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The Hierarchy of Salsola

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    3.   2.3  Faction Tiers
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Salsola's ranks are structured and strict in hierarchy, drawing primary inspiration from both Sicilian mafia and older primitive civilizations that often tended to base superstition. There are five primary castes within the societal structure: The Mafiosi, the Sotto Capo and the Faction Tiers; the Inner Ring; the Central Ring; the Outer Ring; and the Servitori.

In addition to holding a rank, an individual Salsolan may also hold two lesser jobs - these are secondary indicators of usefulness, proving functionality and particular skill whereas the rank of an individual signifies their caste and proper status within the hierarchy.

For more detailed information about every rank in Salsola's hierarchy, read on below. To see the current on-board rank table for Salsola, click here. If you have any questions about the content on this page, or have seen something that looks incorrect or outdated, please get in touch with the SL Leadership. Thank you!

Sanctus Shield Ranger Merchant Lore

Salsolan Hierarchy

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A table of ranks in order

1.  "Caste" System

Salsola adheres to something of a caste system, metaphorically described like the ripples that occur when one throws a stone into a loch. The inner three ranks are the tightest, with the remaining outer rings progressively further from this epicenter of Salsolan culture.

2.  Salsolan Ranks

2.1  The Mafiosi

The Leadership

» See the Leadership page for more information on Salsola’s current leaders!

The Mafiosi rank consists of only two members: the Boss and their second in command. They are the leadership of Salsola, and the highest-ranked members of the pack. Their relationship often - though not always - corresponds as a mentor/mentee type role. They are expected to be fiercely loyal to one another; Their strength and intelligence steers the path that Salsola will take in all the futures to come.

The Boss
↠ Leader; King / Queen

Also commonly referred to as the King or Queen, the Boss is the true leader of Salsola, and the highest ranked member of the pack. In recent epochs there has been heavy bias toward a matriarchal ruler, as modern Salsola holds a deeply-rooted cultural preference for women in positions of power. The Boss' duty is to oversee the running of their people, to promote order and loyalty without mercy or weakness. The Boss' word is known as the Law within the kingdom, and can overrule any cultural tradition or stigma already in place. The Boss primarily deals with the Ambassador and the Crone regarding broad-view pack matters, delegating a lot of the remaining daily work to their second in command.

The Second in Command
↠ Subleader; Right Hand of the Boss

The Boss' Second is chosen by the Boss - for each new Boss to assume the mantle of leader, there will be a new Second. It is important to note that the official title of the Second is specific to that individual, and will change per each Salsolan to hold the rank. They are highly regarded within the pack; Their voice carries the unquestionable authority of the Law, and is always obeyed. The Second works closely with the Director and the Gamekeeper to manage the daily running of the kingdom. In the absence of the Boss, the Second takes entire control of Salsola, and is called the Regent until a new Boss (and a new Second) is chosen.

  • Historical Titles include: Protege, Cicerone, Lord Commander, Hierophant, Erilaz

2.2  Sotto Capo

The Captains / The Underbosses

» See our Factions page for more information on the Factions!

Often regarded as the high council of Salsola, these four elite pack members make up the most trusted advisers of the Boss and their second in command. Each individual covers a specialised area of the running of the kingdom, fulfilling necessary duties for the ongoing prosperity and well-being of Salsola. They command attention and respect, and are at the pinnacle of the noble ranks. All four have the power to accept new members into the pack, cast judgements on crimes, and deal out lesser punishments to maintain the order of the Boss’ Law. All Sotto Capos are equal in their hierarchical standing.

Sanctus The Crone Sanctus
↠ Master of the Sanctus Faction

The spiritual leader of Salsola is feared by most for their mysterious connections to the ethereal beyond. The Crone rank was traditionally held by women alone, due to the belief that women have a greater connection to arcane power — However, due to circumstance and providence, the rank has also been held at one time by a gender-neutral male.

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Though the Crone is expected to offer spiritual guidance to the Mafiosi, all members of the Kingdom may come to them for advice that is driven by their deep and personal understanding of magic and religion. The Crone is considered to be the patron of Salsola’s witch coven, often assuming the role of its de-facto leader. They are the connection that soothes the souls of the Thistle Kingdom, and what keeps them strong in their spiritual and religious beliefs — They are the head of the Sanctus Faction.

Shield The Director Shield
↠ Master of the Shield Faction

As Salsola’s need for secrecy grew, so did its use for espionage and military protection. To this end, a position of strategist, organizer, militante, and adviser in matters of pack secrecy and security was created. The Director is expected to be knowledgeable on all the goings-on within Salsola, and regularly inform the Mafiosi as to such matters.

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They are also expected to be up-to-date on pack relations in both the mainland and peninsula including any relevant Outsider news. They are the one that decides what political information is important enough to be brought to the attention of the leaders, and what can be handled or utilized at a lower level. They are the leader of the Kingdom’s defensive force, and ensure that its people are protected and safe from dangers, be they from within or from beyond — They are the head of the Shield Faction.

Ranger The Gamekeeper Ranger
↠ Master of the Ranger Faction

One of the most important roles within Salsola’s structure, the Gamekeeper is not a rank selected lightly. This individual has the tiresome duty of overseeing all livestock and game within Salsola’s territory; monitoring the levels of local prey to ensure the pack’s resources are not being over-hunted, taking tally and care of domesticated animals, maintaining records of the realm’s own breeding stud, and the purchase of new livestock all fall within their jurisdiction.

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The position requires collaboration with the Ambassador, in the event that more livestock needs to be traded to boost the kingdom’s herds. The Gamekeeper is responsible for maintaining the highest quality of animals within Salsola’s stock, particularly encouraging the continued prosperity of Salsola’s horse breeding program. They are what keeps the Kingdom and its people fed and with proper transport — They are the head of the Ranger Faction.

Merchant The Ambassador Merchant
↠ Master of the Merchant Faction

The Ambassador is responsible for the pack’s reputation as wealthy traders, staunch allies, and as an indomitable political force throughout the realm. Due to Salsola’s various connections with merchants abroad, the Ambassador is often required to make regular trips to the Portland docks and the Salsolan Outpost to retrieve important cargo for levy or trade.

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They work closely with the Mafiosi and the other advisers to ensure that the pack is well-stocked on necessary items and oversee the general movement of all goods. In addition to these tasks, the Ambassador is also the political and mediating face of Salsola, sent only to high-profile outsider events as a delegate for the leadership. Working closely with the Director, they monitor relationships with the other packs, and promote or defend them as necessary. They are the mastermind behind the Kingdom’s rumored wealth and other finery — They are the head of the Merchant Faction.

Lore The Maestro Lore
↠ Master of the Lore Faction

It takes talent to lead and organize creative minds, and this is a role that the Maestro fulfills with glee. Beyond simple artistry, there is a need for organization (and indeed, curation). They are expected to be creative, highly artistic, and have a deep understanding of Salsola's Law and cultural norms.

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This individual is responsible when it comes to overseeing the pack’s mental health and happiness, the growth and upkeep of Salsola’s education and cultural affairs, and ensuring that the artisans and educators beneath them create and present material that falls in line with the pack’s ideals. In addition to overseeing these tasks, the Maestro handles the planning and running of large events, and is expected to be well-versed in reading and writing. They are the conductor of all things that make the Kingdom and its denizens who they are — They are the head of the Lore Faction.

⇉ Rank Requirements for all Sotto Capos
  • All Sotto Capo ranks are by Leadership Invite-Only
  • Must pass activity and OOC requirements for a leadership position within the pack
  • Must be issued Sotto Capo invitation from Leaders OOCly (received via PM)
  • Must complete requirements as listed in Sotto Capo invitation PM

2.3  Faction Tiers

Specialized Elite

» See our Factions page for more information on the Factions!

The Luperci within these ranks have made an outstanding effort to utilize their unique, specialized skills to the benefit of the kingdom. Their value to Salsola has earned them a privileged position within the elite circle, serving directly under one of the Sotto Capo. These individuals will often be called upon by leadership for their selective mastered talents. The rest of the pack looks upon them with admiration and respect for their merciless drive toward utility and perfection. All Faction members, save Apprentices, are essentially equal in their hierarchical standing.

Sanctus Sanctus Faction

The Sanctus Faction serves as the epicenter of all occult, religious, medical or mysterious roles within Salsola's elite. It is revered for its ability to reach into the heart of matters; For good, or for ill. (Hide)

Cleric ↠ Head Doctor

The Cleric serves Salsola as its primary doctor. Although the pack may have multiple healers or medics, the Cleric is responsible for monitoring the training and skill of said healers, as well as being expected to maintain the overall health of the pack.

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Their medical prowess is considered second to none. This individual is expected to have extensive knowledge and training in the healing arts, as well as a high level of herbalism skill. Although a practical role in nature, the Cleric is heavily encouraged (by their faction head, the Crone) to incorporate spirituality and mysticism into their practice, as Luperci primitivism still leads to many medical mysteries unanswerable by archaic science alone — and, in alignment with the Sanctus order, to reinforce the superiority of their “magical” prowess.

Alchemist ↠ Potions Master

With the rise of Salsola’s cultural mysticism, the Alchemist serves a special role crucial to the spiritual order of the realm. Since its founding, the Kingdom has cultivated a humble propagation of mushrooms — the likes of which include a special variety of the mind-altering kind — on its singular Isle of Haute.

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The island, once free land, is now specifically the realm of the Alchemist; they serve in the harvest of this unique fungi, and may choose to live a solitary life on the island where no lesser ranked civilian may roam. Aside from their duties in overseeing this highly prized bounty, the Alchemist specialises in the creation of potions, tinctures, and panaceas that aid in hallucination, meditation, brevity — and even poison. Their creations may be used to help their fellow Salsolans feel closer with the supernatural, their religious beliefs, or their gods.

Seer ↠ High Priest / Priestess

Salsola’s Seer functions as a spiritual advisor and prophet to the pack. Most importantly though, they have the ear of the Sanctus Faction’s head, the Crone, to whom they act as a close associate and direct assistant of.

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They are often seen aiding in the preparation of almost all rituals, typically by gathering or trading for the necessary components and/or participating in the rituals themselves. The Seer is often privy to the Crone’s confidences, and holds an esteemed place within Salsola’s ranks as a result. They are solely dedicated to the spiritual realm, and are seen as detached from the political maelstrom of the Salsolan court. Some pack members may fear them for their associations to the supernatural world, whilst others will seek them out for a vision, a fortune-telling, or a blessing.

Acolyte ↠ Relic Craftsman

It is the reverent duty of the Acolyte to attend any places of spiritual significance, ensuring that they are kept unsullied by daily interference and use. More importantly, their creative ability to sculpt, carve, or otherwise build also lends itself to the creation of smaller religious idols, jewelry and trinkets, infused with stones, runes, or artifacts significant to the theology of the relic — and to further imbue these items with spiritual power.

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This is not limited to their creation only, however, for, the Acolyte is capable of blessing (or cursing) charms, trinkets, and even larger items and places. Adhering to no singular religion themselves, the Acolyte treats all worshippers equally regardless of their varied faiths, and is expected to have a detailed understanding of the myriad local religions. They have a special combination of piety and skilled craftsmanship that is tailored to their role.

Shield Shield Faction

The Shield Faction serves as the steadfast and resolute defense force within Salsola's elite. It is infamous for being something of a jock squad, where everyone knows how to talk the deadly language of fang and claw. (Hide)

Emissary ↠ Spymaster

The eyes and ears of the eyes and ears, the Emissary is a role that requires extensive loyalty and trust. They are expected to have the most current intel on Salsola’s neighbors, friends or foes, and be a reliable and continual source of information.

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If something is happening, the Emissary knows about it. They are often away from home, searching the mainland or the peninsula in their hunt for intel. As a master spy, deception must come easily and familiarly to them. This individual often works alone so as to not rouse suspicion, though is expected to work in tandem with the pack’s Informatores and Assassinos. Due to the dangerous nature of this work, the Emissary should have extensive combat training and a high level of skill — they’ll never know when guile must give way to violence, after all.

Paladin ↠ Elite Fighter

The Paladin is Salsola’s most skilled fighter, and fiercely loyal to the Thistle Kingdom. A “jack of all trades” when it comes to combat, the Paladin is expected to be well versed in a notable variety of fighting styles and weapons, and hold mastery in at least one style.

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They are responsible for the training and organization of all other militant-style ranks, and should be available to any Family member seeking to better their weaponry or combat skills. This individual works closely with the Faction’s leader, the Director, often serving as their second-in-command and entrusted with leading squads of their own while in the field or in the absence of a higher ranking member. The Paladin also functions as “muscle” for the Sotto Capo, and can be requested to accompany any pack convoys or political envoys for protection.

Striker ↠ Elite Scout

Something of a “first response”, the Striker is sent when close combat can be avoided, and serves double-time as the elite scout. They are the head of Salsola’s reconnaissance units, valued for their expertise in tracking, stealth, and gathering intel on the movement of the Kingdom’s foes or otherwise.

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Without question, the Striker is the most talented long-distance fighter or sniper in the pack. They should be a master in at least one long-range weapon — such as a bow or slingshot — and have a level of precision that is hard to rival. In wartime they are required for shooting down enemy birds and canvassing for rival encampments. The Striker should have an excellent knowledge of both the pack terrain and the surrounding areas, and be familiar with places of high ground that suit their ranged skills. They may often lead a team of Vedettos, or work closely with other intel-gathering Jobs and Ranks.

Beleaguer ↠ Defense Expert

The Beleaguer holds a unique position among the Shield, as they are responsible for the creation, maintenance, and upkeep of Salsola’s defenses. This individual is expected to have a broad understanding of weaponry, traps, and armor, and how to tell high quality items from poor ones.

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They need not be a master in all three, however, and, indeed, most hold mastery in only one field. Regardless, the Beleaguer is expected to oversee the creation and maintenance of these objects, and may often act as and oversee the Kingdom’s armory because of this. While not a field operative, the Beleaguer is expected to have a high level of combat skill and experience with the weapons, traps, and armor they forge or find. They are what keeps the Kingdom safe from Outsiders when no patrol is around, and what keeps its denizens armed for battle and protected from its enemies, and living to see the light of another day.

Ranger Ranger Faction

The Ranger Faction serves as the bread and butter of natural resourcefulness within Salsola's elite. It is highly respected for its adherence to the unshakable will of the great wild, and all plants and beasts therein. (Hide)

Jagermeister ↠ Huntmaster

Entirely focused on Salsola’s wild prey, the Jagermeister is the pack’s most talented hunter. They by and large function as a solo unit, often spending extensive time observing and taking careful note of the local populations before a hunt to ensure that game is not overhunted.

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This individual is expected to know the best locations for hunts, have a broad knowledge of prey animals, and at least a rudimentary skill in skinning and butchery. The Jagermeister should be comfortable hunting in all forms, though may specialize with any. For the acquisition of larger animals and group hunts, the Jagermeister will take responsibility for the organization and success (or failure) of such an event. This is especially important proceeding the Last Supper, for which the Jagermeister and Cazadors are expected to provide for the pack in bulk.

Aquameister ↠ Master of Waterways

The Aquameister has extensive knowledge of all bodies of water and that which goes on above and below them; From the flow of the rivers and might of the Loch, to the various types of fish, and even to the heavenly constellations by which they navigate their vessels by.

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They are charged with maintaining and keeping track of the health of all water sources; be this by keeping creeks and rivers flowing and clean, or warning their fellow Salsolans of deadly algae blooms and to fish or swim elsewhere. When it comes to the creatures — from fish to crustaceans to mammals — that live within the water, the Aquameister should be well versed in their movement, and where best to find and catch them. The stars and the water are the heart of this individual, and their expertise is widely sought after.

Shepherd ↠ Livestock Master

Salsola’s Shepherd is responsible for the care of the non-equine domestic animals within the pack. They are expected to have a wide range of experience with livestock, given that any number of oddities might make their way into Salsola.

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They work closely with the Equinest to ensure that the herds are frequently rotated through grazing areas, and will often be directly involved with the Merchant Faction’s trading efforts of livestock. They are most at home in the rolling, green fields of Tantramar with their flock. This role requires an individual with a calm disposition but the ability to have a firm hand with unruly (and sometimes very large) animals. The Shepherd is expected to oversee the annual shearing of wooly animals and the collection and trade of various other livestock by-products or goods, as well as make the final decision when it comes to those destined for slaughter.

Equinest ↠ Horsemaster

The Equinest is one of the most esteemed roles within Salsola. This individual is responsible for the high quality of Salsola’s communal horses, and oversees all aspects of their care and upkeep.

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They make crucial decisions regarding breeding and selective characteristics in the bloodline, ensuring that the next generation of Salsolan steeds will be superior to their predecessors. Their role requires a strong connection to the animals, basic medical knowledge, and a high level of experience when it comes to training horses. They work closely with the Vaqueros, and also conduct dealings alongside the Merchant faction. The Equinest should have an understanding of trade (insomuch as it applies to their animals), and is expected to handle any deals which involve the horses directly. Beyond this, the Equinest maintains up-to-date information on the Bay Horses, and is responsible for the capture and breaking of any deemed suitable for the Pauson line.

Merchant Merchant Faction

The Merchant Faction serves as the thick veins of wealth and patriotism within Salsola's elite. It is infamous for keeping its teeth on the pulse of economy, alliance and trade within Nova Scotia and beyond. (Hide)

Bursar ↠ Master Merchant

Great wealth can only come from hard work; Indeed, Salsola’s riches are often largely due to the Bursar, whose tireless merchantry efforts take them beyond the border of the Thistle Kingdom. A smooth talker with the heart of a loan shark, this canny trader can smell the best deal from a mile away.

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This individual has connections far and wide, and acts as the face of Salsola and its dealing with Outsiders and neighboring packs, a position which leads to a well-traveled life. Often working in conjunction with the Salsolan Outpost, the Bursar oversees all foreign trade on behalf of Salsola, keeping record of sales, and working closely with other Faction members to ensure they have all the items and materials they require for their respective tasks. The Bursar should have a broad understanding of a wide variety of different materials’ worth, and may even have knowledge in other worldly and uncommon goods due to their trading network.

Partisan ↠ Lead Diplomat

Nobody is more at home in the spotlight or charming in the company of others than the Partisan. Their easy graces and amicable attitude make them hard to dislike, and cover the careful manipulation that hides beneath their words. The chosen delegate between Salsola and all other packs, the Partisan is responsible for spinning the story that the Mafiosi want Outsiders to believe.

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They are highly sought after for political conversations and debates, as there are few that can outmatch them. Taking advantage of their position, they may be knowledgeable in the goods, needs, and services that are to be had and offered in other packs, and often work closely with the Bursar to ensure that Salsola can either take advantage of or benefit from this unique knowledge. Individuals holding this title may be a “known” Salsolan — or known to be “in leagues with” Salsola — throughout the realm, however, even so, this does not hamper their abilities.

Grandmeister ↠ Production Manager

To ensure that production not be tarried by a lack of organization, the Grandmeister acts as foreman and overseer. This individual is expected not only to be a craftsman themselves, but to have a strong interest in the creation of goods as a whole.

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They are responsible for ensuring that the pack’s needs and accommodations for its large feasts, events, and gatherings are met. In some ways, these simple tasks (such as repairing and constructing everyday items) may seem ordinary, but they are a highly valued and necessary part of everyday pack life. The Grandmeister works closely with the Acolyte and Beleaguer, ensuring both parties have access to the materials they require. In addition, they foster strong connections with Salsola’s merchants and craftsmen, and have an intimate knowledge of the skills these individuals may offer.

Steward ↠ Master of Inventory

The Steward is responsible for the upkeep, organization, safety, and day-to-day ongoings in the Marketplace. This individual has a strong understanding of trade value as it relates to goods and services, and also has a keen eye for detail.

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Not only do they keep tabs on the Outsiders who come to trade within the pack, but they ensure that the Marketplace is kept presentable by ensuring any necessary maintenance is reported to Salsola’s craftsmen. They are expected to know how to read and write and keep extensive and meticulous notes when it comes to Salsola’s materials, stocks and products in order to best manage them. The storage shed by the Ruins is also within the Steward’s domain, and organization is their key attribute. They work closely with other members of their Faction to facilitate trades and gifts, and are expected to maintain good relationships with the Marketplace’s permanent residents.

Lore Lore Faction

The Lore Faction acts as the creative wit and cultural backbone of Salsola. It is a shining example of the talent that can emerge when nurtured, but also serves as a reminder that the things which make The Thistle Kingdom unique can only be achieved through the observation of strict cultural norms. (Hide)

Bard ↠ Head Entertainer

A musical scholar or elsewise entertainer, the Bard functions as Salsola’s jester and storyteller. Due to their natural enigmatic skill at beguiling or thrilling the populace, the Bard can often be found at the heart of important pack events or smaller ones, and may even be sought after to help organize them.

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They are canny and quick-witted, and should know how to please any crowd, and talk (or sing!) their way out of any trouble! Due to this skillset, the Bard is often requested to accompany members of the Merchant faction in meetings with other pack delegates. Whilst seemingly acting the part, their political acumen and sharp ability to spin propaganda makes them one of the Mafiosi’s most useful tools. The Bard is typically always on the lookout for talent that can be used to keep the peoples’ spirits high and ever-loyal to the Thistle Crown.

Archivist ↠ Master Scribe

The Archivist serves as Salsola’s master historian and scribe. This individual is charged with documenting Salsola’s ongoing historical events, cultural norms, and pack traditions. Mastery in both reading and writing are required for this position (as is a legible hand for printing).

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Given the nature of this role, the individual is expected to have a deep loyalty to the pack and an invested interest in knowing all there is to know about the Thistle Kingdom, and, in general, should ensure that Salsola’s history remain unbiased and factual (that is not to stop others from attempting to bribe them, however). They work closely with the Libro Guardiano and Historiador Jobs, and may hold one (or both) themselves. Beyond this, they are also expected to spend time with all members of the Faction Ranks – in some ways they are as much a nosy journalist as they are a historian.

Proctor ↠ Lawman

Though the greatest threats against Salsola come from outside, that does not mean the inner workings of the pack are without danger. To help ensure that the pack Law is heeded, a lawman is required to help members of La Familia keep true to the path of civility.

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The Proctor is a judiciary with a keen eye for wrongdoings and a nose for trouble. Their (supposedly) unbiased outlook allows them the brevity to keep a stern eye on any individual, even those of their own rank. Small disputes and claims are often settled by the Proctor, who is adept at handing out suitable penitence to fit any crime. Their level-headedness and clear insight are an attribute of an individual with impeccable self control, which can be hard to find among the corrupting luxuries and sins of Salsola. With the scales of justice in one hand, and a lash in the other, this is one individual you don’t want to cross.

Magister ↠ Head Tutor

Greatness may be inherited, but it still requires guidance. To this end, the Magister role was created. A teacher position who is in charge of educating Bambinos or uneducated adults, the Magister is responsible for guiding members of Salsola, teaching them how to read and write, and perform other rudimentary “cultured” skills.

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This individual works not only with Salsola's youth but with those newcomers to the Thistle Kingdom who may lack cultural awareness. As such, they are often tasked with acting as a Sponsor for Associates, ensuring that they learn the proper norms of the pack. Beyond this, the Magister may assist those who lack direction by providing them with insight to possible Jobs, Factions, and other tasks suited to their skills. Beyond the ability to read and write, the Magister is expected to have general knowledge of the local area and surrounding packs. While not required, multilingual characters are highly sought after for this role.

⇉ Rank Requirements for all Faction Elites
  • All Faction Elite ranks are by Leadership Invite-Only
  • Must pass activity and OOC requirements for an elite position within the pack
  • Must be issued Faction Tier invitation from Leaders oocly (received via PM)
  • Must complete requirements as listed in Faction Tier invitation PM

Faction Apprentices

↠ Assistants

While these individuals may hold the official title of “[ Related Faction ] Apprentice”, they are commonly referred to as simply, “Apprentice”. This is a temporary role filled by a pack-member seeking to assist, and possibly be promoted to, one of the more respected Elite ranks of their chosen Faction. They are expected to be available to the Elites and Masters of their Faction, as both an advisor and an assistant. They should have a general knowledge of two or more of the other ranks of their Faction, and may be required to fill in for an Elite in the event of their absence.

Sanctus Shield Ranger Merchant Lore
⇉ Rank Requirements
  • All Faction Apprentice ranks are by Leadership Invite-Only
  • Must display high and consistent activity within the pack
  • Requires IC references to character actively seeking to prove their value/worthiness of promotion
  • Must have IC affiliation to the theme of their intended faction

2.4  Inner Ring

High Ranks

Individuals within these ranks are considered to be among some of the most loyal and respected within Salsola. They are the noble class of Salsola, esteemed long-time members who have proved themselves as useful and valuable to the leadership.


↠ Exalted Advisor

The Regent is a position of high honor, reserved for former Mafiosi or Capo leaders who, usually due to age, can no longer perform their leadership roles. An advisor role, the Regent is responsible for keeping an eye on members and making recommendations to the Mafiosi regarding these. They differ from a Capo in their broader perspective – while a Capo oversees their related Faction pillar, the Regent observes all members of the pack. They may help guide promising Salsolans by encouraging their natural talents and learned skills, or by facilitating intra-pack interactions.

⇉ Rank Requirements
  • Case-by-case basis
↠ Elite Upper Class

The Arbiters are Salsola's show of power and value. Their function is to intimidate outside of Salsola, presenting the pack as a strong, wealthy and united kingdom. They generally possess sharp cunning, and have a range of developed talents. Along with their presence as members of Salsola’s elite, Arbiters often spread extensive propaganda regarding the kingdom to whatever end the upper echelons wish. Arbiters ensure the internal conscience and peace of Salsola, employed by the Leadership to mete out advice where needed and council their fellow pack-mates as appropriate. Arbiters and Henchmen are equal in their hierarchical standing.

↠ Elite Fighter Class

Trained for quick immobilization skills and immediately nullifying threats, Henchmen are the brute protection and intimidation force of Salsola. Well known for their skill in the sly and dangerous arts most valued in Salsola, these members are very much prized within the pack. They obey only the Mafiosi and Sotto Capo ranks and are hand-picked for their impressive obedience and loyalty. Henchmen are required to act in the interest of Salsola first and foremost and are well-versed in Salsola's codes and traditions. Arbiters and Henchmen are equal in their hierarchical standing.

⇈ Promotion Requirements

Arbiter / Henchman → To be considered for Faction Invitation

  • Must pass activity requirement for high-rank promotion (≥ 15 posts)
    • Must also have had ≥ 8 posts the previous month
  • Must show consistent character involvement in pack plots/activities
  • Note: All Faction Tier+ Ranks are by Leadership Invite-Only. If Leadership feels that your character is fitting to become a Faction member, they will send you an Invitation PM.

↠ Noble Class

As their name suggests, Wardens are the protective guardians of Salsola, keeping an eye on anything which might disturb the pack's peace. They are often charged with the protection and guidance of lesser members, or hopeful Associates, as they are trusted to instruct newcomers properly in the ways of the Thistle Kingdom. Wardens are expected to have a clear understanding of the political and cultural details of the pack. Only the most attentive, cunning, devoted and ambitious Tradesmen are promoted to Wardenship, and it is a signal of true elevation and purpose.

  • Rank Unlocks:
    • Ability to escort Servitori members outside of Salsola
⇈ Promotion Requirements

Warden → Arbiter / Henchman

  • Must pass activity requirement for high-rank promotion (≥ 15 posts)
    • Must also have had ≥ 8 posts the previous month
  • Must show consistent character involvement in pack plots/activities

2.5  Central Ring

Medium Ranks

All members within the Central Ring are the heart of the hierarchy, consisting of trusted members and youths. This is "The Family" itself, the deeply secretive center and beating heart of Salsola. Members ranked Family and above may sponsor a newcomer for Salsola's joining and trial process. See Sponsor for more. Only individuals ranked Family and above are able to hold the debt of an Indentured Servant.


↠ Trading Class

Holding the trust and interest of the higher ranks, Tradesmen are given more freedom than those ranked below them, allowing them to barter and exchange goods beyond the territory without suspicion. With the blessing of the Inner Ring, Tradesmen are allowed to go to haggle and sell on the behalf of the pack. They are also encouraged to recruit potential new members found on their travels beyond the Thistle Kingdom, and indoctrinate them into the ways of the Family.


↠ Trusted Class

A Confidant is prized in Salsola. Confidants are exceptionally hard working, depended upon by many higher-ranked members and next in line for the Tradesman ranks. They strive to display loyalty to the higher ranks and show great ambition to claim a place in the Inner Ring. Confidants should seek to train with the Tradesmen ranks and get to know the leadership; a strong relationship with these members is crucial for further promotions. Members of this rank are seen as trustworthy and loyal enough to be eligible to pledge themselves to a Faction.


↠ Standard Rank

Also known as the Familia, this is the standard rank; Family members are dedicated and intelligent, adhering to the Salsolan culture and gloating in the surety of the Associates’ envy. Though Family members should display strong loyalty to the higher ranks, they may be prone to bickering amongst themselves for personal hierarchy. Members of the Family are encouraged to begin specializing their skills - those who seek to be promoted will need to prove their additional value! Mateship and Jobs are encouraged.

⇈ Promotion Requirements

Family → Confidant → Tradesman → Warden

  • Must pass activity requirement for mid-rank promotion (≥ 12 posts)
  • Should show consistent attempts at pack involvement

↠ Children

This is the standard child rank. One remains a Bambino until they reach shifting-age. At that time, these hopeful youths undergo the Cueponi ceremony to try and gain the respect of the adulthood ranks. Generally, those under seven months are accepted to this rank.

⇅ Rank Change Requirements
Bambino → Family
  • Must be able to shift
  • Must pass their Cueponi riddle

Bambino → Associate

  • Must be able to shift
  • Must fail their Cueponi riddle

2.6  Outer Ring

Low Ranks

Life is more difficult for those who have not been accepted into the Family rank. Those in the Outer Ring are generally looked down on by other pack members, and may be viewed with suspicion and distrust. They are often kept in the dark regarding interpersonal and pack matters, and will likely be kept in this rank until they have proven themselves worthy of additional respect.


↠ New Recruits (Standard Joining Rank)

Those of Salsola's entry rank are treated with general disdain and condescension, though certainly not to the extent of those in servitude. As they are generally still considered Outsiders in the early weeks of their initiation, other Salsolans may view them with distrust. Associates should have an ambitious desire for promotion, and should aim to please those of higher rank and prove themselves as true Salsolans. Many Associates will learn Salsola's culture through the tutelage of a Sponsor. Mateship to a higher-ranking member is an immediate induction into The Family rank.

⇈ Promotion Requirements

Associate → Family

  • Must make ≥ 10 posts
  • Must be an member of Salsola for more than 4 weeks

↠ Omega (Demoted Rank)

This Omega rank consists of the lowest canines still retaining their membership, often used as a punching bag or entertainment by other Salsola members. Individuals in this rank are either there by misfortune or carelessness; Lawbreakers or indolents may find themselves stagnating without effort as a Serf, yet freed servants will rise to this status only after great hardship and toil. This rank is marginally better than those among the Servitori, as they have no measurable debt to the kingdom. On the fringe of polite society, they receive only the impoverished scraps of Salsola’s wealth.

Serfs are often disallowed to leave Salsola’s territory unless in the company of a Salsolan of the Central Ring or higher.

⇉ Rank Requirements

Serf → Family

  • Case-by-case basis

Demotion into Serf

  • Character has shown poor IC actions or very low IC activity within the pack. Poor IC actions include but are not limited to:
    • Disrespect of leadership or higher ranked pack member
    • Disregard for cultural rules or norms
    • Lack of respect for the pack in general

2.7  Servitori

The Indebted

These sad individuals have been taken into servitude by the whims of Salsola. They are required to serve until they have paid the entirety of their “debt” to the pack - this debt can take any number of form. Common examples include: Outsiders who are saved by a Salsolan from death or greater persecution, such as immense physical harm, and are then required to serve an amount of time of equal length to the value of their life or prevented suffering; Outsiders who are purchased from slavery, and are then required to serve an amount of time equal to the value of their purchase price; Individuals who commit a grievous crime (i.e. trespassing, kidnapping, rape, murder), and are then required to serve an amount of time equal to the severity of their crime.

The amount of time in which a servant must obey and toil is measured in approximation to their debt. This is quite clearly a biased and corrupt system, and patrons may often largely overstate the debt that is owed them so as to keep an individual in the bonds of servitude for longer. However, it is very unusual that an individual should serve for their whole life. Fair or merciful patrons may even absolve a servant of their debt entirely for good behaviour, an act of valor or docile willingness, freeing them from the remainder of their sentence. Those who complete the payment of their debt, or are elsewise absolved of it, are immediately promoted to the Serf rank, where they can begin to rise through the ranks like any other free Salsolan.

Those of the Servitori are often disallowed to leave Salsola’s territory unless in the company of a Salsolan of the Inner Ring or higher (or in the company of their debt-holder).

↠ Communal Servant

An individual taken into servitude for the general kingdom. As they serve no singular patron, they should be supplicant to all ranked members of Salsola. Their debt is considered owed to the pack as a whole; The amount of time they are required to serve to pay their debt is set by any member of the Inner Ring or above, in accordance to and judging by the reason for their servitude. Mendicants and Indentured Servants are equal in their hierarchical standing.

  • Must be a servant whose debt is NOT CLAIMED by a specific pack member
  • Must serve all Salsolans ranked Family or above
Indentured Servant
↠ Private Servant

An Indentured Servant serves only one patron, to whom their debt is owed. Their patron may for example have bought them, saved their life, or been the victim of their crime; They are the one who determines the length of the servitude as payment of the debt. When the Indentured Servant has served enough time to absolve them of their debt, they become a free member of Salsola. Mendicants and Indentured Servants are equal in their hierarchical standing.

  • Must be a servant whose debt IS CLAIMED by a specific pack member
  • Must serve their debt-holder first and foremost
  • Must serve all Salsolans ranked Family or above, unless doing so conflicts with orders from their debt-holder
⇈ Promotion Requirements

Mendicant / Indentured Servant → Serf

  • Character must be cleared of their debt to Salsola (Mendicant) or their debt-holder (Indentured Servant)

3.  Rank Changes

Salsola's hierarchy is strict and primarily IC — that is, post counts, activity, etc. do not always factor into promotions and demotions, particularly those of the Faction Tiers and above.

3.1  Promotion

Numerical Activity

Monthly post counts are the primary way to rank up in Salsola.

However, outside of Salsola's hierarchy are character performance and adherence to cultural norms too. Obviously, high post counts typically yield more pack involvement, but we do not promote based solely on quantity of posts. For example, if your character has had astoundingly poor IC behavior, this may hold them back from promotion.

Players are also more than welcome to request for their character not to rank up; please PM the OOC Account to let us know in these instances!

OOC Actions

Looking for your character to be promoted? Get involved with the pack! Participate in Pack Projects, Activities, or Plots! Help others gain Jobs! The more involved your character is with the pack as a whole, the better it looks on them!

IC Actions

Alternative ways to rank up without meeting the requirements of Post Counts include:

  • Mateship via Wedding — If your character obtains a mate of higher rank, you get promoted by one rank (higher ranks excluded).
  • Usurpation — Coordinate with another player to have your character usurp a higher-ranking character.

While you must still meet Post Count requirements, another fun IC alternative for ranking up might be:

  • Bribing a higher-ranking member with gifts, offers of usefulness, and whatever else comes to mind.
Usurping Rank

Usurpation is a fun flavor concept for Salsola, and, as such, it is not something players are required to use or participate in if they do not want to.

If your character wishes to take a rank by force, they may! Usurping is usually a physical display of skill (e.g., a non-lethal duel) but may occur by other means (e.g., blackmail, bribery, etc.) if desired. You must pre-plot with the other involved player(s), and all players must be in agreement for an usurpation to occur.

  • One cannot usurp a character to get into the Faction Tiers and above unless approval is sought by Leadership first. This is due to Factions+ being an invite-only rank that must have specific requirements met first.
  • NPCs can be challenged. This requires a RO thread with the NPC and permission from the NPC's owner.
  • Usurping, regardless of the usurped character's rank, only nets the usurper one rank increase.
    • Example: If a Confidant usurped a Henchman, the Confidant would only be promoted to Tradesman. They would not take the rank of Henchman.

3.2  Demotion

Low Activity

Low activity does not always necessitate demotion; however, a less active character should strive for pack involvement. With only a few posts a month, you're not contributing and it can result in eventual demotion.

OOC: Player-Requested

Players are always welcome to request for their characters to be placed “on hold” for promotions, or, to have their character demoted for various IC reasons. Please PM the OOC Account to let us know in these instances!

IC: Cultural Violations

Characters who break cultural expectations are demoted; severe offenses may result in expulsion rather than demotion.

Note: Leadership will always PM players with a warning if their characters are in danger of expulsion or demotion due to cultural offenses. Players usually have a chance to rectify their character's behavior!

For the Usurped

Unfortunately, defeat necessitates a usurped character to be demoted by one rank.

3.3  NPCs

Salsola does not have a designated NPC rank. This allows all Salsolan characters to hold a rank relative to their true standing within the pack. As with Played Characters, Players can request to have their NPCs demoted, or, to be placed “on hold” from further promotions, if they so desire. Unlike played characters, however, NPCs are handled differently when it comes to certain aspects of rank changes. Pack NPCs (pNPCs) promotions / demotions are entirely up to Leadership’s discretion.

Please PM the OOC Account if you have questions or concerns regarding your NPC and their rank.

Absentee NPCs (aNPCs)
  • aNPCs will never be promoted so long as they remain an aNPC.
  • Per our policies, aNPCs may be demoted at Leadership's discretion.
  • aNPCs can be usurped, if desired and approved by all parties involved.
Companion NPCs (cNPCs)
  • Promotions for cNPCs are not guaranteed, as they are entirely up to Leadership’s discretion.
  • cNPCs will never be promoted higher than Arbiter / Henchman.
    • If a cNPC is ranked higher than these, it is because they were previously a Played Character when they earned their rank.
    • cNPCs that hold Faction Tier+ ranks may eventually be demoted at Leadership's discretion.
  • cNPCs can both usurp and be usurped, if desired and approved by all parties involved.
  • cNPCs may be more likely to be promoted if Leadership sees that they are actively and regularly used in threads.
  • cNPCs may generally be promoted when their attached, Played Character is ineligible for promotion for themselves, but satisfies promotion requirements for their cNPC to rank up.
    • Example: Warden requires 15 posts minimum to rank up; Family requires only 12 posts. A Warden-ranked Played Character makes only 12 posts that month. The Played Character is ineligible for promotion; however, their Family-ranked cNPC may be promoted to Confidant at Leadership’s discretion.
Youth NPCs (yNPCs)
  • yNPCs are typically ineligible to be promoted beyond the rank of Family.
  • It is generally recommended to pick up a yNPC as a Played Character or turn them into a cNPC if you wish to see them promoted higher than Family.

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