Elphaba Revlis


Serve in the Central Ring of the pack for three months
Serve in the Inner Ring of the pack for three months
Serve in the Faction Tiers of the pack for three months
Serve in the Sotto Capo for three months
Serve as a Servitori for three months OR hold the debt of an Indentured Servant for three months
Earn one Job within the kingdom
Earn two Jobs within the kingdom
Organize a Pack Project OR participate in five threads assisting any Pack Projects
Create 10 All Welcome (AW) threads on Salsola's pack territory
Complete all of the Thread Prompts for any one month
Take part in 5 Last Supper threads
Complete a LASKY thread at or around Fort Preble, the Salsolan Outpost at Portland
Have a thread with a member from each active Pack
Have a thread with a member from each active Loner Band
Take a mate within Salsola
Become a parent to children in Salsola with a mate
Endure a physical punishment
Recruit one Outsider to Salsola and be their Sponsor
Recruit three Outsiders to Salsola
Usurp a Job or Rank from a fellow Salsolan OR be usurped by a fellow Salsolan
Take part in a Special or Ceremonial Event
Earn 10 other Anicombs
Be the Top Poster for a month
Adopt a Salsolan OR create an Adoptable in Salsola
Awarded for exceptional service to Salsola
I participated in the First Boreas War in 2012!
I participated in the Second Boreas War in 2016/2017!
I participated in the Inferni/Salsola War in 2017!
I participated in the CotS Plot in 2019!

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Elphaba is the daughter of disgraced Pentiti and ex-Salsolan leader Lokr Revlis and prior Gamekeeper Osrath Eternity. She was born alongside her (unbeknownst) half sister, Indra Revlis, and her fullblood sibling Maugrim Revlis, who tragically died in the womb due to complications prior to birth. She currently resides in Salsola as a member of the ruling elite.

Elphaba was born a darkling child in coloration compared to her fairer-furred sister. She carries the traditionally earthen pelt of the Revlis bloodline, and has inherited only a little of her mother's curves and grace to fill out an otherwise lanky, willowy build. Elphaba has suffered from very sensitive eyes since her birth; They are a deep and painful cardinal red in hue, and are particularly affected by very bright light. As an heir to the throne of the Thistle Kingdom, Elphaba grew up with veritable wealth and power at her fingertips, and wanted for nothing - Other than everything that she was told she could not have. She is crafty, manipulative, charismatic and dominant in nature, traits born out of retaliation to her physically unintimidating stature. Her deeply inquisitive outlook, sometimes seen as rebellious and enigmatic, often leads her to become involved in less than ideal situations - During which she is normally guarded by either her intimidating hired mercenary The Bull, or her combat mentor and tasty snack Brocade Valentine.

A vocal and prolific member of Salsola's infamous coven, Elphaba is a motivated practitioner of the Craft, and holds the Witch title in spite of her family's history of traditionally conservative values.

In the early winter of 2017, Elphaba usurped her exiled father to become one of Salsola's Mafiosi. Her title, granted by then-Boss Salvia Eternity, was "The Hierophant".

By winter's end 2018, the young woman's ravenous ambition had returned. With the treasonous aid and political backing of her co-conspirator cousin O'Riley Eternity, Elphaba challenged her aging grandmother for the throne. For her boldness and cunning (and by Salvia's retirement manifesto), she was granted leadership over Salsola as its Boss, with O'Riley serving as her second in command. This unprecedented rise to monarchy would mark a new age for Salsola, dividing the kingdom's loyalty and giving agency and legitimacy to bureaucratic rifts in the noble houses.

As a young woman, now Queen, Elphaba is curious, intimidating and bold. She frequently visit the Blackwoods, wherein stands the largest grandfather pine, under which is buried the body of her deceased sibling. Death has not kept the siblings apart, and Elphaba is particularly well-attuned to her brother's unearthly presence.

In the 2017 Yearbook, Elphaba was awarded the following superlatives: The Dynamic Duo (with O'Riley) and Best Frenemies (with Trident).

In the 2018 Yearbook, Elphaba was awarded the following superlatives: The Dynamic Duo (with O'Riley), Most Likely to Spread a Rumor About Themselves and Biggest Ego in the Universe.

In the 2019 Yearbook, Elphaba was awarded the following superlatives: Most Likely to be the Boss at the End of a Dungeon and Ohhh Sweet Delicious Drama (with O'Riley & Odalis).

∙ O V E R V I E W ∙





  • Family: Revlis, Eternity
  • Birthplace: Salsola
  • Name Meaning:
    • First Name: Witch of the West
    • Last Name: Silver - (Bastardized Old-English)
  • Nicknames: Elphie, Elph
  • Pronunciation: el-FA-BA rehv-LISS
  • Epithet: Morgan le Fay
  • Paimon the Red Fox:
    • Given to Elphaba by her cousin as a kit
    • Acts as her eyes and ears throughout the Thistle Kingdom
    • 'Very rarely' heard to speak, and almost never to anyone not in the royal family
    • Feel free to reference him spying on your character on occasion!

P A C K ∙ I N F O

O O C ∙ A S S U M P T I O N S

The Hierophant
  • Current Rank:
The Boss

If your character is in Salsola, they can assume the following:

  • Discussing minor political or pack-based intrigues with the new Boss
    • i.e. Reporting to Elphaba about small occurrences, requesting minor allowances such as to take an item from storage, little trivial things - if not sure, PM me.
  • Finding a strange shrine in the Blackwoods by a large pinetree that smells like Elphaba
    • Individuals are welcome to ICly reference the sensation of being 'watched' by Maugrim in the Blackwoods; Depending on their level of openness to the occult/otherworldly, they may interpret his presence correctly as a ghost. Seeing Maugrim manifest in physical form / Talking with Maugrim / Non-vague interactions are not permitted without asking.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics

Elphaba has - much to her dismay - inherited many of the common Revlis attributes. She is lean on the verge of lanky, with sharp angular features and a wiry musculature that lends itself well to speed rather than strength. An average height for a hybrid, she is commonly shorter than most with higher percentages of wolf blood, and taller than those with high percentages of coyote or jackal blood. Though there is domesticated dog in her lineage, Elphaba has a predominantly wild look to her, with a pointed muzzle and large canine teeth. Her ears are coyote-esque in height.

Most commonly seen in her Optime form, Elphie has long dark hair that is black in some light and a rich loamy brown in others. Depending on the humidity of the weather or other external stimulants, it is either straight and silky with the end in a blunt-cut, or wavy and unruly at the tips. Either way, it falls well down to her lower spine, and is cropped into bangs that frame her pale-splashed face.

For the most part she is predominantly a myriad shades of brown, darkening and desaturating at hands, feet, tail and ears. In winter her guard-hairs can sometimes give a frosted overall look, though she remains overall quite dark in hue. Her face alone is a shock of off-white, a stark contrast to the rest of her muted and unremarkable coloring. Her eyes are a vibrant cochineal red, unnerving at the best of times, terrifying at the worst.

  • Nose and Paw Pads: Liver/charcoal
  • Claws: Tan
  • Optime Hair: Dark brown/black
  • Scars:
    • The pads on her left hand, across the palm and fingers, have a number of fine criss-crossing scars dashed across them.

1.2  Clothing & Other

The leader of a highly humanized pack, Elphaba frequently wears clothing to establish both her wealth and status. She is not overly concerned with gaudiness, instead choosing practical and subdued garments of very high luperci-made quality to offset the overwhelming intensity of her personality. Due to the cold nature of her territory, she has a fondness for dyed wool and other warming fabrics. Her most commonly worn garments are a long forest-green traveler's cloak, fastened at the throat by a silver serpent broach, and a simple woolen ao dai with high side-partings to allow for freedom of movement.

1.3  Color Codes

Zeus (#1a1613)
Taupe (#3e312a)
Kabul (#5a4d45)
Shadow (#896c52)
Thatch (#93867e)
Swiss Coffee (#d6cbc3)
Cardinal (#ac0e0f)

Image Here
??? lbs (?? kg)
?? in (?? cm)

Image Here
??? lbs (?? kg)
?? in (?? cm)

Image Here
??? lbs (?? kg)
?? in (?? cm)

2.  Image Gallery

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by Titmouse by Raze by Raze by Alaine by Alaine by San by Marcy gift from Sylvey by Titmouse by Songbird by Libri by Mel by Shannah by Alaine by Alaine by Songbird

3.  Personality

Art by San

Femme Fatale, The Baroness, "Because I'm Good at It", Wicked Witch, Green Eyed Monster, Dragon Ascendant


3.1  Interaction

  • Speech: Sharp and intelligent; Tailored to manipulate. Naturally fast-paced and alluring in tone.
  • Scent: Pine, bog, wild blackberry, smoke, ash
  • Orientation: Neutral Evil / Chaotic Evil
    • "Values her family, but will not heed their requests necessarily."
    • "Will take risks if the benefits are great."
    • "Will betray friends if profitable."
    • "Will kill others to get ahead."
    • "Will use wealth to destroy others."
    • "Considers herself above the law."
    • "Finds most people to be narrow-minded and inflexible."

4.  Relationships

Key Relations

  • Maugrim Revlis - "I love you, brother. I'll always love you. We'll find a way to be together, no matter the cost..."
  • O'Riley Eternity - His assistance in both framing and uncovering Lokr led their simple childish relationship down a path of no return. Thick as thieves (and just as morally inept), it is little wonder these two made their rise to power together. O'Riley is one of few individuals that Elphaba genuinely places her trust in, making him a dangerous figurehead in their political machinations.
  • Krios Heiwa - After his startling reveal as Lokr's bastard son, Elphaba had planned to kill her half-brother. It would certainly have been simpler that way, without all his nuisance and chatter. Instead she decided to betroth him to the lowborn girl Kamari as a test of his faith and loyalty. If he proves himself trustworthy, she might genuinely begin to think of him as a brother. Whether that is to his benefit or detriment is yet to be seen.
  • Brocade Valentine - He's a hottie with a dad bode and she wants to climb him like a tree. Shame she's promised herself to someone else...
  • Salvia Eternity - Elphaba has been groomed by her Oma for as long as she can remember. Salvia taught her the truth about Salsola, its people and the godlike power of the Law. Many of her opinions and reactions were unknowingly mediated by the previous Boss, though her own brashness and burgeoning confidence allow her to take all instructions in her stride, and with a grain of salt.
  • Indra Revlis - Though very close as children, the two young women have undertaken deeply divergent pathways in life. Their naturally conflicting natures makes it difficult for them to relate to one another. Nonetheless, Indra is an important figure in Elphaba's life. She is secretly afraid of the pale sister turning against her, particularly regarding her continued involvement with the ghost of their 'brother'.
  • Lokr Revlis - Having been groomed by Salvia and witnessing many of Lokr's failures through that lens, Elphaba is highly critical of her father and generally dismissive of his prior power or influence in the pack. Having uncovering his infidelity to both her mother and the pack at large, her sense of abandonment and betrayal grew into disproportionate loathing. After usurping and banishing the Pentiti, she promised him that she would kill him if their paths ever crossed again.

Family: Revlis, Eternity

Maugrim Revlis: Deceased Full Sibling; Ghost
Indra Revlis: Half Sibling (through Osrath and Dullahan Eternity)
  • Elphaba believes that she and Indra are full siblings.
Krios Heiwa: Half Sibling (through Lokr and Ondine Heiwa)
Malik and Calrian: Half Siblings (through Lokr and Semini)
  • Here's hoping these boys are sensible enough to stay far away from her, if they want to keep their pretty heads.