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Oleander Bonnemort
by Nat

Credit: Nat

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Oleander Bonnemort (OH-lee-an-dr BOHN-morh [or BOHN-e-mort]) is a member of Salsola, ranked as a Warden. She holds the jobs of Mercante, Scenografa, and Condivisore.

Oleander Bonnemort is a courtesan raised in the Court of Pearls, a collective of courtesans located in Quebec. Seeking independence and opportunity, she traveled east, first establishing herself in Amherst before being recruited by Níndari into Salsola, where she is putting her skills and business acumen to use in service of the Thistle Kingdom.

Basic Information
Biographical Information
  • Date of Birth: 26 February 2022
  • Birthplace: Quebec (The Court of Pearls)
  • Etymology:
    • Oleander: A white, pink, or red flowering ornamental plant in the dogbane family Apocynaceae (English)
    • Bonnemort: Good or gentle death (French)
  • Nickname: Ollie
  • Alias: Pearl
  • Epithet: The Pink Pearl
Physical Description
  • Sex: Female
  • Pronouns: She/her
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Jackal
  • Subspecies:
    • 75% Canis aureus (Common Golden Jackal)
    • 25% Canis aureus moreoticus (European Jackal)
  • Family: Bonnemort
  • Pack: Salsola
  • Rank: Warden (Apr 2024 – Present)
    • Tradesman (Mar 2024 – Apr 2024)
    • Confidant (Feb 2024 – Mar 2024)
      • Merchant Faction Pledge (Feb 2024 – Present)
    • Family (Jan 2024 – Feb 2024)
    • Associate (Dec 2023 – Jan 2024)
  • Jobs:
    • Mercante (Merchant)
    • Scenografa (Event Planner)
    • Condivisore (Sharer)
NPC Information
  • cNPC: N/A
  • Minor NPCs:
    • N/A

Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Common knowledge; i.e. rank, name, knowing she’s a Salsolan, having seen her “around”
  • Knowing that Oleander is…
    • …a courtesan
    • …known by Pearl to outsiders
    • …an orphan not connected to any of Salsola's or the wider area's prominent families
  • Seeing Oleander…
    • …practicing tumbling in the arena
    • …making small talk and generally being busy in the marketplace
    • …working at her salon in Amherst, called the Hidden Pearl

For anything else or anything specific, please ask before making assumptions regarding this character.

Plot Opportunities
  • For Salsolans
    • Confide in Oleander; she will keep your secrets.
    • Ask Oleander to procure something for you or otherwise engage in trade.
    • Request Oleander's assistance in planning a faction-related or other event.
  • For Outsiders
    • Become a patron of a courtesan in exchange for fine things.
    • Seek Oleander to create a trade connection for specific goods.

1.  Characteristics

1.1  Appearance


Oleander’s eyes are a soft, luminous pink hue, seeming quite vibrant in comparison to the dusty rose color that limns her orbs and paints her nose. Her fur is pure white, casting her almost as an eerily translucent, faded version of her more saturated kin. In optime, her locks fall in straight sheets of fog-touched snow, which she keeps shorn in a neat, angled bob. A fringe of white, straight-cut bangs frame her brow. Her soft, plush fur is seemingly without blemish, a product of her neat grooming and obsessive attention to wound care. Oleander is very aware of and proud of her beauty, and she strives to maximize her display of each muscle, curve, and angle advantageously. For her, clothes are more about the opportunity to reveal what is underneath rather than to be marks of opulence on their own. She strives to wear items that accentuate her form but also allow her to move, favoring high but loose skirts and low-cut sleeveless tops. For more formal occasions, Oleander enjoys form-fitting, high-collared, long-sleeved, cuffed items. She prefers hues of cream, silver, gold, white, black, pink, and red. Her face is angular and sly-looking, with tall, pointed ears, a narrow muzzle, and a small but playful mouth. Despite her sensuousness, Oleander’s body is corded with lean, capable muscle, the result of her lifelong dedication to the dance in all its forms.



  • Lupus: 18 in (~46 cm) ↔ 22 lbs (~10 kg)
  • Secui: 36.5 in (~93 cm) ↔ 110 lbs (~50 kg)
  • Optime: 5 ft 9 in (69 in / ~175 cm) ↔ 167.5 lbs (~76 kg)


None visible; Oleander is careful with wound care to minimize scars.

Tattoos & Piercings:


  • Speech: Lilting soprano voice that can be in turns sultry and playful; very formal and diplomatic, belying her education and observant eye
    • Fluent in French
  • Unique Scent: Chamomile, flowers, soap, wild rue, pine
  • General Posture and Body Language: In optime, easy and graceful, all motions maintaining a fluidity that gives the impression of effortless care—frequently smiles and generally presents as submissive and acquiescent; in lupus or secui, alert, skittish, lively, and curious
Coloration Palette


White (#FFFFFF)
Snow (#FFFAFA)
Ghost White (#F8F8FF)

Optime Hair

Snow (#FFFAFA)


Hot Pink (#FF73B4)

Scars, Nose/Pawpads/Claws

Beauty Bush (#EFC9C9)

1.2  Personality

Summarized: Deferential, observant, discrete, flirtatious, ambitious, patient, calculating, empathetic, capricious, passionate

Oleander seeks passion in all things, and her greatest passions are dance and courtly intrigue. Having been raised to think about her body’s uses and appearance from a young age, she is highly conscious of it and is constantly orchestrating it into its most attractive or efficacious lines and shapes, depending on her purpose. Since becoming independent, dance has given her a powerful outlet of expression, allowing for punctuated moments of chaos and revelry to disrupt her normally cool composure. This is also why she frequents lupus in quiet moments alone; when the show is over, Oleander reverts to a wild thing, unconscious of the refined mannerisms ingrained in her training and upbringing. She relishes incertitude and conflict in these moments, the way they can make her feel alive and real in the immediate present. Paradoxically, the jackal also dreams of love, but she doubts her understanding of the emotion. She has been both loved and used in turn by her patrons, and has loved and used them in kind, but views “love” as the comfort of a good friend and “use” as the reliability of good tools. She imagines that real love doesn’t involve obsession, money, or power, or at least is extricable from those things, but she has never encountered it herself.

  • Motivations: Power, status, wealth, security, satisfaction, to add beauty to the world
  • Fears: Being unvalued, becoming physically disfigured or undesirable
  • Likes: Beauty, passion, desire, fine clothing and jewelry, planned events of all kinds, cleanliness
  • Dislikes: Destructive desires, inattention to detail, abuse of power
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (with Good tendencies)
    • Obeys all personal contracts.
    • Will not harm others for profit.
    • Respects the laws and authority figures of the community and nation.
    • Has few close friends and would never betray those she has.
  • Sex: In part due to experiences in her profession, Oleander has a disdain for overly violent and uncontrolled males, and sees them as a blight on the world.
  • Social Class: Oleander has complex feelings about the wealthy; as a courtesan, she has spent time in close proximity to them, and has seen all their flaws, but she still aspires to their wealth, status, and power.
  • 3 on the Kinsey scale: "Equally heterosexual and homosexual."
    • Oleander can find beauty in most, whether internal or external, and her propensity to revel in desires—both her own and those of others—makes her easily attracted to and entangled with willing parties.

Oleander has become a scion of desire, following its pull where it calls her. She regards this as a gift enabling her to share her patrons' desires, and views fulfilling various desires as a sacred act, whether it be the pleasures of the bedroom or the machinations of the mind. For Oleander, lines are drawn when desire derives from directly harming or impinging on another's goals or happiness, and she fines the outer reaches of libertinism repellant as a result.


Oleander consumes alcohol in moderation but otherwise prefers to remain quite sober; to have an impaired mind and will is dangerous and only leads to folly.

1.3  Skills

Note: Listed skills are those that the character has some significant talent or interest in to be noteworthy. Skills that have been mastered (and are best expressed as such) are marked.

Main Focus: Business, Pleasure, and Politics
  • Courtesan:
Oleander has extensive experience in courtly manners and graces, and thus has made an adroit and appealing companion at many dinners, fetes, and pleasure spaces. She is polite, well educated, and observant, gifted in intuiting and fulfilling the desires of others. The nature of her work also makes her excellent at keeping the secrets of others, as she views these things as revealed to her in sacred trust that she would never betray.
  • Politic Merchant:
Oleander has more recently turned her attention toward building mercantile relationships with traders and nobles alike, relying on her beauty, charm, and keen eye to help her make deals benefitting both the Thistle Kingdom's coffers and her own interests, whether those are related wealth, status, or power.
  • Diplomat:
As her mercantile connections increase, Oleander seeks to leverage these skills toward diplomacy, understanding the competing desires of factions on various levels (merchant troupes, loner bands, larger packs/political bodies) to turn them to her own, and Salsola's, advantage. Pleasing and prim in her appearance, with the manners and bearing of higher castes and the ambition of someone who has had to fight for every inch of her prestige, she is learning when to bend and where to hold, and looks forward to testing these skills with increasingly higher stakes.
  • Event Planner:
Related to her penchant for beauty and her keen eye for fine things, Oleander is skilled in creating mood in a setting through choices in lighting, costume, decoration, props, and other sensory input. She regularly updates or shifts the look and feel of her salon, the Hidden Pearl, using these skills, to reflect the seasons or a theme she enjoys, and also uses these skills to set the stage for positive interactions with patrons, politicians, and merchants.
Auxiliary Skills and Hobbies
  • Tumbling and Dancing:
As Oleander's body is still her primary commodity, she keeps it fit with rigorous training in tumbling, which expanded into enjoyment of dance. Oleander feels most free when she's exerting herself in these exercises. She's also familiar with a common array of simple courtly dances, and is a quick study of bodies in motion.
  • Reading, Writing, and Contracts:
As part of her courtly training, Oleander is proficient in reading and writing, and has a basic understanding of contracts and agreements made, first regarding the terms of service for herself, and later, other trade agreements.
  • Bilingual:
Oleander is fluent in French, and learned it alongside English when she was raised in the Court of Pearls.

2.  History

CHAPTER 1 / The Pink Pearl
Court of Pearls
Duration: Apr 2022 – Sep 2023
Ranks: Courtesan (Feb 2023 – Sep 2023)

Oleander was raised as a courtesan—groomed to present and serve. She was sold into the Court of Pearls when she was a few months of age, prior to her first shift. She does not remember the faces of her parents, and she does not know their names; her surname was provided to her by the court. It is rumored that her purchase price was substantial. During her upbringing, she was taught to provide elegant table service, mix and apply cosmetics, dress hair, style wardrobe, speak politely, dance, tumble, show deference, intuit the desires of patrons, and reflect that desire for their pleasure. Upon her first birthday, Oleander was put into service, and her virgin price was high, given her presentation as a rare “pink pearl” due to her albino coloration. A portion of the cost of service covered a small part of the debt owed to the court; this debt represented the price of her training and board. Every subsequent patron fee would contribute some until her debt was paid, at which point she could choose to remain within the court or strike out on her own. Her first patron had been a wealthy wolf, adorned in rich velvet clothes and gold accessories, whose demanding but ultimately kind patronage set a high standard for Oleander’s own taste in lovers down the line. When Oleander’s debt was paid, she decided she’d like to see what the rest of the world was made of and how far her skills would take her, understanding that the court’s pink pearl would be welcome back provided she returned capable of service.

CHAPTER 2 / Wildling
Duration: Dec 2023 – Present
Ranks: The Warden (Apr 2024 – Present)
  • The Tradesman (Mar – Apr 2024)
  • The Confidant (Feb – Mar 2024)
    • Merchant Faction Pledge (Feb 2024 – Present)
  • The Family (Jan – Feb 2024)
  • The Associate (Dec – Jan 2024)
Jobs: • Mercante (Merchant)

• Scenografa (Event Planner)
• Condivisore (Sharer)

Oleander arrives in the territory of 'Souls and has several encounters with members of loner bands and other packs, primarily Salsolans, though she does not know it. She begins taking some of her old patrons in the unclaimed parts of Amherst, and here, she begins to establish the Hidden Pearl, her very own salon. This attracts the attention of a clever and careful thief and spy, Níndari, who eventually recruits Oleander to Salsola under the guise of Osoa, a poor waif seeking better straights alongside Oleander. With the ruse dispelled, Oleander enters Salsola with open eyes and new ambition.

CHAPTER 3 / The Ghost

Arriving in Salsola, Oleander struggles with how to wield her beauty and worldliness. Feeling more insecure and submissive than ever, she seeks to make herself smaller and to dull her shine. Still, her quiet ambition spurs her to steadily climb the ranks as well as fill several roles befitting her social and creative skills. Unfortunately, Oleander experiences a setback when she is duped by a would-be patron who attempts to rob and kidnap her at the Hidden Pearl. She's saved by her dear friend Tweed Valentine, and is more determined than ever to expand her business opportunities while remaining secure.

CHAPTER 4 / Permanent Radiant

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3.  Relationships


As an orphan, Oleander is unaware of who her parents, siblings, or other relations might be. She currently has no mate or children.

Other Relations
  • Níndari is Oleander's sponsor into Salsola, and Oleander views her as one of the only people she can truly trust in the pack.
  • Tweed Valentine is one of Oleander's dearest friends; she adores his freedom and innocence, and harbors deep guilt that her presence in his life has inadvertently sullied those cherished badges of youth.
  • Mogis Meloy is Oleander's lover, which is a novel concept to her, and he is precious to her because of their shared understanding of the strain of wearing masks and striving for power from the bottom rungs.
  • Farron Belgrave is a friend and fellow merchant that Oleander enjoys spending time with.
  • Skadi Eternity is a lover of Oleander's with a sadistic penchant appealing to Oleander's need for abject subservience in a time of internal turmoil and self-suppression.
Past Relations (Show)
  • Characters WAS something significant (positive OR negavitve), but they are now dead/left the pack or board/are otherwise no longer in contact with character.
  • Characters WAS something significant (positive OR negavitve), but they are now dead/left the pack or board/are otherwise no longer in contact with character.

3.1  Post Log & Archives

Note: Threads below are listed in chronological order of their initial post dates, and may not reflect their exact story chronology (see individual threads for backdating notes).


September - December

Oleander arrives in new lands and begins to explore as much as possible, surveying places, getting into wildling trouble, and learning about the packs. She realizes she needs to establish herself, and so she stakes out a claim in Amherst for her salon, which she calls the Hidden Pearl, and begins taking patrons there. After meeting what seems to be a fellow loner, Osoa (Níndari, disguised), and eventually exploring Salsola's exclusive Market together, Oleander joins Salsola officially.


  1. [M] Fashioning Your Self Escape
    Oleander first finds herself in these strange lands and is greeted by a bewitched but helpful stranger, Dambala (Tattersall Valentine, disguised).
  2. If my velocity starts to make you sweat, then just don't let go
    Engaged in tumbling practice, Oleander finds Liam del Morte in meditation, and decides to give his methods a try as well.
  3. the enormous absence of form that is sleep
    While the beautiful Ingvildr Knight is napping, Oleander comes upon her, waking her gently, and they exchange pleasantries before they also discuss work and the packs and bands most important to these new lands.
  4. [M] where the dirt and water collide
    In her wanderings, Oleander meets a charming cowboy who serenades her with a song.
  5. [M] Beautiful Thing, Is it Only Serotonin?
    After enjoying a lakeside respite, Oleander meets and converses with a charming gentleman named Gossamer and his servant, aptly named Obedience.
  6. [M] All Style Before Content
    On a scouting trip in Amherst, Oleander is looking for a new place to set up shop where she is found by Osoa (Níndari, disguised), who tells Oleander more about the mysterious pack called Salsola, and they make loose plans to visit its marketplace together.
  7. I Listen to the Music, Beautiful Music
    Contemplating her options and next moves, Oleander looks out over Starfall alone.
  8. [M] Moonbeams Running in the Sky
    While she's enjoying a bath freshening her fur, and considering what to do with her freedom, Asphodel (Pasha Kozlov, disguised) finds her. He seems very interested in the services she has to offer in future, possibly in exchange for wound care products.
  9. Destroying Angel
    Oleander finds the feisty Bloom Bríddn assembling traps as she continues to survey the lands.
  10. [M] To Watch the Ghost Inside You Come Awake
    Oleander has an assignation with one of her old patrons from the Court of Pearls and begins to accumulate a bit of wealth with which she might begin to move forward.
  11. Earthbound Coming Down
    Still deciding on where she will come to land to begin her new Salon, Oleander is met by the beautiful but timid Felicity (Lexus, disguised).
  12. to probe oneself is to recognise that one is incomplete
    Finding herself in Starhaven, Oleander seeks Ingvildr, looking to reconnect and engage the charming huntress again.
  13. [M] The grace of an elephant.
    Seeking rambunctious trouble in the dark, Oleander instead stumbles upon a cat who has just given birth, and her intrepid caretaker, Erskine Hanzi.
  14. [M] Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice
    Oleander has an assignation with another of her patrons from the Court of Pearls, and is yet again rewarded for her strenuous efforts.
  15. the great responsibility of solitude
    At Starhaven, Oleander greets a kind-looking stranger.
  16. [M] Collapsing Void
    Hearing a scuffle in the forest, Oleander unthinkingly jumps in to help even the odds, and only after feels concern for the danger her would-be ally may pose to her.
  17. old American art
    Oleander is awoken from a forest nap by two confrontational but amusing traders, and Oleander exchanges directions for a a future favor.
  18. Pink Roses
    Visiting Starhaven, Oleander runs into an attractive, charming bard, Rohan Heartsong, and finds herself enamored.
  19. [M] And My Life is Such a Ball
    As she continues to build her new clientele, Oleander takes an unexpected assignation with Sam (Mogis Meloy, disguised).
  20. [M] The Shining of You That Just Breaks Me in Two
    Oleander meets another former patron and receives payment for services.
  21. [M] If You're Asking, Well, I've Just Started on My Breakdown
    Having begun to receive consistent business at the Hidden Pearl, as she has taken to calling her Salon, she is confronted by the angry wife of a former patron, and offers some unexpected advise to heal her relationship with her spouse.
  22. the sharpest lives are the deadliest to lead
    Osoa (Níndari, disguised) once again calls upon Oleander, having heard rumors of her success, and they return to successfully be granted admission to Salsola's market. Here, Níndari reveals herself, and Oleander does as well. Oleander is invited to become part of Salsola.
  23. [M] Sometimes I Feel Like a Ghost in Chains
    Oleander takes an assignation with a familiar patron, of whom she is quite fond, and shares some of her own preferences and proclivities with in quiet conversation.
  24. twice as bright, half as long
    After their successful visit to the Salsola's market, Oleander is invited to join Salsola, and she pledges herself to the Thistle Kingdom's crown.
  25. Hey, baby, won't you look my way?
    While perusing the Thistle Market as a new Salsolan, she strikes up a conversation with Naomi Stryder, a brusque but polite mercenary.
  26. [M] We Perform the Ornate
    To make herself useful as a new Associate to Salsola, Oleander labors in the storage, organizing things, and is assessed and appraised herself by the lovely Angora Valentine.
  27. You're the Reason I Cannot Forget this Season
    Deciding to practice her tumbling in the arena, Oleander is met by Kamari Kaiser, who has some questions for the new Associate.
  28. And Your Heart's Not In Line
    While tidying up the Shrine, Oleander encounters Silas, and the two discuss their similar backgrounds.
  29. [M] She Breaks Her Horses with Strange Distant Voices
    As she continues finding ways to help and fit in, Oleander assists Eris with their traps. The two end up discussing her occupation as a courtesan, and Oleander details some options for intimacy coaching with Eris, should they ever be desired, in pursuit of her condivisore job.
  30. There's a Hole in the Earth
    After an assignation, Oleander finders her sponsor, Níndari, in her foyer, with some of the goods she had hidden away. Níndari urges Oleander to take more care, and more security measures.
  31. [M] How Am I Gonna Know I'm Letting You Down?
    While reading a romance novel in the library, Oleander has a brush-up with Skadi that turns quickly and unexpectedly heated.
  32. I'll See You Later in the Moonlight
    Now a Salsolan herself, Oleander meets Tattersall again, but she stokes his ire in knowing his name before his introduction. After a tense moment, he helps her find a space to stay in Millstone Village.


January - March

As Oleander rises in the ranks, she takes on new responsibilities as mercante, scenografa, and condivisore. She also faces new challenges: she is attacked at the Hidden Pearl and is rescued by Tweed, an event that entangles the two closer together, both in their goals and at least in Oleander's heart. Oleander also begins to sow seeds for her future, throwing more of her efforts into mercantile and diplomatic concerns.


  1. [M] Blood on the side of the mountain
    Oleander decides to attend Salsola's Saturnalia Banquet, and is ill-equipped to withstand the prying eyes of her peers as opposed to those of her patrons.
  2. [M] Until the Clouds Spin their Silk
    At the Saturnalia banquet, Oleander is feeling tense and uncertain of how to navigate hierarchical peerdom, having always been somewhat outside of it as a courtesan, and finds comfort in Mogis.
  3. Blossoms in spring
    To keep their wardrobes fresh and to stay sharp as Merchant Faction hopefuls, Farron Belgrave and Oleander have a clothing swap.
  4. Arrows of Emeralds
    Farron and Oleander embark on a caper to retrieve a special item for a wedding gift, employing their cleverest manipulations in pursuit of her mercante job.
  5. Lead Our Woes Asunder
    In an effort to illustrate her value, Oleander helps to prepare the feast hall for Saturnalia in pursuit of her scenografa job.
  6. [M] You Be the Moon, I'll Be the Earth
    Intending to bathe herself in Lake Ligeia, Oleander hears the distressed sounds of a fellow packmate, Sabriel Kali, and offers to listen to her woes.
  7. Beholden to the Dust that Adheres
    Determined to begin ingratiating herself to the local merchants, Oleander seeks out Mirte Haumann, who puts Oleander through her paces, testing her mercantile eye.
  8. [M] I Rest Between the Echoing
    While passing through Amherst, Kamari becomes curious about the Hidden Pearl, unaware of what it is. After some gentle subterfuge, Oleander explains to the Emissary what her establishment is and the kinds of services she provides there in pursuit of her condivisore job.
  9. [M] Picture this
    Returning to the library, Oleander encounters one of its regular denizens, Sol Valentine, and they engage in banter and friendly flirtation.
  10. Under stars and smoke
    Oleander attends Arius and Yuki's wedding.
  11. strider
    Oleander incidentally comes upon Tweed Valentine and his companion, Nymeria, as they make plans to go to the War Room; Oleander tags along, and youthful mischief ensues.
  12. [M] drunk and silly
    Breaking away from the Saturnalia banquet, Oleander finds herself alone again with Skadi Eternity, who seems agitated by the experience as well, though perhaps for different reasons.
  13. a knife in the dark
    Feeling the pull of the moon, Tweed and Oleander encounter one another in secui and lupus forms, respectively, and have a nighttime adventure.
  14. flight to the ford
    Tweed and Oleander make plans to head to Starhaven's Carnival, during which she assesses and bests a merchant in a trade in pursuit of her mercante job.
  15. Pretty Little Pillows on Floral Couches
    In preparation for winter season, Oleander refreshes the salon's decor in an appropriate theme.
  16. Every step forward was a fall to your demise
    While she is harvesting pine in pursuit of her profumiere job, Oleander bumps into Deirdra de le Ulrich and offers her help; Deirdra offers Oleander an important piece of advise in turn.
  17. Testing, Tasting
    Merchant Apprentice Lexus de le Thorne puts some of her alcoholic wares out to taste at Saturnalia, and Oleander politely partakes.
  18. [M] Cosmopolitan Blood Loss
    Oleander is attacked in her establishment; Tweed is passing by and helps to save her. Shaken but alive, the two return to Salsola.
  19. In the Morning Light, Realize My Love is Gone
    In the wake of the attack at the Hidden Pearl, Oleander, feeling more confident in the trajectory her life should take, seeks Lexus to make her intentions known to the Merchant Apprentice.
  20. Bring Me Out in the Light
    Tired, confused, and distraught, Oleander is approached by Sol, who brings her something nice to cheer her up.
  21. a journey in the dark
    Oleander and Tweed, both wounded and fearful, make their way back to Salsola in the dark, and make a pact to help one another, with him serving as a bodyguard, and her teaching him courtly manners and the finer points of observation and social maneuvering.
  22. Always the Same Old Taste, Just New Injury
    Further illustrating her dedication to the Merchant Faction, Oleander once again rearranges the Storage, and is confronted by Eris, who asks Oleander how they can help as well as who injured her.
  23. You Choose Heaven Over the Earth and Me
    Her wounds closed and mending, her mind somewhat clearer, Oleander puts her mercantile skills to use, trading for a new cloak for Tweed to replace the one that was ruined when he saved her.
  24. I Choose Your Hand to Pull from the Mire I’ve Sank In
    Confused and uncertain, Oleander seeks Mogis's counsel.
  25. Heartstrings Recoil, Then Coil Tight
    Oleander checks in about her healing progress with Sanctus Apprentice Anders Holt, who helped tend her wounds initially.
  26. the galactic tide
    Oleander first meets Polaris Eternity, Salsola's princess, in the library while Polaris is working on a map; Polaris asks Oleander many questions about her occupation, while Oleander worries over diplomacy, and alludes to her interest in the politics and power of maps.
  27. Permanent Radiant
    After the violent incident at the Hidden Pearl, Oleander requests Mirte's help in redesigning it again, not only as her salon, but also as a space to host merchants, facilitate trade, and conduct diplomacy. Soon after, she pledges herself to the Merchant Faction.
  28. lothlórien
    Exploring the freshness of spring, Oleander accidentally comes upon Tweed Valentine picking flowers. She shares her secret heart with him, but the horse Pegamento interrupts Tweed's response.
  29. Lost in Skies of Powdered Gold
    Oleander seeks Deirdra to see whether she'll be able to get some scented pine products, but instead finds the woman fragile, and strangely beautiful in a way Oleander can't quite put her finger on.
  30. stirring dull roots with spring rain
    Bryagh Revlis, Salsola's prince, escapes the rain in Springhill Cemetery's chapel, and Oleander finds herself doing the same.
  31. All in a day's work.
    Called by a mysterious force to dance into the Blackwoods, Oleander meets Angora there, and the Sanctus Apprentice shares her mystical wisdom with the courtesan.
  32. Gets Me to the Church On Time
    After a long hiatus from taking patrons, and now with Tweed serving as guard, Oleander returns to work at the Hidden Pearl for the first time since she was attacked.
  33. Sunday Always Comes Too Late
    As part of her efforts to improve Tweed's courtly graces, Oleander hosts a Merchant Faction event, holding a tea with the help of her friend, Farron, and also invites Merchant Pledge Mirte.

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