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The Portland Outpost

The Fort Preble Outpost at Portland, Maine, is an important off-board trade destination for Salsola.

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Salsola's Marketplace

The Marketplace was formally established in Spring 2021

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  1.   1.  Description
  2.   2.  Permanent Stalls


Inspiration Gallery (Hide)
Barrels and casks can be used for both storage, transportation, and stall setup Fragile or long-traveled goods may come by crate; crates are also useful for stall setup Seeds, flours, grains and various other items may be sold in burlap sacks Produce can be especially sought-after; crates are also a common storage tool for showing their wares Crates can be used in a variety of different ways if a Luperci is creative enough with their setup! Baskets can make for a convenient storage tool, and may also fetch for a good price themselves Some vendors barter their wares straight from their cart! Hand-drawn carts can be a common sighting the Marketplace Horses, mules, donkeys, oxen, and other labor animals may be used to help carry goods Carts pulled by labor animals are a common sight, and some might even have the goods sold right out of the cart! Livestock and related items and services happen quite frequently, and may have peak seasons throughout the year Dried, salted, smoked, and other prepared foods can make for a tantalizing temptation for hungry stomachs Fresh meat sells quite well, you may even find something more exotic/uncommon on the market depending on what was caught or butchered recently! Fresh, dried, smoked, or salted fish, crustaceans, and other water-life can be regularly found in the Marketplace, especially with the Docks so close by Dried and fresh herbs (be they local or imported), as well as fungi, can be highly sought-after Spices, seeds, nuts, and other dried, powdered, or ground products - especially imports - can make for a popular shop/stall! Mmm, there's nothing like freshly-baked carbs Weapons and armor can come in all sorts of styles, makes, and qualities Textiles can come in a variety of colors, designs, and materials, and can be intended for a wide range of purposes Fabrics, dyes, and other related tailoring goods have been steadily increasing in popularity for Luperci-kind Raw materials can be just as valuable as finished products Furs can fetch for a high price depending on their quality, make, and color

1.  Description


Usage & Rules
  • Realism Constraints — All goods must be reasonably and realistically obtainable/creatable within 'Souls' current realism/technology limitations.
  • Outsider-Specific Rules
    • Non-Salsolan characters must have permission by Salsola Leadership prior to threading in this area.
    • All Amherst Outsider Rules apply.
    • See our Visitation Policies for further information.
    • Outsiders are only permitted to put up temporary structures for their stalls.
      • Outsiders will need to pay an added fee upfront if they wish to use Salsolan-loaned stalls, tents, setup materials, storage containers, etc.
      • During special events, Outsiders may be permitted to temporarily use a building, however, this is usually at an exorbitant price.
      • Outsiders are welcome to attempt to bribe a Salsolan for an ideal vending location within the Marketplace ;)
Example of canvas tent stalls Example of a stall that makes use of crates and wooden constructions for its setup Example of a food stall Shipments received by boat are not uncommon; some vendors may actually do trade from their boat too

2.  Permanent Stalls

BLURB (Hide)

  • BLAH Add it here!
    • Note: BLAH
      • BLAH Use your best judgment. If you’re unsure if something is okay, feel free to ask Salsolan Leadership!
    • Template:

Entry Name (Outed Salsolan) (Disguised Salsolan)
  • Owner(s): Character Name?
    • Disguised as: Alias name here if they are pretending to not be a Salsolan
  • Type: Goods, Service, Goods/Service
  • Form: Store, Stall, Cart, Rug/Blanket, Other
  • Location:
    Quick and easy description of where someone can find this "stall". Is it on the main road or off a lesser-used one, is it easy or hard to find or is it practically hidden and requires a secret passcode for access to other goods/services? Etc.
  • Description:
    120-word max summary that explains: what the "stall" looks like. If there is a quirk or trait about the stall, describe it here as well!
Click for more...

Write more of the description here if you need to.

  • Offering:
    75-word max summary of what sort of business this "stall" deals in.
Click for more...
  • Listed items
  • Listed items
  • Seeking:
    75-word max summary of what sort of goods they would accept trade for.
Click for more...
  • Listed items
  • Listed items
  • Additional notes:
    • Ex. Only open X days or during X season, etc.
    • Ex. Owner gives better deals to XYZ, etc.
    • Ex. Owner refuses to do business with XYZ, etc.
    • Ex. NAME is frequently seen here, assists Owner, etc.

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