etoile return wounded to Salsola and are met with Lithia and Ondine - both concerned about their conditions from the fight with Tiamat Amaranthe.
  13. [[Thread:39226|living like lovers, rolling like thunder]: Etoile begins the execution of her plan and asks Brocade to marry her. He accepts without really answering - a fact that she ignores as she revels in the fact that he has falling in love with her after all. She begins to set in motion the final preparations of his murder.
  14. [M] I will become war: (26 December) While seeking his missing grandchildren, King Silvano Sadira is captured by Mistral's men. Fueled by disrespect, Mistral chops off the King's hand and holds him prisoner.






Player Info

  • Date of Birth: December 25th, 2015
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Wolf-Dog
  • Family: Montgomery
  • Birthplace: Toronto?
  • Name Meaning:
    • First Name: Star (French)
    • Last Name: Mountain belonging to the Ruler (French)
  • Nicknames: 'Toile
  • Pronunciation: ay-twal
  • Epithet:



  • Common Starling
  • Used to send messages or scout ahead.

Pack Information

OOC Assumptions

  • Pack:
  • Residence:
  • Rank:
  • ---
  • ---

2.  Relationships

2.1  Key Relations

  • Ferdinand? Her one true love. They met and she felt the world slip into place, though due to a grave mistake Brocade accidentally killed the man on one of their missions.
  • Brocade Valentine Brocade Valentine is the catalyst of her story - a man who she had once been friends with prior to the accidentaly murder of Ferdinand. Etoile joined Salsola in an effort to first befriend the man and then have him fall in love with her. She planned to murder him and confess her plan all in the same breath so that he could feel the pain that he caused her. Etoile poisoned him slowly from the moment she joined Salsola to ensure that when the time came she would be able to take him easily. He accepted her proposal in July 2018 after some thought, but never got to accept as she disappeared soon after. He does not know she is dead.
  • Jacquard Lefevre Jacquard is a friendly lout who is one of the only person on this earth that Etoile can stand. He toes the line between Brocade and the Montgomery tactfully - and never mentions Ferdinands name.
  • Elphaba Revlis They met and Etoile understood that the woman would be the only hitch to her plan - Brocade was enamoured with her long before she joined Salsola. She befriended the witch-woman and thought she was doing well with her plan despite a dangerous game of seduction that resulted in her death.

2.2  Family: Montgomery

  • Mother: Cherelle Vitesse
  • Father: Isidore Montgomery
  • Siblings: Arber, Marceau, Sorel, and Telfor
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