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  2.   2.  Family
  3.   3.  'Souls History
    1.   3.1  Early History
    2.   3.2  Recent History
  4.   4.  Influence and Influences
  5.   5.  Defining Features
  6.   6.  Family Culture
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The Ouroboros

A popular sigil adopted by the Revlis Line

1.  Introduction

As the original patron of the Revlis line is in fact no blood relative to its present-day descendants, its true history and corrupted lineage lies down much fouler paths. The heirs of a murderous prince, who was himself the terrible prodigy of two great and ancient coyote bloodlines (Lykoi, Kimaris), the current Revlis family has a heredity both notable and infamous. It is balanced by the nobly wolfish influence of the old Rhiannon kin, whose physical traits (namely: relative wolf height, with the occasional throwback of heterochromia iridum) persist in even the newest generations of the Revlis line.

This family is usually made distinct by the deep and naturally earthen coloring of its kin - Pelts most frequently range from an ashy charcoal to a warm russet in hue, though the occasional pale-born get will result if a more dominant non-Revlis gene is found in the parent/s. Likewise striking is the reappearance of a bright acidic green eye-color, which varies from individual to individual in tone and warmth, but is far more common than coincidence allows. If a Revlis-blooded individual cannot be identified by these points, then it is indeed possible - particularly should they descend from the male heirs of Sirius Revlis - that they will instead inherit the snaggle-tooth for which the mad king was famous; Fang-like, the elongated canines peek slightly over the lower lip, giving the distinct impression of a continual sneer from their owner. In some instances the cuspids may grow large enough, or be poorly enough positioned, to cause a slight speech impediment such as a lisp.

Rarer than this is the irregular but damaging mental and moral corrosion that puts the madness into the term "mad king", an unfortunate but re-occurring psychotic tendency that is usually made more severe with age (Symptoms: Migraines, paranoia, hallucinations, delusions of grandeur).

In terms of the present world, in Nova Scotia and Beyond the Revlis family is known for their prominent position as a monarchical house in Salsola - A kingdom that was founded by the original patriarch of the bloodline. By their temperamental but cunning nature they are believed to make circumstantially good leaders or persistent companions, but generally abysmal warriors or soldiers, for their genetic boon runs in intelligence, agility and stealth much more than strength, speed or ferocity. Canny merchants with perhaps a little more greed than good sense, members of the Revlis brood are known to hoard wealth, develop antisocial guarding tendencies and fester with jealousy if not trained, early on, in appropriate conduct and morals.

2.  Family

PLEASE NOTE: As the Revlis family follows traditional naming conventions, only characters who take the surname Revlis can officially pass on the Revlis bloodline.
- Characters who are of Revlis lineage but DO NOT have the Revlis surname, are able to OOC request (via Alaine) to change their surname to Revlis, or to have puppies who are given the surname Revlis.-

First Generation

Second Generation

Third Generation

Fourth Generation

Bold indicates Revlis bloodline carrier.
Strikethrough indicates deceased or stillborn character.
Italics indicates adopted or abnormal character.
Small text indicates additional notes.

3.  'Souls History

3.1  Early History

Salsola's Crest

The Peacock and the Serpent

The Revlis name returned to 'Souls proper with Sirius Revlis, who was born to Dierdre Rhiannon and Samael Lykoi under the pretense of a different sire. Sirius was named after Physe Revlis, Dierdre's adoptive father at the time. Initially born into the Twilight Vale pack, Sirius carried the Revlis name through a series of packs during his childhood and adolescence, such as Shadowed Stars, Inferni and later, Anathema. During his travels abroad as a young man, Sirius courted life in London, where he lived with a group of Italian merchants and solidified many traits that continue through the Revlis line today, such as bilingual tendencies and an appreciation of good trade and high civility. In 2011, Sirius broadened the bloodline into royalty when he founded the infamous kingdom of Salsola with Eris Eternity [1]. The personal family crest, which before that point had been the infinitus snake (the Ouroboros), then became the Revlis Crowned Serpent.

In the high summer of 2012, Sirius abruptly left his monarchy of Salsola for the reclusive wilderness of Alaska [2]. He took with him his lover, Ezekiel de le Poer (who had at that time been the Aquila of Inferni, and likewise deserted), his mate Clover Love Lykoi, his two sons Lokr Revlis and Larkkin Star Revlis, and Ezekiel's mate Kastra Hunting. Whilst evading a dangerous hunting envoy of Boreas Wolves, Clover gave birth to Sirius' first daughter, Lily Storm Revlis. Sirius' previous consort from Salsola, a feisty siren of a woman called Isabella Heiwa took it upon herself to find Sirius before he left the continent and add his bloodline to her own [3]. After a fortunate yet vulgar meeting, the impregnated Isabella returned to Nova Scotia. She later gave birth to the true-blooded Delfina Heiwa, and another pup who was not sired by the Revlis man (Ondine Heiwa)[4]. She never revealed the identity of Defina's father to her daughters or the Kingdom.

During the long winter of 2013, Lokr Revlis and his brother Larkkin returned to Nova Scotia after having been kicked out of the nomadic harem by their increasingly cruel and erratic father [5]. Lokr commanded his brother to remain away from their birthplace of Salsola, fearing the reputation of the pack, and the possibility for retribution from the pack's current queen (Salvia Eternity) at the challenging return of the founder's heirs. The two brothers split ways, with Larkkin heading off to make his own path, and Lokr re-joining the infamous Thistle Kingdom against his own better judgement and word. He was accepted as the Queen's ward; And after being thoroughly groomed by Salvia, Lokr quickly rose within the ranks [6].

After the prior argument and fallout with his brother, Larkkin Star Revlis left Nova Scotia and began trade work as a general repairman and carpenter in Freetown, where he met Hawthorn and fell wildly in love. A brief but dazzling courtship followed, and the two wed and moved to an old homestead on the outskirts of Chesapeake Bay to begin their lives and family together. Although naturally a jovial sort of man having taken after his maternal line in disposition, Larkkin still reflects on Salsola and his brother Lokr with great bitterness and regret.

In early 2014, Grace Revlis (nee D'Angelo), the half-sister of Sirius via their shared mother, changed her biological surname from D'Angelo to Revlis. This was prompted by a meeting with her long-lost nephew, Lokr, in neutral northern lands [7]. To date (2018), none of Grace's many children have been granted the surname as their own.

On 26 February 2014, in a late winter that was clinging on viciously to the season, Hawthorn gave birth to a litter of four puppies at the family's Chesapeake homestead - and so Laufey Revlis, Jezebel Revlis, Morgana Revlis and Bacchus Revlis were brought into the world. Over time, all the sons and daughters of Larkkin made their way to their familial kingdom, Salsola, where they took up their blood-right in the noble house as citizens.

3.2  Recent History

After a tumultuous and antagonistic relationship, Salsolan heir Osrath Eternity persuaded her mother (and ruling Queen of the Thistle Kingdom) Salvia Eternity to force Lokr into a betrothal with her. In spite of their generally mutual animosity, Lokr and Osrath became unlikely allies. Proceeding a bleak winter courtship Elphaba Revlis, Indra Revlis and their prematurely deceased brother Maugrim Revlis were born [8]. Unbeknownst to Lokr, Indra was not actually his blood-born child, but the incestuous product of a liaison with Osrath's own brother - Dullahan Eternity - meaning that she is not a true Revlis descendant.

In a surprising and secret tryst, Bacchus (going by his alias, Dionysus) seduced an Amaranthe daughter from Onuba, Akantha of Sapient. Although Akantha was unaware of Bacchus' true title, bloodline and inheritance, she has born three unclaimed children by him - Odalis, Solomon, and Lucian [9].

The culmination of a years-long passionate affair with tumultuous lows and dazzling highs, Lokr and his forbidden love Semini (sister of Akantha) finally made two perfect sons, Calrian and Malik [10]. The boys were born during the final throws of a particularly long and icy winter, in a small hunting cabin at the southern foot of Mount Oromocto which had served as the lover's secret meeting place for some time. Though both sons knew their father, who visited as frequently as sense allowed, the couple decided not to give them the surname Revlis for fear that it would draw too many enemies to the young heirs.

In payment for the steep price of keeping a deadly secret, a drunken and miserable Lokr was blackmailed to lay with the young seer Ondine Heiwa, who had found out about his ongoing relationship with Semini. Ondine, who had long suffered from an unrequited obsession with the Salsolan Lord Commander, was startled to find herself pregnant from the tryst. She gave birth to a charming bastard son, Krios Heiwa, in the very early Spring [11]; After a surprisingly heartfelt discussion with Lokr, the pair agreed upon keeping his heritage a secret.

When Semini unexpectedly came into possession of her father's sea vessel, Lokr agreed at last to flee Salsola and abscond with her to her native homeland of Onuba. Before this could come to pass, his ongoing infidelity and planned betrayal were discovered by his daughter Elphaba, who (with the aid of her grandmother, Salvia Eternity) exiled the traitor and usurped his high-ranked position [12]. One of her first decrees as Hierophant was to shackle her recently self-exposed halfbrother Krios in a betrothal to lowborn slave descendant Kamari Kaiser [13]. Though this seemed a cruel thing to do, it was better than Elphaba's first inclination, which was to kill him.

For a time Elphaba served piously as Salvia's second in command, but by the end of the tumultuous winter of 2018, her ambition grew ravenous once more. With political backing from a number of key individuals, she and her non-Revlis cousin and co-conspirator O'Riley revealed their sinister intentions at a pack gathering. After boldly challenging her grandmother for the throne, Elphaba was rewarded and became the second Revlis Boss of Salsola [14].

In late 2019, Semini gave birth to her second litter with Lokr - Serafina, Siolene ? and Morholt . Born into infamy due to the actions of their older sibling, the three Onuban-born children were nonetheless raised in a sheltered, warm environment.

4.  Influence and Influences



  • Lykoi via Clover Love Lykoi / via Samael Lykoi
    • The dark prince Samael is an infamous ancestor of the Revlis line.
    • Sweet daughter Clover was mated to Sirius, and bore the firstborn litter of on-board Revlis'.
  • Rhiannon via Dierdre Rhiannon
    • Dierdre, mother of the Revlis founder, gave birth to Sirius during the devastating mass fires of 2008 - some credit this as the reason for a common Revlis infatuation with fire.
  • Heiwa via Isabella Heiwa / via Ondine Heiwa
    • An ally of the mad king, the siren witch Isabella took his seed in secret to create the perfect heir for herself.
    • The result of a forbidden secret and an unrequited love, Ondine bore Lokr a single unclaimed son.
  • Moineau, Stormbringer, Dawnrunner, Damaichu via Grace Revlis
    • A prolific procreator, Grace has had many children since taking the name Revlis - however, she has passed it on to none of them.
  • D'Angelo via Hawthorn
    • Note: Hawthorn does not know she is a D'Angelo.
    • Hawthorn took Larkkin as her mate, and they have had four children together.
  • Eternity via Osrath Eternity
    • As daughter of the Queen (and the most beautiful woman in the North), Osrath was betrothed at her mother's command to Lokr.
    • Of the litter that came from their mateship, only one surviving daughter was truly his own - the other a product of incestuous affair.
  • Amaranthe via Akantha / via Semini
    • Lokr and Semini have an ongoing passionate love affair, leading to the birth of their two sons, both secretly heirs of Salsola.
    • The beautiful Akantha had a fling with Bacchus, resulting in children which she has kept secret from him.
    • Lokr and Semini have a second litter, born in Onuba.
  • Kaiser via Kamari Kaiser
    • When Krios brashly revealed his familial ties to newly crowned monarch Elphaba, she exerted her control over him by betrothing her halfbrother to Kamari, a lowborn girl of great potential.
  • Salsola
    • Sirius, patriarchal founder of the Revlis line, was also the first king (the Mad King, as he is known) of the Thistle Kingdom.
    • Lokr Revlis raises his two daughters here, alongside wife Osrath. Their son, born dead, is given a secret cairn grave in the pack's haunted forest.
    • At the end of Winter in 2018, Elphaba usurped her grandmother to become the second Revlis monarch of Salsola.
  • Sapient
    • Solomon, Lucian and their sister Odalis lived here with their mother, though they were at the time unaware of their absent father's bloodline.
  • Krokar
    • Calrian and Malik were raised here in their childhood.
  • Onuba
    • Lokr is presumed to have fled here with his lover, Semini, after abandoning Salsola. At her behest, they took a sea vessel which had belonged to Semini's father.
    • Serafina, Siolene and Morholt are born here.
  • London & Rome
    • As a young man, Sirius traveled extensively; He spent large portions of time mingling with the canny hoodlums of London, and grew to comradeship with a group of Italian hounds in Rome.
    • Sirius' time spent in Rome enabled him to speak the language fluently, a skill which he imparted on his heirs, and they on their own children.
  • Freetown & Portland
    • One of Sirius' traveling companions from a time long gone is Solomon Belgrave, a pirate slaver and merchant from Barbados.
    • This connection, along with general pack ties, meant that the name Revlis was often well-received in the underground channels of the nearby major trade ports.
    • Larkkin Revlis lived with his wife and children in Freetown prior to its destruction.
    • Calrian and Malik grew from boys into men, working the docks of Portland after their parents sailed for Onuba.
  • The Troupe
    • Calrian and Malik were some of the founders of this rag-tag group of charlatans.

5.  Defining Features

Please keep in mind that the information regarding physical attributes for Revlis-blooded individuals is not strict - Variations beyond the below-mentioned similarities are common and welcome.

Size & Build

Fur and Coloration

Eye Pigmentation

  • Those of Revlis blood are generally tall in height, often to the standard for a full-blooded wolf. There is some variation in height depending on just how much coyote blood is in the individual, although the wolf genes that predetermine height seem mostly to remain dominant.
  • They are commonly lean, with long legs and short flexible spines, built for agility and endurance rather than physical strength or prowess.
  • Often have angular/sharp facial features and large slanted eyes, which provides an exotic and sometimes severe appearance.
  • Dominant genetics tend toward the presence of large coyote ears and a coy-esque tapered muzzle.
  • Will uncommonly inherit "snaggleteeth", in which the primary canine incisors are slightly too large for the set of the skull/jaw and will peek out over the lower lip. In extreme cases, this can result in a lisp.

Brown fur is extremely likely to be predominant in Revlis descendants, and most children born into this bloodline will have coats that tend toward deep, natural earthy colors. Darker hues from charcoal to ocher are more common than paler tans or golds, however lighter pelts are not entirely unheard of.

Grey or silver shoulder brindle patterns, or singular pale markings (i.e off-white on chest or paws) are also commonly inherited traits.

#000000 #000000 #000000

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#000000 #000000 #000000

Green and yellow eyes seem to occur with regular frequency within the Revlis family, and piercing light-colored eyes are far more commonplace than dark eyes. Very rarely, there will be red pigment in the eyes as an ancestral throwback to the old mutated Lykoi gene - Rarer still (but not unheard of) will there be a manifest of heterochromia, from the Rhiannon influence in the bloodline.

Blue eyes are only seen in the case of a genetic mutation or if the parent of non-Revlis descent has a remarkably dominant blue-eye trait.

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#000000 #000000 #000000

#000000 #000000 #000000

6.  Family Culture

6.1  Crowned Serpent Icon

  • The Crowned Serpent icon can be obtained as a custom icon by any character of Revlis blood who has taken the surname Revlis, regardless of their connection to the family, Salsola, etc.
The icon is not available to characters who do not not fit the stated criteria.
  • You must purchase your icon via game points, Word of the Day, the 'Souls Store, a contest, or similar.
  • The icon must not be altered from its original state. Changing the colors, shape, etc. of the icon is forbidden.
  • If you choose to have hover-over text, the only text permitted is: Silver Scales & Silver Blood

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