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The Fort Preble Outpost at Portland, Maine, is an important off-board trade destination for Salsola.

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Jobs within the Thistle Kingdom

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  1.   1.  Rules & Guidelines
  2.   2.  List of Jobs

Jobs are Salsola's version of Co-Ranks. Jobs are entirely separate from the IC hierarchy and have no true hierarchy of their own – while some Jobs require their occupant to work closely with those in other Jobs, all Jobs are considered equally important. Salsola currently has 49 different Jobs to choose from!

Sometimes referred to as alternative “titles” to one’s hierarchical rank and social standing, a Salsolan's Job may also affect his or her notoriety and prestige within the pack. Exceptional performance may result in high praise and regular hierarchy promotions; conversely, consistently poor performance or neglect in one’s Job may result in the loss of it. Salsolan Jobs are split into three cohesive categories: Domestic Jobs, Defense Jobs, and Depository Jobs; along with a highly specialized group referred to as Fluid Jobs. These categories all provide extremely important roles in keeping the Thistle Kingdom functional and wealthy.

For the most updated roster of Salsolan Jobs that are currently held by Salsolan characters, please take a look at our Jobs Table.

Fun Fact!

Jobs are named in either Italian or Spanish. Some Jobs are gender-neutral, while others specify the current occupant's gender. For example, if a male were to hold the Curandero/a Job, he would be the Curandero. If a female were to hold the rank, she would be a Curandera.

1.  Rules & Guidelines

  • Characters may hold a maximum of three (3) Jobs.
  • Characters may usurp Jobs. Fluid Jobs, however, may not be usurped.
  • Associates, Serfs, and Bambinos may not hold Jobs.
  • Any Job threads viable for submission must take place after the character has been promoted into the Family rank.
  • Challenges:
    • You must complete two (2) of the three challenges.
    • Completion of a challenge means you have written 1,200 words within the thread. It does not matter how many posts you've made.
    • If the thread dies due to inactivity, it must be the fault of your partner(s).
    • Read Only threads are allowed; use of NPCs is encouraged.
  • As per our pack policies, aNPC'd characters with Jobs...
    • ...will automatically lose their Job(s) upon being moved to Salsola's off-board, Outpost location, Fort Preble
    • ...may lose their Job(s) if there is another active member interested in that Job.
  • Ready to claim your Job? Reply to our Maintenance thread with the appropriate form filled out!
Fluid Job Rules
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  • Fluid Jobs cannot be usurped.
  • Prior to applying for a fluid Job, you must...
    • ...check out our current Jobs and ensure none are suitable for your character.
    • ...make sure your proposed Job does not fit into any existing Jobs. E.g., please don't propose a Job specifically for maintaining feed stocks in the Stables; this job is too specific and would be covered by the Mandriano or Vaquero.
  • In order to maintain your Fluid Job, your character should periodically perform their duties in a thread. If Leadership notices or feels that you have been neglecting your Fluid Job entirely, you may be stripped of it, especially if there are other players with characters desirous of that Fluid Job.

Usurping Rules
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  • Note: Usurpation is a fun flavor concept for Salsola, and, as such, it is not something players are required to use or participate in if they do not want to.
  • If your character wishes to take a Job by force, they may! Usurping is usually a physical display of skill (e.g., a non-lethal duel) but may occur by other means (e.g., blackmail, bribery, etc.) if desired. You must pre-plot with the other involved player(s), and all players must be in agreement for an usurpation to occur.
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  1. Can I use a Canon LASKY thread to complete a Job Challenge?
    • Yes, you may use Canon LASKY, however, we generally encourage for threads to be played out on the active playable areas.
  2. Can cNPCs earn Jobs?
    • Yes, however, the same rules apply for cNPCs as they do for played characters. Do note, cNPCs are not permitted to hold Fluid Jobs. If you are interested in your cNPC picking up a Job, please contact Leadership via Salsola's OOC Account!
  3. I have a thread that was supposed to be towards a Job Challenge, however, it got off course. Can I still use it?
    • Threads used for Job Challenges should make the challenge the thread's main focus. If you have a Job Challenge that requires your character to hunt prey, and you have only ~200 words dedicated towards actual hunting, and ~1000 words of your characters standing around and talking about personal drama, we would not accept the Job Challenge submission because the thread is more focused on personal drama, and not about hunting prey.
    You can still have background stuff going on, but make sure you stay on topic!
Propose a New Job (Show)

If you have ideas for a possible Job, you may absolutely submit them to us! You can use the provided form, and either post it to the Salsola Maintenance thread or send it to Salsola's OOC Account. If approved, the Job be listed on this page for others to view and possibly use themselves!

Please use this form to propose your idea for a new job!

[*] [b]Are you aiming for this job, or is it simply an idea?:[/b]
[*] [b]Proposed Job tier:[/b] Is this a Domestic, Defense, or Depository job?
[*] [b]Proposed Job name:[/b] Remember the Naming Conventions -- Italian or Spanish only, please! c: Also include the TRANSLATION of the word you've chosen.
[*] [b]Proposed Job Challenges:[/b] Come up with three different Challenges that someone can complete for this job. If you get stuck, you may leave this for the leaders.

2.  List of Jobs

Domestic »

Domestic Jobs are primarily related to the care and health of Salsola’s membership, as well as territory improvements and responsibilities related to the upkeep of the Thistle Kingdom. Typically, they provide a service to a fellow Salsolan. This tier of jobs is intended to make the territory of Salsola and its way of life as hospitable to its inhabitants as possible; additionally, the Jobs relevant to members are intended to promote a cohesive Family group.

Defense »

Defense Jobs, as the name would suggest, are relate directly to Salsola’s defensive provisions. This tier of jobs typically deals with militant aspects of the pack, including dealing with outsider threats and ensuring that Salsola is safe to prosper and build its reputation. Considering the Thistle Kingdom’s infamy, as its power has grown, so has the number of its enemies — These jobs are essential to ensuring that Salsolans can continue living their daily lives in peace.

Depository »

Depository Jobs are essential to the continuation of the Thistle Kingdom’s great wealth, and are directly involved with the upkeep of Salsola's inventory of items, plants, livestock, etc. Some of these ranks focus on the creation and obtainment of trade goods and other items. Others ranks — such the Conserje with Storage — are dedicated to the maintenance of them. These Jobs may also include individuals who are very capable traders.

Fluid »

Fluid Jobs are created when a character has an extremely specialized or rare skill. In these cases, Leadership may create a specific Job for that character.

Domestic Jobs

Ancella (Maid)Lit. “Handmaid” (Italian)

This rank is intended primarily for female applicants; superior physical appearance and sweet temperament are preferred. The Ancella's duties include maintaining a fellow Salsolan’s member's home, often, someone of Inner Ring or above. They are expected to sort and clean the homeowner’s possessions, and tidy up the home in general. During pack events, the Ancella may be called upon to help with preparations, and may linger afterwards to help ensure everything was as it was before. Ancellas sometimes assist other members in personal grooming and dressing, and may even act as a babysitter for any pups within the pack. It should be noted that these individuals are not servants, but, rather, are simply performing a service that makes use of their talents and helpful nature. They may make use of the Servitori ranks to assist them in their tasks.

  • Assist a fellow Salsolan with styling their hair, brushing out their coat, or fitting on clothing.
  • Your expertise has been called upon to help with daintier household chores. Make the place look immaculate! Perhaps you find something juicy to gossip about while you're there? Alternatively, help with preparations for an event or cleaning up afterwards!
  • Interact with a Salsolan child; educate or care for them. If there are no Bambinos, discuss child-rearing with an adult in Salsola.

Artisto/a (Artist)

Individuals that find themselves creatively gifted may find themselves as an Artisto. These Salsolans are skilled and interested in entertainment and/or otherwise creating things for their fellow Luperci to enjoy; be it music, dancing, performances, writing, or visual arts. They thrive in having their works and efforts recognized and appreciated by others, though, may not always crave the limelight themselves. The Artisto may find themselves aligned with the Lore Faction, and their talents are, typically, highly sought after for events and celebrations.

» Your character's specialization will appear in brackets beside their Job title, i.e “Artisto (musician - drums)”. If you are not certain if a specialty is suitable, please simply PM us to check!

» Examples: Actor/tress, Artist, (Fire)Dancer, Musician - (Instrument), Painter, Performer, Singer, (Wood/Rock)Sculpter, Woodcarver, (Play)Writer

  • Practice makes perfect! Do what you love and keep your skills sharp! Alternatively, experiment with something new, be it a new tune/instrument, a new move, or a new medium, style, or technique!
  • Your work has been noticed! Discuss a commission or job with a potential client, and be sure to discuss compensation for your talents! Alternatively, discuss your talents with someone or teach them a bit about what you do.
  • Some say that an Artisto is only as good as what they have to work with. Acquire what you need to make your work shine! Commission or task someone, trade for items, find materials, or otherwise craft what you need.

Cocinero/a (Cook)

Food is often said to be the way to someone's heart, and while anyone can be a cook, few are as impassioned about their culinary skills and know-how as a Cocinero. These individuals have a knack for elevating simple foods, and pride themselves on the dishes they craft for others to enjoy. Those holding the title of Cocinero can be highly specialized or have a variety of different areas of expertise or cooking preferences. Individuals of this job can range from being talented bakers, to having an interest in savory seafood dishes, to being gifted in feel-good home-cooked meals, and much more. They should be knowledgeable in spices and herbs, as well as be interested and able to cook more than just a handful of different meals. These individuals are key to pack events, and play a major part in Last Suppers especially. They may work hand-in-hand with Birraios to ensure that their meals are coupled with a complimenting drink.

  • Cook a dish, or, design and create a special or unique meal for another to enjoy! If there is an important event going on -- e.g. a Last Supper -- cook something that will make your dish a highlight of the event! If necessary, engage with a Cazador or Pescador to discuss food preparations for the event or order special meats.
  • Bolster the pack's food or spice stores (e.g., drying/salting of meat and herbs, creating hardtack, preservation of spices, etc.).
  • Experiment with a new ingredient or technique! Does it work out beautifully? Does it result in a humorous mistake? Is it lackluster compared to what you imagined? You should be sure to consult a Curandero or Veleno to make sure a new ingredient isn't poisonous before cooking with it!

Condivisore (Sharer)

The Condivisore is responsible for ensuring that the hearts and souls of Salsola remain open and whole. They have a knack for bringing things out of people, as well as being able to read others and offer advice too. This title can fulfil a variety of different duties dependent on the Condivisore themselves and their subject of expertise; from individuals whose skills and interests lie in matchmaking, to those who act as counselors or therapists, to even highly respected courtesans. Their purpose is to strengthen the internal relationships within the Kingdom, as well as look after their fellow Salsolan’s mental health. Condivisores may be said to act like mirrors, as they often reflect pieces of their client in an effort to soothe or find a solution. They are expected to maintain a certain degree of confidentiality and be respectful of their clients, and, despite the cut-throat nature of Salsola, are not meant to be vindictive or cruel.

  • Speak with another Salsolan about their concerns/problems and help them find a solution, be it through offering advice, making suggestions, or something else fitting of your talents.
  • How do you make your clients comfortable with speaking their heart and mind with you? Do you have a special room? Burn certain herbs? Do you have certain techniques for them to perform? Maybe a certain, neutral and private area that you take them? Explain your process to another.
  • Sometimes, people just need to get something off their chest and vent, and, sometimes, simply listening is the best way to assuage one’s internal conflict. Alternatively, check in with a client that you have previously helped or offered your services to.

Corriere (Messenger)Lit. “Courier” (Italian)

Though messages can be delivered by any and all, the reliable Corriere in particular has made a career out of it. They are usually fleet of foot, and may be utilized for something as simple as a verbal message sent within the Kingdom, or something as vast as cross-country journeys throughout the realm. If it's a letter or package to deliver, a summons to be sent, or an important rallying call to be made, the Corriere is often called upon for their services. Typically, these individuals have a good sense of direction, and may even have skills in reading/writing as well. They must be trustworthy, as tampering with letters or packages, or gossiping about their work could possibly compromise the range of their clientele. As messengers, they may be highly sought-after targets for their intel, and, so, these individuals may seek services of those of the Shield Faction if they do not possess any combative or stealth skills themselves.

  • Receive a job from a client; go over delivery details, receiver information, and don’t forget to discuss your own payment! Alternatively, be tempted by a job (letter, package, the urge to gossip, etc.); do you give in — or do you resist the urge?
  • Uh oh! You find yourself in an altercation where someone accosts you enroute to your destination! They want the item that you’re delivering / to know the message that you were given. Find a way out of the situation without compromising your work — alternatively, fail to do so!
  • Successfully deliver a verbal message, summons, letter, package, etc. to its recipient. For an added bonus, have a situation that brings to life the old phrase, “Don’t shoot the messenger.”

Creatore (Builder)Lit. “Creator” (Italian)

The Creatore is responsible for the creation and maintenance of various buildings, structures (eg. fences, walls, lattices, piers, bridges), and sometimes even furnishings (eg. benches, chairs, tables). Their talents and expertise are pivotal to the pack’s more sophisticated way of life. They should be well-versed in some form of construction: carpentry, masonry, etc., and, while they may overlap (and even work closely with!) with an Artesano equivalent, it is their areas of interest (large vs. small scale) that often sets them apart*. The Creatore is to have a strong understanding of structure and be well-versed in their building materials and how they work with one another. Creatores are often essential for Pack Projects, and are regularly called upon for various builds and repair projects around the Kingdom.

» *An example being that a Creatore might be willing to craft something as “small” a chair, but lack the expertise or finesse to create a jewelry box. An Artesano might make both, but lack the expertise needed for larger, structure-type builds. The Creatore’s main focus is larger-scale builds and public works, whereas an Artesano is often more small-scale and personal items.

  • Expand a current structure on Salsola's territory (eg. the Stables or a building in the Millstone). If it is overly extensive, consider making a Pack Project. Alternatively, work on a smaller project such as creating furnishings, building walls or fences, etc.
  • Gather building materials for future projects: tools, raw lumber, brick, etc.
  • Repair a current structure, or, draw up blueprints or otherwise do groundwork for a potential build.

Curandero/a (Healer)

The Curandero are healers, and some may even be spiritualists as well. Regardless of their methodology, they must have a strong understanding of medicinal herbs and have basic medic training, and are expected to be able to craft cures/products and mend wounds to some degree. They should know what plants can heal and which can hurt, as well as how to best use them for their intended purpose — be it ground into a powder, ingested whole, or perhaps even reformed into a salve, to name a few. Some that are more curious and hungry to expand their knowledge may be more apt to experiment to find new methods of healing. Others may be more traditional and only use what they know, or, may rely on their spiritual beliefs to aid their patient’s ailments. Curanderos often work closely with Boticarios. During times of conflict, the Curandero may be the difference in whether one sees the light of another day.

  • Record your medical knowledge down so that it might be useful to another. This can range from the (good or bad) effects that a plant has and how to use it, how to treat a certain ailment, how to craft a particular cure/product, or something similar! Not literate? Have someone else record it for you!
  • Heal or treat a sick or injured Salsolan. The injury or illness should be moderate to severe; it won't count if your character heals up a paper-cut or fixes a sore throat!
  • Trade, gather, or create medicinal herbs, products (eg. salves, mixtures, medicines), or materials to add to the Clinic or Storage.

Historiador (Historian)

The Historiador keeps a detailed roster of the pack’s members and a log of the pack's history. They must be capable of reading and writing, preferably, with legible handwriting. Births, deaths, sponsors and wards, mateships and weddings, servants (communal and personal), and other important historical entries (eg. events, significant dramas, changes in leadership or Faction elites) often make up the bulk of what the Historiador catalogues. They may also record changes to the Pauson Studbook. Aside from new data entries though, they are also responsible for fixing inconsistencies, errors, and inaccuracies made within the Kingdom’s records and history books, scrolls, and logs. Because of their work, Historiadors often have a close bond with the Libro Guardiano (if they aren’t one themselves), and may act as aides or apprentices to the Archivist.

  • Obtain materials or create items necessary for recording Salsola’s history — such as materials for a book or scroll, writing utensils, or trading/commissioning for a new book or paper to be made.
  • Discover or learn information about Salsola’s history that you didn't know. Alternatively, record a new entry into the records of Salsola’s history or fact check a questionable one.
  • Help another Salsolan find information about something through the use of Salsola’s history books, scrolls, and/or logs (eg. details about a pack event or natural disaster, a certain litter, mateship, or death, may for a particular name, etc.).

Linguista (Linguist)

In a Kingdom that is language-rich and heavily invested in commerce, the Linguista is a vital individual to have. Although there may be many within Salsola that are fluent in other languages, the Linguista in particular is known for their willingness to both teach the language(s) that they know, as well as being trusted to act as an official translator. They must be fluent in at least one language other than English, and those that can speak and read/write in a foreign language may find themselves held in higher regard than those that cannot do both. Because of their valuable skill, these individuals may work closely with those of the Lore and Merchant Factions, if not be aligned to one or the other themselves.

» Your character's language(s) will appear in brackets beside their Job title, i.e “Linguista (Italian, Spanish)”. The character must be fluent in all languages listed within their brackets.

  • Act as a translator between two Luperci. As a Linguista, you’ll be trusted to correlate what the other means as close to the native language/intended expression as possible — but, in certain situations, perhaps it’s better for everyone if you omit (or change) a word/phrase or two…
  • Teach a fellow Salsolan how to speak, read, and/or write in a foreign language! Alternatively, share your foreign language with a non-speaker via practicing/sharing what a word, object, and/or phrase would be when translated.
  • Hold a conversation in a foreign language. Alternatively, read and/or write a letter in it, or, translate a book or other document (bonus if they are from Salsola’s own library!).

Reclutador (Recruiter)

The Reclutador is expected to meet with Outsiders and recruit the best of them for Salsola. They are often personable and persuasive, are quite knowledgeable of the pack’s culture, and should have a strong understanding of how much to reveal about the Kingdom without revealing too much — enough to entice, but not enough to be an information leak. They usually work heavily under an alias, and often only reveal their identity upon an individual being successfully recruited and accepted into the pack. They are the individual at the end of the “I know a guy” phrase, who to talk to “get your foot in the door” types, the person whose ties to a secret organization may be assumed, but have never been confirmed. The Reclutador is always on the hunt for Others that will bolster the Kingdom in some way and can thrive within its culture, and will weed out and steer away those that are unworthy or would otherwise be a liability to Salsola.

  • Introduce an Associate to Salsola's culture, ideals, and/or traditions. If there are no Associates available, educate a Bambino on these same topics or speak with another Salsolan about how you do your work beyond the Kingdom’s borders.
  • Successfully recruit someone into Salsola. The Reclutador-hopeful does not need to be the sponsor, but the recruit must be accepted into Salsola. Alternatively, tell the recruit what they will need to do or expect when they attempt to join the pack (eg. how they should look, act, or what to bring as a gift). If they are to be a servant, set the stage that will tactfully put them in-debt to the Kingdom.
  • Tell an Outsider about Salsola without actually revealing your association to the pack (your allegiance may be strongly inferred, but it should never be said outright) — bonus points if Salsola’s name is not confirmed or mentioned during this process. This conversation can either be done in an attempt to recruit the Outsider or steer them away from Salsola.

Sarto/a (Tailor)

The Sarto is an individual talented with the creation and alteration of clothing and like items. From complete outfits to clothing accessories (eg. gloves, scarves) to fixing buttons to sewing eye-catching embroideries to other types of alterations or mending services, this is the canine to see. Often smaller or dantier-handed individuals, they are artists of their field; creative, with an eye for detail, and with a steady dexterity in their fingers often required for their intricate works. They may work with and use a variety of different mediums and materials, and may excel better in some more than others. The Sarto is not expected to be able to create the raw materials of their craft (eg. actually tanning leather or creating linen fabric or yarn), though some may be talented enough to do so. These individuals are often well sought-after in the Kingdom, particularly so before big events. A Sarto may have good business relations with an Artesano.

  • Create an elaborate or practical article of clothing for another member of Salsola. Alternatively, discuss design plans (how it looks on the wearer, colors, what they want, etc.) and take their measurements for the commission ahead.
  • Gather or create materials needed for clothing crafting (eg. wool, silk, leather, etc.).
  • Mend, repair, or make alterations of some kind to a current article of clothing. This can be adding additional features (ex. A hood where there wasn't any before), fixing something (rip, tear, missing buttons, general replacement, etc.), adding designs/embroidery, or just general alterations (for height, girth, etc.).

Segno/a (Flesh Artist)Lit. “Sign, mark, scratch” (Italian)

The Segno is responsible for marking Salsolan members with the Hand of Eris and must be well-versed in the Cotona ritual as a result. Outside of this more important duty however, the Segno may also be skilled in applying other, more personal, body markings through tattoos, branding, or scarification, and may even be talented in piercings. As a result, the Segno is often considered just as much of an artist as an Artisto. They should understand how the placement, natural friction through locomotion, and fur regrowth will affect the areas they’re applying the body modifications to, and offer suggestions depending on the client’s preferences. Because of the risk of infection from brandings or scarification processes, the Segno may often work with a Curandero or Boticario for healing advice or services, or for medicinal supplies. The Segno’s services may also be requested for marking livestock.

» Note: The character must bear the Hand of Eris themselves by the time they submit their application for this Job.

  • Undergo the Cotona ritual. Alternatively, perform the Cotona ritual on another Salsolan.
  • Offer advice for someone seeking a body modification, or, inform a curious other about your work! — Will a tattoo wear down more in a certain location than others? Will a mark be able to be hidden beneath one’s fur upon its regrowth? Will a certain area be more painful than another? Make it obvious that you know what you're doing!
  • Perform a body modification through tattooing, branding, scarification, or piercing. Be sure to inform your client of what they should do afterwards to ensure healing (be it applying provided ointments, making a revisit, seeing a Curandero, etc.).

Tutore/Tutrice (Teacher)Lit. “Tutor” (Italian)

While anyone can be a teacher of their chosen expertise, the Tutore is particularly recognized for their knowledge in Salsola itself, and helping further grow those who wish to excel in the Kingdom’s sophisticated society. These individuals should be accomplished readers and writers — bonus if they can do so in another language! — and should be knowledgeable about Salsola, its culture, and its history. More importantly though, they should be able and willing to teach these subjects. They may be useful in assisting Sponsors in training their new Wards, or, may be more likely to be assigned new Associates themselves in order to educate them in the ways of Salsola. Tutores may work closely with those of the Lore Faction, be regularly found around the Library, or assist individuals such as Reclutadores, Historiadores, and the Libro Guardiano.

  • Teach a fellow Salsolan how to read and/or write, host a reading/writing lesson, or, check in on the learning progress of your student.
  • Host a lesson or otherwise educate a packmate in Salsolan culture or proper Salsolan etiquette. Alternatively, help them practice (roleplay, anyone? ;>) in an environment that is (relatively) safe from public scrutiny!
  • Discuss Salsola’s history, and show off that you either know your stuff or where you can find the answers (the library)! Alternatively, study up yourself!

Visagisto/a (Beautician)

In a place where appearances play an integral role amongst one’s peers, the Visagisto can be a well sought-after individual. They can assist in a variety of tasks depending on their specialties; from personal grooming (ie. haircuts, styling, etc.), to dying fur or applying makeup and/or disguises (via paints, powders and mixtures, masks, etc.), to other forms of self-care (ie. baths, brushing/de-shedding, nail care, etc.). More artistic types may play a vital role in Salsolans seeking disguises for tasks and adventures beyond the Kingdom, or, for things such as Suppers, plays, or other social events or various entertainments. Those that range more on the therapeutic side may dabble in crafting soaps to bring out the best shine in one’s coat, or create/provide materials needed to make for a well-needed pampering experience. The Visagisto may work closely with Jobs like the Artisto, Profumiere, and Sarto, and may easily find themselves aligned with the Lore Faction.

  • Assist or offer advice to a Salsolan needing to make a change to their appearance (eg. hair cutting/styling/dying, makeup for a disguise, etc.). Alternatively, offer your services to help a Salsolan clean up or give them a relaxing spa-like treatment!
  • Create materials for your specialty! (eg. soaps, dyes, makeup) Or, trade or commission someone to make the materials or tools for you!
  • Practice or test a (new) technique, style, dye, etc. on someone/thing. You don't want your reputation ruined if it doesn't work out or you mess up, after all!


Those that believe or deal in the supernatural and/or practice religious or spiritual acts fall under the title of Witch. While they may collectively belong to the infamous Coven of Salsola, these individuals can have a wide range and variety of different beliefs, gods, and practices. Some witches may create altars and other places of power, or carry out sacrifices. Others may only pray or give simple offerings. More still might believe in sorcery, magic, and the power of (un)holy rites, spells, incantations, charms, blessings, and curses. Some might even find their calling in breaking spells or curses, or removing specters. This title is all-encompassing. How Witches practice their faith or beliefs varies from Witch to Witch, and, generally, Salsola allows them the freedom to attend to their own spiritual needs without intervention (within reason, of course). And while their faith as a whole may differ, Witches often look to the Seer, and, furthermore, to the Crone, to promote, lead, and further encourage the abundance of Salsola’s spiritual, magical, and religious power. The Blackwoods is, notably, one of many places within the Kingdom to be utilized by Witches.

  • Practice your beliefs or faith — this can be anything from a sacrifice, creating altars/artifacts, casting a spell, a blood-rite, imbuing a magical item, an exorcism, etc., be creative! Even a spooky prayer or song will work!
  • Discuss your paranormal and/or spiritual beliefs with another member of Salsola. This thread can take place with another so-called Witch.
  • Gather what you need to carry out your beliefs or faith; these can be tools, items, herbs, etc.

Defense Jobs

Assassino/a (Assassin)

The Assassino deals with the art and craft of one thing: killing others and doing so subtly. They make sure that their targets are taken care of without raising alarm or drawing suspicion onto themselves. Above all though, they make sure that their actions cannot be traced back to Salsola. Though their methods and tools may vary, a good Assassino is not sloppy with their work. They may rely on ambushes, elaborate schemes, sleight of hands, or deception to pull off their acts, and may work alone or with the aid of others. Typically, they are highly skilled tacticians, have talents in stealth, and have some level of skill in combat. Most Assassinos are likely to find themselves amongst the Shield and work closely with related jobs as a result. They may also find use in the Veleno if they make use of poisons.

  • Target acquired. Dispose of them without being caught.
  • Abort! Your target has become aware, something unexpected has happened, or the situation has otherwise become unfavorable to continue forward. Make a clean getaway...or make it a close call.
  • Receive or take on a bounty from another. Discuss the target in question and why/where/how they are to be killed. Alternatively, prepare for the task ahead by making sure you have the right equipment, scouting out the area, sorting out plans, or otherwise doing your homework on your target.

Cavalleria (Calvary)

The Cavalleria are the Kingdom's mounted fighters. While their combat style may vary from archers, to blades or blunt weapons, to polearms, to shield users, they all have one thing in common: they're all talented horsemen and can fight efficiently from the saddle of one. Knowing their horse and having their horse's trust is a must for a Cavalleria to be efficient on the battlefield, and while they may use communal horses, most often have their own personal mount(s). These individuals are tasked with training warhorses and familiarizing them with the sights, sounds, and movement of battle. A Cavalleria usually works closely with a Vaquero (if they aren't one themselves), and may even see regular contact with the Equinest. They provide the greatest strategic advantage from horseback, and, in times of conflict, these soldiers are best used for intimidating the enemy into splintering or scattering upon being charged at.

  • Extensively train a Salsolan horse in combat. Warhorses are a great asset to the pack, but only if they are diligently and skillfully taught!
  • Exercise your skill as a mounted warrior by defending Salsolan territory or a Salsolan packmate against danger! This can be against an Outsider or a wild animal, bonus points if another Salsolan is in the thread.
  • Teach another rider an attack move to be used on horseback. This will be easier if the other rider already has some skill in horse husbandry, however, fails are still accepted for the Job request! Your teaching does not need to be successful, only an attempt must be made. Bonus points if weaponry is used.

Cecchino/a (Archer)Lit. “Sniper” (Italian)

Although there may be projectile users amongst those of the Milite and Cazadors, Cecchinos in particular are distinctly recognized for their skill with a bow; be they longbows, shortbows, and/or crossbows. These individuals are known for their good eyesight and abilities and accuracy in shooting objects from long range. As such, they are particularly vital as combatants — be they actively involved, or more as a support or deterrent — after all, a threat stopped at a distance means fewer casualties or injuries to Salsola’s own. Cecchinos should be skilled at predicting and making the necessary adjustments to their aim to ensure accuracy in their shots, and should be capable of also crafting their own arrows/bolts. While many and most are ground archers, some Cecchinos may further hone their skills to allow them to be mounted combatants.

  • Practice with your bow on some targets, maybe even test yourself by upping the difficulty level! Or, go a step further by trying a new technique (eg. different draw style) or practicing in an environment (eg. nighttime, in a forest vs. an open field, etc.) that you have not tried before.
  • Create some targets for you (or others!) to shoot at. Alternatively, craft some arrows or gather the materials for making some.
  • Use your bow in a dramatic situation, such as combat, to deter a threat, to fire an arrow to knock/cut something loose, etc.

Collettore (Trapper)Lit. “Collector, gatherer” (Italian)

The Collettores are canines whose cleverness and creative talents are put to use in the creation and maintenance of Salsola's border traps. They are expected to establish and maintain these, as well as check the quarry of such traps on a daily basis. The Collettore and their inventions are essential for building a security and defense system that will alert Salsolans or otherwise keep the pack relatively safe from intruders even when nobody is around to actively patrol the border. These traps can range widely in trigger mechanisms, size, purpose, complexity, and lethality. The Collettore should strive to make traps that are well hidden (some right in plain sight!) but easily avoidable for Salsolans. Accidental by-catches of lesser creatures are not uncommon, and the Collettore should try to troubleshoot to minimize these unwanted, false triggers. Because of their work on the pack’s borders, Colletores may find themselves working regularly with Vedettos.

  • Build a new trap for Salsola's borders — make sure that this is well marked so that Salsola members don't get caught in it! This can be a fatal or non-fatal trap. Alternatively, explain the mechanics of one to a fellow Salsolan.
  • Repair or reset one of Salsola's established traps. Sometimes animals damage these or they are set off accidentally. Ensure that these are still in working condition.
  • Work with a Cazador or Vedetto in finding the best placement for a new trap, or, with removing a current one. These individuals may have the information you need to avoid areas heavily used by prey animals or are paths the scouts regularly patrol on, or, for finding a place that is a high-traffic area for trespassing Outsiders.

Diablo/a (Bogeyman)Lit. “Devil” / “She-Devil” (Spanish)

Because of its desire for secrecy, Salsola encourages rumors that make Outsiders wary of straying too close, of drawing the wrathful eye of the Kingdom upon them, and the Diablo is meant to help keep those rumors alive; they are ghosts, demons, the root of nightmares, and the terror of nighttime stories to children. These individuals are fighters that haunt the territories just beyond the Kingdom’s claim, acting as a first-line deterrent for any that may have ill-intentions for Salsola. They are often stealthy, and may also possess talents in hunting and tracking. Their primary duty is to scare off troublemakers, attacking only if it is in the best interest of the Kingdom to do so. Diablos do well to disguise their scents, and should not reveal their allegiance with Salsola to Outsiders. Because they operate beyond the pack, they may occasionally end up intercepting those wishing to speak diplomatically with the Kingdom, and are entrusted with escorting any such individuals to the borders — after careful scrutiny, of course.

  • You discover Luperci with ill-intentions for Salsola. Scare them off before they can carry out their actions — attack only if you must (be sure to keep our Relations in mind!).
  • Intercept those who wish to speak with Salsola. Interrogate them to ensure their legitimacy before making the decision whether or not to safely escort them to our borders. Alternatively, chase them off, but still bring their message to the Crown and/or report the incident to a higher-up (be sure to keep our Relations in mind!).
  • Help keep the rumors alive! Without engaging in combat, have a thread where you creep, hunt, stalk, chase, and/or otherwise scare away Luperci that have wandered too close to Salsola’s borders. Alternatively, start up a conversation with them instead, and spread a rumor yourself!

Difensore/Difenditrice (Defense Specialist)Lit. “Defender” (Italian)

The Difensore is an individual whose skills and expertise lie specifically in the pack’s defensive measures (eg. barricades, barriers, trenches, traps/ambush points, etc.), however, their duties or interests may even extend to the creation and/or operation of Salsola’s siege engines (eg. ballistas, catapults, etc.). These individuals should have a good grasp on different types of militant defenses and deterrents, as well as how to best use them effectively. They usually have talents in construction (eg. as carpenters, masons, etc.), may be skilled tacticians, and are typically expected to have experience in combat or are a fighter themselves. During times of conflict, these individuals are often called upon to ensure the pack’s safety, and their expertise may be utilized to help undermine similar enemy countermeasures. While less-often used, operation of the pack’s siege engines is also an expectation of this role, as these weapons are generally placed in protective areas where the Difensore is likely to be operating.

  • Create a defense measure/siege engine, test an existing one, or, practice with a siege engine. Alternatively, educate another Salsolan on what you do and the importance of your work both on and off the battlefield.
  • Gather materials for the creation of a new defensive measure/siege engine, or, perform maintenance or repairs on an existing one.
  • Have a thread where a defensive measure comes in handy, or, acts as a proper deterrent for an enemy or active threat.

Informatore (Spy)Lit. “Informant” (Italian)

While Salsola as a whole may value anonymity and have many individuals that use aliases and are talented in the art of deception, the Informatore elevates these skills to a higher level. They act as eyes and ears for the Kingdom beyond its borders, and keep up with the knowledge of foriegn matters. A spy, these individuals are especially talented in the art of espionage and keeping secrets, and deception must come naturally and easily to them. Their methods may vary from individual to individual, from working from the shadows or in plain sight, but, regardless of this, their identity and affiliation to Salsola should not be known. While these individuals may not necessarily have an affinity for the Shield, they often work closely with and report to the Emissary of their findings, and are otherwise highly valued for their intel.

  • Spend at least two weeks away from Salsola, gathering information about other packs and discuss, report, or notate your findings. This can be a lot of information relevant to one particular pack/loner band, or a briefer report on all the packs/loner bands, or a similar alternative of your choosing.
  • Thread with a member of a foreign pack or loner band. Gain information about their group WITHOUT revealing that your character is a member of Salsola.
  • Receive a task from a fellow Salsolan where you must spy on another individual or group. Discuss the target(s), how/where to find them, and what information they want you to report back with. Alternatively; report back with your findings from a recent mission, outing, or otherwise.

Istruttore/Istruttrice (Combat Instructor)Lit. “Instructor” (Italian)

While there may be many combatants within the Kingdom, not all can or are willing to take on students, thus leaving many to turn to an Istruttore for guidance in growing and honing one’s talents in fighting. These individuals are skilled in combat, though, their range in style, preference, and expertise may vary from instructor to instructor. As this is a teaching role, not all who hold this title may be active combatants; some may be retired due to a debilitating injury, others, due to age — even with limitations, however, Instruttores are prized for their experience in fighting and making Salsola’s soldiers better than their enemies’. Instruttores are expected to host lessons/drills, though they may also work as a private teacher as well. Some may even have a class of students if they are capable enough. Because these individuals are teachers of combat, they are often heavily aligned with the Shield Faction, and work regularly with its members, if not have previously been a member of the Shield Elite themselves.

  • Host a lesson or teach a fellow Salsolan how to fight and/or defend themselves. Alternatively, check the progress of one of your students.
  • Watch or supervise a practice/drill, spar, or fight, and either give advice or quietly notate your observations. If the fight is between a Salsolan and an Outsider, step in and help your packmate if needed — you want them to gain experience, but not at the cost of major injury or death!
  • Accept or deny a potential student. Discuss what they (or their parent, guardian, or Sponsor) want, as well as your advice, expectations, and/or training regiment. If you deny them, perhaps explain your reasonings (or don’t, and keep your opinions to yourself to save face ;O).

Milite (Warrior) Lit. “Soldier” (Italian)

Milites are the combatants of Salsola, and are entrusted with protecting the Kingdom, the Crown, its people, and its assets. Individuals with an uneven temperament (e.g., the insane) are not considered for this Job, as Salsola's warriors are not meant to mindlessly or recklessly provoke attacks. From hand-to-hand, to blades, to polearms, to bludgeoning weapons, to projectiles, the range of expertise, style, and preference differs from fighter to fighter. Highly skilled in combat, they are regularly deployed to act as guards for events, for trade or diplomacy caravans, or for other Salsolan parties or individuals traveling beyond the Kingdom. Milites may find themselves working alongside a number of different Salsolans, particularly those within the Shield Faction. With the job’s diversity and availability to have different weapon users, skills in a variety of combat, and guardian-type roles, the Paladin may find the most use of them. During times of conflict, Milites often play an active role on the front lines.

  • Spar, train, or otherwise engage another in combat. If during a time of conflict, engage in a fight with the enemy! Alternatively, do some maintenance — polish, sharpen, oil, etc. — on your weapon, or, enact preventative measures to keep from hurting yourself if the weapon is you.
  • Defend a fellow Salsola member from an attack. Alternatively, perform a patrol which results in a conflict with an Outsider.
  • Act as a guard at an event or while accompanying a Salsolan or Salsolan party beyond the pack’s borders. Be vigilant and aware of your surroundings. If traveling, make sure you and your fellow Salsolan(s) are safe and don’t make yourselves an easy target while on the move or when setting up camp somewhere.

Selvaggio/a (Feral Combatant)Lit. “Feral” (Italian)

Sophisticated as Salsola’s society may be, not all that fight may do so with their fists or with a weapon in hand. Those that hold the title of Selvaggio are skilled in the usage of their Lupus and/or Secui forms. They are fighters that use their own teeth, claws, and bodies to attack or stall a threat, or to intimidate another. As a fighter utilizing one of these primal forms, they are often quite agile, and can quickly gain ground on any Luperci fleeing on their own two feet in Optime. What these combatants lack in hands, they more than make up for in their abilities to track scents closer to the ground, cover more terrain more quickly, and remain fleet-footed overall. Some may even don specialized armor to protect them from bladed weaponry and/or other threats such as bears, cougars, or boars. They may often work heavily around Milites, Cecchinos, and Vedettos.

  • Using Lupus/Secui, fight off an enemy or threat, and/or, give chase and tackle them to the ground.
  • You find yourself in an altercation with an Outsider or other threat. Using only Lupus/Secui, display dominant and threatening behavior to intimidate them or otherwise force them to back down/go away. Bonus if you’re protecting a fellow Salsolan! Alternatively, get yourself fitted in some custom armor that protects your body and/or your throat.
  • Have a thread where your usage of Lupus/Secui is of benefit in a mission-type setting; such as tracking down a tricky target, being stealthier during a scouting operation, being able to access places your comrades can’t while they’re in Optime, etc.

Vedetto/a (Scout)Lit. “Lookout” (Italian)

The Vedettos are the pack’s scouts. They are talented trackers, and are renowned for their abilities to find someone or something even after the trail may have run cold. They have some of the sharpest eyes, ears, and noses in Salsola, and are typically very good at reading their environment and stealthy making their way through it. These individuals make up the bulk of Salsola’s patrolling units, and are quick to neutralize threats along the border and intercept any would-be trespassers. They often work in close conjunction with Milites, Collettores, and Cartografos. Vedettos can also be tasked further afield, however, performing reconnaissance work for the Shield or during times of conflict, securing safe routes of travel for Salsolan merchants or caravans, or with aiding Informatores and Assassinos with gathering intel for missions abroad. Vedettos typically report to the Striker.

  • Perform a reconnaissance mission beyond the pack’s borders — scout out a new possible trade route, patrol ahead of your group, locate an enemy, etc. Report your findings.
  • While on a patrol, encounter a trespasser — make them leave or otherwise remove the threat. Alternatively, find something (or someone) caught in one of the border traps, and deal with this appropriately.
  • Using your skills in tracking, find the source of a set of tracks, piece of evidence, sound, or scent trail that should have otherwise been difficult to trace back to its source (because of time, elements, weather, etc.). Or, stealthily follow someone/thing without being caught (and, if you are, successfully escape!).

Depository Jobs

Artesano/a (Craftsman / Artisan)

The all-encompassing title of the Artesano refers to skilled craftsmen and artisans who bring their specialized knowledge in creating and working with unique materials to supplement the citizens of Salsola. These individuals have a passion for their craft, be it something more broad and limited to a particular material or something highly specialized to a specific item.

» Your character's specialization will appear in brackets beside their Job title, i.e “Artesano (horse tack)”. If you are not certain if a specialty is suitable, please simply PM us to check!

» Examples: Armorsmith, Basket Weaver, Blacksmith, Carpenter, Leathersmith, Jeweler, Metalsmith, Papercrafter, Potter, Saddle maker, Weaponsmith

» Please note: Artesanos should be specialized in one Material / Item Type only - for example, Wolf is a specialist at crafting items from wood, and he may make a number of items from wood, but he cannot also be a specialist in iron or rope-made items. Coyote is a specialist at making tack for horses - she can make horse tack from multiple materials, but cannot also be a specialist in making weaponry or woodworking. This crafting skill is of such quality that your character simply does not have time to realistically specialize in more than one thing.

  • Develop your skills by practicing! Your character should realistically have multiple threads in which they are working at/practicing/perfecting their craft. If your character does not spend a reasonable portion of their time devoting themselves to this skill, then it is likely NOT worthy of this Job!
  • Create a custom-made item for a fellow Salsolan - This can be either as a request or as a gift. The item should be from your specific Item Type or Material specialty.
  • Trade a crafted item with an Outsider to reap those $$$ benefits. Bonus points if the Outsider is from another pack or Loner Band, and not just an unaffiliated Loner or NPC!

Birraio/a (Brewer)

The Birrario is an individual that crafts tasty beverages, be it teas, ales, wines, punches, moonshines, etc. If it's a liquid that is consumed, the Birrario is there to craft, mix, and serve. They are more than just a fancy barkeep, however. These individuals make it their business to create beverages that can be bottled, stored, and traded, after all, there are many Luperci beyond the Kingdom that would pay highly for a good bottle of drink. Of course, these Outsider-trades may not be as delicious or as strong as one that might be found at a Salsolan table or event. In a society that markets itself as sophisticated, Birrarios can be a well sought after individual, particularly so for large events like a Last Supper. They often work closely with the Cocineros for these, making sure their drinks pair up nicely with the provided food and vice versa.

  • Make a unique drink of your own! Blend herbs for tea or find the perfect mix of fruit, cereal, or other ingredients to create a fermented drink.
  • What good is making all this if there's no one else to enjoy the fruits of your labor? Have a thread where another Salsoan samples your creation. Your character should be able to explain what their brew is, though they needn't share all their trade secrets.
  • Trade your unique beverage with an Outsider. If it’s alcohol, you might secretly give them a watered down version, of course ;) When you’re drunk, who can tell the difference anyways?

Boticario/a (Apothecary)

The Boticario’s purpose is to maintain and create medicinal and recreational supplies. Typically, these individuals are well-versed and knowledgeable with plants and herbs, and are expected to be able to craft something useful from these raw materials. Medicinal items might include crafting bone needles, balms and ointments, teas or other cure mixtures/powders/drinks, or sterilizing alcohols for wound cleansing. Recreational items might include crafting cigarettes or consumables for psychedelic, spiritual, calming/stress-relieving, or sleep purposes to name a few. Their work may run in a similar vein as a Curandero (and they may even work closely with or be one themselves!), however, the Boticario does not necessarily have to have knowledge in first aid, unlike the Curandero. Regardless, they must know their materials and how to create an end product that can be used by another Luperci. Aside from Curanderos, Boticarios might also work alongside or provide products for the Segno.

  • Add some medicinal supplies to Clinic — remember that the Boticario is a crafter, so the item cannot be just raw materials! Acceptable examples include crafted bone needles, or jars of saltwater or alcohol for wound cleansing.
  • Craft a healthful (ex. pain-relieving tea mix or burn salve) or recreational (ex. consumable for psychedelic purposes or cigarette) good for the use of any Salsolan; alternatively, create something to-order.
  • Trade for ingredients or finished medicinal/recreational goods that you can either later craft into a medicinal/recreational item or can add immediately to the Clinic or Storage’s supplies.

Cartografo/a (Cartographer)

The Cartografo is an individual skilled in translating their understanding of local terrain and topography into a visual aid, AKA a map. They should have a natural sense of direction and physical orientation in relation to their placement in the environment around them. They are expected to have an excellent, steady hand, and be artistic enough to make clean, easily readable, and understandable maps at a glance. They may rely heavily on merchants and papercrafters for their materials, or work closely with scouts and falconers (if not be one themselves) when creating new maps. Their maps and skills are typically well-sought after by the Shield, Ranger, and Merchant Factions alike for things such as missions or military movements, environmental or herd changes, or notating safe or secretive trade routes.

  • It’s hard to make a map of something if you haven’t seen it firsthand! Go out into the field and make your notes (be they written or crudely drawn) for when you return home to finalize them onto your map!
  • Using your knowledge and lay of the land (or, with the help of someone more knowledgeable than you), create a new map. Alternatively, update or redo an old one! Maps can notate terrain, elevation, mark safe trade routes, etc.
  • Receive a commission for the creation of a new map. Alternatively, go through your current maps and discuss which would be the best suited for what the individual is looking to use or reference it for.

Cazador (Hunter)

While there are many hunters within the Kingdom, the Cazador in particular is finely tuned to this trade, and is highly regarded for their skills in hunting down land game. Cazadors may use a variety of different methods for hunting; their Lupus or Secui forms, weaponry (such as a bow), or utilize snares and traps. Some Cazadors may be exclusive to a certain style, where others are more versatile and change things up depending on their quarry. The Cazador is primarily tasked with providing food for the pack, being knowledgeable about wild game activity, and for noting herd movements within or around Salsola. It is not uncommon for Salsolans to seek out a Cazador for tracking down other animals too, ranging from personal reasons (for the creature’s pelt or due to a pest problem) to those that are threats (such as bobcats, bears, and cougars). Cazadors are often the main provider of meat for events such as Last Suppers, and may defer and/or report to the Jagermeister.

  • Capture a wild animal and bring it back alive to be butchered fresh later. Alternatively, field dress the animal that you have caught and butcher it and prepare it so that it may be shared with other members of the pack.
  • Notate wild animal movements and populations within the Kingdom — this can be anything as simple as herds of deer for food or foxes for fur traders, to something as concerning as a roaming cougar in the area.
  • Using your preferred hunting method, go on a hunt (or check your snares/traps) with another Salsolan and explain your process to them — how/where to find your quarry, how to decide which to kill (if it’s a herd animal), and how to effectively hunt your prey down and kill it.

Conserje (Maintainer)Lit. “Concierge” (Spanish)

As a pack that prides itself on its wealth, the Conserje has the momentous task of overseeing the bulk of Salsola’s inventory and stores. They are primarily tasked with the maintenance of Saslola’s communal Storage. However, they also be seen less frequently around the Clinic, Stables, War Room, and even the emergency stores at Isle Huate. Though they may not be directly involved with the usage of the items at these other areas, if it is a place that carries communal goods, the Conserje is sure to stick their nose in it and make sure that these areas have all the items its regular users or frequent visitors might need. As a result, they come in frequent contact with individuals like Mandrianos, Curanderos, Milites, etc. as they keep a running roster of items those individuals might require to perform their work. The Conserje often works quite closely with Mercantes, and may aid or report to the Steward.

  • Inspect the supplies at one of Salsola’s stores, and notate shortages to the best of your ability. Bonus points if the thread includes an individual that directly works in one of these areas and can help you with your list.
  • Trade for supplies or items that the pack is in need of.
  • Add to the inventory of one of Salsola’s stores. The addition should be an entirely new item or be a moderate to significant amount to a current supply item.

Falconiere (Bird Handler)Lit. “Falconer” (Italian)

The Falconiere is highly skilled in working with birds, be they raptors or otherwise. Their work can range widely depending on their interest; from hunting, to reconnaissance, to messenger-types. Regardless, they have a strong bond with their bird companion(s), understanding of their care and needs, and training them for their chosen tasks(s). Some Falconieres may seek to differentiate their bird(s) from others through the use of a jess, band, or ribbon; others may prefer subtly. Pending their role of expertise, the Falconiere may work closely with the Shield or Ranger Factions, and may be of use to Cartografos. Those with birds specializing in delivering messages (be they written or verbal) may find themselves useful to a wide variety of Salsolans.

  • Work with your bird in their chosen task, practice what they know, or teach them something new. Make sure they understand your commands, be they words, sounds, or gestures.
  • If your bird does not trust or respect you, it will not obey you! Bond with your bird; feed them their favorite foods, build a specialized roost for them, show them affection, etc. Alternatively, correct unwanted behavior.
  • Not all Luperci understand the benefit of a specially trained bird companion. Educate them! Have them interact with your companion, teach them about your chosen companion, how you work with your bird, and/or explain the importance of the task you have taught your bird.

Ladro/a (Thief)

Where the Mercante may obtain goods through more or less legitimate means, the Ladro, decidedly, does not. These individuals are known for their sticky fingers, and have obtained their title because they are skilled in the art of getting away with the items that they pilfer. They may use a variety of methods to lift their goods, be it through stealth, sleight of hand, or other deceptive measures. A few might even be skillful at picking locks or other security measures. Ladros walk amongst the shadier side of the Kingdom’s dark reputation, and should do well to not become too greedy and risk causing an incident that could come back to harm the pack. It is in their best interest to not turn their thieving skills onto a fellow packmate either. Their spoils should generally be for the good of the community rather than selfishly kept entirely to themselves. These individuals may work closely with those of the Merchant Faction who are skilled enough in fencing their stolen goods.

  • Successfully steal something from another Luperci. This can be done maliciously, “it’s just business / what I do,” or in good fun/playfully!
  • Practice your thieving or lockpicking skills, or, show a fellow Salsolan how it’s done! Alternatively, donate an item that you’ve stolen to the communal storage.
  • Uh oh! You’ve been caught red-handed! How do you get your way out of this one? Alternatively, fence or have someone else fence an item that you’ve stolen.

Macellaio/a (Butcher)

If it at all deals with meat, the Macellaio is the one to call. Butchers, they are skilled with a blade and making precise cuts, and some may even have the uncanny ability to weigh out portions with nothing more than their eyes. They usually have a good idea on how to cook various parts of an animal, and can even be asked for advice on the best cuts of meat. In a higher-class society, they are a particular boon for the lazy and unskilled. Many Salsolans may utilize their services, taking what they want of their own kills and leaving the Macellaio to have the rest or to donate the unwanted portions back to the community. These individuals often work hand-in-hand with Cocineros, Cazadors, and Pescadors, and are heavily utilized for communal events, such as Last Suppers.

  • A fellow Salsolan has brought you a fresh kill that they want butchered. Discuss the job (eg. if they only want a certain part of the animal, want it cut a certain way, etc.), your payment, and what to do with any excess organs, meat, bones, etc. Alternatively, teach another how to gut/skin/butcher an animal.
  • Cook, smoke, or salt some meat! Alternatively, deal with some meat that has gone bad.
  • Work with a Cocinero, Cazador, Pescador, or Scenografo in preparations for an upcoming event. Alternatively, help choose a good candidate for slaughter (be it from the communal livestock or a wild herd/flock) and explain your reasons.

Mandriano/a (Shepherd)Lit. “Herdsman” (Italian)

Livestock are essential to helping support a growing society, and it is the Mandriano that is charged with their responsibility. As such, they are a frequent face around the Marrgerd Stable. Aside from the unavoidable, less glamorous duties of the job (eg. cleaning pens and paddocks, providing food and water, etc.), the Mandriano sees to the general and overall care of livestock, and may even act as a livestock-specific version of a Curandero. They collect eggs, milk, and wool, and perform routine checkups and maintenance on the animals too. Mandrianos may be more knowledgeable (or prefer) certain livestock over others, but they should have a basic knowledge of the rest of them as well. Additionally, some Mandrianos may also be talented in making of materials originating from Salsola's livestock (eg. butter, cheese). The Mandriano’s work may be overseen by the Shepherd, and their expertise on which animals to cull or provide for events or Coven activities may be regularly called upon.

  • Harvest animal products from Salsola's communal livestock (eg. collect eggs from chickens, shear sheep/goats, milk goats and cattle, etc.). Alternatively, create or refine animal products into valuable goods (eg. wash and comb fleece, curdle milk into cheese).
  • Tend to the care of one of Salsola’s livestock animals — Clean their pens or their drinking/food containers. Give them fresh food or water. Provide them with fresh bedding (hay) in the barn. Give them a wash if they’re dirty or a little TLC if they’re looking a little rough. Trim overgrown hooves/nails, cut knotted hairs, or remove broken feathers. Sand down tusks or problematic horn growths. Create or provide environmental enrichment.
  • Oh no! That critter needs help / We got a runner! Help a livestock animal out of an unfortunate situation, or, chase down and recapture an escapee. If there is an event or Coven activity going on, suggest a livestock animal fitting to be culled from the pack’s communal stock.

Mercante (Merchant)

Mercantes perform a particularly important role when it comes to foreign relations, as they exist specifically to craft trade relations with foreign entities. They should be persuasive in speech and cool-headed; additionally, the ability to capitalize on opportunities (especially at the expense of foreign traders) is a must. They are often quite knowledgeable in the merchants, vendors, and traders in the surrounding areas (some even beyond!), and may specialize in a particular market of trade themselves. When making or negotiating trades, individuals must decide early on whether they are to keep their affiliations to Salsola a secret or to be a known merchant for the Kingdom, for, once their affiliation is outed, they often cannot return to anonymity. Skilled and especially knowledgeable Mercante can become a valuable resource for all Salsolans! It is not uncommon for a more public Mercante to be a regular face in the Marketplace and dealing with visiting vendors.

  • Trade for an item, plant, or livestock animal to be added to Salsola's various provisions.
  • Accept a task from a fellow Salsolan in search of a particular good or trade. Discuss what they’re looking for, make a trade on their behalf, or use your knowledge of the market beyond Salsola to get them in touch with an individual to trade with (bonus points if you act as an advisor or negotiator during the transaction!).
  • You’re faced with a difficult, unreasonable, or otherwise stubborn vendor/trader that has something you need or want. Do you turn up the charm? Talk them in circles? Use logic to make them agreeable? Or do you, perhaps, resort to other methods of persuasion to make them accept your barter? (Note: you do not have to be successful!)

Mietitore (Agriculturist)Lit. “Harvester, reaper” (Italian)

The Mietitores are the pack’s agriculturalist, and are proficient in the cultivation, care, and use of plants and other vegetation. Primarily, they are in charge of the Garden and its products; additionally, they must also monitor the mushroom supplies on Isle Haute. Their scope of care is for plants in general, not just medicinal ones — recreational, poisonous, and food types are also amongst their concerns. The Mietitore should be an individual who is unafraid to get their hands dirty, and should be knowledgeable in how to keep the pack’s flora happy, healthy, and thriving. Aside from plants that can be harvested, the Mietitore’s natural green thumb can be of use for taking care other vegetation as well, and they be seen or tasked to help beautify the The Ruins, Millstone Village, and/or Amherst areas.

  • Tend to the Garden — water/trim/prune the plants, till the soil, ensure critter or pest damage is minimalized, etc. Even in winter, mulch can be laid down, plants can be covered with burlap, and other maintenance can be performed.
  • Harvest vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, grains, or herbs and add them to the Storage, Stables, or Clinic accordingly. If this happens during a pack event, supply food items to the Cocinero or otherwise tidily collect the food stuffs in a basket or container to be served in. Beautifying overgrown or dead vegetation in other public areas would be an acceptable substitute.
  • Trade for new seeds to be planted in the Garden or transplant a mature plant from elsewhere. Alternatively, tell someone about and/or write out a detailed summary on a particular plant — how to find it/its natural habitat, how to care for it, if it’s for food/medicine/poison/recreation purposes, what parts are used, etc.

Nostromo/a (Shipwright)Lit. “Boatswain” (Italian)

The Nostromo is skilled in the creation and maintenance of water-faring vessels. They know the best woods for their craft, the most prized oils and lubricants to seal and maintain boats with, and seek the best water-faring materials to use for their vessels. They should know how to operate the boats they craft, though, they may not necessarily be good sailors. These individuals may specialize in certain boat types over another depending what body of water they are most familiar with. The Nostromo may find themselves working closely with fisherfolk, and interacting regularly with those looking for an alternate route of travel by water. Crafters themselves, the Nostromo may also find a valuable business partner within a Creatore or an Artesano.

  • Work on creating or repairing a boat of your preference! Draw up schematics of the final product, pick out materials to use in your build, actively work on a current project, or, work on a boat in current need of repair or maintenance.
  • Test out your finished build, prototype, or recent repair project. Sink or swim, better it be in a test than when someone actually needs it!
  • Discuss with a Mercante, Creatore, or Artesano about materials, structures, or items you need or want to commission for for the vessel you are building or repairing. Alternatively, speak with a Pescador about what they would like to see in a ship, be it changes to a current one or in a new build.

Pescador (Fisherman)

There are those who fish, and there are those who are skilled or knowledgeable enough to make a profession out of it, and it is the latter that may proclaim the title of Pescador. These individuals are specifically gifted in hunting where the oceans, rivers, and lakes are concerned, though, regardless of their water preference, they should be accomplished fishermen. The Pescador must have intimate knowledge of Salsola's various waterways and the fishes and other aquatic life to be found within them. They may use a variety of different methods — line fishing, spearfishing, traps, cages, nets, structures (weirs), and more. Some may be proficient in creating the tools of their trade, others, may find it easier to constantly barter for their needs. Because of their water-bound quarry, Pescadors may also have some talent as sailors and/or be strong swimmers. Pescadors may help provide a hefty sum of meat or shellfish for events such as Last Suppers.

  • Fish in one of Salsola's many waterways or take a boat out onto the Loch. Remember, different techniques are more successful for different fish in different areas! Maybe you're successful, maybe you're not!
  • Gut and clean your catch(es). Alternatively, prepare your fish so that it can last while in storage (eg. smoking, salting it, etc.).
  • Prepare for fishing — Catch or prepare bait. Craft cages, nets, spears, or hooks. Prepare your version of fishing line. Set up your traps, etc.

Spazzino/a (Scavenger)

In a world abandoned by Those that came Before, and with Luperci constantly coming and going from place to place, there are many strange and rare items that become lost or long forgotten. Some of it may be junk, but to specialized individuals such as the Spazzino, these relics are treasures yet to be discovered. The Spazzino is someone who searches for such things. From scraps of metal, to artifacts, to random trinkets and baubles, to forgotten goods, if it’s something that can be salvaged in some way, they collect it! These individuals often have an adventurous heart, and some may have almost a sixth sense for discovering lost or hidden items. Their explorations may lead to places previously undiscovered or long forgotten, and, as such, they may often find companionship with a Cartografo or Vedetto, and may hold a business-like relationship with craftsmen or Mercantes.

  • You come across a place that looks like a decent place to do some scavenging. See what you can find! Perhaps you’re lucky, or, maybe you’re not, and all you find are the remains of something someone has already picked through.
  • While out scavenging, you suddenly get a very bad vibe. Do you listen to your senses? Or do you discover what they were trying to warn you of?
  • You’ve brought your treasures back with you! What do you do with them? Add them to a collection? Give them to someone? Try to trade them off? Get an appraisal?

Vaquero/a (Horse Handler)Lit. “Cowboy” (Spanish)

The Vaquero’s focus is horse husbandry, and often work closely with the Equinest, assisting in the maintenance of horses within both Salsolan Stables, evolving the Pauson horse, and assisting members with their personal mounts. They are expected to be skilled horsemen and experts; having a deep understanding of how to raise horses, how to train them, and their general care. They are also knowledgeable in breaking green horses, capturing wild ones, and may be sought after for their insight on the best breeding. In addition to upkeep with the horses in Salsola’s Stables, the Vaquero is additionally responsible for keeping up-to-date information on the Bay Horses. With their shared interest in horses, Vaqueros may often find themselves working side-by-side with the combative Cavalleria, if not being one themselves.

  • Work with a horse (communal or personal) — work on training, break one of bad behaviors, teach the horse manners or something new, or simply work/practice with their desired task (riding, combat, ceremony, labor, etc.)
  • Perform maintenance on a horse — tend to an injury, brush them, wash them, tend to their feet, do a health check, etc. Alternatively; clean out a horse’s stall in Marrgerd or Grimrun, clean or fix their gear, or fit a horse with new tack.
  • Teach a fellow Salsolan how to ride a horse or simply more about them. Alternatively, observe the Bay Horses and note any changes or concerns.

Fluid Jobs

Chiromante (Fortune Teller) (Sabriel Kali)

(Domestic) Soothsayers, cartomancers, oracles, sibyls, prophets, whatever their common name, the Chiromante delves in the practice of fortune telling. Spiritual beings, the Chiromante reads fortunes for those within Salsola, foretelling their future and predicting information about their past (or past lives). They may be consulted for spiritual advice and predictions regarding a specific problem in a Salsolan’s life, or, Salsolans may consult with the Chiromante regarding broader problems, as well as the Chiromante’s prediction of public reactions and consequences. Dependent on the individual, they may channel their skills through palm readings, tarot cards, dream interpretations, bone readings, runes, etc. The art lies solely in the belief of the one who’s fortune is being read, and the ability for the Chiromante to accurately predict events or consequences, read the individual or situation, or sell their craft.

  • Read the fortune, delve into one’s past (life), or offer advice based on your readings for a fellow Salsolan.
  • Create a space within Salsola where your character can tell fortunes, and outfit it accordingly (eg. crystals, creepy things, etc.). Alternatively, create or obtain new materials if your current reading mediums are in need of replacement (eg. new cards, more crystals, etc.).
  • You’re faced with someone who is skeptical of your craft. How do you try to convince them to believe in your readings? Note: you do not need to be successful with convincing them!

Custode (Servant Overseer)Lit. “Keeper” or “Caretaker” (Italian) (VACANT)

(Domestic) The Custode is responsible for overseeing, training, and tending to the care and wellbeing of pack’s Servitori, be it of servants that hold a communal debt, or, hold a personal one to a ranked individual. They ensure that the servants, despite their lowly rank, have basic necessities, are in decent health, and are, more or less, treated fairly. While unable to impede on personal matters between debt-holder and servant, the Custode can make recommendations and offer constructive criticisms where needed to foster a stable relationship between the two. Debt-holders may often send their servant to the Custode for checkups, training, or task-work. This is especially so during times of community events (eg. Last Supper) where additional hands are often needed; the Custode is the one to take charge and make sure servants understand and are best suited for the tasks they are given. As a whole, the Custode is expected to have a certain level of kindness and compassion in their work, as they are not intended to be cruel or abusive to the servants they look after.

» Trivia: In historical times, the Signorino (Job) and Overseer (Faction Elite) held a similar task, however, it was in tending to the pack’s slaves.

  • Assist a servant with a task they are working on, or, train a servant to perform a certain task. If this is during a Last Supper or another Salsolan event, guide them on tasks to be completed or other preparatory work for the event.
  • Check on the mental and physical wellbeing of a servant. They're Luperci too, you know!
  • Convince the Mafiosi or a Debt-holder to let a servant have a day off, or, to receive a lesser punishment/chore. Alternatively, offer advice to someone on how to better treat or interact with a servant.

Incendiario/a (Fire Specialist)Lit. “Arsonist” (Italian) (Arius de le Ulrich)

(Depository) In the Luperci world, fire is a powerful, versatile resource. It can be used as a tool or as a weapon, to create or to destroy. The Incendiario is an individual who has made it their specialty in understanding everything there is to know about this beneficial but dangerous element. They are knowledgeable in various types of accelerants, dampeners, additives, and kindling, both for domestic use and for warfare, as well as how well or poor certain materials burn or react when lit aflame. The Incendiario is as much of a fire enthusiast as they are a detective. Additional duties may include creating firewood and fire-starting kits for households or for those traveling abroad, as well as being called upon to help with putting out fires. Even those of the Sanctus Faction might find use of the Incendiario for ceremonial reasons.

  • Restock fuel! A good fuel can keep a fire going for a while but, naturally, it will eventually need more. Gather materials that can be shared around to keep hearths and campfires going. Locate the best trees for firewood, or, cut up and dry out already chopped down trees. Collect other plant materials that can fuel a flame or check around for waste products such as animal waste materials or unwanted cloth.
  • Experiment with flames! Although fire can be dangerous, like any tool in the right hands it can do many things. Test out different materials in fires to see how they burn - check for how much smoke and heat is produced and consider what kind of purpose these different fires can be used for. Understand the dangers and test out various ways to control or otherwise extinguish a blaze, sharing this knowledge with others for their own safety.
  • The use doesn't end when the fire goes out — discover the many uses of wood ash, from fertilizers to making lye. Figure out other methods of burning wood in containers to create oils or pitch, and then find a good use for such materials.

Libro Guardiano/a (Librarian) (Idrieus Eternity)

(Depository) Knowledge is power, and, in Salsola, it is highly valued. The Libro Guardiano maintains the largest collection of written materials in the pack, of which, they are expected to maintain and upkeep. Books, scrolls, tomes, records and logs; their collection covers more than just pack history however — novels, recipes, instrumental/song pieces, instruction manuals, ancient texts/relics, and sometimes even maps can be found amongst the treasure trove of materials that they have control over. The Libro Guardiano is required to be efficient in reading and writing, and, aside from just maintaining written materials, they are also charged with obtaining new knowledge and entertainment ones, repairing damaged materials, and even making copies of popular or important texts. The Libro Guardiano may work regularly with a Historiador (sometimes even the Archivist!) and may entertain regular visits by Cartografos looking to donate new map materials for public use.

  • Obtain new written material(s) to add to either your personal collection or to the pack’s public one. This can be done through trade, scavenging, or making it yourself.
  • Using your knowledge of Salsola’s records, books, scrolls, logs, and tomes, help a fellow Salsolan find what they are looking for — a novel, information about something within the pack, a recipe, instrumental or song pieces, instruction manual, an ancient text, etc. If the writing material is loaned out, be sure to discuss when it should be returned, as well as who the material was checked out to!
  • Clean up the pack’s collection by making sure materials are properly organized, dusting, or pulling materials that need to be repaired (eg. water or pest damage, age or natural wear, etc.). Alternatively, repair damaged texts or create a copy of a current one.

Profumiere (Perfumer) (Deirdra de le Ulrich)

(Domestic) In a pack where its members often rely on anonymity beyond its borders, the Profumiere can be a well-sought after individual to mask one’s scent. They exist within Salsola to provide a means of perfuming oneself, either for aesthetic reasoning or reasons of disguise. The Profumiere is proficient in the creation of perfumes, scented oils, balms, and scent-infused items. They typically use bark, wood, roots, leaves, flowers, herbs, spices, and seeds to accomplish this art. And, while their creations can be as simple as a potpourri, the Profumiere should be skilled enough to craft these scents into something more complex, and should keep stock of a variety of differing scents for pack use. Their talents may also be accompanied by plant cultivation skills, as certain scented plants may not be readily available within Salsola's pre-existing garden or plant stock.

» Note: All perfumes and scented oils must be realistically craftable by Luperci means.

  • Grow your own scented flowers/plants, harvest materials, or otherwise trade for some to be used in your work.
  • Using scented plant materials, create a scented oil, perfume, balm, or scent-infused item.
  • Complete a commission, trade, or gift a scented product that you have made. Alternatively, obtain completed oils or perfumes that you don’t have via trade with an Outsider.

Scenografo/a (Event Planner)Lit. “Scenographer” (Italian) (Oleander Bonnemort)

(Domestic) Big, small, or private, where there is an event to be held, the Scenografo is often called upon for their skills in ensuring that everything is done to — if not exceeding — perfection. They help make sure decorations are just right, that there is enough food for all of the event’s attendees, that the right music and ambiance are set, that the itinerary schedule flows seamlessly and is followed, etc.. They plan it all! They are often detail-oriented, and are often well-organized (some, more so than others though), and may often even play a vital role in communal events. As someone who aides and directs event setups, they may often work alongside the Custode and those of the Servitori. Though they may pull talent, goods, and expertise from many Factions, they may find themselves heavily interested in the Lore Faction due to their work often being related to Salsolan customs and traditions.

  • Create or gather items needed for an upcoming event, or, be proactive and be prepared for a future one! Alternatively, oversee or inspect the trade of such items — maybe they’re not up to par with what you (or your client) wanted/envisioned!
  • Oh no! This certainly will not do! Have a thread where you correct/fix a mistake, miscommunication, or something else that has gone wrong either during setup or the event itself! Don’t let your hard work (or your reputation!) be ruined!
  • Help with event setup — decorate, oversee and delegate tasks, etc. — or, with cleaning up afterwards! Alternatively, talk about your ideas for an event with another Salsolan; bonus if it’s a client for a small or private event!

Veleno/a (Poisoner) Lit. “Poison” (Italian) (Eris Prizmov)

(Defense) Sometimes viewed as an darker offshoot of a Curandero, the Veleno is specifically known for their expertise, knowledge, and creation of poisons. They have a strong understanding of poisonous plants, their symptoms, and how they affect Luperci. They know how to make the best use of the plant’s effects, and their talents can be used for a variety of different outcomes, be it for something as non-lethal as creating a topical burn, or for something more fatal, such as causing a heart attack. Their work does not always have to end in the death of another. As well, a Veleno may also be quite skilled in knowing how to cure the effects of poisonous plants as well. The Veleno may work side-by-side with Curanderos and Boticarios, and their talents are typically used by the Shield Faction.

  • Craft a poison, or, gather or trade for poisonous plants.
  • Poison an Outsider or enemy of Salsola. Do you hide it within something (e.g. food, drink, salve), is it made into a coating (e.g. for weapons or on a high-traffic surface area), or some other method? Either way, make sure that this cannot be traced back to Salsola in any way. (Note: the poison does not need to end in the death of the victim)
  • Trial and error are how we learn! Experiment with a new poison on an enemy of Salsola, an Outsider, or a lesser animal. Did it work out as you’d planned? Or did you perhaps get the dosage wrong? What sort of side-effects did it cause? Alternatively, experiment with a new antidote after poisoning your victim to see if it is a viable cure. (Note: these do not have to be successful!)

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