Skadi Eternity

Skadi Eternity


by sakrafka

Basic Info

NameSkadi Eternity
Date of Birth03 Mar 2022


SubspeciesDog (49.07%)
Wolf (37.72%)
Coyote (13.22%)


Skadi Eternity is the youngest child of Azalea Eternity and Spartacus Simone Ulrich, though she doesn't know that Spartacus is her father. Rather, she believes that her mother's mate, Casimir Soul, is her father. Following Indigo Eternity, Thistle Eternity, and Sundew Eternity, Skadi never wanted for playmates or company. Azalea and Casimir are doting parents, and though their marriage is a sham, they did their best to hide this fact from the puppies.

Casimir, after all, is a wonderful and devoted father. And by the time Skadi reached the age when she started to notice anything outside of herself and her own desires, Azalea and Casimir had begun to care for one another romantically in earnest. The dismal mood that had hung over her infancy was quickly forgotten, as all such memories are as one grows older, to be replaced by the shiny golden light that seemed to glow over the new family.

By the time Skadi was approaching young adulthood, her mother's health began declining. She watched in fear as, day after day, Azalea forgot plans and eschewed family gatherings in favor of lying in bed in a disconnected trance. When Skadi approached her mom, she could see her scramble to put together some semblance of calm and control for her daughter, to act as though nothing were truly wrong. Her fear allowed for bitterness and anger, at Azalea, at her father, at the world and the gods, to creep in. Before Skadi knew it, she moved through life in a towering temper, teeth bared to strike out at anyone who dared to cross her path.

Fortunately, with time her mother recovered. The family moved to Fort Preble and stayed there until November 2023, when Skadi and Azalea travelled north to Salsola proper to meet Indigo's fiancee, Eris Prizmov. Upon arriving, Skadi decided to stay, and Azalea travelled back to the Outpost alone.

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Duration: 03 Mar 2022 – Present
Residence: Residence 17, Salsola
Ranks: The Family

(15 Dec 2022 - Present)

Bambino (03 Mar 2022 - 15 Dec 2022)

Jobs: None

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Plot Opportunity

  • Skadi has just moved in with her grandparents and is looking for opportunities in Salsola. Come teach her about the place she was born!

OOC Assumptions

Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Knowing that Skadi just moved from Fort Preble.



  • Speech: High pitched and clear. The tone often takes on an amused or teasing quality to it depending on the circumstances.
  • Scent: Salsola, Skadi smells of pine, smoke, and earth.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Skadi often furrows her brow severely.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Usually holds herself upright with excellent posture, and often holds her hands behind her back.


Color Palette


White (#fdfdfd)
Alto (#d1d1d1)
Gray (#898989)
Emperor (#535353)
Cod Gray (#0c0c0c)


Ripe Lemon (#f7cc17)

Nose, Skin, Paw Pads

Cod Gray (#0c0c0c)

Physical Appearance


Skadi looks like a miniature version of her grandfather, Grievous Eternity, though her eyes are undeniably more maliciously calculating than his. Not a trace of Casimir can be seen in her appearance, though this makes perfect sense to anyone who is in the know regarding her true parentage. Similarly, though, she looks very little like Azalea. Sometimes her mother would search for similarities between the two, in the shape of their eyes or their smile, but she would often come up short.

Though Skadi would not recognize the similarities between herself and her biological father, they are there. Upon shifting she found that she did not have the intensely curly hair of her mother, but rather the long, straight hair of her father. This trait she will attribute to Casimir's genes.

Remarkably, Skadi is much smaller than anyone else in her family and always has been. Upon shifting she will discover that she is only 6'2'' and bony. Having missed out on seeing her mother as a juvenile, before she had her first litter, Skadi won't recognize the similarity between their body type until someone enlightens her.


- lbs (- kg)
- in (- cm)


- lbs (- kg)
- in (- cm)


- lbs (- kg)
6 ft 2 in (- in / - cm)



by menuli

Skadi can be difficult to be around, especially for her family, with whom she feels comfortable showing her true face. Other members of La Familia are not afforded such a privilege, though some might guess at her darker side. It is rare for her to bully, belittle, or demean anyone whom she does not know well and feel completely, entirely, and unequivocally superior to. It is extremely common for Skadi to sharpen her tongue on her siblings, who she both loves and looks down upon.

Not one to wear her emotions on her sleeve, Skadi holds herself in high esteem and sets high expectations for herself, already confident in her ability to meet them. When unable to, she is likely to retreat and throw a tantrum in some private, safe space. Everything about her is stiff, inflexible, and unyielding. Her demeanor even seeps into the way that she moves and speaks. When in an unfamiliar situation, Skadi finds comfort in formality. This is in part because she does not know quite how to express herself, and though she does feel emotions, they can be as overwhelming as a tidal wave. Unable to sort or identify the bad from the good, Skadi is more likely to pretend that she feels nothing at all, even though she may be reeling. Overt displays of emotion are both alien and uncomfortable, and worse, they are a weakness.

It is for this reason that Skadi enjoys tormenting others. In their moment of weakness, she gains what they lose: control.


  • Confident: Skadi is nothing if not confident in herself and her own abilities. Some may say that she is overconfident, but generally, Skadi's skills get her out of any sticky situations she may find herself in due to her own presumption.
  • Deliberate: Though Skadi does not often voice it, her actions usually have a calm and calculated deliberation to them. No matter what, anything she does can be traced back to a desire to push herself beyond her current scope of power and ability.
  • Intelligent: Skadi is intelligent enough to know not to show her face freely, and how to get what she wants without concern over retribution.
  • Knows When to Lie: Generally very honest, Skadi will admit wrongdoing when needed to build the public image she desires. Lies are limited to moments of utmost importance when her reputation is at stake, and Skadi is a very good liar.
  • Responsible: As a part of her public image, Skadi desires for others to perceive her as hardworking and responsible. In this, she is successful, because Skadi does work very hard to fool her community.


  • Manipulative: Skadi generally has a plan or plot in mind, and when she has no plan in mind, she is quick to conjure one up. Whether to save her hide or to promote herself, she is ruthless and cold-hearted in her schemes.
  • Distrustful: It only makes sense, considering Skadi's own personality, that she would believe that most Luperci are just like her. Though she trusts her immediate family, all else are under intense scrutiny, both for weakness and for deception.
  • Narrow-Minded: Unexperienced in the ways of the world and even those outside of her family, Skadi is quick to judge and holds her opinions close to her chest. First impressions are important to her, and it is difficult to redeem oneself from her discerning gaze. Once targeted, there is no return, as Indigo can attest.
  • Stubborn: Prideful and arrogant as Skadi is, once set upon an idea or challenge, Skadi cannot back down. Especially if her reputation is at stake. A bitterly sore loser, Skadi is stubborn to the extreme, such that her family has learned that to confront or engage with her in such moods will only bring them regret.
  • Cruel: Above all else, Skadi is cruel. Though still young, small, and weak, she finds ways to engage in her cruelty nonetheless, and looks forwards to arming herself with bigger, better, grander methods for torture.



  • Emotional Disposition: Apathetic
  • Sociability: Introverted
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
    • Respects the laws and authority figures of the community and nation.
    • Obeys all personal contracts.
    • Uses any legal means necessary to evade justice.
    • The state exists to elevate the worthy to positions of power.
    • To be weak is to fail to dominate those not worthy of respect.
  • Tropes:


  • Packs: Any pack, loner group, or Outsider is beneath Salsola.


Skadi is likely to grow up to be on the asexual aromantic spectrum. Generally, she is uninterested, and it would take finding someone special to catch her eye.


Power, pleasure, and personal profit.


Daughter to Azalea Eternity, Skadi grew up with a first-hand look at the power and terrible cruelty of the Khalif gods. She worships them at her mother's side and follows her lead, never having had her own spiritual experiences with any of the gods and hoping that it would stay that way. Skadi is both afraid of and awed by the deities and her nature leads her to devote herself to them. The older she becomes, the more she sees of her mother's experience with the gods, the more devoted she becomes.

Familial Relationships


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* indicates character does not know this person by name.


  • Parents:
    • Skadi idolizes both of her parents, but so too does she believe them weak. Her slightly pathetic father, Casimir Soul, and her ill mother, Azalea Eternity. Skadi loathed watching her mom slowly succumb to depression. While Azalea was desperately unwell, Skadi can do little but wish that she were better. Instead, she watches her father coo over her, attempting to inspire her to leave their bed. Despite this and to her own displeasure, she loved both of them and lived in fear of her mother never recovering. Not that she would admit it.
  • Siblings:
    • Her brother, Indigo Eternity, is her favorite chew toy. Nothing in the world is so great as pestering him, and Skadi lived to harass him. Some days she managed to bring him to tears.
    • Sundew Eternity was the main barrier between Skadi and her attempts to reduce their brother to tears. Larger than Skadi by far, Sundew was willing to interrupt their private torture sessions using the best tool she possessed—brute force. Sundew was unafraid to beat Skadi into the dirt when words failed to deescalate Skadi's vicious fervor. Skadi was wary of her sister, and often careful of her choice of words when they were together, but respected her nonetheless.
    • Skadi hadn't seen Thistle Eternity for a long time now, not since she became ill in Portland. She had been surprised at Thistle's desire to stay there when she recovered and felt strange about her willingness to leave their family unit and stay so far away.

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