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Joining Salsola?

» Reading our introductory information is mandatory before attempting to join!

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The Portland Outpost

The Fort Preble Outpost at Portland, Maine, is an important off-board trade destination for Salsola. Longterm aNPCs may eventually be moved here.

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Policies and Procedures

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  1.   1.  Joining Salsola
  2.   2.  General
    1.   2.1  Thread Completion
    2.   2.2  Mandatory Pack Threads
  3.   3.  NPC Policies
  4.   4.  Trespassing
  5.   5.  Visitors & Guests
  6.   6.  Discord
  7.   7.  Leaving Salsola

These are our OOC and IC policies relative to players and their characters. Salsola's policies are specific to the pack. Remember, of course, you must additionally adhere to board-wide procedures and rules.

For some of these, further information can be found on their related pages. Their presence here is more so to have a collective point of reference to make things easier for you, our players! :)

1.  Joining Salsola

» See Salsola's Joining page for further information on joining the Thistle Kingdom!

Prospective joiners are advised to thoroughly read this page before attempting to join. Newcomers to the game and those bringing in a new character must abide by standard ‘Souls game Joining procedure.

Salsola is a moderate to high complexity pack, designed for the more experienced and confident roleplayers. We have extensive in-game lore that enriches the roleplay experience, providing a deeply immersive culture with a lot of room for individual progress. To be a successful member of this community involves a mature, responsible outlook, and an excellent understanding of board rules. Because of this, Salsola can be a difficult pack for newcomers to ‘Souls. If you are new to ‘Souls, we recommend getting a feel for the board and spending some time acquainting yourself with other players before attempting to join.

  • OOC joining is not permitted. The natural exception to this rule is for those picking up or adopting NPCs.
  • Only Sotto Cappo and Mafiosi members may accept new members into the pack.
  • Unless your character will be sponsoring a new member, we ask that only Sotto Cappo or the Mafiosi greet potential joiners.
Recruiting (Hide)

Any Family Member or above can recruit someone — simply explain our culture ICly, along with our joining process. Recruiting is distinctly different from Sponsorship, and simply involves telling a prospective member a little about Salsola.

Sponsoring a Newcomer (Hide)

New Associate-ranked members receive a Sponsor as per the Associates' Trial.

The Sponsor canine must be ranked Family or above. Sponsors are typically well-established in culture codes, beliefs, and so forth. Failures and shortcomings of a sponsored member reflects poorly on the Sponsor; one's social standing may drop. If one is interested in IC drama, one's IC rank may drop as well upon with discussion with Salsola Leadership.

Generally, Sponsorship is somewhat loose; we don't keep a "running list" of would-be Sponsors nor is there a particular training process.

2.  General

» See our Residency page for further information on residency.
» See our Jobs page for further information on our co-ranks.
» See our Thread Prompts page for further information on our monthly thread prompts.
» See our Game page for further information on our pack game.

2.1  Thread Completion

In Salsola, we have a few things that require threads to meet a certain criteria before they are able to be claimed for either game points or something else pack-related. Regularly, these include: Thread Prompts, Jobs, and Rank Promotion into the Factions. Infrequently, we may run events or contests that may also require this criteria.

Thread Completion Rules:

  • Completion means you have written 1,200 words for your thread. It does not matter how many posts you've made.
    • Once a thread has met our definition of "complete" (ie. 1,200 words), you can add it to your point log. It needn't be actually finished and archived to count as "complete."
    • If the thread dies due to inactivity, it must be the fault of your partner(s).
  • NPC use is encouraged.
  • Read-Onlys and Self-Threads...

2.2  Mandatory Pack Threads

Mandatory threads are infrequent, so when one occurs, all active members must contribute — even if it is with just one post. Punishments for non-attendance are IC, with a possible drop in rank and respect.

Mandatory pack threads are most often an IC update on pack proceedings, such as a Last Supper event, or a thread directly related to an important in-pack plot that is in progress. If you know that your character will be unable to attend a mandatory pack thread, make sure to get in contact with Leadership as soon as possible to let them know. IC consequences may be avoided if you have a good enough reason for your character's absence.

3.  NPC Policies

» Please refer to ‘Souls’ NPC page for what constitutes as an aNPC, cNPC, or yNPC!
» Please refer to our pNPC page for more information on our pNPC rules!

Absentee NPC Status (aNPC) (Hide)

As per board Activity rules, characters must post once every 4 weeks. Activity Checks are run every 1st and 15th day of the month. As a curtesy, if your character falls inactive from of one of these checks, Leadership will, typically, aNPC your character. If you'd prefer that we simply remove your character from the pack in case of inactivity though, please let us know.

Requests for aNPC status may be granted at Leadership's discretion. Please send a PM to the OOC Account with your request and provide a filled out Drop Form.

Click for more...

In Salsola, aNPCs...

  • ...may be demoted to make room for played characters in the ranks.
  • ...may lose their Job(s) if there is another active member interested in that Job.
  • ...may eventually be moved to the Salsolan Trading Outpost, Fort Preble, after a prolonged period of inactivity (2+ months) or if their Player falls inactive. This is to make space in the ranks for active members as well as give an accurate display of our pack's active membership.
    • Notes:
      • aNPCs that are moved to the Outpost automatically lose their Job(s).
      • aNPC Asscociates and Servitori Ranks are not permitted to be moved to Salsola's Off-Board location. In these instances, the character will be removed from the pack with their IC departure from Salsola left ambiguous/vague.
Companion NPCs (cNPC) (Hide)

A Companion NPC may accompany a new recruit in their Joining thread. Servants are also permitted at Joining.

For players wishing to bring a new cNPC into Salsola, the cNPC must go through the same IC process as a played character, to include an actual joining thread. The joining thread may be done via a Read-Only (RO) thread, which is also the preferred method for accepting the NPC character into the pack. Because of Salsola's unique joining process, it is strongly suggested to contact Leadership if you wish to have a cNPC join Salsola, particularly if you wish to make use of the RO method.

Youth NPCs (yNPC) (Hide)

In an effort for the pack to not be flooded with excess, player-less NPCs and unclaimed yNPC Adoptables, Salsola has limits on yNPCs.

  • A single character may have no more than one (1) yNPC over one (1) year of age in Salsola.
    • Note: Per board rules, yNPCs lose their yNPC status at 2 years old regardless of Salsola's pack policies.
  • A player may have no more than six (6) yNPCs total across all of their Salsolan characters at any given time. So, distribute your yNPCs wisely!

yNPCs that fall out of these ranges will either need to be converted to a cNPC, adopted and actively played by a player, or moved off-board. Moving stagnant and/or older yNPCs off-board is strongly encouraged!

Click for more...

The player of the character to which a yNPC is associated must be the OOC owner of that yNPC, and therefore has full control over them regardless of whose puppy points were used in their creation. Typically, the associated character is the primary caretaker/guardian. Regardless, they must be an active Salsolan.

Animal Companion NPCs (Hide)

Companion NPCs that are not part of the Canis genus (i.e. cannot carry the Luperci gene) fall within this designation. Examples are horses, foxes, hawks, and cats, to name a few.

Please let us know of any animal companion additions for our Animals? Wiki page either by updating the page yourself or posting in our Maintenance Thread. We do not regulate the amount of animal NPC companions a character may have in Salsola. However, you must abide by board NPC rules [1], and we request that any player considering adding an animal companion to their Salsolan character keep realism (in care, hours spent to train, acquisition of feed, etc.) at the forefront of their mind.

4.  Trespassing

» Please refer to ‘Souls’ Game Procedures regarding trespassing.

Salsola’s policies on trespassing individuals are as follows:

  • Private trespassing threads are not permitted unless pre-planned and approved by Leadership beforehand.
  • Trespassing characters will be discovered within close vicinity of the pack’s borders. Trespassers should not be deep within Salsolan territory, and will be asked to make adjustments by Salsola Leadership if found otherwise. Salsola’s borders are littered with traps, and evading these flawlessly (as well as patrols) is highly unlikely.
  • All Salsolan members are permitted to intercept a trespasser, and are expected to chase out or forcibly remove unwanted visitors. Reporting trespasses to the Mafiosi is highly encouraged.
    • Feel free to refer to our Pack Relations when dealing with trespassing members from foreign packs.

Trespassing is a great offense in Salsola, and is viewed as being highly disrespectful towards the pack. IC consequences can range anywhere from forced servitude into the Servitori ranks or an outcome as permanent as death (with player consent, of course). Even if one manages to get away and later returns to join properly, it is unlikely that a known trespasser will be allowed to join Salsola’s membership ranks.

5.  Visitors & Guests

Due to Salsola’s secretive culture and disposition towards Outsiders, visitors and guests are an uncommon occurrence. Salsolans are, instead, encouraged to visit others away from the pack territory.

Visitation & Guest Rules:

  • All visitations must be given permission by Leadership beforehand. Please send a PM to the OOC Account to discuss such visitation.
  • Outsiders should have a purpose for their visitation (eg. trade). In other words, entrance is permitted by invite or business only.
    • Remember, Salsola is a very secretive society, and we do not have an open-border policy!
    • Your character wanting to visit Salsola simply to visit their Salsolan friend, for example, would not grant them entrance. If that same character is looking to do some trade, and their Salsolan friend just so happens to visit them in the Marketplace while they're in Salsola, that would be permissible.
  • Outsiders are limited to The Marketplace. Only special guests may be permitted to stay overnight at The Firehouse.
    • Outsiders found outside these designated areas will be kicked out, and will be blacklisted from entry into Salsola in the future.
  • Outsiders are typically only permitted a day-pass (ie. you leave at sundown) in Salsola-owned territory, with a max of two (2) days total spent within Salaola.
    • Unless given permission otherwise, overnight stays are not permitted, so, Outsiders must set up camp outside Salsola-owned territory.
    • Members from an Allied pack may be able to stay up to one (1) week max with specific permissions/circumstances (eg. trade event).
    • ICly, only the Mafiosi have the authority to permit extended visitation from Outsiders.
    • Individuals not on official pack-business must have a Salsolan vouch for them if they are interested in staying longer than the two-day limit.
  • Individuals of packs with a poor relationship with Salsola are not permitted entry or visitation into Salsola.

6.  Discord

Like many packs, Salsola has its own Discord chat server to allow for Salsolan players to mingle, share Salsola-related content, and plan for plots and threads. This chat service is the best way to get involved in the pack, and is used regularly by Salsola Leadership to update members with news, plots and events, and other pack-related things. We highly encourage Salsolan players to join our Discord server! :)

Once you’re an active member of Salsola, you can request to be invited into the Salsola chat server by PMing Salsola Leadership. Otherwise, if you’re a member of the ’Soulschat, we should be able to find and reach you that way upon your joining of our pack!

You may notice that a few players have colored names! Aside from Salsola Leadership, Sotto Capo and Faction members are visibly marked, as they are typically more well-versed in all things Salsola due to rising to the IC ranks that they hold. If you’re new to the pack, or simply not super knowledgeable in how Salsola works, these individuals should be able to help you find the answer that you’re looking for, and are permitted to answer questions asked in our #questions channel.

Server Rules:
  • Only players of current or on-board NPC’d Salsolans may join the Salsola Discord Chat.
  • All Forum Rules apply, meaning be respectful to your peers, and treat them as you would want to be treated. Disrespect, harassment, and bullying will not be tolerated.
  • Use your ‘Souls OOC name as your nickname in the server (don’t leave us guessing who you are!)
  • Keep things Salsola-related. You should not be promoting adoptables or an unrelated plot for another pack, for example.
  • Try your best to keep content to the appropriate channel. Mature-content should not be in #general, just as art-content should not be in #plotting.
    • Try to keep overly silly and spammy content to #spammyspamspam; this includes: links, images, videos, etc. Many of these can eat up a lot of data, which can make uploading channel content slower for those on slower internet connections or roaming on mobile, as well, these can take away and distract from the active conversation in channels like #general. Obviously, if it’s an art image, it’s okay to post it in #talents, and, if it’s something mature-related, best to keep it in our mature-content channel.

7.  Leaving Salsola

Due to Salsola’s culture and secrecy, leaving the pack is not simple as it may be with other packs. However! We understand that, sometimes, things just don’t work out, and we are more than willing to work with you so long as you communicate with us.

We thoroughly encourage PMing Salsola Leadership if you are considering leaving Salsola so that we can discuss potential options for your character that will work out for everyone!

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