Silas del Morte

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Silas del Morte (Sigh-lass dell More-t) is a member of Salsola, currently ranked as a Warden.

Silas is the son of Wolfram del Morte and Tori del Morte. He was born on the non-luperci side of the del Morte family, and was having a relatively normal childhood. One day when wandering away from home alone, he was stolen away by hunters of Rabenuhr, where he was placed with other pups that had been captured. At first, he had been placed into the gladiatorial ring, but refused to fight. Tactics changed, but still he refused to do anything. Seeing as punishments were doing nothing to break his spirit, they resorted to slicing his tongue and burning the wound shut, not only damaging the inside of his throat, but making him mute.

When it became clear that not even this was enough to break him, the Ringmaster, Kruger Blackwood, hatched a plan. He offered the chance to bring Silas back to his home, and more importantly, back to the family he had been so adamant about getting back to. When the pair returned to the del Morte's home, Silas noticed that his parents had another child, his younger brother Liam del Morte. Kruger had convinced Silas that his family had moved on without him, replaced him with another child, and that he had nothing to return home to. Finally he was broken and returned to Rabenuhr. Unknown to Silas, Kruger had the whole event set up, and saw to execute the family once he had returned home with his prize.

Silas became an obedient slave, serving Kruger himself. He had been rewarded for his new found good behavior, even being gifted with the luperci virus to better make use of his efforts. He was given slight bits of freedom, helping out to care for other slaves in Rabenuhr and adjust new canines captured to adjust to their new lives. He was taught sign language along with how to read and write to help with communication, taught how to use daggers to act as a killer for his master, and bred to be a night sex slave to buyers, but never as one to keep. He grew an unhealthy love for his master, and the Ringmaster showed affection back, if only to keep more control over Silas.

Master and slave eventually made their way to Nova Scotia to seek opportunity. It was here when they came across Salsola and Helena Troy Lykoi. What was meant to be business ended in tragedy when Kruger was killed by a group that was hired by Helena. She came at the last minute to kill the last member and prove her innocence in the matter. With his dying breath, Silas was given to Helena to bring back to Salsola, where he was made a Mendicant, a servant to all of those in Salsola.

Silas became close to many members and families in Salsola. His rank changed to an Indentured Servant when he was gifted to Aidan Blacksun, a reward for rescuing the Boss' own servant. The two saw it as good fortune, as Silas had already been teaching Aidan about social cues and how to better interact with others. Aidan held the remainder of Silas' debt, and upon feeling that he had learned everything that Silas could teach him, saw that his debt was paid. Over the course of his servitude, the two grew far closer to one another than they believed they ever would, gaining each other's trust and a chance to choose what he wanted. When the time was right, Silas was freed of his servitude, though chose to remain with Aidan so long as he was allowed to.

Even with freedom granted to him, Silas struggled to break old habits and feel comfortable around the ranked members of Salsola. It's an uphill battle considering the life he had lead, but progress has been made since paying his debt. He has been more easily able to make his own choices, fostered in by an order from Aidan. Very rare occurrences of him refusing or talking back to someone have been noted. He has worked on rekindling his relationship with Liam and his family. Most importantly, the chains holding him bound to Kruger have nearly been broken. It's still a climb before he's 'fixed', but he's still come a long way.

Silas del Morte
by Mochiimomo

Credit: Mochiimomo

OOC Information


Biographical Information
  • Date of Birth: 30 July 2015
  • Birthplace: Newfoundland
  • Etymology:
    • Silas: Man of the Forest (Latin)
    • del Morte: of Death (Italian)
  • Nickname: —
  • Alias: Sparrow Lassiter
Physical Description
  • Sex: Male
  • Pronouns: He/Him or They/Them
  • Luperci: Verto
  • Species: Wolf
    • 100% Wolf (Eastern Timber Wolf/Mackenzie Valley Wolf)
NPC Information

Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Common knowledge; i.e. rank, name, knowing he’s a Salsolan, having seen him “around”
  • Having casual conversation with Silas that will not greatly effect roleplay.
  • Helping ranked members around Salsola with small or large tasks.
  • Seeing him...
    • ...around Salsola, either at Aidan's home in the Ruins, various member's homes, or the servant quarters.
    • ...being in the company of his companion, Aidan Blacksun.

For anything else or anything specific, please ask before making assumptions regarding this character

Plot Opportunities
  • Silas' care for Aidan Blacksun is not that much of a secret anymore, and while that might be the case, they both still have their own issues to work out with one another. Now that Silas is working to break out of old habits, why not help him with making his own choices, or even showing him the benefit of freedom?
  • A killer is best suited as someone for the Shield. He's already begun to aid members of this Faction, but if there's combat assistance needed, he's a good go-to. Just as well, he's looking to do more for them.
  • He might not be a servant anymore, but he's always willing to assist with any task or seeking work in exchange for goods. Have something he could lend a hand with?
  • Why not help Silas with obtaining some jobs? (Ancella, Assassino, and Custode)



Being a mix of nothing but wolves, Silas sports typical wolf features. Though he is larger in terms of size, most of his weight comes from muscle more than it does body mass. He is underweight for someone of his natural size, but not nearly as much as he was before coming to Salsola. Much of his physical appearance and endurance comes from his time as a slave, and only grew more when becoming a servant. His natural fur is relatively short compared to other canines' and does get thicker in the winter. His tail is slightly longer than a normal wolf's.

Silas is rarely seen outside of his Optime form, as it is the best one to use when there is work to be done. His lupus form will often be used if he wants to run around or is out hunting, leaving his secui form rarely used. Even when in his ideal form, he will still walk around on his hands and feet as if he was in optime. He does this not only as a means of keeping himself far lower than others, but because he is more used to a non-luperci's natural form rather than the one he has now. He will often sit and lay down in a lupus like manner as well. When in optime form, a short tuft of lighter brown (blonde/gold or auburn/orange acceptable as well) on his head. It flows down the back of his head and main front two strands fall to either side of his face.

His pelt shows off the true beauty of the del Mortes' neutral colors. His eyes are golden, an extremely rare trait to find among those in his family tree. The colors of his pelt get slightly lighter when his winter coat grows in, but not by that much of a noticeable difference. His face almost always holds some sort neutral expression, but when he does want to show emotion, he can be very expressive.

  • Nose and Paw Pads: Heavy Metal (#333532)
  • Claws: Black
  • Optime Hair: Cape Palliser (#9c7645) (Equator (#e4c068) and Red Damask (#de8147) are also acceptable variants of his hair color)
  • Scars: Pharlap (#a77d74)
    • Rabenuhr raven brand on the inside of his right wrist (this scar has been darkened with black ink).
    • Hand of Eris carved scar on the inside of his left wrist.
    • Multiple scars scattered across his body, face, and ear. Parts of his ears are torn.

Clothing & Other

Silas doesn't own much to his name. In terms of clothing, he owns a set of loose black pants, ones that he is always wearing whenever he is awake. He owns a brown shirt with golden trimming, something that was loaned to him when he had first taken Aidan out to test what he had learned. He had been given it to keep and only wears it for special events or more tests. Regardless of his clothing, he is always wearing one accessory: a leather collar around his neck. His collar was a gift from Kruger, and is often very reluctant to remove it and down right hates the idea of ever getting rid of it. Though many in Salsola would disagree, Silas always carries a pair of daggers around with him. They were a gift from the Emissary, but he knows well enough to never turn them on a ranked member.

Because Silas walked around on all fours in optime form a lot, he is prone to natural back problems. He can often feel stiff when standing upright, and have the area be sore for long stretches of time. It has not been bad enough to get him to break this habit, but prolonged use will likely lead to more problems down the road in his life.

Color Codes

General Colors
Old Copper (#755433)
Soya Bean (#665d4e)
Bronco (#aaa097)
Cape Palliser (#9c7645)
Mine Shaft (#362f30)
Sandstone (#7f725f)
Cloud (#d0ccc9)
Eye Color
Corn (#efc002)

210 lbs (95 kg)
6 ft 10 in (82 in) (208 cm)

140 lbs (64 kg)
46 in (117 cm)

82 lbs (37 kg)
35 in (89 cm)

Art by Alaine

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In his youth, Silas was a very outgoing child. He loved to explore and run around, something that was still carried over into his adulthood. Whenever he wasn't doing anything, he would like to run around the fields near home, enjoying the breeze and the way his paws felt running along the grass and flowers. He was curious about many things, and cared about the people around him. Even though he couldn't do much, he would try to help as best he could. When he was stolen away from home, he was a very defiant child, refusing anything and everything that he could. The many punishments build up his endurance, and even had a bit of a temper.

When Kruger finally broke him, he became much more submissive. He listened to those around him, and did anything that was asked of him. His caring nature and desire to help others were still passed along to his adulthood, the captors of Rabenuhr looking to capitalize on this to help with the other slaves. Silas grew to accept not only his place in life, but many of the other aspects to freedom that were taken away from him. He lived to serve, and grew happy to do so. Due to the nature of the things that were being taught to him, he grew to become very observant, looking for the little things that stood out in people and well as what could be used as a weakness. He can act out a role if need be, and doesn't mind when others thing he's just a lesser being for what he is. Insults do not bother him.

When someone he cares about in either hurt or in danger, Silas can sometimes act without thinking. When someone in injured, he will look to see about taking care of the wound on his own, showing a gentle touch and sometimes be a little more affectionate than need be. When someone is in danger, his temper can flare up, causing him to become very angry. He will often not show mercy if he is caught in a fight with someone, more so than if ordered to kill someone, and will not stop until the other person is dead. In both instances, his lack of thinking can sometimes get him in trouble, but he doesn't really care much to think of the consequences when this happens.

Silas has a severe case of stockholm syndrome, developed from his time in Rabenuhr. He has a tendency to grow attached to his captors, even going so far as to fall in love with them. Since coming to Salsola, he has been trying to break away from this as many of the members do seem to show him genuine kindness.

Silas can often be reluctant to let others get close to him emotionally. He lost the first love he had, even if it was his master, and two of his children. Not wanting to feel the pain of loss again, he doesn't often express his true feelings to others. Because of this, the few that do seem to get close to him, he feels a need to make sure they are safe, and fall under the category of those he might risk his anger flaring up when they are in danger.


  • Outlook: Balanced Optimistic/Pessimistic (General Acceptance)
  • Sociability: Introverted, Submissive
  • Expression: Submissive
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Motivations: Friends and allies, Salsola (and it's continued betterment)
  • Fears: Failure, becoming useless, punishment being dealt to others because they can not or will not listen, loss of friends and family


  • Likes: Keeping busy, helping others, star-gazing, drawing, hunting, children (especially those that remind him of his own)
  • Dislikes: Not being able to speak (in some instances), lack of trust, harm coming to those he cares about


  • Packs: Salsola above all others.
  • Species: None
  • Non-Luperci: Doesn't follow Salsola's biases as he was once non-luperci
  • Social Class: Higher class means high power and more bargaining chips when it comes to what he does
  • Gender: None
  • Color: None
  • Sexuality: None
  • Age: None


Silas is bisexual, but even though this is the case, he tends to lean more towards male partners than he does female. His first love was male, even if it was stockholm syndrome that made him fall in love in the first place. With either gender, Silas cares about tender feelings and feeling the love with his partner. When he feels close to someone, he will show his affection for them, even in instances where it might not always been necessary (like gentle licks, tending to injuries, etc.). Being bred as a sex slave for Rabenuhr, Silas has both gotten very good at giving others sexual satisfaction, and faking the emotions required when put into a sexual situation. He is open to having sex with anyone that might ask it of him, and give them a good time, but he will show much more emotion and a tender approach to someone he actually cares about.

Spirituality & Substances

Silas doesn't have any interest in dealing with anything spiritual, nor does he have his own set religion that he follows. When it comes to beliefs, he follows the general aspects of the home he is living in, though doesn't have a problem taking part in another's spiritual interests when asked to be a participant. He has assisted Jaketta and Morgana with "rituals" of their own.

Silas doesn't actively partake in any drugs or substances, though will if they are offered to him. He will usually do so in small amounts even when prompted to indulge, unless he is told otherwise. When it comes to drinking, again he does not partake unless it is offered to him. This is usually only the case when it comes to special occasions or home celebrations.



  • Extended: del Morte
  • Mother: Tori del Morte
  • Father: Wolfram del Morte
  • Siblings:
  • Mate: --
  • Children: Twila del Morte, Maggie, Abernathy
  • Aunts & Uncles: Maddox del Morte, Felina del Morte
  • Cousins:
Basha del Morte, Poppy del Morte, Ebony Rune
  • Grandparents: Renfrew del Morte, Veronica Ashling
  • Parents: Truthfully, Silas doesn't remember that much about his parents. He remembers their caring nature, but since the ruse that showed them having moved on from him, he has felt bitter towards them. What's the point in caring about them if they weren't going to care about him in return? He doesn't have any desire to remember them, or if he had the chance, to meet with them to ask them why they abandoned him.
  • Siblings: Silas can't help not only hating his only sibling, but feeling jealous of him as well. He hates that Liam was nothing more than his replacement to his family, but feels the jealousy that he would get to enjoy the caring upbringing that he should have gotten from his parents. He is unaware that his brother managed to survive the slaughter of his family, but probably wouldn't care to meet him if they ever did cross paths. He has accepted his slave/servant life and his brother had everything he could have ever wanted.
  • Children: Having children makes Silas just as happy as much as it causes him pain. Having children allowed his softer nature to come out, but was slashed away when two of his children were taken away from him. Since that incident, he feels a greater need to protect Twila, and offer her the same kind of love any father would, even though he can never let her know who he really is. It is that fact that pains him the most, and so most of his affection comes in smaller forms or when she is not aware of his actions. He just wants her to have a good life, even if it means leaving him behind.
(Silas has had sex with many NPCs outside of Nova Scotia. If he had any kids as a result of this, he is not aware of them.)

Other Relations

Key Relations

  • Aidan Blacksun is someone very special to Silas. The two of them had already gotten to know one another when they were having lessons about how to be more socially active, but the man became Silas' master when he was gifted to the Blacksun man as a gift. Silas serves him faithfully, and is pleased he doesn't mind when his servant wanders off to help others, or do things on his own. For a while, Silas did not have many personal feelings for the man, but was proud of him as his teacher. The more time they spent together, the more those feelings changed. Whether they are genuine or an effect of his stockholm syndrome, he has grown to care for the man a lot, and was amplified when Aidan asked Silas to teach him how to be intimate. Even though he feels this way about Aidan and may go so far as to admit that he might love him, he is aware in the end that his feelings don't really matter, and that Aidan is still not the person who is very in touch with his feelings on the whole. That doesn't stop the serf from being affectionate when he can, especially if for a lesson or tending to Aidan.
  • Kamari Kaiser is the Shield's Emissary, and someone that Silas has been side by side with on more than one occasion. Most of their time together is spent along the borders, and where they teamed up to ward off Outsiders that had wronged Salsola in some way. He is interested in her resolve to show the Outsiders a chance of mercy before turning on them with force. The two of them make a very good team, looking out for one another when they are in a conflict, and he was surprised when she had gifted him with a pair of daggers for his efforts, ones that he always carries around with him. Silas holds Kamari in a special place for her kindness to him and for how well the two of them can work together.
  • Morrow Larue is the Boss' ward, having become so when his mother was voted to die at her trial. Silas had been the one to capture him and his mother during the raid on their camp during the Curse of the Sanctum plot. When he saw Morrow, he couldn't help but feel compelled to be the one to take care of him, as he reminded Silas of Julia. Since then, he had grown attached to the kid, and is glad that Elphaba allows him the chance to spend time with him. He watches out for Morrow and wants to see that he grows up to have a good life, looking after him as if he were one of his own kids.

Notable Relations

  • Micheal is one of Salsola's Mendicants. The two men were Mendicants at the same time, and spent a fair amount of time with one another. They had become friends in their time together, even though Silas had been reluctant to do so at first. He had a soft spot for the servant who was there to pay the debt of someone else. He had been the one to tend to his friend after he had been punished by O'Riley. It hurt him to see the way that his friend had broken that day, but knew it would have ended up happening one way or another. He doesn't understand why servants don't just do as they are told from the get go to avoid any punishment.
  • Elphaba Revlis is one of the leaders of Salsola, and the one that Silas interacts with the most. She had been the one to accept him into Salsola when Helena brought him there. She has shown the servant a great deal of kindness and trust, having him assist with many of the kingdom's events and preparation. He will often still come by her home to do housework when he is not busy, even if it is sometimes and excuse just to come see Morrow. A small part of him holds fear for her, wondering what she might do to him if it ever got out that he lied and tricked her in order to make sure Twila stayed safe in Salsola.

Minor Relations

Notable Past Relations

  • Kruger Blackwood (deceased) was Silas' former master. He was manipulative and could often be very cruel to Silas, but in their time together, Silas had grown to love the man. He always showed Silas a tender side to him, and was always rewarding him whenever he did something good. When the group Helena hired came to attack them, Silas fought furiously, but even it wasn't enough to stop Kruger from getting killed. He convinced Helena to allow him to bury his former master and marked it with a grave where he was slain. It's a place he often visits when he has an escort from Salsola members, coming to pay his respects and long for the love he misses.
  • Julia was one of the first Salsolan that Silas came to trust and gave his heart to. He felt a level of trust with her, and she convinced him to take a small chance at some freedom. It was this that resulted in them having their children together, something that brought fear to the servant as it was against Salsola's laws for servants to have children in the first place. He did care about her, but after Twila well became an adult, she had moved to the Outpost, and on with her life. He does miss her, and comes to miss her more every time he looks at Morrow, as the two of them look very similar to one another. He wonders how she is doing since she left.
  • Helena Troy Lykoi (And her family by extension) was the former Ambassador to Salsola, and the one that had brought Silas to Salsola when Kruger was killed. He worked closely with the woman, often taking care of many chores around her home and watching over her children when she had them. She seemed to grow a soft spot for the silent servant, and he in turn enjoyed being in his company. Rufus and Pontifex, two of Helena's children had him as part of their lives for so long that they were refer to him as "Père", or their father in French. It was shot down by both their mother and Silas, but he still can't help but smile when they called him such. He misses the Lykois and Pontifex's kind nature. He wonders what happened to them and where they might be. Much of these events are a mystery to Silas.
  • Andrew Winthrop was a former Indentured Servant that had been freed and climbed to the rank of Proctor. The two of them had grown to have a friendship with one another, at least when they were still of the same rank. When he became a ranked member, there was still a level of shared trust with one another, so much so that Andrew would call on Silas to assist him with Proctor related tasks and even looking after the servant he had come to own before she escaped. He seemed to have disappeared with Helena and pieces of her family, and can't help but wonder what would have turned the Lawman to vanish, or if there was some other force. Much of these events are a mystery to Silas.


Key: Dabbler --> Apprentice --> Journeyman --> Master

Main Focus: Manual Labor, Combat, Basic Necessities

  • Manual Labor, Physical Endurance (Master):
With his built up muscles and core strength, Silas puts much of his physical body to work. Much of his endurance came from the many punishments he got over his time in Rabenuhr, but he pushes that towards getting his work done. Anything that needs a strong body, being it helping with labor for buildings, digging, or holding things in place, he can do it all. There isn't much in this department that he can't do, and if there is something he comes across that he is unsure of, he will seek out the means to learn in order to get it done.
  • Close Combat (Daggers) (Master):
Seen as a need to aid Kruger and his line of work, Silas was taught how to use daggers. Since being broken, he worked hard to develop his skills with the weapons, whether using them in close combat with an opponent or throwing them at a moving target. He has worked well to balance out his speed and strength in order to work with a close combat weapon like this one. Since getting the pair from Kamari, he sees them as his go to item of choice when getting caught in combat, and though he doesn't use them outside of a few instances, is glad to have a master that favors this weapon to. If any practice is needed, they have one another to use.
  • Close Combat (Hand to Hand, Feral) (Journeyman):
Simply being taught how to use daggers wasn't enough. Because he can be expected to fight with never losing his weapons, he was also taught hand to hand combat as well as how to fight in lupus form. He will often use the things he learned for feral combat to use when in optime form. He is not as well versed in these skills as he is with daggers, but well enough to protect himself and others.
  • Hunting, Butchering, Preparation (Journeyman):
One of the many things that Silas will do when he's not doing any labor work or favors for other people. He has become a skilled hunter, but only in lupus form. Because he hunts, he learned how to butcher and clean kills as well as how to prepare meats and how to preserve them if the meat will not be eaten right away.
  • Animal Care (Apprentice):
Of all things that Silas has under his belt, animal care is not one of them. Even when he was in Rabenuhr, he didn't have much experience dealing with other animals. Since coming to Salsola, he has looked to working with animals. He knows the basics of care, but not nearly as much as the many ranked members do.

Auxiliary Skills and Hobbies

  • Bilingual (Common Tongue, Sign Language Rabenuhr's dialect):
Silas has known the common tongue since he was young. He didn't have to learn any other language until he came to Rabenuhr and had his voice taken away from him. Since then, he had been taught sign language so that he can communicate with other people in the slave ring. When he teaches sign language to others, he teaches the "dialect" from Rabenuhr. It isn't much different from normal sign language, but he hasn't come across many others who know it or have a need to communicate it with.
  • Reading and Writing:
Because not everyone can understand sign language, Silas was taught how to read and write as another means of communication. He uses this more often than he does his sign language since coming to Nova Scotia/Salsola. Even with his writing (and when using sign language), he will refer to himself in the third person, a means of showing that he is more an object than he is a person. He will rarely use/write/refer to himself as "I" when he is acting for/with someone. He is open to teaching this to others as well, though doesn't usually get a chance to.
  • Cleaning and Tidiness (Master):
Household chores are common around Salsola, and something that Silas will often do for more than just Aidan. He has gotten good at cleaning homes in the Ruins and maximizing his time to make sure he not only does a good job, but doesn't spend forever on this task. He is often cleaning around the Boss' home, and doesn't mind having others borrow him to do the same for them.
  • Cooking (Journeyman):
Since he had taken up hunting as one of his core skills, cooking was paired up along with them. He would often cook meals for Kruger as well as other members/slaves in Rabenuhr; although, usually never for himself, as others came first and he would only accept food from his master. His skills carried over to Salsola, often making home cooked meals for Aidan or anyone else that might come across him in the middle of cooking outside the man's home. He has a better handle on making sure to feed himself, but still has the habit of having others eat more or first.
  • Drawing/Star Mapping (Dabbler):
A small hobby that Silas picked up since becoming a luperci was drawing. He will sometimes doodle in his book, though all of his drawings are usually nothing more than basic shapes or stick figures. His drawing looks more like a child did it rather than an adult. Even so, they bring some joy to him. Along with drawing, he loves to star gaze, looking up at the night sky and making his own patterns and constellations. He would like to learn how to actually map out the stars in the sky and use them as guides to teach others with.


A small home nestled among a collection of homes that collectively form the Blacksun Estate. It's just big enough to comfortably fit two people. The home is split into two main rooms, one lounging space and one personal living space. The lounge space consists of a fireplace, a small space off to the side to prepare items, and small decorations. Both males share the living space, though Aidan has more space, leaving Silas to claim a corner as his own. There is a small fire pit to the side of the home for outdoors cooking and cleaning, as well as a small space for storage.