Larkkin Revlis

Larkkin Star Revlis is the son of Sirius Revlis and Clover Love Lykoi. His father named him in honor of Larkspur D'Angelo, a great man who served the Revlis family well in life. His name is commonly shortened to 'Lark' by friends and family.

After a terrible argument with his brother Lokr Revlis in the early Fall season of 2013, Larkkin left the lands of Nova Scotia and headed to the bustling ports of Freetown, intending to take a seafare vessel to London. However, his plans fell short when the golden-haired romantic met Hawthorn and fell wildly in love. Pledging his honor and self to her, Larkkin spent the next few months courting the beautiful wolfdog, and eventually won her heart. With the consent of her guardian and supposed mother, “Mama” Monifa, Larkkin made the beautiful Hawthorn his mate.

The pair currently reside in a large Homestead on the outskirts of Chesapeake Bay, with their four offspring - Morgana Revlis, Jezebel Revlis, Bacchus Revlis and Laufey Revlis.

Larkkin Revlis

by Alaine





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Date of Birth

3 June 2012




Birth place



Coyote hybrid




Current pack Loner
Current rank --


Pack Ranks
June 2012 - August 2012



  • Brown Derby (#4C3018): base fur color.
  • Zeus (#1F1914): ears; eye spots; dorsal stripe; shoulders and hips; tail.
  • Domino (#9D8564): tip of muzzle; under eye; troat, chest, belly; front leg stockings, back paws.
  • Tundora (#4A4747): stripes over shoulder blades.
  • Brown Bramble (#5E2304): stripe on muzzle.
  • Reef Gold (#A67A1F): Optime mane.
  • Salomie (#FFEC8C): eyes.

Art by Alaine

In short, Larkkin can be described as a superb example of a successful hybrid combination. Unlike his lithe and angular brother, Lark's form radiates with physical power, and it is obvious that he possesses natural strength by his well-muscled appearance. Although a coyote-dominant hybrid, there is more wolf in Larkkin than in his brother. The coy blood manifests itself as a leaner shape and tapered waist, along with a narrowed sharp muzzle and large ears of a coyote, but the Revlis male is otherwise lean and wolfish to look upon. In all of his forms he is well-groomed and sharp, and it easy to say he is not lacking in visual charm, having the startlingly handsome appearance like that of a classical hero.

It is noted that his canine teeth poke out from his lips in any of his forms.





100 lbs (45 kg)
32 in (82 cm)

185 lbs (84 kg)
40 in (101.5 cm)

190 lbs (86 kg)
6 ft, 1 in (182.5 cm)

Larkkin is about the same size and stature as a wolf, but has a somewhat tampered build of a coyote along with typical facial features.

His muscular strength becomes more apparent in this form, but it is evenly distributed over his long body, avoiding a bulky appearance.

Like in his other forms, he has a mixed coyote/wolf appearance with a well-muscled build. Lark is shorter than his brother, but has broader shoulders. His luxurious golden mane is oftentimes tied loosely with a red ribbon.



Having lived a grand life of adventure, Larkkin has a few scars here and there, littering the skin beneath his pelt but indistinct enough to be unnoticed.

  • On his inner left wrist is the Hand of Eris, the symbol of Salsola. It is only clearly evident in his Optime form.


  • A ruby ring is worn on his right index finger.
  • A silver serpent band curls around his left bicep.


If his appearance does not contradicts his brother's, his personality is a definite foil to his. Larkkin is nothing short of a very confident and proud soul, and at times it can be difficult to put a dimmer on his mood. He barely knows humility, and believes himself to be great—this is obviously shown through his egotistic behavior. Atlas, it is mostly harmless, though he is keen to brag about his feats to strangers to try to impress them. He is also fearless and brave, or in other words, reckless, and it is not in his nature to think before acting, and he spurs into action when he deems fit. He also has a soft spot for women, and he is especially protective of them. This leads him to have a somewhat chivalrous air, even heroic. Yet, not all of the deeds he has done was good, and in fact is only moral in his actions when there was a chance for it to be obtained; otherwise, he would do what he thinks should be done, which may not always be the popular choice. But, in the end he means well, and he would not intentionally hurt someone without reason.

While he is energetic, he is rather friendly and lax, and he is more approachable to strangers than Lokr. When not in the presence of his brother, he becomes even more peaceful and more "in tune" with his environment, and one could ponder if he was a flower child who wandered away from a nearby meadow, since he would carry the scent of something floral. Despite knowing that this behavior would be looked down upon by part of his family, his time with Clover has rubbed off too much on him, and when he can, he displays a more kind persona to the random stranger than he usually would. But, while he is capable of being mellow, there is no hiding that he is passionate. He is loud with his emotions and rarely does he make any attempts to hide them, and he is eager to express when he is gladdened or upset about something. His emotions are also the guiding part in him; biases, prejudices, current mood, and past experiences govern him more than logic does.

Though being reckless is his most apparent weakness, Lark's true tragic flaw is that he is gullible. He trusts others too quickly, and grants everyone the benefit of the doubt. While this is not to say he will let someone lead him into danger, being at least smart enough to catch onto that, it is easy for him to come out emotionally hurt. When someone he once trusted betrays him in some form or manner, it is more likely to pull a depressed reaction from him than anything else, though it varies with situations.



  • Likes: Physical activities, nature, exploring, new knowledge, Hawthorn
  • Dislikes: His father, being alone, failing his family


Extrovert, bold, lax, charismatic, gullible

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Expression: Extroverted, submissive
  • Alignment: True neutral


  • Failure, dishonor, isolation
  • The loss or death of Hawthorn or harm towards his children
  • The possibility that his offspring will be drawn back to their roots in Salsola


  • Family, freedom, adventure, pleasure


  • Packs: Has a longstanding family history with Salsola. Currently, he holds the pack (and his brother) in poor favor.
  • Species: Can be wary of groups of full-blooded wolves due to his youth on the run from the Boreas wolves, but open to changing this bias.
  • Non-Luperci: Larkkin, while somewhat raised to think they are lesser beings, are not minded much by them. He will attempt to explain the perks of being a Luperci, but he will not force anyone to turn.
  • Gender: Has a romantic and idealistic view of women.
  • Color: None!
  • Sexuality: Is probably heterosexual, though flirty by nature. Accepting of homosexuality, but disapproves of anything other than monogamy (places strong value in fidelity).
  • Age: Respects old age as a sign of cleverness in life


  • Heterosexual, possibly bisexual
    • While he favors females when it comes to romance, it could be equally possible for Larkkin to have an attraction for males.
    • When someone catches his eye, it is not unusual for him to be flirtatious or romantic, whether it be direct or hinted.


He is aware of alcohol and smoke-able herbs such as clove and tobacco, but he is no bothered enough to make either a habit. He will partake in such activities if they were offered to him, though.


  • Polytheism: the belief in more than one god and spirits.
  • While he mainly believes in his mother's belief of nature spirits, he is also influenced by:


Key Relations

  • Lokr Revlis, his previous travelling companion. The brothers were quite close until they had a feud that resulted in Lokr sending Larkkin away from the family kingdom of Salsola. Larkkin was deeply wounded by his brother's apparent callousness, and has not returned to Nova Scotia since.
  • Hawthorn, his mate and beloved. The pair met at the ports of Freetown, where Larkkin was working to purchase a passage overseas to London, hoping to find a purpose for himself. Instead, the barley-eyed charmer found himself wildly enamored with Hawthorn, and was quick to profess his love for her. The pair now reside in a homestead on the outskirts of Chesapeake Bay.
  • Jezebel Revlis, Morgana Revlis, Laufey Revlis and Bacchus Revlis, his children. Larkkin is deeply proud of them all, and think of them as extensions of his own excellent bloodline.

by Alaine



  • Speech: He is bold and brash with his speech, and oftentimes switches to Italian, which he is fluent in, if he wants to impress someone or secretly say something about them. The only time when his tone is not loud is either when stealth is needed, or when his mood is not content. He usually does not repress his emotions from his voice.
  • Scent: He has no particular scent on him; he mainly smells of salt and pine and whatever location he has traveled through recently. At times, he may smell especially woodsy, and rarely, he may carry a faint, floral scent.


Chesapeake Bay

  • Larkkin lives with his mate, the beautiful redhaired Hawthorn, and their four children.
  • They live in a Homestead on the outskirts of the Bay, and claim the surrounding forestry and green pastures.
  • The house is in a continual state of disrepair, and Larkkin spends a lot of his time making additions and fixes.
  • It is a short half-day ride from the homestead to the nearby trade center of Norfolk.


  • --



  • Strength: He is physically powerful, and while this transcends into various topics such as hunting, it is more keenly shown when doing laborious tasks or battling against threatening forces.
  • Reading/Writing: While he is not much of a scholar, he is able to read and write fluently in both English and Italian.
  • Charisma: He is not as manipulative as Lokr, but with his charming personality, it is not hard for him to compel others to get what he wants with his looks and a few choice words,


  • Too trusting: While he won't easily admit this, it is not hard to gain his trust. He has also shown instances where he takes people's word seriously and to heart. While he will not allow himself to be led into obvious danger, it is not rare for him to get emotionally hurt.
  • Impulsive: He acts purely on emotion alone, and only in certain times does he actual think before acting. This causes him to be needlessly reckless and brave, and such behavior could one day land him into trouble that he did not foresee.



  • Ruby ring
  • Silver band.


  • Sword
  • Dagger


Larkkin Star Revlis was the second son of Sirius Revlis and Clover Love Lykoi, born shortly after his elder brother Lokr Revlis. Notably, Larkkin was named after Larkspur D'Angelo, a close friend of his father's and a honored member of Salsola. While Lokr was favored and trained by their father, Lark enjoyed a more laid back life with his mother, and he was quite spoiled in early life. When he reached two months old, he, his brother, and Sirius left Salsola unannounced in the early morning to meet with Ezekiel de le Poer and his then-mate, Kastra Hunting.

From there, Larkkin's history becomes vague and disrupted, living in the harem of mothers and children made by the lovers Sirius and Ezekiel, who had eloped their various stations to be with one another. The small harem drew the attraction of the Boreas? wolves, who had lingered in the area and harbored a grudge for the previous Salsolan and Infernian members. Most of Larkkin's young life, therefor, was spent in constant motion, evading conflict and living freely in the Alaskan wilderness. When he and Lokr came of an age, their father cruelly cast them out of the harem, forcing them to find their own path in life. Naturally, Lokr and Larkkin circled back to Nova Scotia - It was only a feud over returning to their birthplace that split the brothers up. Lokr forbid his kin to return to Salsola, deeming it too unsafe for him, and deeply hurt and angered by his brother's banishment Larkkin retreated to coastal life at the ports of Freetown.

Seeking a new chapter to his life, Larkkin undertook work as a handyman and carpenter around the port, helping in the repairs of everything from carts to ships, and selling his own timberware on the side. The young man was saving his coin for a one-way trip to London, but all these plans fell to the wayside when he met the beautiful and exotic Hawthorn. Instantly enamored, Larkkin spent the next few months vigorously courting the redhead, and eventually won her heart and the approval of her guardian, Mama Monifa.

Larkkin then used his hard-saved valuables to purchase a homestead on the outskirts of Chesapeake Bay, to begin a new life with his love and their soon-to-be children.



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