Calla Valentine

by Alaine

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Calla Valentine (CAL-lah VAL-en-tyn) is the daughter of Velveteen Silevue and Dirge Valentine, born 18 Aug 2014 in the French-speaking sub-territories of the Toronto region in Canada along with her three siblings: Weaver Valentine, Brocade Valentine, and Hyacinth Silevue.

Calla grew up as the smallest of her siblings. Fragile and foxlike, she struggled to fit in with the style of beauty prevalent in the nomadic gands at the time, who favored the darker, curvier beauty of her mother and her sister Hyacinth Silevue. As such, Calla has always felt somewhat inadequate, jealous of the skills and natural talents of others. When she was very young, her tail was docked - Another attempt at fulfilling a beauty regime, which there-after fell out of trend.

Whilst surrounded by her beautiful sister, and strong or charming brothers, Calla began to feel resentful. She resorted to being very sly to get what she wants.

A terrible catalyst in Calla's life was when her sister, Hyacinth, was sold into a betrothal with a young man from an opposing gang. Although Hyacinth detested the betrothal, and ended up fleeing from it, Calla was deeply jealous - Particularly seeing as the young man in question was a childhood fancy of hers.

When Weaver and Hyacinth left the family group in 2015, after Hyacinth's forced betrothal, Calla felt somewhat lost. Now being the only remaining daughter, she assumed favor would fall upon her. When it did not, she grew impatient, at last realizing that nothing would change so long as she remained in Toronto. After discussing the matter her elder brother Brocade, they both decided to follow in their wayward brother and sister's footsteps, and head for Nova Scotia; Where the rumor mill swiftly led them into the clutches of the Thistle Kingdom.

Upon stumbling into the Northern territories of Nova Scotia, Brocade and Calla were accepted into Salsola and Calla eventually made it to the rank of The Arbiters with the help of Salsola's Crone, Loki Helsi who also sponsored her upon her entry, teaching her about Salsola and about being a which which she showed deliberate interest in. A short time after her entry into the pack and after she rose in rank from an Associate to The Family, Calla went to Loki after finding out his mother was dead and things became rather intimate. A few weeks later, Calla returned to Loki with the staggering news of her pregnancy that he convinced her to abort the next day.

Depressed and rather torn over the event, she pushed herself into her magic and eventually helped Hel Eternity with a curse she was weaving only to come across Loki shortly after where she grew angry and depressed over the lack of communication shared between the two and in a fit borne of co-dependence between the two, they once again lost themselves to their lust for one another, Calla promising that she would no longer let her feelings get in the way of her relationship with him.






Player Info

  • Family: Silevue
  • Birthplace: Toronto, Canada
  • Name Meaning:
    • First Name: beauty
    • Last Name: (Psuedo-French)
  • Nicknames: Maylynn
  • Pronunciation: CAL-lah
  • Epithet: Gypsy Princess

Pack Information

OOC Assumptions

The Arbiters
The Wardens

Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • General interactions: Seeing her throughout Salsola with her children and/or her mates, waving/saying hello.
  • Conversations: Specific conversations should be taken up with the player. However, if they are very vague, there is no need to pm in order to let the player know.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • General
  • Unlike the typical Silevue dark and curvy beauty, Calla is small and fox-like in stature. She somewhat resembles a coyote with radar ears, though the rest of her form is rather a blend between wolf and dog. Her height is minimal, perhaps a little smaller than most her age or breed, though she is far from being pygmy by nature. She is just above the regular height for a wolf-dog, with small, pensive shoulders. Her tail is docked midway, a failed attempt at beauty that is told by the scar hidden beneath fur that has regrown.
  • Her fur is of earthen tones that are a bit darker than that of her brother's, though she has kept it up to make sure that it is clean and tidy. Soft to the touch, her fur is almost feathered near her back, reaching along her spine toward her docked tail. During the summer, her fur is a bit more sparse than winter. She lets it grow but combs it out so it doesn't catch on burs or trees in forested areas.
  • Her eyes are rather blue, sometimes almost sea-like in the way they drift through the room. She holds something of a keen eye, always observing. There is always an indication of something of a fox-like cunning to her gaze when she looks at you.


Coloration and Palette

  • Nose and Paw Pads: Grey
  • Claws: Brown
General Colors
Burning Sand (#9b6534)
Driftwood (#c08550)
Oak Dust (#cbb69a)
Millbrook (#58422d)
Eggshell (#ede8da)
Eye Color
Pacific Blue (#0098cb)


102 lbs (46 kg)
34 in (86 cm)


In many ways, Calla appears almost docile in her lupus form. Her eyes are alert, her fur perhaps a little long in the front and over her back but she is neither large or imposing. She is almost demure in length, though she makes up for it for the sophisticated care she puts into her fur. This is her second-favored form.

220 lbs (100 kg)
42 in (107 cm)


Primarily used when scouting or hunting, Calla very rarely finds herself in secui form. Not only does she think she's clumsy in it, but it's larger than her previous lupus and more imposing than it should be. Her mane is a little longer over both her neck and her chest, often catching on things when she runs or is too close to bushes.

240 lbs (109 kg)
6 ft, 7 in (200 cm)

Optime (Preferred)

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Piercings: Two piercings in one of her ears.
  • Tattoos: None
  • Scars:
    • The end of her tail where it was docked. Covered by fur now.


  • Typically wears a sundress with a small fox emblem dyed into its side.


Trinkets and small bits of jewelry

  • A bracelet made of leather chord. Generally not worn unless she's feeling particularly good about herself.
  • A butterfly necklace made of silver, somewhat rusted but cleaned to perfection.
  • Earrings of varying colors. More studs than hoops or spikes.

2.  Personality

Black Sheep, Sibling Rivalry, Cunning like a Fox

Calla is a lovable individual who is probably too naive to the cultural norms to ever make it in a social environment. One such example of this is the docked tail; an excuse to look pretty that went out of style right after she did it to be like the cool guys. One of her primary personality traits is the idea that she can con her way into most situations and then out again. She's learned to be very resourceful with her time and learning to live with the idea that she might not be as beautiful, intelligent or as strong as her siblings has driven her into a place where she really could care less what their particular tastes might be. She's all in it for her own. Any way is a good way, as long as it doesn't get her or someone close to her killed, maimed or in trouble. Often wanting to be the best choice among a group, she will go out of her way to make herself present which has a way of either getting her into a disappointing situation or a rather tragic trouble.
She can't really trust many others. It doesn't play a key part into her wants and desires, though she makes friends with those who are like her almost too easily. She adores those that give off a cunning air about them. She loves to get in with anyone who might have a higher stance in society because it may mean rising to the equation to lifting up her own moral compass for whatever it's worth. She believes herself to be the ugly duckling of her family, the black sheep considering her wiles are more in intelligence than her other two siblings, or her mother for that matter.

3.  Interaction

  • Speech: Fluent in Spanish, English and French. Since she comes from a french-speaking region of Canada like her two siblings, has an undertone of French accent, though she constant betrays her accent for something an in between with a standard northern Canadian accent when she has to. Will often lapse into french when upset or emotional. Her voice play, in my opinion, would probably be Liv Tyler.
  • Scent: Often disguised outside of Salsola. Rose, wood smoke, ash and mud.

4.  Relationships

4.1  Family: Silevue

Key Relations

  • Hyacinth has always made Calla envious, both because she almost stole Calla's first 'love' and because she has always done well in both rank and in beauty. Calla has always seen her as competition rather than a sibling and can't say that she loves her sister. Hyacinth definitely made Calla second guess her beauty and as a result, Calla has a severe lack of self-confidence when it comes to her own looks.
  • Brocade is everything Calla ever wanted in a brother and more. While scarred and somewhat scary, Brocade is the reason she is in Salsola. While many things happened on their journey to Salsola together, he protected and stayed near Calla the entire way. He is also handsome and Calla is very intimidated by his skills as a warrior. She listens to anything he says, despite the fact that she doesn't do that for everyone.
  • Loki is Salsola's Crone and Calla's previous sponsor. She adores him and still has massive feelings for him but doesn't want to wreck his current relationship with the strange girl, Stjarna Helsi. She does everything she can in both rank and duty to put herself next to him and despite the fact that he hasn't openly said he has feelings for her, she thinks he might since she notices the way he looks at her when she comes near. They also used to sleep with each other a lot and he got her pregnant and, to protect him, had her abort her pregnancy so it didn't interfere with his rank in the pack or his relationships.

Other Key Relations

  • Till is someone she really liked. He treated her like she was desirable right from the moment they met and Calla liked that. Having helped with the healing of his scars, she seeks to protect him more than she does most others. She might even love him, though that hasn't really been spoken IC yet. She has taken him on as a mate and had children with him though, so there's that.
  • Helena is Calla's other mate. She met Helena in Drifter Bay after an argument was had with her father that led to her abandoning her previous pack. With the unknown relationships she forged inside Inferni, Calla thought she might be useful down the road and she really liked looking at Helena's butt so she recruited and invited Helena to Salsola. Helena joined not too long after and things have been sunshine and daisies since.
  • Julius and Chester are her precious babies. She loves them to the moon and back and often dotes on them like no other mother will. She is fearful of Julius' path because he shows a darker side to him than she would have thought possible when she chose the guy she used to sire them. Chester is an angel that she knows will do great. He loves his mom and she loves him. He pretty much encompasses what a Silevue or Valentine boy should be while Julius, like her, has been born lithe and thin and hopefully will be more like Calla over the passing years.

Notable Associations