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The Fort Preble Outpost at Portland, Maine, is an important off-board trade destination for Salsola.

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Salsolan Factions

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  1.   1.  The Five Factions
  2.   2.  Faction Pledges
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    2.   2.2  In-Game Activities
    3.   2.3  Faction Baubles
  3.   3.  Miscellaneous
The Sanctum The Shield The Rangers The Merchants The Lorekeepers

While the Thistle Kingdom is governed by its Mafiosi, they are aided by the Factions in maintaining the Salsolan way of life and the pack’s continued longevity. These are the pillars that hold the Kingdom up, and are divided into five distinctive sects; Sanctus, Shield, Ranger, Merchant, and Lore. Each Faction is led by a captain, or Sotto Capo, and their respective, specialized elites, or lieutenants. Beneath them are the Faction apprentices, Salsolans who are training to be — and are on the direct path to becoming — a new and future elite. However, while all Salsolans pledge their allegiance to the Thistle Crown, amongst the lesser Rings, there are those who may additionally pledge themselves to a Faction. Known as Pledges, these lower-ranking members are those who have formally aligned themselves to a particular Faction, and act as its minions generalized members in assisting and carrying out the Faction’s duties and functions.

Fun Fact!

While Sotto Capo titles have remained the same since Salsola’s founding, the Specialized Elite have seen quite a few changes over the years! In addition, in the beginning, there were also only four Factions; Sanctus, Shield, Ranger, and Merchant. The Lore Faction was released in Oct 2021, and the concept of pledging was released in Apr 2023.

1.  The Five Factions

Each of the five Factions of Salsola are charged with maintaining a different aspect essential to the pack’s way of life. These Factions are led by a Sotto Capo and their specialized elites, however, the duties and roles that these Factions carry out for the Kingdom can — and often are — upheld by various members of the pack as a whole. Whether officially aligned or not to a particular sect, Salsolans may find themselves naturally gravitating towards or having many common interests with one Faction or another. As well, despite having an affinity for a particular Faction, individuals within these groups can have a variety of skillsets, interests, or Jobs that may actually benefit multiple Factions or otherwise be of dual-purpose.

The Sanctum

The rumors are true – there are witches in Salsola. This powerful faction stands at the epicenter of all occult, religious, medical, or mysterious roles within Salsola. Elite members of the Sanctus Faction are said to be blessed with powerful talents, and, through hard work and dedication, cultivate these. Mystics, herbalists, and healers of body and mind often find themselves drawn to this mystical order, as might those that delve in, seemingly, darker interests and sciences. Members of the Coven tend to naturally align themselves within the Sanctum, though, not all members of the Sanctus sect affiliate with the Coven. As a whole, the faction’s regular duties include tending to Salsola's Garden (some may even be permitted to maintaining Salsola’s mushroom treasure trove, Isle Haute); using their skills to treat others and ensuring the pack’s physical, social, and psychological health; and overseeing sacred spaces like the Shrine and Stone Altar. The Clinic, which has long-served as Salsola's central health center, is another place where one might also find Sanctus members. In sum, this is a powerful collective, many of which are said to be capable of calling on otherworldly powers to aid them. That's certainly what they'll tell you, after all.

The Shield

Members of Salsola’s Shield are combatants of the pack who dedicate their lives to the defense of the Thistle Kingdom. Warriors, scouts, spies, and their ilk often find themselves amongst this collective. Tacticians, certain craftsmen and engineers, and those with skills suited to better aid their comrades on the battlefield may also find themselves welcomed and sought after. It is here that the most powerful and skillful fighters can be found, recognized for their strength, resourcefulness, and loyalty to the realm. Their regular duties include taking patrols around the pack borders; investigating, assessing, and eliminating any potential threats (in or outside of Salsola); and training those who seek to improve their own skills, be it a fellow fighter or someone merely wanting to know how to defend themselves. In times of danger, it is the Shield which ensures the safety of the pack – by any means necessary. This Faction often works alongside the Merchant and Ranger Factions, helping to ensure the safety of those who travel beyond the borders. The War Room, both a meeting place and a trophy hall, is often used by Shield Members, and many members may also find themselves picking up shifts at the Queensgate Garrison.

The Rangers

Water and land have always been intertwined in Salsola, and this holds true in the Ranger Faction as well. Here, the natural resourcefulness within Salsola's members truly shines. The elite Rangers of Salsola are a hardy collective, each holding a unique mastery within their fields, and are valued for their dedication in keeping the Kingdom physically healthy and comfortably thriving, be it its members, its animals, or its territory. Ranchers, sailors, hunters, gardeners, and herbalists known for their knowledge and experience may become acknowledged as Rangers. These individuals recognize the unshakable will of the great wild, and all plants and beasts therein, and how to peacefully cohabitate with them. Their regular duties include the acquisition of provisions (such as game, fish, or livestock); caring, breeding, and training of domestic animals; the oversight of wild herds and populations; as well as the maintenance of roadways/trails, forests, fields, gardens, and waterways. The Kingdom’s fabled beauty and bountiful lands can often be attributed to their work. The Rangers often coordinate trade ventures alongside the Merchant Faction, if not regularly work alongside or do business with its members. Rangers typically roam throughout the territory as their duties are needed, but can often be found around the Stables, Docks, waterways, and many forests in the area.

The Merchants

The Merchant Faction serves as the thick veins of wealth and patriotism within Salsola’s elite. It is infamous for keeping its teeth on the pulse of economy, alliance, and trade within the local region and beyond. Skilled craftspeople, smooth talkers, diplomats, traders and merchants, and those who desire wealth and order may rise to hold positions among the Merchants. Of the Kingdom’s denizens, many outed Salsolans are amongst this Faction in particular due to their interactions with those of other packs, loner bands, loners, and communities otherwise beyond the realm. Revealing one’s allegiance to the Thistle Crown is not necessary to become one of the Merchants, however. Their regular duties include keeping up-to-date on the goings-on outside of the pack, creating and managing goods, and ensuring Salsola’s ever-growing collection of perceived wealth. This faction is often quite involved with all parts of the Thistle Kingdom’s elite, and works alongside just about everyone, Faction or not. Cultivating friends is an important part of doing business, after all. When not at the Marketplace, seeing to the pack’s Storage, or in their personal workshops, Merchants might travel far and wide looking for materials, deals, or treasures to return home with.

The Lorekeepers

The Lore Faction acts as the creative wit and cultural backbone of Salsola. It is a shining example of the talent that can emerge when nurtured, but also serves as a reminder that the things which make the Thistle Kingdom unique can only be achieved through the observation of strict cultural norms. It is the desire to guide others which truly drives the beat of the Lore Faction, even if its individual parts each do this in very different ways. Scholars, teachers, historians, entertainers, those invested in fine arts, and lawmen often find themselves drawn to this Faction. These individuals are part of what drives the rumors of the Kingdom’s sophisticated and civilized culture, and help curate the idea that Salsolans are cut from a higher quality material than Others. Their regular duties include educating the young, the newcomers and Associates, or the ignorant; entertaining the masses; and making certain that everyone follows the Law. Salsola’s Library is where many of these lessons take place, though the long arm of the Law may often wander. Often eclectic and sometimes eccentric, the Lore Faction seeks to guide the hearts and minds of Salsolans down the correct path.

2.  Faction Pledges

Faction Pledges are in-game oaths made by characters towards a Faction of their interest. Upon being pledged, these members are permitted to work and act under the Faction’s name, and may benefit from associations with it. Where the Faction Tiers are the Faction’s leaders and elite, Pledges are, essentially, the “body” that makes up the Faction. These Salsolans may have various skills or talents that are of benefit or particular aid to the Faction, or, may simply be interested in growing or obtaining such skillsets. While pledging allegiance to a Faction is not necessary to contribute to the Faction or Kingdom as a whole, doing so can help elevate one’s perceived status and worth, improve one’s notoriety, and create comradery amongst individuals with like-interests. Those with more ambitious pursuits may even use this as a stepping stone to rise into the faction’s elite membership later on.

  • Pledged members may be referred to by a variety of different names and ways: “[Faction Name] Pledge”, “[Faction Demonym]”, “[Character Name] of the [Faction Name]”, “[Faction Name] Oathgiver”, to name a few.
  • Some Faction members and Pledges may also choose to wear emblems (in the form of a patch, pin, broach, etc.) of their Faction on their person to signify their allegiance.

In general, these pledges can help ensure that characters are guided towards their intended future roles, while also providing fun options to help earn in-game recognition — as well as in-game boons and flavor content — for both themselves and their chosen Faction! Like Salsola’s Jobs, pledging is entirely optional, and intended to give players more immersive content to write with, allow them to feel more involved with the pack, and give fun ideas, plots, and/or goals to do and work towards between the Confidant and Inner Ring ranks, while also obtaining both IC and OOC perks along the way.

Note: Becoming a Faction Pledge does not affect one’s official rank. For example, a Faction-Pledged Tradesman has no more hierarchical power or status than a non-pledged Tradesman. Socially, however, characters are free to personally hold one or the other in higher regard. As well, Pledging is not meant to force players towards the Faction Tiers; your character can still pledge to a Faction without ever having intentions to move beyond the Inner Ring.

2.1  Pledging

  • Must be ranked Confidant or above.
    • Sotto Capo, Specialized Elites, and Faction Apprentices cannot pledge to a Faction. They can, however, still earn their Faction baubles! ;)
    • cNPCs are able to pledge to a Faction. If this interests you, please contact Leadership beforehand, however.
  • A character cannot be pledged to two different Factions at once.
    • Characters may change Factions so long as they follow proper procedures to be pledged to their new Faction. Regularly or frequently switching between multiple Factions, however, is not recommended.
  1. One (1) Pledge Challenge Thread — The character who will be making the pledge must complete a thread with a member of their intended Faction, or, have a thread directly related to that Faction’s roles. A pledge intending to join the Merchant Faction, for example, might conduct a trade in or outside of Salsola, provide new stock to the pack’s storage unit, or otherwise contribute towards the “wealth” of the Kingdom. Regardless, the thread should be about the Faction and/or how the character can/currently contributes to its function.
    • Thread Rules:
      • Completion means 1,200 WC made by the pledge-to-be member.
      • Read-Only and Self-Threads are not allowed for Pledge threads.
      • The pledging character is not permitted to use the same thread to qualify for both a Job Challenge and a Pledge thread. It must be one or the other.

  1. Oath — In-game, the character must make an “oath” to a current member of their intended Faction. This “oath” is not a specific, formal speech or set declaration — it is simply the act of putting themselves forward to request affiliation with the Faction Tier of their choosing, declaring their intent to aid and serve as required.
    • This process does not need to be actively played out via a thread, and can be OOCly assumed to have taken place instead — it is simply to explain how, in-game, it is known that your character wants to become a Faction Pledge.
      • Remember to always request permission from any other character(s)’ players before assuming a discussion has taken place with them.
    • If there is no active character in the Faction that you are seeking to pledge towards, you can instead make the assumption that the oath was directed toward one of the Mafiosi, who would accept it on behalf of the Faction. Contact Leadership if you are in this situation for further instructions.
  2. Criteria Submission — Once you’ve completed your thread, submit it using the provided form in our Maintenance Thread. Upon approval, your character will receive a unique notation on the Rank Portal to denote their formal affiliation to the Faction!
  • OOC Perks:
    • Reduced criteria requirements to become a Faction Apprentice — Pledged Arbiters and Henchmen will be required to only complete one (1) thread instead of the traditional two (2) required threads when they are invited to become Faction Apprentices.
    • Faction Baubles — Those that meet certain requirements have the opportunity to obtain their Faction’s icon for their related character’s forum profile! You could also unlock the related Anicomb as well! Wear that bling proudly!
  • IC Perks:
    • Specialty items — Exclusive bonuses may be earned by Pledges and Senior Faction members from their participation in Seasonal Challenges and/or Faction Events. While other characters may participate in these threads too, for simplicity, only Pledge and Faction members will be eligible to obtain the in-game rewards.
    • Call for Aid — Your character will be called upon to assist their pledged Faction should any thematically relevant pack plot or in-game opportunity arise!
      • Example: Merchant Pledges will be called upon to assist the management of the Thistle Market event.

2.2  In-Game Activities

Seasonal Faction Challenges

OOCly, Faction-related Thread Prompts will be updated by Leadership seasonally. ICly, every few months, specific goals will be passed down to each Faction from the Mafiosi. These will be related to the special functions each pillar performs, and come with a variety of rewards available upon completion. These challenges can be divided by members of the Faction however those within them see fit. Do note, however, only those who actively contribute towards completion will qualify for the rewards, and, for simplicity, only Faction members/Pledges may claim the Faction-specific rewards. You can think of these as side-quests/mini-plots for your character, or bonus monthly prompts with juicy prizes often up for grabs ;)

Click to see a seasonal challenge example!

Spring brings with it the arrival of new livestock, and for members of the Ranger Faction, this season is especially busy! Complete the following tasks:

  • Newborn lambs are especially vulnerable to sudden changes in the weather or hungry predators. Accompany Flint while he takes the herd out beyond Salsola’s borders to graze in Drifter Bay. While you do not need to encounter any danger, the possibility is always there.
  • Deer and other prey animals have begun giving birth, and these defenseless fawns can make for easy meals if you can find them. Just watch out for mom!
  • With the waters starting to warm, it’s time to hit the high seas! Join Bogdan and set sail on the Silver Wind and do some fishing. You might even take advantage of the re-opened Bay of Fundy and head out to the open waters beyond the inlet!
  • Our animal friends require a lot of extra food, but, now that spring is here, more opportunities to provide this arise. Team up with our Mietitores to begin preparing the Garden, or, travel outside of the pack’s territory to gather some feed for our livestock.

Completion of all of the challenges for your Faction will result in the delivery of special in-game rewards distributed to contributing members! These will vary each season, and often include uncommon or rare items to realistically expand upon your character’s inventory and wealth accumulation. Contributing members may choose a single item (bullet) from the provided lists of loot options, or, items may, alternatively, be assigned to specific characters by Leadership based on contribution to the overall challenge.

Click to see a seasonal challenge reward example!

The Ranger Faction has spent this spring working hard, and its contributions to the pack have been recognized! The following items are available for Senior Ranger members and Pledges to claim from the Mafiosi:

  • Mature livestock claim (sheep, goat, chicken, or rabbit)
  • Young livestock claim (lamb, goat kid, chicks, rabbit kits, ducklings, or piglets)
  • High quality leather
  • An uncommon pelt
  • A custom cloak or other piece of clothing
  • A well-made tool or tool set related to one’s trade (eg. skinning knife, hunting bow, mapping tools, horse tack, etc.)
  • A hand-crafted accessory imported from overseas

Faction Events

Although Leadership may occasionally push out Faction-specific event content, it is highly encouraged—and appreciated—for Faction members and their Pledges to host their own Faction-related events! Players are, of course, free to reach out to Leadership (via PM) if there are any questions or concerns about their ideas! We love for players to feel involved with the pack, and are more than open for letting you all add back to the community and creating fun for both you and your fellow Salsolans!

The frequency and purpose of these events can vary, from something that is member-exclusive to something that is open to the entire pack! The goal is to mainly ensure that Faction members and their fellow Pledges are all working together.

Hosting Faction Events can provide quite a few IC benefits, to include (but are not limited to):

  • Opportunities for recruitment of new Pledges
  • Acting as a way for current members to show off their talents or increase their/the Faction’s notoriety
  • Serving to help improve the skills of Pledges and Apprentices, and otherwise allowing characters to gain experience in their skillsets and/or interests
  • Mending tensions between Faction members, other Factions, or public perception of the Faction
  • World-building, plots/character arcs, and/or character growth
  • Possibilities to create new traditions
Click to see Faction Event examples!
  • Sanctus members get together and perform rituals under the light of the full moon.
  • Shield members host a small tournament between themselves during a slow season.
  • Ranger members head out on a group hunt to bring down a moose.
  • Merchant members spend an afternoon going through inventory and discussing future trade options with nearby packs and groups.
  • Lore members put on a performance for the pack, such as a play or talent show.

Faction Events can be as simple or as elaborate as the group wants; from a single thread to a larger-scale event or plot that receives an official newspost to cover it. For interests in hosting larger-scale events, please PM the OOC Account with the provided form so that we may discuss further.

[*] [b]Faction:[/b] ---
[*] [b]Event Leader:[/b] --- (if applicable)
[*] [b]Timeline:[/b] --- (when will this take place, this can be a specific date like “03 May”, or something more generalized like “early July,” “July-August,” or “Mid-Late Summer”)
[*] [b]Summary of Event:[/b]
[div=padding:5px 25px;]
Explain your event to us! What’s going on? Is it happening at a specific time of day? What is the Faction’s goal with this event? Is this an open event or is it closed to certain Factions? How will this affect the pack as a whole?

Keep in mind that not all proposed larger-scale events will be approved, particularly if Leadership feels that it’s too exclusive or goes against the pack’s general or best interests or culture.


2.3  Faction Baubles

For those interested in going a step further (or merely looking for more incentive), players can obtain special baubles for their characters in the form of a profile icon or an Anicomb!

Forum Icon Sanctus Elite / Oathgiver Shield Elite / Oathgiver Ranger Elite / Oathgiver Merchant Elite / Oathgiver Lore Elite / Oathgiver

Sotto Capo, Specialized Elites, Faction Apprentices, and their Pledges have the opportunity to obtain their related Faction icon to their IC accounts if they so desire. These are not to be confused with the Rank Portal mini icons, which are only added to Pledge members for easy visual aides at a glance. These icons are a great way to show off one’s pride and membership of their chosen Faction when writing on the forum. These icons are much like the pack’s Job icon, however, and it will be removed if/when the character is de-titled or otherwise leaves Salsola.

To qualify for your Faction icon on your Salsolan’s forum account, the character must…
  • …be a member of the Faction or be a current Faction Pledge for at least three (3) consecutive months.
  • …have completed at least two (2) seasonal Faction challenge threads.
  • …have completed at least one (1) Faction event thread.
    • Seasonal and Event threads must be 3 separate, completed threads. In other words, you cannot use a single thread as both a Seasonal thread and an Event thread.
Once you’ve met the above criteria, you may request for your icon by filling out the proper form provided in our Maintenance Thread.
Anicomb ANICOMB ANIMAL – Coming Soon!

Sotto Capo, Specialized Elites, Faction Apprentices, and their Pledges have the opportunity to also obtain a special Anicomb!

To qualify for the (Coming Soon) Anicomb, the character must…
  • …become a Faction Pledge for 3 consecutive months (or be promoted into the Factions).

3.  Miscellaneous

Click for more...
  • Curious as to what Salsola’s previous Specialized Elite were called? Wonder who all has held what Faction rank? We have provided a breakdown starting from 2014–onward! Specialized Elite ranks are ordered chronologically from when they first appeared. (Show)

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  • Sotto Capo:
    • Maestro — Master of the Lore Tier (2021-Present)
  • Specialized Elite:
    • Bard — The Head Entertainer (2021-Present)
    • Archivist — The Master Scribe (2021-Present)
    • Proctor — The Lawman (2021-Present)
    • Magister — The Head Tutor (2021-Present)
  • Apprentices:
  • Pledges:

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