Vasiliy Zinoviya Russo

Vasiliy is the child of Rurik Russo and Kiska Ozero-Russo. He was born in December of 2010.

Vasiliy Russo

by Sie



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Date of Birth

20 December 2010




Chaotic Good







Form of Basil






Birth place





50% Arctic Wolf
>49% Russian Wolf
<1% Dog




Current pack Cercatori d'Arte
Current rank Merchant


Pack Cercatori d'Arte
Ranks Venditore

By Despi + Katie!

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1.  Appearance

1.1  Build

Vasiliy is a very large wolf -- his subspecies consist of two of the largest European subspecies. He is thickly built, without exceptional tallness, but well-muscled and strong.

1.2  Coloration

  • Tuna (#3A3E43) is his primary body color.
  • Woodsmoke (#18191C) colors the tips of his ears, the tip of his tail, his forepaws, and most of his back.
  • Shark (#292B2F) covers his "beard" in Optime form, most of his ears, and many the areas between the darker and lighter parts of his body.
  • Silver Sand (#A7B0BB) colors the insides of his ears, his throat, chest, and most of his underside.
  • His eyes are a bright Tropical Blue (#ABCDF6).

1.3  Species

Vasiliy is primarily Arctic and Russian wolf subspecies -- these are larger Gray Wolf subspecies, and Vasiliy is large, as well. His heritage also includes a very small amount of dog, a contribution on his father's side of the family. The dog heritage, however, is completely obscured in his appearance, aside from his husky-blue eyes.

1.4  Forms




110 lbs (50 kg)
34 in (86 cm)

198 lbs (90 kg)
39 in (99 cm)

216 lbs (100 kg)
6ft 8in (80 in) (203 cm)

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1.5  Other


  • Leather collar.
  • Leather necklace with coin charm.
  • PANTS. Either blue denim with totally gay forest designs or brown pelt-type pant things.


  • Left eyebrow is pierced -- typically wears a blue stud, but may not wear anything at all, depending on his mood.
  • Ears are pierced once.
  • Nasty scar on his right knee from spilling hot oil on himself. Dislikes talking about the origin of this scar because he thinks it is a stupid reason to have gotten a scar.
  • Parallel scars over upper right arm from a minor boat-building accident -- he was struck by a piece of wood with two nails sticking out of it, resulting in the deep scars.

2.  Personality

Vasiliy is adventurous and flexible, typically willing to indulge pretty much anything fun. He enjoys things of material and petty value -- alcohol, drugs, clothing, baubles, etc. Vasi has no lust for power, control, or even advancement: he is happy existing in a place where he can essentially follow his own rules while still contributing to a community.

While not exceptionally extroverted, he is moderately friendly and believes in politeness and respect. He understands the need for community -- one he enjoys -- more strongly since departing Sobirat'sya. He does not resent Runa for taking advantage of him, and thinks of himself as a silly boy who deserved a one-up.

He blames himself for mistakes and seeks to appease others, typically. If something goes wrong -- e.g., he gets into an argument -- when he's over his anger, he's likely to reassess the situation and blame himself.

2.1  Ideals

  • Species Biases: No idea what a coyote is; might think of Jackals as jerks. Okay with dogs.
  • Somewhat of a Pacifist: Vasi resorts to violence only when attacked, but is not strongly pacifistic -- he might follow a command to fight if he agreed with the reason. Given a social system where violences is forbidden, Vasi is perfectly content with pacifism and does not seek to subvert order.
  • Vasiliy has an extremely positive and somewhat idealistic view of his fellow Luperci -- he will more readily chalk a mistake up to his own doing rather than blame anyone else.




Yes plz.


Vasiliy is polytheistic, and he has a deep respect for the gods he knows:

  • Stribog, the Slavic god of wind, cold, and conflict
  • Kresnik, a Slavic god of fire, the summer solstice, and storms
  • Sventevith, a Slavic deity of war, fertility and abundance
  • Hors, the Slavic sun god

However, he does not actively practice religion -- rituals, prayer, etc. are virtually unknown to Vasi.

He has a deep respect for nature and natural occurrences -- he does not believe in littering, garbage, etc. and may speak out against others doing such things.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations


Vasiliy doesn't mind the vast majority of his family, but he had no desire to whittle his life away in Sobirat'sya, nor did he wish to be around his father any longer than necessary. He holds his mother Kiska in highest regard of them all, and misses her most.

  • Ksenija: Not sure yet. o:
  • Reviaka, Sviatek, Svoysye, and Deviatoi: Loves his younger distant cousins or something.
  • Zinoviya: Vasiliy has great respect for his great grandmother and namesake, the last of her generation. :c He loved listening to her stories, especially the ones about his kickass namesake Vasil.

Cercatori d'Arte

3.2  Family: Russo

4.  Interaction

  • Scent: Salt, forest, earth
  • Speech: Speaks Russian and English (grew up speaking both -- many English-speaking Russos amongst the younger generations). He is limited working proficient in Norwegian (began learning through Runa Dagr, learning discontinued). Shares his father's talent for languages -- he finds mutual intelligibility between languages easy (thus understands most Belarusian and Ukranian, though he struggles mightily with Ukranian accents).

4.1  Abilities


  • Ships
  • Woodworking, construction, etc.


  • Self-deprecating like whoaaa
  • Blames himself for everything

4.2  Residence

Vasiliy resides in Thornbury in Cercatori d'Arte.

  • Vasiliy's cottage has only two rooms -- the main room and Vasi's bedroom.
    • The main room has many windows along the walls, though almost none have glass remaining. Vasiliy is replacing some with wood, others with skins, etc. There's a counter and cabinets along the back wall, a kitchenette (though nothing works, of course). A table and three chairs sit beside the door. The most awesomest feature of Vasi's home is the conversation pit tucked into the alcove made by his bedroom.
    • Vasi's bedroom is plain -- his "bed" is more or less a few pelts strewn into the corner. He has an end table. Otherwise, his bedroom is extremely plain and without decor.

4.3  NPCs


  • --


  • --

4.4  Inventory


Yes, please! Vasily is of the mercantile tier in CdA!

  • Offering: Very basic shipwright services, hard labor, CdA communal stock*
  • Accepting: Varies! He obviously seeks not to be swindled (with varying success) but isn't particularly picky.

*with permission of CdA's leadership sought per situation


Carried Items

  • Belt with leather bag things on its sides to serve as "pockets"
  • HIS DADDY'S PANTS. Rurik got too fat for the pants Strelein von Rosnete sewed for him and they fit Vasi perfectly so they were given to him as hand-me-downs. They're denim with supermanly foresty designs.
  • Backpack -- large and luperci-made of leather, sinew, organ, etc.
  • Knife with melted plastic handle -- handle is wrapped with leather.
  • Ilya, his daddy's sword

Other Items

  • Seeds for tobacco and marijuana
  • 5 bottles of alcohol, Sobirat'sya brewed
  • Small supply of dried marijuana and tobacco along with smoking leaves
  • Various small pelts and bits of cloth, primarily used to wrap and protect other belongings in the backpack
  • Chunk of flint & matches
  • Bandannas in brown and green

5.  History

5.1  Pre-'Souls

  • December 2010: Vasi and his siblings are born in Sobirat'sya shortly after Rurik and Kiska arrive. Shortly thereafter, Iliya, essentially an infant, is kidnapped by their cousin, Saveli, and presumably sold into slavery. Vasi grows up with his only sister, Ksenija, and the trio of elder children of Arkadiy Russo. There are few other children in the Russo family, though there are a few canines of other families Kse and Vasi interact with.
  • March 2011: Rurik kills Saveli, having finally learned enough about the crime. Rurik injured in the fight and grows ill from infection; he is essentially bedridden for the next three months, feverish and delirious. While Vasiliy avoided his father during these months, Ksenija often talked with Rurik, though his ramblings were that of a madman. Still, Rurik frequently mentioned 'Souls and his other children, and Ksenija becomes fascinated with the tales, sharing them with Vasiliy, Reviaka, Svoysye, and Sviatek.
  • June 2011: Rurik's health improves, though not completely. At this time, he can move around and get out of bed, but he is unfit for work, and his intelligence seems to have dimmed as a result of his illness. Vasi and his sister both try to reconnect with their father and find it difficult, almost preferring the madman's ramblings to the sour, sickly man Rurik has become. It is at this time Rurik gives Vasi his piercings.
  • August 2011: Ksenija shifts for the first time, somewhat late but still before her Vasiliy. He becomes distant following her first shift, and withdraws from the rest of Sobirat'sya, as well, save his mother. Most of the family is suffering mightily, having lost many of its working members to illnesses and boating accidents; additionally, old age is beginning to strip the family of its precious eldest generation.
  • 18 November 2011: Vasiliy shifts following a fight with Rurik and departs from Sobirat'sya in a snowstorm. He heads south and two weeks later, eventually comes upon the ruins of the once-great city of Saint Petersburg, Russia. The Neva River has flooded many parts of the city, and buildings are crumbling all around him. Nonetheless, there is a sizeable Luperci population of about thirty individuals. They react to Vasiliy with suspicion, having a certain distrust of winter travelers, but allow him to stay amongst them nonetheless.
  • 31 November 2011: Although most of the canines are Russian, there are a few who do not speak the language in the compound. Amongst them is Runa Dagr, an apparent refugee of an especially strict pack from Norway. She speaks only Norwegian and broken English; Vasiliy learns some basic Norwegian from her, communicating with her in English and by using a lot of pointing, gesturing, and miming. After about a month of hanging around her, she suggests traveling to a port town and eventually over the ocean.
  • 30 December 2011: Vasiliy and his ladyfrand arrive in Dublin, having hitched parts of the ride on a boat and part of it on a trade caravan and another part by boat. Runa disappears in the middle of the night, and Vasiliy eventually figures out she was just using him to get to wherever.
  • 10 January 2011: He decides to jump on a boat across the sea anyway and spends the next three months working on local trade boats between Dublin and other close ports (primarily Liverpool). He does not trust any of the captains setting sail across the ocean during the winter months and can't afford the passage yet anyway.
  • 21 March 2012: His ship departs from Dublin, heading to Barbados first. While Vasiliy is at first fascinated with the large, sea-faring vessel, he quickly becomes bored with sea travel, the ship, and her captain and crew.
  • 28 April 2012: His ship arrives in Barbados. He aches for proper land; Barbados, a tiny and warm island, isn't "real land" to Vasi. A few days later, he barters for passage to Freetown.
  • 11 May 2012: Vasiliy arrives in Freetown and starts north. He arrives like four or five days later.
  • 16 May 2012: Arrives in 'Souls, yay!

5.2  Threads




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